Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror Nearly Twenty Years Ago A Teenage Girl Was Murdered Samantha Williams Was Just A Young Girl When Her Cousin, Emily, Was Brutally Raped And Killed In Her Own Home As A Child, Sam S Family Did Their Best To Shelter Her From The Gruesome Details Now, Working The Crime Beat For The Portland Tribune, Sam Has The Resources At Her Fingertips To Investigate The Case For Herself Through The Eyes Of A Killer After Inheriting A Family Heirloom, An Antique Vanity Table That Once Belonged To Her Murdered Cousin, Sam Begins Seeing Visions In The Mirror S Depths Like Watching An Old Home Movie, She Bears Witness To Emily S Murder As If That Weren T Frightening Enough, She Starts To See Other Things Too Fleeting Glimpses Of The Killer Himself Are The Things She Sees Just A Figment Of Her Imagination Or Could Something Otherworldly Be Trying To Communicate With Her When The Killer Strikes Again And Leaves Clues Behind Meant Specifically For Sam It Becomes A Race Against Time To Try To Catch Him

Born and raised in Southern Oregon, Jessica has been writing since she was ten years old She attended Willamette University with the intention of going to law school and becoming a criminal prosecutor But, as is the way with life, plans changed Since 2002 she has worked in the medical field and absolutely loves the challenges and positive impact she can have on the lives of others She loves th

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  • Mirror, Mirror
  • Jessica Jesinghaus
  • English
  • 08 March 2017

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    One of the best things about a well written mystery suspense is trying to guess the outcome as the clues begin to pile up, but I have to be honest, the author who has nailed their craft will leave saying, I didn t see THAT one coming Congratulations to author Jessica Jesinghaus I didn t see that one coming You had me hooked on MIRROR, MIRROR from page one as you ramped up the action, tossed out the bread crumbs and led me on a merry chase through your written maze to the end Sam found the antique vanity table in her grandmother s basement Twenty years prior, it belonged to her older cousin, a teen brutally raped and murdered, her killer still on the loose A tenacious crime reporter, Sam thought she had seen it all, but when brutal images begin showing up in the mirror, Sam is positive she is watching her cousin s last moments from the killer s eyes Even unnerving are the glimpses of the monster himself, but she never sees enough to identify the killer Could Emily be sending a message from beyond the veil of life Is she showing Sam the murders done by the same man Sam finds it impossible NOT to investigate Emily s murder for herself That investigation will lead into a dark abyss of danger as Sam learns that it is safe for her know Is the murderer after her now How does he know she has spoken to Emily Is he taunting Sam with clues It s a deadly game of cat and mouse and Sam is being lured into the trap Not until the terror gets too close to home do the authorities believe in Sam s claims, but by then, it may be too late Settle in for a dark tale of twisted evil while a voice from the dead urges Sam toward the hidden truth that will completely turn her world upside down Jessica Jesinghaus has mastered her craft, building a world that feels veiled in secrets with answers just out of one s grasp An excellent read that was hard to put down until I could discover if Emily could finally move on or if she even wanted to The atmosphere is set from the front cover on, and its a nail biter.I received this copy from Jessica Jesinghaus, because I think I coerced her into it My review is honest and voluntary, though Publication Date July 28, 2016Publisher Jessica JesinghausGenre Romantic Paranormal SuspensePrint Length 336 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More

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    Mirror, MirrorJessica JesinghausReceived from authorHoly cow I read MIRROR, MIRROR in one sitting today What a suspenseful story filled with twists and turns that had me holding my breath and sitting on the edge of my seat Just when I thought I figured out who it was, Jessica Jesinhaus threw me a curve ball and I just knew I was wrong I truly love when an author can keep me guessing long into the story.Samantha is a newspaper reporter who is looking into the almost twenty year old cold case of her cousin Emily s murder Emily was brutally raped and murdered, but Sam doesn t remember too much as she was just a child when it happened MIRROR, MIRROR finds Sam at her Grandmother s house, picking up some furniture for her new house when she finds Emily s vanity Sam wants the vanity for her home and that gets her thinking about her cousin and all that happened Her new boyfriend, Patrick is a policeman and he decides to help her Emily s vanity is actually going to help Sam than Patrick will, but that s all I can say You have to read this fast paced murder mystery for yourself You wont be sorry Once I started reading MIRROR, MIRROR I could not put it down I truly thought I had it all figured out and then realized how wrong I was My emotions were all over the place and Jessica Jesinghaus described what each character was going through and feeling, perfectly So much so, that I actually felt like I was right there with them, the hairs on the back of my neck, standing straight up, waiting for the killer to strike again Not only does MIRROR, MIRROR have so many twists and turns, it s filled with mystery, suspense, as well as wonderful friendships and a new romance I can not wait to read by Jessica Jesinghaus.

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    I was given a free electronic copy of this book by the author, in accordance with the terms of For Love of a Book s Advance Reader Opportunity Program I would also like to point out that this is purely my personal opinion and you did ask for honesty I am not trying to be mean, in case you were wondering, I am just letting you know what I thought view spoiler This book is very..impulsive That would be a nice word for it The heroine impulsively decides to start investigating, she impulsively buys a house, she impulsively starts relationship with Patrick like two days is enough to understand if you love someone and to basically move in together , she impulsively does everything Don t get me wrong, I love insta love and the likes, but the heroine just didn t give me that vibe that she would be okay with it So it made it all a bit unbelievable and eye roll worthy Of course there are some holes like the unbelievable coincidence of her best friend roommate being in the same accident where her parents die 4 or was it 5 car crash and two of the involved are someone they know Astronomical chances , the introduction of her parents death where it is made clear she is all alone and then all of a sudden hello grandma like where did she come from if Sam was in such hysterics about her parents death and being all alone , the reason for Sam starting investigation of Emily s murder a dream, really , the not so subtle hints and nudges of killer s identity, as I mentioned already the quick and out of place romance, etc The flow and natural development was somehow constantly disrupted and the story in this book seems to be based on impulsive reaction descriptions in a set period of time like a report he said she said, he did she did The writing seemed just a bit too stiff and formal, so I couldn t get into it It would be great for historical romance, especially British one, where all the characters are stiff and do not express their feelings, instead using platitudes and polite small talk, leaving most of the things unsaid That is another word I could use for it stiff I just couldn t connect with the heroine at all The writing fell a bit flat to make me believe or even sympathize with her emotions, be it grief, love or joy I just didn t feel it, so it was hard to actually understand her personality and likability Most of the time I found her too prone to hysterics, crying fits, wobbly moments and in the wrong work place if she is so weak and squeamish, she should not be a crime reporter Just saying The other POVs were a nice touch, but couldn t connect with those either I have also never been and will never be fond of the POV changing several times in a row without warning I just don t like cases when one paragraph is one POV and the next is another, so maybe this is just a case of It is not you, it is me The mystery was pretty good, even though I guessed the villain about 1 3 in, but it was entertaining to get doubtful throughout the book as new evidence was presented and I was led in another direction The last 20% were actually slow moving and even sluggish, and could have been sped up, because by then we all knew who was the villain There are only so many coincidences you can write off, before you get slapped in the face with them and the mystery is solved All in all I would read this once, say meh, it was okay , move on and never think about it again hide spoiler

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    This was a real page turner I haven t had a lot of time to read this past week but every time I had to put down this book, I groaned aloud If I could have, I would have read it all at one go.Mirror, Mirror is a fast paced murder mystery with some romance and paranormal thrown in There were plenty of times I got the creeps, but thankfully, there was nothing too vivid or gory because my imagination doesn t need much help to go too far in that department.The mystery itself was intriguing and the identity of the serial killer was not too obvious which would have ruined the book for me I had several suspects in mind at different times At the same time, it did not thankfully have what I call the Uncle Dennis did it ending when you get to the end and it was somebody you don t know, care about or can even believe is the culprit Those endings just make me mad The characterization was excellent as well I felt I knew the characters major and minor and their emotional reactions seemed true to life The scenes were brought to life in my head.This was a well done story that I enjoyed immensely This is the first Jessica Jesinghaus book I ve read, but it is definitely not the last EDIT P.S I read this book on the run so to speak because, while I usually read everything to my husband, we were both too busy After reading my review, my husband insisted I read it to him I did, and his comment was, Now THAT was a good book

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    Just finished reading Mirror, Mirror written by Jessica Jesinghaus and I can say the book is many things It is part buddy story as it tells about Sam Samantha and Jen, two best friends and roommates It is part crime drama a serial killer is on the loose It has a dash of romance when Sam meets dashing young police sergeant Patrick The entire concoction is held together with the spice of paranormal as a vanity mirror Sam receives from a dead relative communicates to her.Miss Jesinghaus blends, mixes and stirs the various ingredients of her story into a fast paced, intuitive and completely engaging who done it that will satisfy the appetite of any mystery paranormal fan Once started the book is hard to put done and I found myself trying to figure out who the killer was before the story told me I didn t get it done.This is the first of Miss Jesinghaus books I ve read I guaranty it won t be the last.

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    This is a new author to me having said that I have to say for the most part she held me spellbound with suspense, mystery and romance There are some very touching, very in depth, heart in your throat, yelling at the characters, and some very heart broken scenes This is one author that really knows how to hold your attention giving you a compelling read that hooks you from the first page There are so many different things you won t see coming, a few shockers along the way Very little filler used in this hang on to the edge of the seat read At times I did have a hard time putting it down, I had to know what happen next I had a hard time not going to the end to find out who the killer was The only issues I had was when Sam bought her house she went to her grandmother to get some of the few things she had in the basement I was unsure why she didn t go to her parent s house to get some of the things there It was like her parents died which really hurt her a lot but that was about it What happen to their things I doubt you can read this and not have your heart go out to Sam from the first page she pulls you in when she goes to report on an accident and has her whole world turned upside down From there is seems she cannot get a break just one things after another The plot is well thought out leaving the read guessing and wondering what in the world could happen next I thought for the most part it was beautiful written, so much so I picked up the other books the author has out She does have a free one and the others are only 99 cents at the time of this post The romance part is done nicely not overpowering and not a lot of detail from their most private moments Her roommate is a delight and really holds your attention with her budding romance It seems there are a lot of characters that are full of surprises and secrets, just when you think you have a handle the author throws you a spin There are a lot of twists and turns that keep you on the edge The characters find away to your heart in a short time, they become family and you become very invested in their lives and the outcome of the plot I love the paranormal in it, the author writes it in a way that it is very believable It s like a guiding hand but doesn t give it all away If you like mystery, romance, and suspense in your stories you are so going to love this But hang on to your hats you are in for one heck of a ride.

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    The mark of a good thriller, for me, all comes down to reading speed Mirror, Mirror started out slow and then got faster and faster By the middle of the book I found myself flying through it and trying to resist the urge to skip to the end to see who done it I m glad I resisted I had my number one suspect picked out pretty early Then it changed Then it changed again Then it changed back and kept going like that up until the big reveal The great thing about all the flip flopping is that it didn t feel artificially inspired That is, the author told the story naturally and let the reader form their own opinions without placing false bait traps It makes me want to read the book again, knowing who the killer is, to reanalyze the killer s behavior before I knew it was him All of this to say this is what a thriller should be Mirror, Mirror is suspenseful and well written The characters that you re supposed to like are likeable and the characters you re supposed to suspect are just a little off, a little questionable, even when they are doing things that are totally normal Some characters seemed a little na ve but that s easy to say when we, as readers, know they are in danger The writing was a perfect combination of advancing the story while creating suspicion without forcing it I was not impressed with the police work in this novel but it s not a CSI type novel trying to impress with police work And these days, that s kind of refreshing Mirror, Mirror is like an old fashioned stalker suspense thriller with a bit of a paranormal twist I m not a big paranormal fan, which made me a little reluctant going in but I was quite satisfied with the paranormal aspect to this story and the amount of paranormal occurrences It definitely helps the story without being overdone Overall, I enjoyed this book from start to finish which I unintentionally read very quickly throughout a full day of thunderstorms and flickering electricity which only added to the effect of the story.

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    From beginning to end this story kept me turning pages We follow Sam, an investigative reporter, who has been called to the scene of an accidentand what she finds when she gets there is nothing than heartache The fact that she had some great support to help her through, was a godsend Thank God for good room mates That isn t the only trauma she has in this story Now, and after years of not doing anything about it, Sam decides that she is going to find the monster who killed her cousin, Emily With her investigative skills she tries to piece together all the evidence and finally tracks the killer down, but it isn t without its dangers This book is suspenseful and well written, with some dark elementsa real page turner, for sure The dialogue is well conceived, and keeps you hooked.I recommend this book to people who like hard hitting, well written storiesloved it

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    Oh my God Mirror, Mirror was an amazing read I absolutely loved reading it.I actually stayed up till 4 AM in order to finish it because I just couldn t put it down There was comedy, sarcasm and a whole lot of suspense in this book.The concept of the story, the writing style, the characters, everything was top notch The story kept me on edge, and I finished the whole thing, all the while thinking just one chapter I m so glad I got the chance to read and review this utterly amazing book and I m looking forward to reading from the author

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    Was hooked a few pages into the first chapter A good thriller with a fast paced plot I liked this authors writing style, her characters were likeable Finished it one sitting.

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