The Renegades (Unbroken, #1)

The Renegades (Unbroken, #1) Once Upon A Time That Would Be The Beginning Given To A Happy Story With A Happy Ending, But This Is No Average Story There Exist Four Kingdoms In My World Their Origin Is Unknown, But Somewhere Along The Line, Our Ancestors Thought It Best To Separate According To Customs, Mainly Warrior Customs Together, We Produce Some Of The Most Elite Warriors The World Has Ever Seen Fourteen Year Old Makai Is Destined To Join The King S Army, Being A Descendent Of Richard, One Of The Greatest Warriors Of His Time However, His Grandfather Has Other Plans In Mind And The Elder Has All The Right Help To Elicit His Treasonous Plans And Save His Grandson Makai S Older Cousin Happens To Be The Wolf Guardian, With The Innate Ability To Communicate With Wolves, A Power That Is Essentially Useless To The Government While His Other Cousin, Ashleigh, Is An Elite Archer And Falconer Together, They Will Work To Bring The Young Warrior And The Rest Of Their People Into A New Era, Where They Are Free From The Enslavement Of The King A Rebellion Is Brewing Are You Ready To Join The Renegades

I am a follower of Christ, first and foremost After that, I am a future veterinarian, animal lover, reader, writer, photographer, African American Native American woman, and jack of many trades I love adventure within a book and outside the world of books It is my real world adventures, after all, that inspire my novels.

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  • Paperback
  • 353 pages
  • The Renegades (Unbroken, #1)
  • Na'Imah Anderson
  • 14 January 2017
  • 9781521762561

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    This was a great book A different kind of dystopia and fantasy combined I definitely recommend it if you like dystopia novels, animals, romance, adventure, basically any kind of genre.

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