Carolina Wolf

Carolina Wolf All It Takes Is A Spark Of Grrrrl Power To Set The Swamp On Fire Debra Henry Is Living The Meek Librarian Cliche, Except For The Teeny Hint Of Magic In Her Blood As The Keeper Of Magical Knowledge Passed Down From Her Ancestors, She S Content With Her Quiet Existence In The Tiny Town Of Culford, South Carolina But A Monstrous Attack Could Reveal Her Secret And End Her Life Maddox Moreau Was A Happy Lone Wolf Until The Day He Spotted Pretty, Bewitching Debra Along The Trails Of The Congaree Swamp When He Saves Her, His Fate Is Bound Up In Hers, And They Have To Learn To Work Together In A Hurry To Defeat The Spread Of Evil Warning This Story Contains Librarian Fetishes, Southern Humor, Smartass Women And Men Who Think That S Sexy, Disco Music, And Flatulent Boxers The Dogs, Not The Underwear Also, Medieval Werewolf History Nerds This One S For You

Short version Sela Carsen is an award winning author of paranormal and sci fi romance with or without sex and dead bodies Your pick She maintains a permanent nerd on for fairytales and mythology, and openly hoards reference books about obscure folklore Born a wanderer, she and her family have finally settled in the Midwest Until they move again, at least.Long and rambly, but funnier version

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  • Carolina Wolf
  • Sela Carsen
  • 28 January 2019

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    Debra Henry is a librarian on a crusade to renovate the town library As a secret descendent of Morgaine Le Fay, she has a deep seated love for knowledge and its preservation She s all set to present her proposal at the town meeting where she meets gorgeous wildlife expert, Maddox Moreau He s there to assure everyone that the dark beast sighted in the swamp is definitely not a wolf There are no wolves in South Carolina.But he didn t say anything about werewolves Minor technicality And there s two kinds the one that tries to attack Debra, demanding that she reveal her secrets, and the one that lunges out from nowhere to save her Suddenly it s not an injured wolf she s cradling in her arms It s Maddox a very naked and unconscious Maddox.From the opening scene among the buzzing mosquitoes, Carolina Wolf promises to be a humorous romantic romp in a charming Southern setting Sela Carsen has a wicked way with words and each clever turn of a phrase keeps you on your toes as she creates two likeable and pleasantly familiar characters Debra is your quintessential vixen in librarian s glasses ready to let down her hair Maddox is your rugged outdoorsman, a Molotov cocktail of pheromones and masculinity.But then you discover there s much to the story Debra is a witch Maddox is a werewolf The slimy mayor who keeps on pestering Debra for a date is scheming to steal her power for his own nefarious purposes Carolina Wolf doesn t stop there This is no surface homage to the supernatural The story evolves in layer after layer, building an in depth folklore of its own that mixes Arthurian legend and Wiccan mythology with refreshing new elements.Debra and Maddox take us from moments of claw biting danger, to primal attraction, to mesmerizing magical lore All the while, they re not forgetting to laugh And you can t help but laugh with them The love scenes had me breathing hard with excitement, then, with a clever twist, the story would catch me off guard and I found myself giggling out loud Yet the comedy never pulled me away from the story It enhanced the growing intimacy between Debra and Maddox and reminded me of those achingly real moments in a relationship when your guard is completely down Carolina Wolf brings it all home giving a taste of peril and the euphoria of a great romance A deliciously fun read on so many levels.

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    I really needed something quick and light to have fun with, and this was it.It went really, really fast The pace almost made my head spin, just like main character Debra There are things about her she won t tell, and after meeting her werewolf she s his mate you know and a whirlwind 2 day courtship, they face an evil and defeat him.It s a typical plot line, with typical reactions and it s too short and fast, but I took it for what it was, and actually really enjoyed it There are similar books called the Tickle My Fantasy that go along with other fantasy people, witches and warlocks and such.

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    This was a fun read Sometimes werewolves stories are so angsty and broody, but this book was jsut plain fun

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    My first werewolf read.

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    Ms Carsen has done it again with a story that is funny, magical and sexy I love her signature sense of humor mixed with a magical love story My wish list longer story and deepen and extend the scary parts Otherwise perfect

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    Funny, magical and sexy Ms Cason has done it again with a story that is funny, magical and sexy I love her signature sense of humor mixed with a magical love story My wish list longer story and deepen and extend the scary parts Otherwise perfect

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    Debra Henry is the new librarian She is a witch but only has a little power so she thinks Maddox Moreau is a werewolf and as soon as he sees and smells he knows she is his mate Fiery sex scene, magic, fighting and evil doing Enjoyed these characters.

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    MehYeah just not that interesting I bought it because I liked the preview but that was really the high point of the book Good premise, just not so great in execution.

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    A lovely story to make your day Enjoyable

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    I don t know if it was longer if it would have helped It didn t have depth, substance and background it was just ok but no desire to read the next book in the series.

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