Written in the Stars (Backroads #1)

Written in the Stars (Backroads #1) Roundabout These Parts, Dirt Roads Don T Just Get You From Point A To Point B They Intersect To Create A Maze Of Life Often Missed When Outsiders Drive Through A Sleepy Town The Number On The Population Sign Might Seem Insignificant, But A Few Short Steps From The Beaten Path, There S Than Meets The Eye Look A Little Closer That Sleek Out Of Town Convertible Is Bringing Former Pageant Queen Brooke Langdon Back Into Town For The First Time In A Decade She S Dragging Nothing With Her But The Hyphen In Her Last Name Gatlin Moore Is Running His Tractor Along The Fence Line, Spending His Days Keeping Up His Parents Farm Instead Of Living Out His Dreams In Nashville The Sheriff Is Pulling Into Holly Christian S Driveway, Preparing To Tell Her That Her Life S About To Crumble And Hunter Pearce, The Guy Everyone Calls When They Need Something Fixed He S Racing To Holly S Place Too, Wondering If Things Are Too Broken To Put Back Together Welcome To Hope Canyon This Is Our Backroads Story As always, this story was so easy to read And fun The characters were easy to care for, and I read fast to find out how everything worked out I don t often read sections of a book twice, but there was a mustached section of this book that was so cute and sweet that I had to go back later and reread it again Well done, Christina Can t wait for book 2. Oh How I loved this story It is refreshingly unpretentious, yet beautifully complex It is sitting on a porch swing on a warm summer night, because if you go inside you might miss something extraordinary It is a cool drink in your hand, from a can or a cardboard box, because you re hanging with people who ve seen you without your face made up and love you just the same It s finding yourself cross legged in the dirt and wondering how you ended up there and also finding a kind hand reaching to pull you back to your feet, whether you deserve it or not It is the place where joy and ache stand side by side, linking arms, and somehow there is peace in that contradiction It is gathering the courage to peek at a future that seemed lost, and daring to look for hope in spite of the mess. Tragedy is about to touch the life of Holly Christian Her fianc just died in a freak motorcycle accident, something she learns when the sheriff drives up the gravel road to deliver the devastating news All around her in the backroads town where she lives, everyone offers sympathetic looks and a kind word Through the haze, Holly feels one emotion guilt She hasn t even cried, a reaction Holly knows isn t normal.Instead all she remembers are Chad s whispered words and the looks she ll get if the truth comes out.Coinciding with these changes is the return of Brooke Langdon Returning to Hope Canyon, all she drags with her is a world weary attitude It s time she prepares her grandmother s home for selling, but her past isn t ready to let her off so easily Instead, returning to this town of dirt roads, and fewer people, brings up memories One of whom is Gatlin Moore.Prior to reading Stars, I hadn t read any of this authors books They always popped up in mysearches and stuck with me because of their brightly colored covers, but until now, they hadn t shown up on my read shelf When the opportunity to read this one arose, I remembered one of Coryell s novels does sit on my shelf, which ignited the excitement for this story Discovering new stories is one of my favorite opportunities as a book blogger, especially when it s in my favored genre Because of this, reading Written in the Stars and discovering the story it has to tell is a lovely experience.Inside these pages lies a story driven by emotions and themes of one s past defining their character and future Not all of which results in good memories or happiness The characters influenced by these emotions feel very real They re ordinary people struggling with ordinary problems and complications Each of the characters is splintered in some way The four person POV helps strengthen these underpinnings as the reader learnsabout these people, their stories and the what or who keeps them going.One of the lighter direction changes is the unexpected road trip angle This is one twist I didn t see coming, but found to be a neat addition and therapeutic for its characters Unlike anything I ve ever read before, Written in the Stars is an emotional story showered in the quiet joys of finding hope When you think small town, you think cozy vibes and cheerful chatter This story takes a different approach in itscomplex themes and nature It s a story about reinventing yourself It s about seeking what s missing It s about spontaneity It s about healing It s a story of finding reconciling what s past, and looking for the better tomorrow, the better you It s a story that has so much yet to impart when these characters return in Coryell s follow up novel, Written in the Dust. Crank up some Miranda Lambert or Carrie Underwood maybe even a little Brad Paisley or Mo Pitney and settle in for a small town read with big appeal From the gravel roads and swirling dust to the old dock and the symphony of crickets cicadas, anyone who has ever lived and loved in a small town will find their place in this story.While there are some yummy heroes with definite book boyfriend material in Written in the Stars, it s reallyabout the ladies journey Brooke former Miss Texas, not Miss America thankyouverymuch and Holly a small town girl through and through are both completely relatable as heroines, no matter your life experiences or background If you re like me, you ll see a little bit of yourself in each woman Sassy Holly may be my fave, but Brooke has a lot to teach me and I think we d end up good friends in the long run Both women are stronger than they give themselves credit for, and their temporary adventure is one of my fave aspects of the book Made me smile and pulled on my heart.Bottom Line Written in the Stars by Christina Coryell is a love letter to small town America It s a story about friendship and love, about coming home and leaving home But it s also a gentle reminder to hold out for the person who would go through the trenches for us, to remember that we re worth the wait , but to also not believe the lies that tell us our worth is found in any person or identity Instead, it s found in the One who hung the stars, knows them each by name, and pursues us with an everlasting Love that gives us the courage to dream and the strength to hope While these elements are subtle to be sure, they are still visible enough to stir the heart in the right direction If you love a small town setting, vivid characters and compelling backstories, head down these backroads with Christina Coryell I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book first seen at Reading Is My SuperPower Oh this is such a good read I devoured it in one sitting and promptly went and bought book 2 in the series If you like slow, simmering romances, then this book is for you. My first introduction to Christina Coryell was her novella, Mowed Over, in the Love at First Laugh box set I was instantly charmed and knew I had to check out her other stories And then, when I heard about her new novel I was doubly excited I m a big fan of books featuring life in small towns, so I couldn t wait to dive right into WRITTEN IN THE STARS I was captivated from the very first page I was transported to the small town of Hope Canyon, Arkansas, feeling like a silent observer peeking into the lives of these authentic and complex characters At times, it really did feel as though I was reading about real people in real life situations There was such an authentic feel to this novel Coryell perfectly captured life in a small town where everybody knows everybody and everybody knows everybody else s business, where gossip spreads faster than you know it.WRITTEN IN THE STARS was one of those books that I just wanted to savor, take my time with, stay with these characters as long as possible But at the same time, I couldn t help myself but to read as fast as possible to see where the story led to next And then, before I knew it, I had finished the book sad face It was just so good I didn t want it to end Time flew by while I was reading I became completely caught up in this book I d look up at the clock and be shocked by how much time had passed.I could go on and on about how awesome WRITTEN IN THE STARS was and I seriously can t recommend it highly enough Go grab a copy for yourself, you won t be sorry Just be ready to get completely sucked into the lives of these down to earth characters Can t wait for the next one I received a copy of this book from the author All thoughts and comments are my honest opinion. Friendships Family Finding your true self Holly and Brooke are real women dealing with issues which we can all relate to This story moves along at a slow pace which allows you to understand the characters and their circumstances The dialogue, however., can be fast paced and has the effect of sometimes making you laugh out loud and at other times hold back a sob I felt like I was leaving friends when I closed the final page And the fact that there s a sequel has me jumping for joy From my first Christina Coryell book, I knew I wanted to follow her She has just a unique way of writing that makes me want to dive in and not climb out for a long while This one was no exception I loved every single moment of it Every moment Her books are so incredibly full of emotion The reader feels every pain, heartache and joy of these characters I m excited to readof this series I was given a preview copy of this book My review is my own honest opinion. Written In the Stars is a wonderful book I loved the small town setting of Hope Canyon Ms Coryell nailed it with her description of small town life, the fact that everyone knows everyone and their business, the close friendships that are formed, etc I found the characters to be believable and found myself feeling for them in their situations I look forward to the next book in this series I highly recommend this book.I received an ARC from the author and all opinions stated are my own.


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  • Written in the Stars (Backroads #1)
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  • 22 August 2017

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