Savage Land

Savage Land Every Novel In This Collection Is Your Passport To A Romantic Tour Of The United States Through Time Honored Favorites By America S First Lady Of Romance Fiction Each Of The Fifty Novels Is Set In A Different State, Researched By Janet And Her Husband, Bill For The Daileys It Was An Odyssey Of Discovery For You, It S The Journey Of A Lifetime Your Tour Of Desire Begins With This Story Set In Texas

Janet Anne Haradon Dailey was an American author of numerous romance novels as Janet Dailey her married name Her novels have been translated into nineteen languages and have sold over 300 million copies worldwide.Born in 1944 in Storm Lake, Iowa, she attended secretarial school in Omaha, Nebraska before meeting her husband, Bill Bill and Janet worked together in construction and land developme

❰Ebook❯ ➠ Savage Land Author Janet Dailey –
  • Hardcover
  • 260 pages
  • Savage Land
  • Janet Dailey
  • English
  • 10 November 2019
  • 9780786220748

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    I had to keep checking who wrote this It is totally Diane Palmer but no way it was Janet Dailey What Innocent child like virgin Check Mean older hero Check Purple prose Check kind of It was so DP it three me off but it was a good Old story from the HP vault and I enjoyed it Was it great Not really but it was what I was teethed on from my Mom, a certified Janet Daily Diane Palmer aficionado, and the most awesome Mom ever She introduced me to Harlequins and true love She always told me and my husband to always love each other And never forget this sex is fun and it s free Lol We were poor but she adored my Father It s so funny because she had me when she was 39 and I always thought she was old because she had grey hair but OMG she was never old She loved him until the day she died at 92 they were married 53 years before he died at 78 she missed him so much Every day she would remember him Sometimes he slept with her at the very end She was so cute She d say he was there and slept with her, but they didn t have sex She even told that tour family priest Father Burt I thought he was going to die Lol So funny And her last words were, your Dad is here to take me to a big party I need to get ready She died 24 hours later She went to the party at last She was a true romantic and knew forever love I have no idea why this book made me think of that but it did Sorry I was a little sappy It s that dang Janet Dailey

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    Plucky, orphaned Mary Sue lands in a ranch where all the family members harbor deep seated grudges against each other stemming from past tragedies, therefore making life at the ranch a living hell Since she has no jobs, skills or even aspirations, she makes it her full time career to interfere in, play the detective and the mediator, and promptly untangle all those thorny webs so that in the end, everyone except the ultimately unmasked villain can have an HEA Heroine has so many TSTL moments including being almost drowned in a storm, being charged by a malevolent bull named Satan and on another occasion by an aggressive horse Rancher hero is scarred and cold on the outside but putty on the inside for his blooming yellow rose who he has to keep rescuing He also teaches her how to swim, how to ride a horse, how to dance, and how to kiss.Cheesy and predictable but a sweet story overall.

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    While this book, and the others like it in Dailey s Americana series, is fairly dated in many ways now, it still was an enjoyable read As a formula romance, it s full of largely sterotypical characters, but each has enough personality to not just feel like the author just picked up the naive young woman type and bitter Marlboro man type puppets and put them on her stage Most of the situations and misunderstandings that happen in the book are pretty predictable, and even a little bit tired, but that s mostly to be expected from the genre I believe One doesn t pick up an old Harlequin looking for mind bending, edge of the seat reading after all So for those who enjoy a good mindless formula romance either as steady reading fare, or just for an occassional light read in between other things, this book won t disappoint I think.

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    Ah yes, a favorite type of read for me A couple hours in a romantic place on a sunny afternoon A story of misunderstanding, hatred, attraction and finally, Love Just the way I like them.

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    s 3 Danny byl sice o deset m s c mlad ne ona Poprv si to ekl, kdy jeho mlad sestra A to m jenom jednu.s 18 Je t v noci se mi poda ilo dostat z auta na e oble en a v echny ostatn v ci Navzdory tomu, e cht l jsem se je t v noci dostat zp tky, ale voda stoupla moc vysoko a s 9 Krom toho jsem vid l, jak proud odn va e auto pry s 131, 135 v zelen ch plam nc ch jej ch o ch V okol dov hn d ch o ch, jak JD neust le zd raz uje, m la zelen plam nky No vida s 8 uv domo vala s 22 e ti to mus m ct, d venka, ales 22 Vzhl dla k pln m erven m rt m, nal en m tv m leskl m, br l m os zen ch bl skav mi kam nky, kter s 35 posad me Pohl dla na jej ho bratra a nad en zvolals 40 Te mali sice nad jis 56 vyj me n s 68 kdy bys 72 Nes t js 98 S Jasonoms 106 Dicku ozval se Na s 37 se nelogicky m nilo vyk n tyk n vyk n.ji j s 62, 84uvozovky s 34, 149

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    Don t you want to tell me how much you love and adore me and how you can hardly wait to marry me Coley asked mockingly I was so looking forward to that part Even though her own heart was breaking, she could still derive pleasure watching the angry scowl on Jason s face How upsetting for him and his plans for the Slash S ranch that Coley wasn t falling into his arms as he had thought she would This was quite tedious to read Very dated in that the hero was all cool and masculine You never knew what he was thinking really The heroine was an annoying mess of a quivering, weepy, emotional, naive girl Highly irritating The book really didn t make sense to me and I didn t enjoy it unfortunately.

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    Jase kendini ok iyi tutuyor,buradan tebriklerimi yolluyorum valla.Okudu um hi bir Harlequin eserlerinde kendini bu kadar iyi tutan g rmemi tim Ger i 18 lik bir sahne yoktu ama neyse Kitap Annelerini kaybettikten sonra teyzelerinin yan na ya amaya giden iki karde in hikayesi.Tabiki Eser, Bayan karakterinin g z nden anlat l yor.

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    Read this story in a 2 in 1 antho called Always with Love.Review written for Always with Love.

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