The Iron Lady: 1903 (The House of Winslow)

The Iron Lady: 1903 (The House of Winslow)Inspirational Large Print Edition As America Makes Its Ascent As A World Power, Three Young Daughters Of Winslow Come To New York City Seeking Careers And Direction For Their Lives Ruth Finds Fulfillment As A Nurse Among The Immigrants Priscilla Has A Passion For Show Business And Esther, Engaged To A Wealthy Businessman, Yearns For Meaning In Her Life It SAnd Life Is Full Of Promise For The Winslow Cousins, But Are They Ready For What They Ll Discover

Gilbert L MorrisGilbert Morris was one of today s best known Christian novelists He lived in Gulf Shores, Alabama, with his wife, Johnnie He is the father to

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  • Paperback
  • 318 pages
  • The Iron Lady: 1903 (The House of Winslow)
  • Gilbert Morris
  • English
  • 24 July 2019
  • 9780764229633

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    My very first introduction to a series that wasted no time in claiming my heart, I loved everything about this book, from the three separate love stories, to the commentary on both the Boar War, and the Ellis Island experience, to the wonderful undercurrents of faith and family spread throughout There is also the return of a familiar face in the form of Scottish Dr Burns, who finally gets his romantic happily ever after However, while I did love his and Ruth s story, and just barely tolerated Priscilla s she does NOT deserve the unwavering loyalty and love of the guy she ends up with , it s Esther s that I enjoy the most The wonderfully honest, beautiful, and sincere connection which develops from the get go between her and Jan, and the natural progression of their romance is so well written, as well as emotionally engaging I also greatly appreciated the spotlight placed on this period of time in regards to the immigrant flood which came to America, an event in history I find particularly interesting, in large part because of this book

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    It s been a long time since I read Gilbert Morris, but now I remember why I wasn t too impressed It s a perfectly adequate book, just nothing which grabs you or stays with youI can t remember much from any of the other half dozen Morrises I ve read Of the characters, I liked the Iron Lady herself, Esther Winslow, but felt both the other two cousins were just stock, stereotyped characters Ruth, the good missionary nurse, and Rachel, the sinner on stage As a historical, the use of Pakistan jarred, considering that the story is set almost half a century before that country ever came into existence.

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    I really love this series This book definitely wasn t my favorite I enjoyed it but it felt a little confusing as it had three main characters instead one The story is divided into sections and I feel like there s not enough time spent on each character All in all though it was a good story a nice stepping stone into the next book which will focus on Priscilla whose story didn t actually finish here I love how characters like Mark, Dan, and Tom are all mentioned.

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    This book has a few story lines, the main one being immigration in the early 20th century It also touches on the development of motion pictures and cars This is a Christian book, includes the Gospel message, specifically to one who did something that she felt couldn t be forgiven I ll read this again

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    7 Lots happening in the US at the turn of the century Immigrants coming to Pby the thousands The automobile being made Motion pictures just starting to be made Ruth was the steady one and got her Dr Burns in th e end They will do medicine together in Africa and be happy as two peas in a pod. Priscilla had big dreams of acting but got caught up in the dream of it and ended up with a no good man Eddie Rich Glad she is back with Jason at the end of the book Esther had the most exciting time of them all all her newspaper escapades were fun Glad her romance with Dr, Jan Kruger worked out in the end.

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    This series by Gilbert Morris is one of my absolute favorites Each book follows at least one member of a generation in the Winslow family tree and the member s gets saved and finds true love There s also some commentary on the social conditions of the time frame Truly interesting.

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    This book takes place in New York at the turn of the century.

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    Book 19

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