Temptation Trials Part II

Temptation Trials Part II Lust Is The Epitome Of DamnationLust, One Of The Seven Deadly Sins, Is Sweeping The Nation Into Its Seductive Web In This Dystopian Society, Cali And Stefani Have To Comply By The Regime S Strict Rule Of Arranged Marriage But Eminence, The World Dictator, Doesn T Play FairAgainst All Odds, They Both Decide To Put Their Relationships Through The Ultimate Test On The Temptation Trials A Reality TV Show Where Every Temptation Of The Flesh Is Set Before ThemAs Participants On The Show, They Soon Learn That Losing May Cost Them Than The Men They Love Cali S Torn, Unsure Of What Her Future Holds With Cade Stefani Worries Whether Her Relationship With Tobias Can Be SalvagedLove Can Be Blind The Betrayal They Face From The Trials Burden Them Will Love Be Their Redemption, Or Will It Destroy Them A Million Questions Torment Their MindsCan You Love Two People At Once If A Person Is Chosen For You, Can Those Feelings Be Real Cali And Stefani Must Overcome Heartbreak And Pull Together With Their Loved Ones Before It S Too Late The Abominable Truth Is Unveiled, Which Sends Them On A Journey That Will Jeopardize Their Lives The Will Of The Weak Is His For The Taking Can Love Save Their SoulsRated MatureAdult, Dystopian, Romance And Urban Fantasy With Sexual Content This Riveting Conclusion Is Not A Stand Alone Temptation Trials Part I Must Be Read First

www.facebook.com BTrulysFantasiesAbout Brandy B Truly has wanted to be an author since she was fifteen years old She is grateful to have accomplished this dream She has very vivid dreams and a wild imagination B Truly likes to read, watch tons of TV shows, and movies She s addicted to romance and gets a thrill out of action and sci fi She writes new adult and adult romance Sci fi, dystopian, and paranormal genres B Truly likes to explore different elements of sci fi romance, and create various realms of reality She also loves creating impossible situations for her characters to grow from and try to overcome B Truly has three wonderful children and a husband who defines the person that she is today She works full time as an Ultrasound technologist in Houston, Texas.

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  • Temptation Trials Part II
  • B. Truly
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  • 02 January 2019

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    Earlier this year I read Temptation Trials Part I, and I loved it I went in a little bit tentative, unsure as to whether the mix of dystopian society and reality television would work, but it turned out my fears were unfounded I loved the way the two elements were mixed together, and I couldn t wait to read In fact, I was overly excited for Temptation Trials Part II.The first book introduced us to the dystopian world, giving us a glimmer of what exists In book two, this world grows even stronger I said in my review of the first book that it was a seemingly simple dystopian notion, and in this second book we get to see of the world as a whole It still has a simplicity about it, but it s an interesting simplicity It makes the world easy to follow, so you can quickly slip into the story More importantly, though, this second book works to fix all that is wrong This book deals with what all dystopian tales deal with overthrowing the dictatorship The underground society we merely glimpsed in the first book is back and kicking in this second book, bring so many things together.Although this book is all about bring everything together, giving us those answers we crave, there is still plenty of the drama from the first book to be seen The drama is so off screen this time, the reality television aspect no longer the main point It is still there, it still plays a part, and is important however, we re no longer spending our time on an island filled with cameramen It gives us a reprieve for some of the book, allowing us to watch the drama unfold in a different way.Mostly, this drama is based around the element that has everyone second guessing the love triangles We go into this one unsure as to how things will play out, and a lot of the book plays into that Each time we think we know the decision made in regards to love, another twist is thrown in The entire book keeps you unsure as to how things will play out and I loved this I m not usually crazy about love triangles, I usually shy away from them, but the details behind the relationships in this story really pulled me in There were twists and turns at every corner, and I really didn t know how the story would play out.Speaking of twists and turns the entire story is filled with them I went into this book with a large number of ideas I believed I d worked out a lot of things, but I still had many questions Whilst a few of my ideas turned out to be correct, there were plenty of twists to catch me off guard There were so many surprises throughout, the storyline grabbing me and pulling me in so many directions It s certainly a book where all the little details drag you in.I will be completely honest, though I did feel as though this book wasn t quite as action packed as it could have been at the start of the book There was such much information to be found out, and I felt as though certain things at the start of the book lacked in action so that information could be shared instead The ending had a lot of action fight scenes, emotional scenes, and all the other goodness you can hope for but I did feel a though the start of the book could have done with a little bit That s just a personal preference, though.Overall, this was a wonderful conclusion to the Temptation Trials duology It was such a fun series and I cannot wait for In fact, I gave quite a loud squeal when I realised there are books to come With reveals that happen throughout this book, we now have a spinoff series in the works I cannot wait to give the spinoff series a read there are so many possibilities, and I m so excited to see what comes next.Without a doubt, I ll be devouring the spinoff series when it is released.

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    5 5 Actions have consequences stars This review contains spoilers for book one The Temptation Trials are over The contestants now have to make their choices known at the Soul bound Trial and attend the Temptation Ball That should be easy, right Not.The regime packs the original couples and the other contestants they cheated with onto a cruise ship for the trip home because that s the kind of people they are It doesn t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happens next Somehow, Cali and Stef have to keep things cordial with their original boyfriends and the new guys because they still have to figure out what the big bad Eminence is up to The Soul bound trial confirms their worst suspicions It was never their choice to make After the weirdness with Eminence s strange book, they decide to talk to some priests who know than they do What they find out is bad, like judgement day type bad.Yep, it s going down It s all going down at the Temptation ball The regime pulls out all the stops to humiliate the contestants in the worst possible way Imagine being televised sitting at the table with your lover and your boyfriend watching a a big screen flaunting your infidelity to the world But Cali, Stef, and the guys have to endure it if they have any hope of taking down the evil twisted Eminence.It all goes to hell in a hand basket pretty fast I won t spoil the ending, but some shocking things happen Probably what I liked the best is the questions that Stef asked afterward Are the Temptation relationships destined to fail because His Highest was warped and evil Or did it all work for good for God s purpose Maybe Eminence was the ultimate match maker.

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    Temptation Trials is a thrilling conclusion to the series with developed characters sorting through their emotions while fighting the good VS evil battle This book made me believe in second chances, lol I was definitely expecting a lot from this since I fairly enjoyed the first book but this proved to be than my expectations and all in a good way Before anything else, this is the second and concluding instalment in the Temptation Trials series and cannot be read as a standalone novel Here s a little gist The setting is after World War III and this dystopian world is now ruled by a dictator who has enforced a set of absurd rules, one of which is the compulsory arranged marriage that every individual of twenty one year has to agree to While Cali and Stefani, the main characters, are logically adamant on not letting their feelings reach a peak for anyone since it would all eventually result in a heartbreak, they find themselves falling in love with two handsome, rebellious guys, Cade and Tobias, respectively Things work out differently, in a wrong way, and all four find themselves in a reality TV show where each of them is stranded on an island filled with temptations to test their lust Like I ve already mentioned in my review of the first book, I loved this concept The second part starts off from where the initial instalment left, and while the ending twists of the first book were still fresh in my mind, the second one still pulled me in with the intriguing ideas Again, the story is so refreshingly surprising that most of the turns turn out to be unexpected and what could I have asked for Not only this, the real dystopian definition was explored in here with the general idea of overthrowing dictatorship, and that delighted me all the since that was one factor the first book was lacking Similarly, the rebellious program that the boys were a part of, took a spotlight in the the ordeal and again, I was satisfied since this was another aspect of the first book that comprised of the loose ends The characters are so much better than the first but collectively, the series gave me four people that I cared about during the course of it all so yay Two things contributed most to this character development emotions and drama Emotions can often annoy me if they aren t dealt well but nothing of that sort happened here Both the couples are geared to get their love to triumph and on this journey they go through a lot of turmoils but never lose hope The drama segments are a bit too much for my liking at some points, especially when they slowed an action packed sequence and I think everyone knows how I love a fast pacing book There are love triangles and I liked how realistically it fit well with the story and didn t seem forced It s kinda difficult to appreciate a second part of a duology while keeping it spoiler free as well as not frequently mentioning the first book, but if I had to sum it up I definitely recommend it to all those who are looking for a romantic suspense with paranormal aspects that will leave you emotionally satisfied Blog Twitter Tumblr

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    This book was great It was full of excitement, action and romance It was a fight for mankind a story of good verses evil I didn t want the story to end, I wanted it to go on and on I look forward to the next story.

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    I was sucked into this world in the first installment and I was eager to see where B Truly would take these characters I was very happy with the way she was able to build on the story and characters from the first installment This is a Dystopian series with Romance and intrigue, drama and action, and so much Don t miss these novels

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    Temptation Trials Tribulations is another well written book by Brandy Truly, and finally we are getting into the best of the series in my eyes In this book we are finally finding out what this series is about and a lot of things become clear, even though questions arise The plot follows an interesting story line that captivates the reader I admit for a while it seemed a little adrift and I wasn t sure if the author lost sight a little bit on where the story was supposed to head, but she did not I must have missed something and there was just a lag between the ending of the actual temptation trials and the big announcement ball, during which almost literally hell broke loose At this point it is difficult to put the book down so make sure you have a good amount of time set aside to commit to reading to get through this part because you won t want to put it down The pace fluctuates a few times from a little slow to spot on, but overall I find it fits the story.The story focuses on two heroines, Cali and Stefani, but I think Cali is still a bit of the main character, and you find out for yourself why that is in the book These two are quite conflicted and seem to struggle than the boys do with the emotional aspects and consequences of the consequences of each of their actions during the temptation trials Yes these actions may have been forced, and yes they may know that, but the fact of the matter is even so, now emotions are involved and it may be a stereo type, but women tend to be affected in general by those than the boys are I am not saying that the boys go through this unscathed however and they too have some growing up to do.This book is a good continuation of the first one and in my eyes the stronger one of the two It packs a bigger punch in the aspects of paranormal Do you have to read the first one to understand this one, probably not, but it is well written so you may want to pick it up to enjoy it nonetheless.All in all I enjoyed this one a lot and am looking forward what else is to come There were some interesting twists and quite a few shockers, so I can only imagine what else is to come Voluntary review of Advance Reader Copy I was given a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher.

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    Yet again I found myself riveted by B Truly s creation Stepping straight back into the awkwardness of the reunion , after the island trials had finished, you immediately get sucked back in.All the angst I thought I had let go after Part I cane rushing back Would The couples be able to forgive each other Where do the Tempts fit in to this equation These questions plagued me start to finish and drawing it out worked for me The twist of Lutheran Eminence was a perfect creation and I was tenter hooks waiting to see if Good would triumph over Evil.Sometimes the story seemed to stutter a little and some things will be picked up during final edits Personally I couldn t imagine staying friends but then I have been through a world altering event either Other than that I m going to be popping Trials of Envy on my Want to Read list B Truly had me enjoying these characters so much I just can t wait for and the concept of the story has just got me addicted.If you are looking for an easy read of intrigue and angst, definitely give the Temptation Trials a Read.

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    Temptation Trials Part 1 ended with the trials coming to an end, the participants preparing for the return journey and a lot of questions It s time to face the music On top of all the uproars, Cali, Stefani and a couple of the tempts uncovered some disturbing factors which they are too afraid to disclose for fear of the repurcussions This is told in Cali s and Stefani s alternate POVs The trials have changed everything Cali and Stefani went to the trials to avoid an arranged marriage in favour of the loves of their lives, Cade and Tobias Each step of the trials lived up to its name on both camps Theirs and their boyfriends The temptations got the better of them and now, they are filled with anger, uncertainty, shame, betrayal and guilt They are torn between their feelings The reunion and the journey are far from being pleasant It s total chaos Cali and Stefani can t unveil their findings to Cade and Tobias until they are on safe grounds The animosity amongst the rivals is crippling whilst jealousy, anger and resentment oozes from their pores Violence follows They seek advice from the opposition to the Regime, and come to a truce to attend the soul bound ceremony, prepared to get to the bottom of what s really going on It s far worse than imagined The truth about the Eminence is scary and they have little time to stop the pending doom It s a desperate situation Despite their emotional turmoils, Cade, Tobias, Stefani and Cali have to put aside their differences to find a solution to this unprecedented problem This shows their maturity and willingness to fight evil for the good of the nation Reading this second part of the story is quite an experience Cali and Cade are at an impasse Tobias and Stefani are not far behind It s excruciating to watch them go through such intense emotions The battle determines what s meant to be, but brings about even anguish I am still reeling about some of the intensity of the heartaches It s a dark story which kept me at the edge of my seat The conclusion isn t quite what I expected, but still fitting Love prevails It would appeal to fans of emotional and supernatural romance with suspense and intrigues I was kindly issued with an eARC and the views expressed are my personal opinion.

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    So this is the second book in the series and you definitely have to read the first book first in order to have an inkling of understanding as to what is going on The trials are over and the gang must decide if their relationships will survive all that has happened on the islands Tempers are high and surprises are a foot Can love conquer all We shall see as our story continues With the book picking right up where it left off, we know of the twisted game the Regime is playing, but we don t know why or the purpose This book is not as dirty as the first book Even though during the trials ball they have replays from the islands escapades This time the book falls into your thriller category With fighting and twisted plots the drama deepens I got to say this book blew me out of the water It has a huge ass twist that comes right out of left field It is so unexpected Just pure Holy Shit Wow factor I love the characters We are introduced to some new key players and get to see the other side of the Regime and his Eminence And let me tell you they are not pretty They are Evil Pure Evil This book had me on the edge of my seat in the end I was biting my nails and worried with fear for what the outcome was going to be A True tale of the fight of Good VS Evil I cried my ass off in the end and I am not going to lie, that ending hurt WHY Why would you do that Can t tell you why, you will have to read it yourself A great book with the perfect combination of thrills, chills, action and romance Your interest will be held throughout and you will not put the book down ARC given in exchange for an honest review

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    Amount of sex 1 5How explicit 1 5Story 4 5Overall 4 5Review Temptation Trials Part 2 is the second half rather than a second book of the Temptation Trials Like the first book, it is a mix of Bachelor in Paradise and a sprinkle of The Handmaid s Tale Picking up where the first book ended, we are still at the reality show, but the consequences of the first book are the crux of this second book The world these characters live in is full of rules The world is under the control of a supreme leader who controls all news and entertainment The hottest thing on television there are no movies, but books seem safe is the Temptation Trials Our heroes have chosen to brave humiliation and heartbreak because at 21 years old, everyone is assigned a marriage partner and the Temptation Trials are the only way you can marry the person you love With the first book, our characters have separated and they are required to watch themselves and their boyfriends be tempted with other people The second book brings them back together.Very much like the first book, it was heavy with dialogue which I like , but at times the conversation was stilted and unnatural Once the action picks up which it does significantly , the book flows really well and carries the reader along at a quick pace There is much about the resistance that Cade and Tobias work and I was pleased every question in the first book is answered in the second book.Book 2 must be read after Book 1 Overall, I liked the series The spicy action in the second book was not any where near the first book almost nonexistent hence the 1 score , but that didn t detract from the book I liked the setup and it was far from predictable The action was great in both books and kept me guessing.

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