The Only One

The Only One I Ve Moved On With My LifeI Ve Started Over In A New City, With A Promising Career Ahead Of Me I Have The Independence I Ve Always Wanted Needed I Ve Even Started Dating Again Kinda Sorta The Point Is, I M Happy Then Why When Rhett Unexpectedly Shows Back Up In My Life,years Later, Does Just The Sight Of Him Leave Me Breathless I Have No Idea Why He S Here, Especially Now But I Ll Be Damned If I Let Him Back Into My HeartTE THIS BOOK IS THE CONTINUATION OF BOOK ONE, A REASON TO STAY THE COMPLETE BLACKWOOD SERIES SHOULD BE READ IN ORDER


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  • The Only One
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  • 28 October 2017

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    3.5 STARSWell, this second book got unexpectedly good and better from all points of view, in comparison with the first one The writing got much better In my opinion It got interesting, pleasant, suspenseful, funnier, much concentrate Even much hotter I didn t expect that but I loved it I wanted sexy action.Anyway back to the book and the review The book continues the action from book one but after 3 years.Ava moved to L.AWorks as an architect and lives alone She isn t happy but she gets herself busy in work to forget and not think of anything, especially to Rhett.Rhett, on the other hand, had to spend this 3 years trying to correct all the mistakes.Removing all the evil and hoping that one day he and Ava will be together again He still loves her and wants her with all his heart He will not give up at her, at them And now he has his perfect chance since his sister Valerie is moving to L.A for college.What really happened 3 years ago Was it Rhett so cold that he couldn t be there for Ava when she most needed him Will Ava forgive Rhett and give them another chance As I said at the beginning I liked this book way than the first one

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    After their breakup, Ava moves to L.A to start fresh, away from Rhett The story continues 3 years after Ava left for L.A and she is now slowly starting to rebuild her life and protect her heart from all the heartbreak She has finally moved on completely and even met a new guy when Rhett storms back into her life with only one intention in mind To get Ava back where she belongs, in Rhett s arms Buckle up your seatbelts peeps because things are about to get hot and be prepared to once again lose your heart to Rhett Blackwood I mean who can resist, right Rhett Blackwood is a man after my heart, I swear A prime example of perfection and a swoon worthy hero I have to admit, I enjoyed the second book a lot than the first book We also get a lot glimpses of Valerie and her life I honestly cannot wait to read her story.The Blackwood series is the only work of Melissa Ellen that I have read so far, and I can safely say that I like her writing and am looking to read from her.A must read.4 Stars ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    Ava has got to be the most insecure heroine of 2017 literature.She creates unnecessary drama,gets jealous at the drop of a hat without valid reason nor would she listen to any logical reasonings.At times she accessed situations with the mental capacity of an escapee from an asylum.And Rhett the poor guy who she separated herself from for THREE YEARS due to her insecurities had been celibate the entire time view spoiler I saw that little prick talking to you and the look on his face., he grinded his teeth his breathing becoming forced I m sorry, Ava I should ve been here sooner I had to replay it a few times It was hard to see, but I saw him flick the roofy into your drink As soon as I saw that, I left the office to come home I was already driving when I got a text from Jim saying that you had company, so I didn t waste time getting here I m sorry, Rhett I m sorry I didn t tell you Owen was at the bar that night I It s okay, beautiful, he tucked my hair behind my ear I know you had your reasons You don t need to explain They were stupid reasons Stupid I was going to tell you I m such an idiot I can t even trust my own instincts hide spoiler

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    The Only One is the second book in the Blackwood Series, so guess what YOU MUST READ A REASON TO STAY FIRST Yes, I had to nag, but tired of seeing reviews of peeps that come to a series party late, and then not rating it well because they didn t read the previous books that absolutely needed to be read first Okay, I getting down from my soapbox now, so let s get on with it This is the next book in Ava Rhett s story, and it s a doozie See, the talented Melissa Ellen did something that not many authors do, end in a huge cliffy, then pick it back up some years later in the beginning of next book Not saying that I didn t like it, just saying it was different Plus, honestly, if I had to have experienced years worth of angst, there s no telling what I would do Ava has moved across the country from Rhett, got a good job, and even tried to date a bit However, Rhett was never going to let her go, and shows up after he deemed enough time had passed, in order to win her back Ava refuses to let him back into her heart, but her body is cheering him on See A doozie, and I couldn t put it down Melissa Ellen outdid herself this time, as Rhett evolved into a place where I didn t want to junk punch him so much, although he still kept his caveman tendencies And yes, many of the previous entertaining cast of secondaries, with a few new ones thrown in, were present accounted for to give me a laugh, plus the ultimate twist had me howling colorful metaphors I cannot HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Only One enough, so do yourself a huge solid, and start this series

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    This is the second book in this amazing series, and is a continuation of Ava and Rhett s story The first book definitely needs to be read first, and this is not a standalone This story picks up 3 years after the huge cliffy, and Ava has now moved across the country, and trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart Rhett never intended to let her go, and he now appears back into the picture in order to win her back The chemistry between then is still as intense, and Ava is determined not to let Rhett break her heart again.This story in my opinion anyway, is better than the first, and I loved that one This talented author has written a steamy storyline, which had me hooked and intrigued throughout Cannot wait to read the next book in this series

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    RHETT my breakfast, lunch, and dinner Wonderful hero heroine I loved her down to earth character I love that she was independent and her simple upbringing was beyond enough for her I must say, her entire family was wonderful, umm NANA cracked me up Anyway of the blonde bitch, angst, fury, betrayal, years lost over something unforgiving and lots of sex daily wet panties Heck Rhett can do that with very little detailed sex I mentioned before, seemed like he was always going over the speed limit, swingin in the driveway full speed ahead, quickly parking the car in the garage then decide to reverse just as fast Oh he was definitely hot but dang I wanted him to do some detailing I never got it but, I m forgiving.

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    after all the drama in part 1 I have now also read part 2 ava and rhett are simply meant for each other, but due to circumstances and uncertainties they end up separated due to the determination of rhett, luckily it will be good again I thought it was a wonderful book to read the other characters are also well represented for anyone who loves a good love story with all love drama this is certainly a good book to read.

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    4.5 StarsReally liked this book better than the first In this book we get the continuation of Ava and Rhett s story The only thing that irked me is that 3 years have passed, I couldn t believe it Despite this, the chemistry between Ava and Rhett is still there and much better explored in this story I love when we get the HEA and This story gives us this Highly recommend

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    The Only One is the conclusion to Rhett and Ava s romance in Melissa Ellen s Blackwood Series As if Ellen didn t leave me completely hanging with the cliffhanger in the previous story, she then decided to totally kill me in the beginning of this book NOT NICE The cliffhanger and resolution absolutely annihilated me, but damn, if all the anticipation and angst didn t make the ending to Rhett and Ava s story that much sweeter Everything came full circle for me in this with Rhett and Ava s incredibly sweet and passionate romance, and I am really enjoying this series There was so much growth in Melissa Ellen s writing within these first two books, and I am quite impressed with her Blackwood Series so far I recommend these if you are looking for a really sweet, emotional, and angsty romance centered around a wealth of family and friends The next two books in the Blackwood Series are Valerie and Liam s story in A Reason to Leave and Forever Yours, and I m really looking forward to reading these as well 4 Stars for Me Read my full review A Reason to Stay and The Only One on the blog DG Book Blog

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    Kinda meh to be honest.

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