Santa Fe Woman (Wagon Wheels Series, #1)

Santa Fe Woman (Wagon Wheels Series, #1) Ever Since Her Mother S Death, Twenty Two Year Old Jori Hayden Has Lived Safely Under The Shelter Of Her Wealthy Father But When The Severe Economic Depression Of The S Destroys The Family S Fortune, The Haydens Must Venture West Together Along The Santa Fe Trail In Search Of A New Livelihood With Her Father In Poor Health And Her Aunt Kate A Dedicated Christian Keeping Charge Over The Younger Siblings, Jori Hires Chad Rocklin Right Out Of Prison To Lead Their Wagon Train And In A Journey Marked With Danger At Every Turn, Romance, Faith, And Family Prove To Be The Biggest Fortunes Of All

Gilbert L MorrisGilbert Morris was one of today s best known Christian novelists He lived in Gulf Shores, Alabama, with his wife, Johnnie He is the father to

✺ Santa Fe Woman (Wagon Wheels Series, #1) Epub ✽ Author Gilbert Morris –
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Santa Fe Woman (Wagon Wheels Series, #1)
  • Gilbert Morris
  • English
  • 07 September 2017
  • 9780805432893

10 thoughts on “Santa Fe Woman (Wagon Wheels Series, #1)

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    What a delightful read I love reading about how it was in the 1800 s when wagons, horses, and the fear of indians were part of life Economic times during the depression were hard on many folks, some survived and some didn t The ones who survived were the ones who usually sold everything they had and moved on to different parts of the country The Hayden family did exactly that From Little Rock Arkansas they ventured west to Santa Fe New Mexico in search of a new life and in search for a new business of transporting everyday goods to parts of the country where they werent in great supply of except when the French brought them across seas for trade.The Hayden s grew closer to god, grew up for the wiser, and even found love I would definitly reread this book in the future.

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    Wonderful look back in time and an excellent story

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    WonderfullyI loved this book It s well written and showing the grace of God It was heartfelt and exciting Lot s of action Sad how so many people go to church, only to be seen and never truly believe on Jesus Christ How could that be

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    I LOVE THIS BOOK The writing is great and really captures your attention A sweet, clean romance Recommend it

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    SANTA FE WOMAN is the story of Jori Hayden and her affluent family from Little Rock Raised in the lap of luxury, Jori is stunned to find out the depression of the 1800 s has ruined her father s financial status With really no alternatives, the Hayden family plans to head west on the Santa Fe Trail in search of a new life Chad Rocklin is recommended to the Hayden family as the man that could lead them safety across the rough and sometimes dangerous west, of course, Jori has to bail him out of jail first Jori doesn t allow her instant dislike for Rocklin to alter her family s plans They need to go west and Rocklin is the man that can take them there SANTA FE WOMAN was predictable but a good read nevertheless, filled with an array of characters you enjoy getting to know Some of the plots and situations seemed to mirror those in A MAN FOR TEMPERANCE which I found a bit unoriginal, but my love for westerns allowed me to overlook the similarities and enjoy the story that unfolded between key characters.

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    I love a western love story This is a great one, a God fearing woman leaves with her family for santa fe after loosing their home and business, the depression did awful things to families But this one stuck together and won, accepting strays along the way to add to their extended family.Even Kate an older lady found love in Good News A heartwarming story of love in the old west.

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    Sante Fe WomanBook was a good easy read but there were a few things that weren t believable first the reference to zombies.really did they even know about zombies back then And brain surgery recovery was a little quickbut I guess if you chalk that up to another miracle it s believable.

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    Good Christian fictionG Morris is one of my favorite authors No surprises in this clean novel about three romances developed during wagon train trip to Santa Fe.

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    A pretty nice standalone novel.

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    My favorite kind of story

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