Cruising Through to Fulfilment

Cruising Through to Fulfilment She Only Wanted A Holiday, But She Got So Much A Luxury Cruise In Alaska How Much Perfect Could A Holiday Be For A Small Town Girl After Having Lost Both Of Her Parents And Was Now Feeling Alone In The World For Tanya It Seemed A Great Way To Escape Real Life For A While, And Perhaps Meet Some New People While Seeing New Things A Way To Grasp Life And Start Making Sure She Wouldn T Waste A Moment Of It, Having Realised How Short It Can BeBut When She Embarks On Her Dream Cruise, Her Life Starts To Take One Turn, Which Leads To Another, And Another, With Fate Leading And Changing Her Life Direction Even So Far As To Bring Her Within Distance Of A Murder After A Body Is Found Near Her Hotel And To Make Her Wonder If Someone New And Close To Her Has A Darker Nature Than She Previously Had Thought, And Might Not Be The Charming Person She Had Originally Perceived Him To Be At AllAll She Dreams Of Is To Find A Life Of Contentment And Fulfilment With One Person Who She Truly Believes Loves Her How Difficult Can It Be To Find That Tanya has been saving for a couple of years to go on this Cruise trip and to Vancouver after, what she didnt expect was to find new friends to hang out with during her new adventures, she also didnt expect to find a new love interest in Greg Tanya has yet to find the one the one who will love her like they seem to love the woman before her, she feels she is unlovable but this trip goes to show she has a few options if only they were not hung up on their ex s or vise versa What I enjoyed most about Cruising through to Fulfilment was watching Tanya going out and enjoying herself and trying as many new adventures as she possibly could, watching her be such a strong woman who could say ok enough is enough when it comes to men, seeing how she has her options but just wanting to find one man that can love her forever, but also realizing that it might not work in her favor Watching her short romances start and her finding one she could love but not knowing his feelings on it This book is a long read, but a good one, it has Tanya a woman who is out searching new adventures to last her a life time but she meets 3 new friends, 2 Men and 1 Woman and they are instant new friends who spend their time on the Cruise together and doing different tours, 2 men who are instantly attracted to Tanya but they are best friends, Greg who wins her over and Paul who only wants the best for her which he feels is not his best friend, new adventures after the Cruise that are horrible and they another Man comes into her life, a love story If you like stories like this then Cruising Through to Fulfilment is a must Nice story about an evolution of character, with a slight sideline of a murder involved This author does well in writing about character development the changes that come with ageing, maturity, and generally just getting to know oneself The character in this goes through some ordeals, and that is mixed in with a healthy blend of sexual growth and self awareness Overall, a good read and definitely one to see right through to the end Good book that I only read because it was a 0 book onwhen I got it, but I see it is now only listed for sale at 0.99 so I would consider it a good value for that price The main character has a fair share of romance, sexiness and a bit of mystery thrown in although I wouldn t call it a mystery novel, as such The writing is good and I will probably buy somebooks by this writer since they are all listed as being pretty cheap. Good storyline and likeable characters made this book a very enjoyable read I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. Actually closer to a 3.5 stars, I am a bit ambivalent about this book because of the heroine I just did not cotton to her she seemed a bit of a flake, or at least amoral Tanya had no problem moving from man to man at the drop of a hat, completely oblivious to how these men reacted to her actions Her behavior with Paul once she has met another man is just plain provocative and out of place, but she does not seem to understand that or she just does not care The author built some mystery and tension into the plot, but I don t think that plot line was exploited as much as it could have been.Basically, this plot was fine, and I liked the mix of settings, from Vancouver to Alaska to New Zealand and New York City I did, however, find the story to be have few highs I kept waiting for some surprise or twist or emotional climax but never found one.I received a complimentary advance copy of this book this is my voluntary and honest review. This is a book that s hard to review without giving away some of the surprises Not least because just when I thought this was going to be a sweet romance Tanya s giving oral sex in the men s room.Slow to start and with a little too much character introspective angst and head hopping for my taste, the story builds from a romance to a murder mystery and finally focuses back on the romance While the book starts off at sea, it s not until they are back on dry land that the drama really kicks off The plot twists and turns and just when you think the story is going down one path, it veers off and takes another An enjoyable read. Cruising Through to Fulfilment is a novel by Ann M Pratley It is a cute and easy novel to read Tanya was from New Zealand Her parents had both died and she decided that life should not be wasted Therefore, she was embarking on a three week vacation including luxury cruise to Alaska What she hadn t thought of was that the cruise might consist mainly of those over 60 She wasn t even sure of her roommate She hadn t met her and was a little worried However, she intended to have a great time Tanya s roommate, Tracey, turned out to be fantastic The girls got along like they had been friends for life They went to the restaurant and met their gorgeous waiter Carlos who seemed to take to Tracey After dinner they went to the disco where they met Paul and Greg Tanya and Paul hit it off immediately as both were interested in history of the Alaskan Indians as well as anything else they could learn Greg seemed mesmerized by Tanya yet he didn t talk to her and barely talked to Tracey However, the foursome was of the same age and ran around as a group on the trip Finally, Greg and Tanya hit it off the last part of the cruise What about after the cruise Would they stay in touch Would a lasting romance develop between any of the group Tanya s adventures are not over.

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