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Cathys World The World Of Forensic Artist Matti James Is Orderly The Same Can T Be Said Of Her Las Vegas Neighbor, Cathy Britton Is The Former Child Star And Actress Creating A Drama Or Slipping Into Dementia When Accidents Happen, Matti Wonders If They Re Publicity Stunts Staged From Cathy S Movies Or If Someone S Trying To Murder Her She Also Wonders Whether Cathy S Nephew Has Come To Help His Aunt Or Help Himself To Her Fortune Matti Looks For Answers And Finds They Might Have Been Hidden In Cathy S Backyard

M.A.R Unger moved escaped, she likes to say from New Jersey to the Las Vegas Valley with her husband She can t remember a time that she didn t write A local Las Vegas radio news spot brought her into the world of crime fiction and thrillers Nothing like zooming along the I 15 and hearing a broadcast about body parts found at a construction site in the desert, she says The clich needed a

[PDF / Epub] ✅ Cathys World  By M.A.R. Unger –
  • Paperback
  • 322 pages
  • Cathys World
  • M.A.R. Unger
  • 07 November 2017
  • 9781548233921

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    One spark and the house could blow to smithereens Las Vegas Valley author M.A.R Unger began her writing career in journalism and transitioned into economic analysis This passion for research and forensics was the nidus for her return to creative writing as she retired in the Las Vegas area CATHY S WORLD is a continued elaboration on her character Matti James a Forensic facial reconstruction artist when Matti talked to the dead, they answer with unexpected results.Where the concept of a facial reconstruction artist came from is anybody s guess, but the manner in which Unger uses this figure as a heroine begs to be turned into either a movie or a television series But allow her to set the atmosphere for her own creation The world of forensic artist Matti James is orderly The same can t be said of her Las Vegas neighbor, Cathy Britton Is the former child star and actress creating a drama or slipping into dementia When accidents happen, Matti wonders if they re publicity stunts staged from Cathy s movies or if someone s trying to murder her She also wonders whether Cathy s nephew has come to help his aunt or help himself to her fortune Matti looks for answers and finds they might have been hidden in Cathy s backyard.But you must taste the flavors that flow form her pen to fully appreciate the pleasures in store Approaching her house, Matti James jammed on the brakes, gripped the steering wheel, and braced for impact Her Land Rover jolted to a stop, inches from an arm flailing neighbor She flung the door open and jumped out What the hell are you doing I might have killed you Sixty year old Gaylene Fenton s copper red curls bounced in the breeze She pressed her chubby hands over her heart, and her ample chest heaved beneath a bright yellow muumuu It s Cathy What are you talking about Gaylene gasped I m worried to death about her Let me pull over to the curb, then tell me Matti climbed back in and parked across the street from Cathy Britton s house Before she could get out of her SUV, Gaylene hovered beside it She stammered, Did did I say I I phoned and knocked on her front door There s no answer I know she s home I saw her open the upstairs drapes this morning Matti raised her brows You just happened to see that Well I keep tabs on her because of her age I call her every morning at ten Maybe she went out you know, shopping or something Gaylene shook her head No, I drive her everywhere, and I would have noticed if she left the house Right You notice when any of us neighbors go anywhere Matti took a deep breath Writing of this quality is a treasure the plot is fast paced and still contains enough dry humor to keep the momentum balanced But the main reason to read this book and likely to pick up the first book in the series is the unique chief character being a forensic facial reconstruction artist Unger has obviously explored these fields of forensics and of medicine and puts it together splendidly Heads up Hollywood

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    Cathy s World is an expertly researched mystery novel with a touch of the supernatural It is not often that you find a book that combines believable forensic investigation and conversations with the spirits of the dead in a satisfying manner Cathy s World, however, manages to do just that While I am unfamiliar with some of the earlier stories in the series, I found this entry of the Matti James Mystery Series very easy to jump into and enjoy The supernatural elements, while surprising to me as a newcomer to the series, did not upset my enjoyment of the story My highest praise goes to the dialogue, which soared above and beyond my expectations and easily outclassed many novels that would otherwise be considered peers Matti and Cathy s exchanges were vibrant, sometimes infuriating conversations that instantly brought the story to life for me.I highly recommend Cathy s World not only to fans of mystery stories but to anyone who enjoys believable dialogue and atypical themes combined well As a reader for whom dialogue that can be heard mentally is very important, this novel was a very enjoyable read.

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    Cathys World is a thrilling mystery novel that will have you falling in love with the characters and as hopeful in solving the murder as Matti, the main character The story follow Matti as she learns about an elderly neighbor, Cathy, and some unusual aspects of her life As she dives deeper she finds that everything is not as glamorous as it may appear from the outside I love a good mystery novel but this one seemed to be in a whole new genre with the amount of detail and research that I am sure went into it Many times I find when reading mystery novels the clues seem to be very high level and superficial but the level of explanation in this one makes me appreciate the writing all the .Another characteristic that makes this mystery novel stand out is the inbetweeners Almost ghost like occurrences throughout the book that add another level of complexity and intriguing story telling to the novel So if you enjoy a bit of fantasy with your novel, this is perfect

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    Cathy s World is one of the Matti James mystery series written by M.A.R Unger This installment is number five in the series but I wasn t confused at all so the sequence doesn t seem to matter greatly for the story to make sense Matti James is a forensic facial reconstruction expert living in Las Vegas next door to aging actress, Cathy Britton Cathy has a flair for the dramatic, whether that be a by product of her profession or signs that someone is out to get her remains to be seen Matti finds herself embroiled in Cathy s drama and the twists and turns in this book will leave you spinning yet grinning.Unger s writing is obviously bolstered by much research Getting the nuances right is paramount in crime fiction and Unger is a master Her dialogue is a treat to read due to the humor among countless other things she wrote just right There are plenty of viable suspects without the feeling of being slapped in the face by red herrings the whole time The just thick enough plot flows perfectly to a conclusion you probably didn t see coming.

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    Let me just say, I love Matti James Mysteries M.A.R Unger doesn t just write good mysteries, but she adds a unique twist by having Inbetweeners interact with the main character as she tries to uncover who the unfortunate victim was and solve the murder Matti does all this while dealing with close knit friends and turmoil in her love life.The Inbetweeners are the victims stuck between the living and their beyond Matti has to find their resting place to help them move on and she does this with the help of Abby, the first Inbetweener she met Abby found resolution to her death but for some reason she still lingers with her snarky attitude Matti s dog, again, is instrumental finding a body in a neighbor s yard no less As Matti spends time with the aged actress, Cathy, she notices someone is looking to harm her Just as things are spiraling out of control an old love drops in.

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    Matti and Cathy are neighbors Cathy is an elderly woman who was once a child star and Matti is a super sleuth who not only solves crimes, but speaks to inbetweeners who are just that stuck in between death and the place they need to rest in and Matti tries to help them The story begins to spiral into unexpected territory when Matti takes an interest in her neighbor s well being Are her relatives really there to help her Or cash in on her fortune What backyard secrets does Cathy have at her home Combine the mysterious happening s with the surprise appearances of the in betweeners, and you have yourself one heck of a mystery This was a really good read and I enjoyed it and recommend it.

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    If you want an incredibly intense mystery thriller then I d highly recommend giving this one a read As the lives of two women cross over, one ordinary forensics professional Matti James and the other child superstar and seemingly somewhat crazy Cathy Britton, mysteries continually arise The start of the book brings the two together as Matti saves Cathy from a room full of leaked gas But this isn t the only time she ll have to save her life and it takes a lot of investigation to find out what is causing all of these close calls This was one of those books that always kept me guessing and was constantly surprising me A brilliantly written book.

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    The ultimate mystery thriller Matti James, our crime investigator is back to work solving the crime one clue at a time Matti finds the case intriguing with a former Hollywood actress who is retired and the center of the investigation Forensic science investigator Matti is on the case sifting through the scene to discover the path to the truth The characters are well developed and very believable The journey is filled with unexpected twists on the path to solving the case This emotional ride will leave you wanting and waiting for another episode to gorge your appetite for thrills and excitement Great read and a must read for all the thrill seekers.

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    Matti James is back in all of her crime solving beauty If only she could unravel her responses to men friends, she d have it made As always, the author provides an intricately woven plot with lots of deftly presented detail in areas such as forensic facial reconstruction and body farms There are characters plenty to adore, like, dislike, or hat Most highly recommended.

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    4.5 5.0This book brings a stance all its own to the forensic mystery genre.Read full review in the

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