The Serpents Grasp

The Serpents Grasp Although I read a lot of Christian non fiction books, I had never gotten into Christian fiction because I was afraid it would be corny or unbelievable I m a sucker for monster stories, though, so I decided to give The Serpent s Grasp a tryand I m so glad I did Far from corny, this book features a realistic monster that actually attacks and kills people The characters are strong but flawed, making them complex and dynamic The action scenes are fast, rich, and well written Oh, and the plot Very cool and thought provoking This is a great book to read by the beachbut it ll make you think twice about getting in the water Title The Serpent s GraspAuthor C Kevin ThompsonPages 330Year 2012Publisher OaktaraDo sea monsters really exist If they did exist, would a government agent cover it up and try to destroy all evidence of their existence at any, and I mean any cost The Serpent s Grasp is a suspenseful thriller that starts off with a man and his mistress alone on his yacht when they are attacked by a creature that has never been seen before The man loses his life, and his wife, a marine biologist, must deal with her husband s infidelity as well as the search for the truth behind the attack on her husband s boat and other ships Dr Evelyn Sims, along with Captain Micah Gregson, the commanding officer of the Coast Guard ship that responded to the mayday from her husband s yacht, join forces to discover the truth behind the mysterious attack The yacht was the first attack, but a cruise ship and a Russian sub also fall victim to the giant sea serpent The book is suspenseful as several conflicts come into play Opposing worldviews between creationism and evolution is skillfully woven into the story as the antagonist, FBI agent Archibald Jackson, turns out to bethan he appears to be, and he will do whatever it takes to make sure that his faith in Darwin is not shaken by the discovery of a new species that could undermine evolutionary theory Behind Jackson is a group who has been working secretly to create cloned humans to build an army Although the secret group s plan is a subplot of the overall story, it ties in with ethical issues faced in today s world To top everything off, America is blamed for the disappearance of a Russian sub in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida, which may spark World War III This book has it all from romance to government conspiracies, from cryptozoology to ethics, from mystery to murder, from science to faith.The Serpent s Grasp is an excellent first novel for C Kevin Thompson that shows promise with excitement, action, adventure, and thought provoking questions I found it difficult to put the book down, and when the story ended, I still wantedI highly recommend Thompson s book, and I will be expectantly looking forfrom this author.Note I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility Other reviews can be read at Also follow me on Twitter lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at I ve read 2 other books by this author and loved them I couldn t wait to read this book I love supernatural weird reads I don t like saying this but I was disappointed in this book All talk, no action In a 500 page book I m guessing 15% may have been action There was talking, talking, talking andtalking When I reached the halfway mark I honestly thought about quitting, something I rarely do I stuck it out and finished the book The writing is great I just honestly got very bored. I always like to give a personal insight into any book that I m reviewing For this one, I met the author during a chat one evening on the Book Fun Network We were discussing his new book, 30 Days Hath Revenge , and he agreed to send that book to me to review When the book arrived, I found that Mr Thompson had been nice enough to include Serpent s Grasp as well Long story short, I reviewed 30 Days Hath Revenge and forgot all about Serpent s Grasp The other night, while ribbing Mr Thompson about getting his sequel written for 30 Days Hath Revenge , he mentioned that I hadn t yet reviewed Serpent s Grasp So I picked it up from my church library and had it done in a few short days.Dr Evelyn Sims seems to be barely hanging on Her scientific views aren t the norm in the science world, her science lab needs some serious updating and her marriage of 6 years appears to be falling apart When a boat is attacked off the Florida coast, her lab is sent in to investigate what may have attacked the boat Unfortunately, this isn t just any regular boat, this is her husband s boat Micah Gregson is the captain of the vessel that intercepted the distress call from the boat With a background in Naval Intelligence and many years on the seas, this is the first such attack that he s ever seen Micah and Dr Sims join forces to find out what exactly is happening in the ocean, especially when another ship is attacked A roadblock to their joint effort, though, is FBI Agent Jackson Jackson runs an elite group of FBI Agents that track down and investigate paranormal occurrences Agent Jackson will do whatever it takes to keep the truth hidden, even if it means murder What is in the ocean attacking these ships Can Dr Sims and Micah expose the truth Is Agent Jackson able to keep the facts from being investigated Who really is Agent Jackson Pick up the book and keep reading and you ll find all of these after you BUY THE BOOK I read a lot, so I like a lot It really takes something really bad in a book for me to say that it didn t bring me enjoyment Serpent s Grasp is one that not only brought me enjoyment, it held my attention and give me some great research material This book, while being a great mystery suspense novel about a creature under the sea, is also a book about evolution and thoughts on science in general As this is a work of fiction, I understand there are times when the creative license gets to be used, so keep that in mind while reading this book The pace is very fast, the author breaks down time lapse by doing mini chapters within a main chapter This keeps everything moving quickly and the action never time to stop Mr Thompson provides some witty repertoire for his characters so I found myself chuckling at their interaction sometimes I enjoy a book that gives me a comedic pause in the midst of all of the suspense It s almost like being on a rollercoaster and having a chance to catch my breath before the next big drop.Is this a man s book With the suspense and the intrigue, this book would fit into any man s to be read pile This book has government conspiracies, fishing and monsters Everything you need to make it a perfect book for a man to read. A great sea serpent whose grasp consumes the wicked People who search for the serpent who has changed their lives forever Bumpy from time to time, but thank you Kevin for being brave enough to encourage the rest of America s writers to just get it out there Can t wait for the next one. I just finished this book last night early morning before I fell asleep I really enjoyed it In fact as a homeschooling Mother with a Senior this year I am adding it to my son s required reading for his English Literature for the year I love the way the Author includes so many facts, so much scientific information, proof against evolution, all the real with the fiction of the story he told And I enjoyed the Naval aspect of the story also Loved all the detail and information on the boating, Navy, the battle at sea He crammed so much into one book it is overwhelming and so well written I loved it and am a new fan I can t wait for the next book I am thrilled to have won this book on The Book Club Network and had a chance to read it Dr Evelyn Sims Watches Her Scientific Views And Her Personal Life Come Under Increasing Scrutiny After Her Husband S Mysterious Death At Sea As A Female Survivor Of The Tragic Event Relays Her Story To The Media, Evelyn S Concerns Of Betrayal Begin To Close In On Her The Coast Guard Captain Of The Ship Responding To The Accident Has Suspicions Of His Own, And He Joins Forces With Evelyn To Uncover The Truth That Lurks Beneath The Ocean S Waves Will Their Efforts Be Enough To Save Evelyn S Life And Redeem Her Career Or Will The Truth Be The Very Thing That Destroys All They Ve Worked For Excellent book Expertly written literature Plenty of mystery and suspense Science and Christianity in one book I couldn t put it down until I finished it Can t wait for his next book. This was an excellent book that kept me wantingI was disappointed at the end because the story was over To say the book was hard to put down would be an understatement

C KEVIN THOMPSON is an ordained minister, having served churches in New York, Mississippi, Texas, and Iowa He holds a B.A in Bible from Houghton College New York , an M.A in Christian Studies from Wesley Biblical Seminary Mississippi , and an M Ed in Educational Leadership from National Louis University Illinois Kevin is married to Cindy, his wonderful wife of over 36 years, and they ha

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  • The Serpents Grasp
  • C. Kevin Thompson
  • 24 January 2019

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