One Dirty Scot (Hot Scots, #3)

One Dirty Scot (Hot Scots, #3) He S Dirty, Hot, And Scottish Hear Him Speak And You Ll Understand So Damn Sexy He Wears A Suit Like A Hooker Wears Lingerie For The Business Of Temptation I M Not Giving In Even If His Hands Were In My Panties The Night We Met It Won T Happen Again We Re Too Different I M A Doctor Professional Sensible While He Seems To Have Stepped From My Tumblr Feed He Doesn T Date He Only F Ks As The Twin Of My Best Friend S Man, He S Too Close To Home The Idea Is Ridiculous The Fall Out Messy But The Attraction Is Real It S Too Complicated Even For A Secret Rebound FlingODS Is A Standalone, Full Length Romance Novel, Including A Smexy Times, HEA, And No Cliffhanger Or Cheating

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[Epub] ❧ One Dirty Scot (Hot Scots, #3)  By Donna Alam –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 275 pages
  • One Dirty Scot (Hot Scots, #3)
  • Donna Alam
  • English
  • 21 December 2019

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    Sweet Baby Jesus These Scots keep getting hotter, and Kit is incendiary Fair warning straight off the bat people, if you are the shy prudish type, and can t see a threesome sparking your desires, this book may not be for you, but you ll be missing some sizzling chemistry and a magnetic, dirty minded, filthy mouthed Scot, that will have your panties disintegrating I am a massive fan of Donna Alam s books, she has a writing style that flows effortlessly, but has a polished finish that makes her a joy to read, if difficult to put down This her third offering in her Trouble by Numbers series and she does not disappoint in unveiling the mysterious Kit, brother and twin to Rory from Book No 1 One Hot Scot.And believe me, he was worth the wait, once the man I considered the dark horse, you will never think of Unicorns the same way again His match in this book Bea, Fin s flatmate whom we have also previously met, squares up against this formidable Alpha beautifully and brings her own history to the table, putting him off his game and making him work harder and question his stance on commitment and transparency.Add in the fabulous cast of characters from the previous books, I mean how can you not love Natasha And you re in for a hot, wild, dirty ride that will have you reaching for your lucky significant other, or draining the power on your battery operated boyfriend I will be waiting with baited breath for Donna s next offering, this was well worth the wait My only complaint is that none of her books are available on audio, because who doesn t want to have a Dirty Scot whispering in your ear I received this ARC, after some significant begging for my voluntary review

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    Oh my lordy lord Lol Donna Alam is supercharging her way to the top spot on my favs list, if not already there after this book Once again you re guaranteed those great one liners and humour and banter You just can t beat it And it s great to see Bea able to hold her own against Kit They have great chemistry and make for a great read In this book we get to see what Kit really likes And I think I m liking it too much lol Add to this appearances from your favourite characters from the previous books and you re in for a treat I ve said before that this author has found her thing, and I ll say it again She just keeps getting better, and the characters books hotter A truly fabulous 5 star read

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    Hotness guaranteed Hmmmm this series keeps getting hotter and hotter Kit, is definitely the unicorn that you wish you have he s sexy, he got the Scottish accent, he s super sexy, and he s very exciting I seriously am jealous of Bea right now.I m not sure if I m just a fast reader, or just the way the story flows, but I was not ready for it to end yet I could definitely read their story forever, because there s never a dull moment with Bea and Kit

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    Steamy dreams guaranteed Sinfully delicious and I want .I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

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    BDSM and then some makes this Scot beyond dirty, sexy, sensual, excitingBea never expected to find what her life was missing She finds way than a good time and a open door Kit has particular taste He finds every open opportunity to cater to that taste He never expected to one woman that would share that kink and then some Some times at extra kink makes for an incredible relationship.

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    Not anywhere near as racy as the premise might imply There was no plot other than meet fuck marry, but, whatever, it still held my attention I think I enjoyed the writing so much I forgave the lack of plot It was very surface experience and issues disappeared before they could develop into points of interest.

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    4.5 StarsDonna Alam s Love by the Number series is such a fun reading experience I have greatly enjoyed all three books and the newest, One Dirty Scott, features my favourite male lead in the series.Kit is Rory s twin brother who we met in book 1 This story begins with Kit blowing off dinner with his brother and her fianc in favour of previously made plans Kit is all about pleasure and living in the moment Who needs to even consider settling down when you can briefly settle under the various women or men of your choice any night of the week Did I mention he has a sexy Scottish accent and can rock a suit like no one s business Bea, knows she should get as far from Kit as possible What would a serious doctor have in common with Kit who seems like the biggest player she could ever hope to stumble on Sure he s sexy, yes, she could think of all kinds of ways to keep his hand busy, but there is no future with a man like him Plus, dating your best friend s fianc s twin seems like way trouble and complication than it s worth.Kit and Bea were so much fun Alam has a knack for perfect banter between her characters You ll be laughing out loud This story also has steam off the charts Kit enjoys pleasure and he is very good at giving and receiving it I also loved that we got to visit with Rory and Fin This was a fabulous light and highly enjoyable read.

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    Here He Is Raunchy Like A Hurricane Previously bisexual Kit is one half of very wealthy, tall, buff, set of Scottish twins His straight twin Rory, is marrying, Fin Fin s roommate is Bea , a doctor at a local hospital Bea just dumped her long time boyfriend when she receives a butt dial of him in bed with some other woman EGad Kit , in the meantime, is about the nastiest, raunchiest bad boy in town He spends a weekend night every weekend at a sex club, where he has a man and wife entertain him and his proclivities He has a piercing.Bea spends time working, trying to avoid having to think about her cheating ex.That is until she is seduced by Kit , a total manwhore, at a club one night After that, Kit can t keep her off his mind, and even dumps his husband and wife tag team Has he gone straight over Bea Bea has definitely gone gaga over Kit Everything about him is big Get my drift Loved this book Kit takes Bea and the reader on a wild, sexy, raunchy ride And all with a Scottish burr

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    Holy hotness, Batman I had barely started the first chapter and already I was asking what have I gotten myself into Kit s preferences had been left as a great big question mark Well there s no question any, and the answer may not be exactly what you re expecting Then again, it s not titled One Dirty Scot for nothing As a doctor, Bea s strong, and independent, and exactly the type of partner Kit s looking for The snappy banter between Kit and Bea, as well as Rory and Fin had me laughing so hard my sides hurt This was a significantly lighter story that the previous book, and it feels like it goes by so quickly I wasn t anywhere ready for it to be over when I got the words the end I would happily read several thousand words about these two, their family, and friends.I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

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    Not one for me This book begins with Kit, Rory Tremaine s twin brother from Book 1 Rory wants Kit to join him and his fianc e, Fin, for dinner But Kit has some wild plans with two other people and would rather be there with his friends than having dinner with his brother The Lion s Den was this evening s destination and Kit was eager to get there In fact, Kit seems to have no boundaries at all when it comes to enjoying himself to the utmost.There is plenty of action in the pages for those who don t need a specific story line to entertain them Kit goes from one steamy situation to another The author does write well, but the book is way over the top of what I am comfortable with and it didn t appeal to me This is not a series that I will pursue, but that is my personal opinion Others may possibly enjoy the book It s all a matter of preferences I was given a copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it My comments reflect my honest opinion.

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