Sleight Delia Smiles At The Shadow Only She Sees Something Slams Into Her The Lyra Whirls Like A Half Dollar Spinning On Its EdgeMy Mother Is Thrown BackwardAnd She Falls Growing Up In The Cinzio Traveling Players Company, Genevieve Flannery Is Accustomed To A Life Most Teenagers Could Never Imagine Daily Workouts Of Extravagant Acrobatics An Extended Family Of Clowns Wild Animals For Pets And Her Mother, Delia, Whose Mind Has Always Been Tortured By Visions But Whose Love Geni Never Questions In A World Of Performers Who Astonish And Amaze On A Daily Basis, Delia S Ghostly Hallucinations Never Seemed All That Strange Until The Evening Geni And Her Mother Are Performing An Aerial Routine They Ve Done Hundreds Of Times, And Delia Falls To Her Death That Night, A Dark Curtain In Geni S Life Opens Everything Has Changed Still Reeling From The Tragedy, The Cinzio Traveling Players Are Also Adjusting To The Circus S New Owner A Generous, Mysterious Man Whose Connection To The Circus Geni Suspects Has A Dark And Dangerous History And Suddenly Geni Is Stumbling Into A New Reality Of Her Own, Her Life Interrupted Daily By The Terrors Only Delia Used To Be Able To See As The Visions Around Her Grow Stronger, Geni Isn T Sure Who She Can Trust Even Worse, She S Starting To Question Whether She Can Trust Her Own Mind

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  • 02 October 2017
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    What a book Sleight captivated me from its first page, with a fairy tale like prologue that introduces a unique mythology which, of course, proves to be essential to the plot of the story Genevieve is a strong and relatable seventeen year old, and her witty repartee is refreshing I wish all teenagers were this eloquent.I absolutely adore the setting of this novel I m sure nearly everyone had a point in their childhood where they wanted to run away to join the circus This book makes me wonder what I missed out on by staying home The atmosphere is mysterious, with just a splash of magic, but it s still our world It feels foreign and ethereal At the first mention of modern technology I was taken aback I particularly love how Sommersby handles the delicacy of animal rights issues Not only are the animals in this circus well treated, but Sommersby takes this opportunity to show how a teenager can be a leader in activism Genevieve starts her own charity called Loxodonta, where she demonstrates transparency about the circus s treatment of their elephants, and she donates the money she earns through this venture to relevant charities Sleight does an excellent job of introducing tiny elements that prove to be critical plot points later in the book There are some genuinely surprising twists, and they re the best kind the ones that you feel you should have seen coming, because the clues were all in place I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the mystical surrealness of books like The Night Circus with some modern day teenage romance thrown in the mix I can t wait for the next installment in this series, and this book hasn t even come out yet 5 stars I received a free copy of this ARC from the publisher

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    3.5 StarsReview I received an ecopy of this book via Edelweiss This has not influenced my review I enjoyed this book It was slow paced without much action until the end, but it had a good mystery and some likeable characters.I really liked the main character, Geni She was intelligent, mature, and just imperfect enough to be realistic Her first thoughts in regards to the magical, dangerous book was that she wanted nothing to do with it which was smart When she realized that wasn t an option, she wanted to find it so she could destroy it, and she continued to handle things as best as she could Even at the dinner party when Henry started flirting with her, she considered the possibility that he might ve been sent by his father to find out about her and what she knew, so she didn t let her guard down She made a decision near the end that didn t quite make sense, but it wasn t so bad as to ruin the book.Henry was likeable too, in a sweet way He s the type of person I d love to have around in real life because he was so kind.As for the plot, as I said, it was kind of slow with not a whole lot happening for a while since Geni was trying to figure out the mystery It was frustrating and didn t really make sense that Geni s mother would ve kept Geni in the dark about everything the way she did though one of those, if we re being honest, seemingly forced plot things that had to happen in order for there to be a story But that issue was offset some by the fact that Geni also thought it was the wrong move on her mother s part and was equally frustrated It was also offset some by the fact that Baby a nickname, he s basically her dad, though not by blood told her everything he knew and was there to help her with all this That s something you don t see often in YA books where the protagonist has to figure out some sort of mystery the character actually getting information and help from an adult I liked that Baby really did play such a big part in things and was always there to help and tell her what he knew.Last but not least, there was the setting I had hoped, when I saw the protag was an aerialist in a circus, there would be some actual circus stuff, especially about performing, but there wasn t much, other than the elephants and the fact that they lived in trailers on the circus grounds And I can t see the next one having much circus either That disappointment is on me though for having certain expectations And I ll admit the elephants were adorable they were rescues, treated well, and I think they were eventually going to go to a sanctuary.So overall, while this wasn t as circus y as I wanted it to be, it had mystery, a bit of romance, some supernatural abilities, and a main character who was easy to root for Recommended For Anyone who likes mystery, slow paced stories, mature and intelligent protags, and YA books in which teens and adults actually work together Original Review Metaphors and Moonlight Initial Thoughts A little slow, but enjoyable with some mystery and a main character I liked Full review soon

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    Gemma Flannery is used to living a life on the road Traveling with the Cinzio Traveling Players Company involved just that Traveling But for the first time in Gemma s life the show has decided not to leave town.Staying in one place and attending a regular high school is enough of a hurdle to overcome Being gawked at or labeled a freak by the locals is nothing new for circus performers But if her secret ever got out that she had the ability to see the dead, she would become a freak on a whole new level Always being on the go helped to keep her secret safe.And it also meant she never had to worry about losing her heart to someone Moving from town to town, city to city, back and forth across the country, she never stayed long enough to fall in love Until now.From the moment she saw Henry Dmitri, he caused her cheeks to flush and her heart to skip a beat Not only was he drop dead gorgeous, but he was the son of the richest man in town The man who convinced the Cinzio s to stay But unlike with Ash, her childhood crush, Henry seemed interested in her.But when she discovers secrets about Henry and his family, Gemma doesn t know what to believe And when bad things start happening, not only is Gemma s heart on the line but her life is, too Sleight is a beautifully written and imaginative story brimming with dark secrets and powerful magic hidden away beneath the big top The story flows easily as the mysteries behind the AVRAKEDAVRA and its long history are revealed.The story captivates from its first line, The last funeral I went to was for a lion And readers will be drawn deeper into Gemma s story with each turn of the page The storyline is intricate, but not complicated, with plenty of room to delve further into the magical elements and learn about the rich history of the AVRA K in future books in this series.Sleight is suffused with wonderfully descriptive and gracefully written passages that will transport readers into the elaborate world the author created, only to be returned as it reaches its cliffhanger ending.While the story is longer than many in the genre, it doesn t feel like it The story moves along very smoothly and the end comes up very quickly.Author Jennifer Sommersby has written a story that is a must read for those looking for something truly different, but with all the aspects readers come to expect from their favorite paranormal urban fantasy stories action, adventure, romance, magic, evil, a damsel in stress and a hero.On a personal note Yay for this new series Sleight is one of those books that I wish I had time to read again Sometimes I finish a book and just want to go back in to re discover the characters and become completely submerged in the world once I know there were a million little details I missed on first pass and I so wished I had the time to re read this book.I love the author s writing It flowed so beautifully and the passages were so descriptive, I was able to visualize everything as it was happening I was at the circus with Gemma, Junie, Ash, Ted, Marlene and Irwin.I haven t read many stories, if any, about old magic stemming from a powerful book, and in my lifetime only read one book about a circus, so these ideas were very new and different for me And I m glad that although the setting was in large part at a circus, it wasn t the whole story I didn t feel like I was learning circus 101.I love Henry, although I m still waiting for him to let me down I just don t trust those nice boys.The jury is still out on Ash, for me He seems like a redeemable character that has just gone astray, but time will tell I like that the good guys and bad guys, at least in this first book, are clearly identifiable And that the bad guys are really, really, really bad guys.There is a great variety in personalities among the characters, which I also liked And I feel like I got to know each of them really well, though I m still trying to figure Gemma out I think she may be trying to figure herself out She s that mix of confident and not, outgoing and shy, brave and in need of protection that makes it difficult to put a label on her but I liked that about her It s very real She s very real.The action really picks up toward the end, and the ending is definitely a cliffhanger Fortunately the wait isn t too long as the next book is out this fall But I was so sure that things would wrap up, or at least we d just be left midway through their journey at a happy stopping point, so was totally caught off guard about that cliff Didn t see that ending coming A partial excerpt from my favorite passage I knew that within the sealed framework that was my heart, Henry would be my undoing, my last and only love until I exhaled my dying breath I just hoped that when I finally did die, at the hands of Lucian or some other unseen entity, that Henry s face would be the last I would see, that his lips would be the last I would taste, before moving onto the in between.

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    This was actually a pretty decent book.I say decent because it really didn t surprise me or get my heart rate up But it was still a very enjoyable story that was refreshingly well written and only bored me for a few pages in the middle.And now, some bullet points Genevieve was a very decent MC She wasn t too annoying or too tough nor was she somewhat realistic, either Which is honestly okay because this is one of those books where you KNOW everything isn t going to be realistic, and if it was realistic, it would ruin the magic of the story Henry was a dear and I would have liked of him There was A LOT of telling backstory rather than gradual reveals, which is my preference so that was just a matter of personal differences instead of bad writing Baby deserves an award It was so nice to read a book where the teenage MC trusts adult s and they work together with them towards the plot, rather than the teenager just doing everything themselves THE ELEPHANTS OKAY I love them It was neat to have Mesopotamian mythology and culture as the mystic magic part of this Please give spotlight time to mythologies like this It s great Sadly, despite many modern references and the frequent use of the name AVRAKEDVRA there were zero Harry Potter references and I feel cheated okayBASICALLY This wasn t terrible, and while a bit slower than I prefer my fantastical stories and a saddening lack of actual circus time and Harry Potter references, I actually liked this book Probably won t re read it, but I wouldn t turn down a chance to read the sequel.

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    Originally posted at Jenn sent me a copy of Sleight for the now cancelled Indie Author Month, I will admit that I d already bought a copy and was just waiting for an excuse to read and review it After finishing Sleight, I don t know why the hell I waited so long because it is perfect There is so much to love and I don t know what my favorite part is so I m going to break it down Characters I loved how we are introduced to the characters and their worlds While there is an obvious instant connection thing happening, the relationship between Gemma and Henry is given time and space to grow nicely, at a pace that makes sense I loved the connection that the families have, both good and bad, which offer the most intriguing balance of support and danger from all sides I really liked how the families were so intertwined and how everything kept being turned inside out This made perfect sense because, along with Gemma and Henry, the first half of the book carefully introduces and connects the reader to an amazing cast of characters who brought the book to life before pulling everything apart in the second half There were just so many layers of awesome that I just have to stop before this paragraph is any longer Plot Oh my gosh This was the most convoluted, amazing plot ever I loved how so many bits and pieces of other peoples stories came together to make Gemma and Henry s own personal one I loved the pieces of circus lore and magical history that made everything that little bit special I loved the twists and turns, and turns of the pages that literally had me gasping the bf kept looking at me funny I loved how just as the story seemed to be making sense, something new was thrown in there, and yet the author knew just when to stop before it became overdone and annoying And I hated the end for leaving me on the edge of my seat without knowing what happens next Writing As you can see from the first two sections, the writing was fantastic None of that could have been accomplished without a perfect backbone There were no typos or weird grammatical things to make me cringe Without being overdramatic, the language allowed the plot to come off of the pages or Kindle screen, that s what I was reading on.My one quibble While I loved the characters themselves, it occurred to me after finishing that Gemma and Henry sometimes acted strangely for their age While they are often portrayed as very mature teenagers, with a very mature bond between them, this is contrasted by some very young teen behavior running away and getting drunk when something really bad happens I can t really complain about this too much though because they are both older teens 17 and 18 and the situations they have been in have forced them to grow too fast So basically I m complaining about nothing Hmmm.Overall A perfect read and one I would very highly recommend Sleight is the perfect balance of interesting history, betrayal, drama and swoon I loved it and cannot wait for the sequel Jenn tells me fall, maybe I hope you go and pick up a copy and love it as much as I do

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    I received an advance copy of Sleight to review from the author Jennifer Sommersby and was very excited to dig into this book I love stories that have magic in them and I also love the circus setting.In a nutshell Gemma is grieving her mother s death when her whole life us upended She soon comes to learn that her travelling circus life will stop that she has to attend a real high school and deal with all that comes with it She is a very strong character and isn t afraid to get her hands dirty if she has to but, she is reluctant to deal with the ghosts or Shades as they re called in the book or her destiny to save the world.Enter Henri Dmitri gorgeous and smart Gemma and he are instantly drawn towards each other although everyone else wants to keep them apart They must figure out their strange connection and why Henry s dad Lucien wants them dead over a book called the AVARA K Their story of love and loss will have you reading late into the night.I loved this book Gemma s character reminded me of myself when I was younger I did have a bit of a hard time with Henri at first he is just too nice but, throughout the book I found myself falling in love with him just like Gemma There s also a boy named Ash who I really really like Jenn I think I ll keep Ash for myself I loved the characters in this book Marlene, Ted, Junie, Ash, Gemma, Henri, and uncle Irwin he was an awesome uncle who made me laugh I also liked how the circus was used as a main part of this first book seeing as we ll be haeded somewhere else for book 2 Jenn s writing is so easy to read you just melt into the story and you actually feel for all the characters I could smell the circus, taste the Jack Daniels, and feel their genuine pain I am anxiously waiting for book 2 So if you like a good love story with twists, turns, and magic go buy this book Thank you again Jenn for the Advance copy

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    4.5 Sleight is a slightly different genre than what has been my go to lately and it made me realize I really need to step out of what has been my comfort zone often, and get back to reading a little bit of everything like I used to And it reignited my love of the circus and memories of wanting to become a clown and join Ringling Bros Although, as fun as it sounds, I don t think I was really cut out for life on the road, but it was a nice dream.This was such an entertaining and captivating, and unique, tale While a little slow to start, Ms Sommersby truly brought life in the circus to life, with her descriptions and detail Add in the magical paranormal elements and I was transported into the world of Geni, Baby, Henry, and the rest of the Cinzio Traveling Players Company Throw in a little danger and intrigue and call me hooked I loved how this story built up to its exciting and thrilling end, which left me hanging on for I was torn up for Geni and all that she was going through from her mother s death, to learning about her history, to the evil lurking, just waiting to pounce She wasn t afraid though, determined to face things head on, much to Baby s dismay I loved that she didn t shy away from her heritage, instead making it a priority to learn everything she could about it I wasn t sure about Henry at first I was leery he was being used as a means to an end But there turned out to be to Henry than expected and I ended up falling in love with his character I really enjoyed this story and I will be anxiously awaiting book 2, wondering what Ms Sommersby has in store for Geni and her friends Whatever it is, I have a feeling it will be just as compelling as Sleight has been If that ending is any indication, we ll be in for quite a ride Copy received courtesy of Edelweiss

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    I adored this book It had everything that I love to read about paranormal, romance, adventure, and strong female characters with great writing.A girl who grows up in the circus And can see ghosts I m all in At first I wasn t sure what to expect because I ve never read a book that had a circus setting even though people keep telling me I need to read Water for Elephants and ghost stories can either work really well or not well at all Sleight worked amazingly well Jennifer Sommersby knows how to make the unbelievable believable From the very beginning there is action and mystery I mean, check out that first line Attention grabbing and quirky enough to make you have to keep reading I loved Gemma, Henry, and the myriad of characters They all were perfectly fleshed out and I could see each of them and grew to love or despise them, just as Gemma did Think Harry Potter and feeling as though you were friends with Ron and Hermione, just like Harry Although Gemma had people in her life that I wanted to throttle than befriend, I loved being able to feel like I was immersed in Sleight The only character I was left feeling as though I couldn t figure out was Ash But, since this is a spoiler free review, I can t discuss why I have mixed feelings on him So read it so we can discuss it Pretty please And Henry Talk about literary crush worthy swoons and drools The writing style was amazing, as well I loved the pacing and how the story developed I was a little hesitant about the magic book aspect but it worked The only complaint I have is that I want the sequel Badly.I d suggest this book to those who love fantasy and or paranormal YA with a strong female protagonist and adorable romance

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