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Remember Me Always Everything Changed Five Years AgoI Didn T Mind Losing My Memory After My Brother Died In An Accident That Nearly Claimed My Life Too A Clean Slate Was Just What I Needed To Keep The Pain AwayRemembering The Past Wasn T Really A Problem Until A Feisty Blonde By The Name Of Penny Preston Showed Up In My Bar Demanding Answers Answers That I Can T Possibly Give HerBut As Hard As I Try To Ignore My Longing For Her, It S Almost Impossible Something Keeps Drawing Me Back To HerWhen I Push Her Away One Too Many Times Right Into The Arms Of Another Man, I Realize I Can T Bear To Lose HerEven Though I Don T Remember Her, My Heart Just Can T Seem To Forget That She S MineAnd I M Going To Get Her Back Remember Me Always Is A Full Length Standalone Novel That Contains Adult Themes For Mature Readers Please Note This Is A Re Release Of A Previously Published Limited Release Of The Same Title By The Same Author This Version Has Been Rewritten And Contains Extra Scenes And A Bonus Epilogue I really liked this story and up to about 60% this book was going so strong that it still kept its 5 Stars with me even though within the last 40 % the forward and backward of the the leading characters started to annoy me Somehow I wish the author would reconsider the second part of the book by adding maybeexternal forces instead of the leads mindchanges FREE ontoday 8 25 2018 Blurb Everything changed five years ago.I didn t mind losing my memory after my brother died in an accident that nearly claimed my life too A clean slate was just what I needed to keep the pain away.Remembering the past wasn t really a problem until a feisty blonde by the name of Penny Preston showed up in my bar demanding answers answers that I can t possibly give her.But as hard as I try to ignore my longing for her, it s almost impossible Something keeps drawing me back to her.When I push her away one too many times right into the arms of another man, I realize I can t bear to lose her.Even though I don t remember her, my heart just can t seem to forget that she s mine.And I m going to get her back. So at the end of Remember me Always, I have to admit I mannoyed than anything else The biggest things to bug me and these are a bit spoilery, so be warned The mom lies to the heroine, and it s a pretty huge fucking lie, and in doing so changes the course of the heroines life and the heroine barely reacts They have like one shouting match, but the heroine is right back to dancing to her mothers tune pages later I wanted her, the h, to be all kinds of mad, and angry, and pissed off, and instead the heroine seems very mehwhatevs about it all It just didn t make sense wrk for me The heroine seems to do all the chasing Why couldn t the H fly out at the end of the book, to go get his girl Why is she always the one going to him It makes it seem like she sinvested in them, than he is The hero doesn t end things with his fuck buddy til almost 3 4ths of the way into the book He keeps saying he should end things with her, but then she shows back up again Add to this, he s a jerk for a good part of the book, and again, it seems like the heroine isinvested in the relationship ship than he is The hero getting his memories back was totally glossed over It s a big roadblock to the HEA, and we don t get to experience any of it Can you say letdown And lastly, bigger spoiler here The mom hates the H and h together but still helps them get back together If maybe we d been in the mothers head, or if there d beenof a conversation between the heroine and her mother where we see her h s mom come to the realization that she was wrong, maybe I d have bought it then, but it along with a bunch of other stuff seems glossed over.So yeah.2.5 stars There s potential in the writing style, but I was too irritated for most of the book to enjoy it Keep in mind though, that I m in the minority, and a lot of other readers seem to like it, so my issues could be exactly that, mine. The blurb got me really interested in the book it was a new story, memory loss, and stuff so I had really high expectations for it.And the Playlist at the end of the book was definitely a bonus I loved it it s always a weakness for me when I find soundtracks in a book.The book had a lot of good sides The love that Penny felt was too moving and intense I felt her words I could relate to her confusion and how she thought about her life It just felt really close to meA smile spreads across my face, and I can feel the butterflies fluttering in my stomach As of this moment, I can t remember the last time I was so happy The bumpy road it took to get here was all worth it in the end, and I m Glad I stuck it out and never gave up And the pain that Colt felt was just so intense I teared up at some point which doesn t happen oftenThe pain I m causing her eats at me like cancer, and I can t get her out of my head She consumes my every thought, and still, I can t remember her I stare at Penny for a few seconds, my eyes searching her face for answers If we knew each other for so long and cared about each other so much, then why can t I remember her Hell, I can t remember much of anything, but I sure do wish I could remember her The extra bonus was really beautiful and cheerful it was honestly my fav part.But as for my opinion, I think the year gaps was really wide and just didn t make much sense to me Colt and Penny kept going back and forth a lot of times which was a little bit not that intriguing to me I think the synopsis isthan enough I don t think I can write a summary without spoiling it Overall, the book is fairly good, but I expected . I believe that everyone has that one true love, that one love that will forever be in your heart And that we will give up for that one person everything, even ourselves For Colton, leaving Penny was the hardest thing he could ever do, but he loved her enough to let her go, knowing he could not be all she deserved It s over so he thinks, until they cross paths and he realizes his love for her has not diminished but has grown stronger Will he be able to let her go again Or will he finally cave into his destiny of being with her forever. This was truly a love story with its ups and downs, with a very realistic feel I love when a book makes me run imagery in my mind and plays in my head like a movie Angela did a wonderful job in creating this love story Once again, this was a book that played with my emotions establishing a love hate relationship with the characters in the book Colton and Penny were the epitome of real high school sweethearts in ever since of the phrase When Penny goes away to college, they vow to make it last forever but life gets in the way Five years go by and Penny returns home to confront the love of her life, Colton James, who broke her heart in a million tiny pieces Colton was determined to wait for Penney but tragedy strikes and changes his life forever After recovering from a horrific accident, he has forgotten everything prior to the last 5 yrs, and this includes Penny too This story has it all love, lies, betrayal, deceit, terrible misunderstandings and then, sweet redemption.I really enjoyed this book along with the roller coaster ride of emotions that it gave me Oh dear lord another book from this author and I couldn t be happier I ve read other books from her and let s just say that I m addicted and can t help to feel super happy about this amazing chance Angela Snyder has a hot and spicy writing that can make you blush from the intensity of the story but can make you scared and anxious at the same time Let s just say that her latest books left me anxious and I can t help for the next one Just saying that you need to see what I m talking about Remember Me Always portraits Penny and Colton s lifes It all started 5 years ago when Penny left for college She wanted to follow her dreams and then get back to her hometown to be happily ever after with her best friend Colton But he didn t follow with their plan to talk and visit and that broke her heart But stubborn and determined like she was, she just needed to keep studying and that wouldn t change After 5 years she got back home and things are turned upside down Colton saw his girlfriend left for college and that was the hardest thing he had to do but when we truly love someone we need to let them follow their dreams He can t forget her and intents to keep in touch until a tragic accident sweept all his memories Everything prior to the accident he can t remember so he can t remember Penny or the life and love they shared And now what Can he remember her Can the love they once shared get back to them Can they feel it or forget it forever I was stunned when I finished this book I was shaking from the intensity of it The plot is amazing and the timeline worked perfectly and left no doubts in between chapters The story progressed in a way that left me anxious, sad, mad, happy, hopefully and hot Lets just say that there were parts of the book that I wanted to get into the story and hit someone Hit them so they could wake up and smell the roses Jesus The chemistry between the characters is beautiful, intense and a with little conflit between now and then I was overwhelmed with everything and I couldn t belive in what was happening The best way to describe this book is telling you to imagine yourself on the most high and bumpy rollercoaster of your life There isn t one word that can describe this book Lets just say that on a scale of one to ten I ll give it an 11 for sure Angela Snyder I ve already told you that you are amazing Your books speaks for themselves and I want everyone to read them to find our what I m saying And now what will you present to me A drama, a suspense or a hot as hell story I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. This guy was no hero he was a wimp and a hypocritical jerk The female lead is probably one of the most pathetic females I have read in a long time.Another book where he has a girlfriend even if he denies it for three years while she is celibate I don t care about the circumstances of their situation but I truly didn t get why she had to stay celibate whilst he had a very physical relationship with another woman Why do female authors write books like this with such weak female characters and double standards I had no respect for either main characters so I definitely will not read this book again. Remember Me Always by Angela Snyder a fab five star read This is such an amazing story how much would you do to get back the love you once had That s a question I hope you never have to answer, but it s something that Penny has had to face Angela Synder writes story s that will keep you hooked, this one in particular will keep you captivated from the first page to the last It is a stand alone read, that you won t be able to put down.Colton has a history that he can t remember, but he doesn t care by not remembering he can forget the hurt of his life The only thing is by not remembering he also forgets the good stuff, the years with Penny as her best friend and then her boy When we read his side of the story there is a depth and sorry that you feel heavy in your heart, the loss of a brother is something no one should face, but its dealt with in such a compassionate manner Can Colton ever get over the loss and see the positive in life again Penny has her own story, and in it she shows us that she is a fighter of the highest order The problem is will she be strong enough to fight for what she needs Or will she just settle for what she wants Penny was the one I wanted to reach in a pull out and take for drinks and give her a massive high five just for being her.Angela Snyder thank you once again for writing amazing characters that I could put down.

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