Bad Beat (The Gamblers #2)

Bad Beat (The Gamblers #2) Bad Beat A Hand In Which A Player With Strong Cards Is Unexpectedly Beaten By A Lucky Draw Nico Conti Has Never Regretted Joining The Family Business Through Hard Work, Loyalty, Ruthlessness, And Dedication, He Earned His Rank As Capo And His Army Of Soldiers With The Life He Leads, A Good Woman Is Not In The Cards Until One Comes Along And Turns His World Upside Down Olivia Miller S Childhood Was Anything But Conventional Raised In A Brothel, Her Mother Protected Olivia From That Life Until She Became Sick Now Olivia Must Be The Protector Taken As Collateral By Nico Conti In A Business Dispute Between Families, Olivia Is Desperate To Get Home Until Nico Makes Her An Offer She Can T Refuse Or Can She Because To Save The One She Loves Most, Olivia Will Need To Ignore The Sacrifices Made For Her And Barter Herself To The Man Who Holds Her Future In His Hands Author S Note This Is A Full Length, Steamy, Contemporary Romance Novel Without A Cliffhanger It Is Part Of A Series, But Each Book Is A Stand Alone Centering On New Main Characters Due To Sex, Language, And Violence It Is Recommended For Persons OverHEA Give meI loved every word of this bookWhat I lovedNico I mean his name alone is freaking sexy but throw in his hard stare and sweet words or when he speaks Italian and I m done for He was hard and kinda brutal in a good way and oh so sweet to his woman I loved that even though they met in an odd way it didn t take away from what they built I loved the story line And I m a sucker for any book with some mafia goodness One wordBrussels sproutspretty sure I spit water all over the place with that line After starting and finishing so many books lately this one was refreshing It didn t feel predictable and had something that just felt new for me Some stuff I didn t see coming and I loved thatWhat I didn t likeWhen it ended Seriously if you haven t read anything by this author your missing out One of my favorites This is an OK cover Good use of graphics Good representation of the story and hero OK composition and interesting title work.To start with I am going to admit that I am in a bit of a mood funk today And I am guessing that played a big part in how nitpicky I was being while reading this one Pushing that aside I will say that I did enjoy it overall.The writing was good The pace was excellent and I never felt the need to skim There was some OW drama that was pointless IMO since it didn t cause any issues I am SO over ridiculous cartoon villain like behavior from OW in these books Especially in a case like this where it didn t cause a problem at all and was wrapped up with very little fanfare There was a nice array of secondary characters as well Although the mother felt a bit like an afterthought and I would have liked to have seeninvolvement in the story from her character Olivia was a sweet heroine I don t have a lot to say about her I liked her personality I do wish she would have shownbackbone at times instead of settling when it came to how she thought Nico felt about her Nico, on the other hand, I had a love hate relationship with For the first 40% of the book his constant inner thoughts about using her and sending her back, not to mention his hot cold routine grated on my nerves The first couple times he had sex with the heroine felt cold to me Especially the one in the dressing room I did warm up to him as the book went on, but I still ended up being annoyed at his inability to admit he loved her right up until the book was almost finished The whole Valentine Day thing pissed me off immensely, and I wanted Olivia to take a stand and decide she deservedthan a guy who couldn t love her But like I said, even with the things that annoyed me I still got sucked into the story and ended up enjoying it So two thumbs up from yours truly. It s Live ARC RECEIVED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW After reading book 1 in this series, All In, I was wishing, hoping and praying for a book about Nico I just knew this man would bring some good alpha.Nico was broody He didn t let many in He chose the path of his father even when it cost him his very best friend Alec from book 1 at a very young age It felt like he turned off his emotions and didn t let anyone in Once he saw Olivia, those walls were put to the test He often tried to internally reason with himself about what he was feeling, attempting to downplay his reaction to Olivia Even going as far as nearly making a huge mistake in order to convince himself he didn t want her I personally would have loved him to face his feelings earlier on in the book Olivia was a really good heroine She was young and while she grew up in a less than ideal situation, she was actually very sheltered Caring for her ailing mother left her very few options and she had come to realize that her fate was really not in her hands Once she met Nico, she started to feel things that she never thought she would have the opportunity to feel I did wish she would have stood up for herself a littleand not just accept what scraps she was given Even put Nico on the spot but her past and the fact that she never imagined she would even have someone like Nico, left her willing to settle no cheating mild ow drama hero had never been in any kind of relationship with her mafia violence steamy scenes good secondary characters that I hope get their own stories an epilogue about 3 years out Despite not wanting to sound like a tween, I have to say it OMG Let s see if I can do this book justice First, let me just say I turned into a total sap when I finished the epilogue I actually sighed like a lovesick fool I love that Sarah Curtis went a bit edgy with this story I m a sucker for the unemotional Hero and Nico was above and beyond my expectations.After getting a look into what caused the rift between Nico and Alec, this book started off where All In ended We got Nico s POV of the motel scene when he came to Alec s aid to save his girl, River That scene led to Nico following the trail of what got Royal, River s brother, into the trouble that pulled River in This is where it all begins for Nico One look at Olivia and Nico was a goner Except he doesn t know it He s a rational man He s only taking her to stop the thugs from moving in on his territory, right It can t be because she actually means something He s gotta keep her a bit longer than planned It s smart business It s not because he can t let her go, Right Oh Nico Shakes head Nico is the son of a mob boss The empire will be his someday and he has trained since he was 18 to show no emotions, to be strong, patient and deadly He s been this way for so long, he doesn t even know what emotions are sometimes Until Olivia Sweet Olivia The daughter of a prostitute who sheltered her so she could have a better life.I absolutely loved how the author gave such a sweet, slow burn love We got to see in actions instead of words how these two becometo each other than they possibly could have expected The book was all about them as a couple learning each other and facing obstacles together Such a refreshing change The way Nico treated Olivia is every woman s dream come true The fact that he was so good to her even when he was clueless to his feelings made it evenspecial I don t know how the author can top this one Love it ARC provided by author.


❴BOOKS❵ ✪ Bad Beat (The Gamblers #2)  Author Sarah  Curtis –
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  • Bad Beat (The Gamblers #2)
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  • 06 October 2018

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