Knowledge Hurts

Knowledge Hurts Charlotte Duncan S Quest To Rescue Her Friends Has Been Successful But At What Cost In Love With Two Very Different Men, The Vampire Lucas Tine And Werewolf Conal Tremaine, Charlotte Struggles To Reconcile Her Emotions, Terrified Of Losing One Or Both Of Them There Is Little Time To Deal With The Repercussions Of Her Choices, However, When The Dr Ghici Consiliului S Plans Have Been Exposed Intent On Controlling All Supernatural Creatures, The Consiliului Will Stop At Nothing To Achieve Their Goal Even Resorting To Mass Murder And At The Centre Of Their Plans The Second Nememiah S Child, Archangelo Having Been Created By The Consiliului, He Is A Combination Of Both Angel And Vampire And Holds A Dangerous Obsession With Charlotte The Nememiah Chronicles Knowledge Hurts Is The Third Book Of The Nememiah Chronicles Series By DS Williams

D.S Williams is the author of a number of books, including the supernatural romance series, The Nememiah Chronicles and paranormal romance suspense, Protective Hearts.When D.S is not writing as D.S Williams, she also dabbles in erotic romance under the pseudonym Leah Dempster.A prolific reader and writer, D.S has been writing since the time she was five years old, and spends most of her days

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  • Knowledge Hurts
  • D.S. Williams
  • English
  • 09 October 2019

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    Escaping from the Consiliului Suprem de Dr ghici Vampiri was not easy Injuries to the Tines were horrendous Charlotte had another problem where it came to loving 2 men and deciding which one to be with Lucas or Conal At the end she really only had one choice Time heals all but another attack was imminent Charlottes sleep yields a lot of information but does not help her get any rest.At last, Charlotte found a place to keep them safe but how long will this last, only time will tell So many decisions to make for one so young, each one a mystery that has to be unravelled to get the answer Charlotte s belief in having to put up with the dreams and nightmares so they are warned on what will happen next is a testament to her strength of character When they brought her dad in to save Charlottes life it was not something she expected when she woke up from Archangelo s attack What do you say to a man who abandoned you as a 2 year old Plenty if Charlotte has he way Will the fighting ever stop There had to be a way of killing the demons and younglings faster than they were Running after Archangelo in the hope of stopping all the fighting was the only solution that Charlotte could see Then the worst possible thing happened, could Charlotte survive their deaths You will have to read The Nememiah Chronicles Knowledge of Love Book 4 to see who dies and who survives.

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    Just as book one and two didn t disappoint, neither did book three It was just as imaginative and adventurous, it kept me hooked from beginning to end, when it finished in classic Hichcock fashion This whole series was very affordable for me and as I read voraciously it was well worth the money I spent buying the series Enjoy the book, don t forget about book four.

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    The Nememiah Chronicles Knowledge Hurts by D S Williams is the third book in the series Because the story picks up at the end of book two, I recommend reading the books in order.D S Williams keeps us on the edge of our seats as we follow Charlotte Duncan s adventures As her battle skills develop, she confronts her nemesis, Archangelo, who is also a Mememiah s child There can only be one survivor, but which will it be Many new characters are introduced and the storyline gets complex as Charlotte battles for her life and to save the people she loves.The story ends at a vicious battle, and the two people Charlotte loves most are dead or dying How will she go on D S Williams is a great storyteller I ve read the first three books in a little over a week and rushed to purchase the fourth I just had to know how things turned out.

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    This book seriously ups the stakes in this series If you thought you were in for a rehash of Stephenie Meyer s Twilight series, think again Ms Williams takes you into a true war between supernatural races, with displaced peoples, refugees, genocide and racism all forming part of the plot of this one Not to mention family and love and relationships, decisions Charlotte must make at the tender age of 21 as she s forced to assume leadership of an entire people And the endingoh, my No, I don t give spoilers, but I admit I had no idea where this book would end and when it didwell, I need to read the next one, don t I As do you, because I won t tell you what happens.

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