Sound the Trumpet (The Liberty Bell, Book 1)

Sound the Trumpet (The Liberty Bell, Book 1)To make a review that should be rather long rather short:

The plot was nothing unique or fantastic, but the characters kept me fairly interested. There was a Christian message that was (usually) carried fairly well without being cheesy or preachy.

I wouldn't discourage anyone from reading this, but it also wasn't just a thrilling read. It's an okay story, somewhat predictable in places and slightly inconsistent in others, but an entertaining enough read. Those interested in the revolutionary war will find the little details interesting. I enjoyed it fine, but don't think I'll be rushing to read the other books in the series. ALISON BALSOM Sound The Trumpet Royal Music These Include Purcell S Sound The Trumpet And Handel S Eternal Source Of Light Divine In Duet With Countertenor Iestyn Davies And Purcell S The Plaint From The Fairy Queen In Duet With Soprano Lucy Purcell Sound The Trumpet Come, Ye Sons Of Art, Sound The Trumpet Purcell Moscow Boys Choir DEBUT Duration Moscow Boys Choir DEBUT , Views Pur Ti Miro Nuria Rial, Philippe Jaroussky, Christina Pluhar And LSound The Trumpet Royal Music Of Handel PurcellSound The Trumpet Royal Music Of Handel Purcell Balsom Alison Artiste , Georg Friedrich Haendel Compositeur , Henry Purcell Compositeur , Trevor Pinnock Chef D Orchestre , The English Concert Orchestre , Alison Balsom Interprteplus Format CDSound The Trumpet How To Blow Your Own HornNotRetrouvez Sound The Trumpet How To Blow Your Own Horn Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Henry Purcell Sound The Trumpet Andreas Schollvideos Play All Mix Henry Purcell Sound The Trumpet Andreas Scholl Christophe Dumaux YouTube ALISON BALSOM Sound The Trumpet Royal Music Of Purcell Handel Duration WarnerPurcell Sound The Trumpet J Bowman, A Scholl Come, Ye Sons Of Art, Away Was The Final Birthday Ode Purcell Composed For Queen Mary By The End Ofboth She And Purcell Had Passed Away Sound The Trumpet Is A Striking Duet For Two Sound The Trumpet YouTube By Henry Purcell Martha Argerich, Kissin, Levine, Pletnev Bach Concerto ForPianos BwvVerbier, July Duration Pedro Taam , Views Alison Balsom And Iestyn Davies Sound Thevideos Play All Mix Alison Balsom And Iestyn Davies Sound The Trumpet Purcell YouTube ALISON BALSOM Sound The Trumpet Royal Music Of Purcell Handel Henry PURCELL Sound The Trumpet J BOWMAN Sound The Trumpet Purcell Moscow Boys Choir DEBUT Duration Moscow Boys Choir DEBUT , Views Nisi Dominus Cum Dederit De Antonio Vivaldi Andreas SchollwmvAlison Balsom Sound The Trumpet Album OutThe New Album From Alison Balsom Sound The Trumpet Is Out Th October Pre Order Your Copy Here An Album Of Glorious Baroque Music Associated With Royalty This was a decent historical fiction novel set in the Revolutionary period. The action moved pretty quickly and the storylines flowed well. Some characters were more interesting than others. The main thing that kept this from being great was the ending. I understand the author was trying to write a series and continued the story into the next book, but this one just seemed to end. One plotline was wrapped up (sort of), but then it kind of wasn't. I'm not a fan of cliffhangers. I expect some sort of resolution when I read a book. I will probably try the next book to see what happens. Shudder. Where do I begin? This was, without a doubt, the worst historical fiction I have ever read. Stuffed with ludicrous situations, far too much action in far too little time, clunky dialog, and tacky characters, this awfully written story almost made me sick.
The plot line was definitely fastpaced, only there was so much packed into it that it was quite unbelievable.
The characters could have been good if they had been given believable actions and voices.
The writing was so atrocious and the book was so full of mature material that I felt sullied. It wasn't REALLY historical, either. There were chapters of all historical material, that really didn't have much to do with the characters or the plot.
I was very disappointed and have found that his writing does not improve anywhere else. Please do not read this, you'll regret it. Great collection of historical novels. I would not normally read a book like this. I am not much into history, and have found the only history type books I like have to have a lot of romance in them. I needed a book that fit into my reading challenge, and this was one of them. To my surprise, I really enjoyed this book. I think because there was another story line that went side by side with the history, it made it enjoyable. I am a bit disappointed though. I found out after I finished this book, that the next book I am unable to find on audio. I am visually impaired and can not read a book, I have to do them via audio... I am going to be on the hunt for the next one in audio. It is England 1743 and 15yearold Daniel Bradford and his younger sister live a difficult life, experiencing poverty, grief, cruelty and near starvation. When tragedy strikes, Daniel is sent to Dartmoor prison. But the adventures are far from over and include a runin with the American Revolution. I thought I would try one more series by this author… Historical Fiction set in the time of the American Revolution. The first book was pretty good, the second went downhill, by the third chapter of the third book, I realized I was reading nothing more than an 18th century soap opera. And there are 7 books in this series! Egad! No more Gilbert Morris for me! Good story.
Love of God.
Ready to read the next book.

Gilbert L. Morris

Gilbert Morris was one of today's best-known Christian novelists. He lived in Gulf Shores, Alabama, with his wife, Johnnie. He is the father to [KINDLE] ❃ Sound the Trumpet (The Liberty Bell, Book 1) ❆ Gilbert Morris –

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