Protective Hearts

Protective Hearts Realmente disfrut este libro Si eres una persona que disfruta del suspenso y ciencia ficci n, realmente te gustar leerlo El libro te va envolviendo en una historia que dr sticamente da un giro que no esperabas, tocando temas sensibles a n para nuestra poca.Es el primer libro que leo del autor, es f cil de leer, esta historia en espec fico no tiene momentos lentos y o aburridos. Different Although as someone else commented they rolled their eyes a lot at some of the impossible and oh too good to be true love scenes I still felt the book was fun reading, albeit some dreadful parts, too Never knew what was coming next and I liked Ms Williams imaginative descriptions of events as they unfolded For those who like love stories, mysteries and unreality all rolled into one, I d recommend it. After Being Kidnapped By The Chicago Heart Ripper, Finn O Flaherty Is His Only Surviving VictimRescued By Her Brother, Finn Suffers Heartache In The Aftermath As She Struggles To Come To Terms With What Happened And Battles The Amnesia That Prevents Her From Identifying The Serial KillerCaleb Sheppard Is Determined To Protect Finn Out Of Respect And A Sense Of Duty Towards His Friend S Younger Sister He Suspects There Is To The Prolific Serial Killer Than Meets The Eye, And One Question Haunts Him Why Was Finn Kept And Not Killed It S A Race Against Time To Retrieve Finn S Memories, Keep Her Out Of The Ripper S Clutches, And Discover The Secrets Of His IdentityWhat Finn Doesn T Realize, Is That Caleb And His Family Are Hiding Secrets Of Their Own Some Of Which Finn May Not Be Able To Accept I received a free copy from the author for an honest review, but if I hadn thell, I d have bought it anyway The description alone intrigued me no end I d heard all sorts of rumours from m nage to paranormal to detailed psychological research and when there s a serial killer on the loose, I was almost afraid of what that might mean I ll give you no spoilers, so you ll have to read it yourself to find out how steamy the intimate scenes get and with whom, not to mention the chilling view from inside the mind of a serial killer as well as his victim It s really hard to write this review without spoilers, thoughbecause there are so many little mysteries that draw you deeper into the book as you read.The detailed plot kept me guessing if you want a book that spells out the whole story in the first chapter, this isn t it The serial killer s identity was as much a mystery to me as it was to Finn until it wasn t, of course One of the many reasons that I couldn t seem to stop reading this one once I d started I just had to get to the end to find out who and what and whether Finn found loveFive stars Undoubtedly. I love this I can t wait for .I will be also leaving a review on Goodreads .And letting everyone know about it.So i gave it a 5 Stars. I know, 5 stars Surely there was something wrong Nope, it was pretty perfect I love to read I love to fall into a book and feel that sadness, when it s all over D.S Williams is an artist of the written word, and I enjoyed every single bit Finn is an extremely strong young lady and I felt very invested in her character The secrets, the romance and suspense this book has is mind blowing.Thank you D.S Williams Cuando comenc a leer este libro no sab a qu esperar, ya que nunca antes hab a escuchado de l Para mi sorpresa este libro es muy bueno y a n y cuando trata temas sensibles o controversiales para muchas personas s explica los motivos detr s de esos temas, trata al autor como parte de la historia y te absorbe en la trama, los personajes y las emociones.Este es un libro para mayores de 18 a os, en mi opini n No tiene escenas de sexo expl citas, pero s vemos tensi n sexual, juegos previos , menciones de violaci n y asesinatos sangrientos No me gust mucho que el narrador est en primera persona, pero pronto te acostumbras.El tema principal es sencillo Finnola O Flaherty, la protagonista, es la nica sobreviviente del Destripador de Corazones de Chicago, y nadie sabe por qu Ella no es como sus otras v ctimas y eso tambi n levanta cuestiones sobre por qu la atac.Para asegurarse de que no vuelva a caer en sus manos, sus amigos la ocultan en una casa de seguridad mientras la polic a intenta encontrar y capturar al Destripador Uno de sus amigos, Caleb Sheppard, est decidido a protegerla, al grado de que ni siquiera conf a del todo en sus otras amistades Esto es porque nadie sabe qui n es el Destripador en realidad.Finn ha bloqueado sus recuerdos de cuando estuvo cautiva debido al trauma excesivo, pero ah yace la clave para descubrir la identidad del Destripador y depende de ella recuperar esos recuerdos para capturarlo.Suena sencillo, pero no lo es Esta novela est marcada bajo la categor a de Romance paranormal y s vemos a seres sobrenaturales Cuando los descubr , por un momento record otras novelas de romance, pero esta es diferente a esas historias.Hay muchos personajes en este libro, y cada uno de ellos tiene su raz n de ser, todos est n bien desarrollados y todas las peque as historias que descubrimos durante la trama principal son interesantes view spoiler Personalmente me habr a encantado leer m s sobre Bryan, Ash y, por supuesto, Gracie y Otsana Soy la nica que quer a saber si en verdad su beb ser a una ni a hide spoiler Vampires and Wear Wolfs m nage trois Romantic mystery novels about wear wolf twin brothers who fall in love with a human girl who has been followed for centuries by a vampire.First novel I ve read dealing with any of the above The author is very good Almost made me wonder if there may be some wolf packs living near me, lol.As a Wiccan there are tales of all animals however if they showed up as Caleb and Rafe on my doorsteps I might consider joining their pack Interesting book Would like to read a part two in the future. Scary GoodThis is a good read literally I guessed early on who it might be but that didn t t stop my devouring this book The interesting angle of the relationships among Rafe, Caleb, and Finn gave me a new perspective on how and whom we choose to love I wasn t fond of the patronizing attitude of the men or Finn s rather submissive demeanor On the other hand I liked the caring family vibes of the enclave I would have liked to knowabout Bryan and how he rescued his sister Gracie was poignant as a well written character should be All in all, reading this book was time well spent. I was lucky enough to receive an A.R.C of this but that doesn t colour my review in any way Oh wow, this book is so different from anything I have read before Our heroine Finn has been rescued from the clutches of a vicious serial killer, at the expense of her brother s life The heart ripper has killed many prostitutes, but Finn is not his usual target Add to that he kept her far longer than his other victims Finn has P.T.S.D and can t remember anything about what the man looked like Everything happened in total darkness She is physically and mentally wounded Her friends have gathered round and decide to hide her away to make sure the killer will never find her again Caleb has known Finn and her brother for years, and has always treated Finn as a little sister Her friends leave her in a hideaway with a wolf as protection Finn has a very traumatic time ahead of her Her belief in her own sanity will be pushed to it s limit.I loved this book The heroine is faced with so much it s a testament to her strength that she is not a gibbering wreck Caleb and Rafe are such typical Alpha males Doing their best to protect but constantly pissing her off They are werewolves and are used to sharing everything, even their thoughts The killer has been robbed of his prey, and will not rest until he gets her back.This book is loaded with sexual tension, but no sex scenes There are some very uncomfortable memories The emotion of all the characters is the strongest part of the story You can really relate to Finn trying to understand everything and everyone around her, and trying to recover from her ordeal With the killings still happening Finn wants to help identify the killer.I want to read muchabout all the characters in this story I think I see a potential relationship building between two of the secondary characters.

D.S Williams is the author of a number of books, including the supernatural romance series, The Nememiah Chronicles and paranormal romance suspense, Protective Hearts.When D.S is not writing as D.S Williams, she also dabbles in erotic romance under the pseudonym Leah Dempster.A prolific reader and writer, D.S has been writing since the time she was five years old, and spends most of her days

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  • 11 March 2017

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