Welcome to Wishing Bridge (Wishing Bridge, #1)

Welcome to Wishing Bridge (Wishing Bridge, #1) Kelsey Is On Her Way To A Life Do Over And It S Not The First Time Abandoned By Her Drug Addict Mother As A Teen, She Landed In A Foster Care Group Home Where She Experienced Faith And Community And Met Her Best Friends, Jazz And Theadora The Trio Stuck Together Like Sisters And Vowed To Make Their Lives Mean SomethingNow Kelsey S Pushing Thirty, And Her Life Has Taken A Wrong Turn Pregnant And Alone After Loving The Wrong Man, She S On Her Way To Making Another Life Changing Decision When A Wicked Blizzard Strands Her Outside The Sleepy Town Of Wishing BridgeAfter Being Rescued From A Snowbank By A Handsome Cop, She S Embraced By The Welcoming Village, But She Still Feels Upside Down Fortunately, Her Frantic SOS Brings Her Besties Rushing To Help Sort Things Out They Soon Find That Wishing Bridge Has As Many Secrets As Kelsey Does And She S Connected To It In Ways She Couldn T Have Imagined

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  • Paperback
  • 300 pages
  • Welcome to Wishing Bridge (Wishing Bridge, #1)
  • Ruth Logan Herne
  • 04 June 2018
  • 9781542046695

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    Welcome to Wishing BridgeRuth Logan HerneWELCOME TO WISHING BRIDGE is the first book in the Wishing Bridge series To be honest, I fell in love with the cover the minute I saw it I knew I would read it anyway, because I love Ruth Logan Herne, but the cover really pulled me in I loved everything about this beautiful story and I m excited to continue the series Ruth Logan Herne always has a way of grabbing her readers and she never lets us go Kelsey is on her way to Harrisburg Pennsylvania to an adoption agency She is a single mother to be and the baby s father conned her She is in no position to have a baby and decides to give her up for adoption so she can have a better life than the one Kelsey had.While driving in a bad storm on her way to Harrisburg, Kelsey knows conditions have deteriorated too much for her to continue She pulls off the highway, goes too fast down a hill and winds up in a ditch in Wishing Bridge, New York Somehow, someway, a lady who lives in that area, Maggie, looks up just at that moment from her living room and sees Kelsey s car lights disappear WELCOME TO WISHING BRIDGE finds Kelsey being rescued, giving birth to her beautiful daughter in a firehouse, and a 911 call going out to her two best friends that she grew up with in foster care Kelsey s habitual liar of a mother always told her she was from Wishing Bridge, but Kelsey doesn t know if that is a lie or not While she is there recovering she finds her way to the local library to see what she can learn about her mother or any family that might still be in Wishing Bridge Well, that opens a whole can of worms and Kelsey finds it all blowing up in her face through no fault of her own WELCOME TO WISHING BRIDGE is filled with twists and turns and had me staying up way too late one night to finish I had to know where Ruth Logan Herne was taking us and what would happen to Kelsey I really loved how the whole community came to Kelsey s aid and only wanted her to feel safe and welcome Well, almost everyone There is so much heart in Ruth s writing that I m always left with a huge smile on my face and my heart very happy I could totally see WELCOME TO WISHING BRIDGE becoming a Hallmark movie and I would love to see it.

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    Woohoo Welcome to Wishing Bridge and welcome to an awesome new series by Ruth Logan Herne Be prepared for a heart tugging and soul stirring escape as you lose yourself in Kelsey s story From the gripping opening scene to the toe curl of a conclusionand the sweet promise of good things to come in future books Because while this is Kelsey s story, the author has cleverly brought these three foster sisters together in a very special town that isn t ready to let them go any time soon.And this reader doesn t want to leave either Not only have Kelsey, Thea and Jazz captured my heart, but there are some memorable secondary characters like Maggie and Jeb and Avis that I m looking forward to meeting up with again in future books Especially since they are often the source for many Ruthdoms a new phrase I m coining for Ruthy Wisdoms about life and love and faith.If you like angsty romance that s also hope laced and faith driven then Welcome to Wishing Bridge is a definite do not miss

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    With a cover like this and a title with wishing in it, do you even wonder why I read this book on a cool wintery December morning And this book is everything which is needed to bring the warmth Sitting in my reading nook, in a comfy armchair with tea and toast, here goes my review The story is simple, Kelsey is conned, finds herself pregnant decides to put the baby up for adoption But Fates have a different idea, so she has an accident hours prior to delivery, delivers the baby in the firehouse, and residents of Wishing Bridge rush to make her life comfortable A SOS call to her best friends bring them all to this beautiful town I love the way the author Ruth Logan Herne, has described this town There is so much love and generosity abounding in the hearts of people Taking a stranger into their homes and showering her with love is so beautifully depicted in her words Reading this book a few days before Christmas is the right way to read Ruth s words There is something magical about her writing, something which made me want to go to Wishing Bridge and experience the holy atmosphere It is not the tree and gifts which is true Christmas, but the empathy, the willingness to help a fellow human being which is the true Christmas spirit, and that is precisely what Ruth has shown in this book I loved the friendship between the 3 girls, Kelsey, Thea and Jazz A friendship born out of the rigors of a negligent childhood is forged in fire and survives all hardships The three girls love and support each other throughout the story And that is a beautiful sight to see Ruth s words make every scene come alive The secret of Kelsey s connection to Wishing Bridge adds another layer to this delicious women s fiction Then Ruth decided that we need a hunk to add romance to the flavor And lo and behold, we have the absolutely gorgeous cop, with a beautiful, courageous heart, Hale Jackson Is there anything else which this book needs Ruth has added so many emotions to this book, all of which cover the heart and reache deep into the soul where distrust and hurt reside Healing the soul piece by piece is what this book does Reading this book, I was taken to a place so far away from real life, that I longed to have a home in Wishing Bridge There may have been some niggles in the book, but in the hope and laughter which the words bring, those niggles are forgotten and the heart is just left remembering the beauty On this holy and beautiful month of Christmas, I thank Ms Ruth for giving us such a book She is like Santa bringing joy and hope where there seemed none, bringing light where darkness abounded, and bringing courage where fear resided Some books are truly magical and bring a smile to the face And this to me is one of themI received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher, Waterfall Press, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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    Now I do love free books with my Kindle Unlimited I really do But sometimes I get recommend a book that is beyond terrible and just not for me This is not one of those cases.I loved everything about Welcome to Wishing Bridge and I think I m developing a crush on Ruth as well It s such a cute story about three friends meeting up again in a small town once one girl s life is put on hold.Now I liked all of these characters and this story so much that I even looked to see if Wishing Bridge, NY was a real place view spoiler It isn t I asked my dad and my mom who are both from NY I asked google I asked Siri NADA NOTHING ZILCH I liked how everyone had secrets especially Kelsey I like her reuniting with Jazz and Thea I don t even know what else to write because I feel like I just keep say I like I like I like.It was a good book that I definitely needed after a day like yesterday I can t wait for books within this series hide spoiler

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    A sweet, sweet story of friendship and love at Christmastime.This was a welcome relief to the Texas heat I ll definitely be visiting Wishing Bridge again Nice job, Ruth Logan Herne your characters were interesting, your plot kept moving, and I adored the setting.Fans of Christian romance will love this one.

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    No one will know you re missing Those kind of agonizing thoughts ran through Kelsey McCleary s mind as her car took a nasty spin off an ice covered curve during nearly white out conditions Run the car and heat for fifteen minutes every hour , was the advice of a meteorologist, but Kelsey s despair wasn t just on her own behalf, but on that of her unborn child Following his instincts, Officer Hale Jackson responded to the call of a possible vehicle in trouble near the curve of Perchance Road in Wishing Bridge, New York The snow was falling at such a rapid rate, any recognizable trace was already filled with fresh snowfall, but he wasn t about to give up Maggie Tompkins wasn t one to over react and Maggie was certain that she had seen car lights disappear across the field Miraculously finding the vehicle, Hale s world tilts when he meets the distinctive eyes of its very pregnant driver This story is beautifully layered with faith, friendship, and the intrinsic value of life itself, when a small town embraces the plight of a newcomer and her friends, only to struggle when specters of the past jeopardize its hearty welcome to Wishing Bridge.

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    Three friends converge in a small town after one of their lives takes a wrong turn.Kelsey McCleary, nearly 30, unmarried and pregnant, is on her way to give up her baby for adoption when she s caught in a freak snow storm Raised for a time by a drug addict, lying, deceitful mother and turned over to foster care as a teen, she has seen some of the worse life has to offer But she eventually lands in a wonderful foster group home run by a faith filled woman There she meets her best friends, Jazz and Thea They stuck together like sisters and vowed to always be there for one another Anytime Any place Kelsey sees an exit sign for a town called Wishing Bridge and with the storm so heavy she can barely see a few feet ahead, decides to head that way The weather by now a wicked blizzard, suddenly worsens and her car loses its traction and she lands in a bad spot, trapped and life suddenly seems very dim An older woman, looking out her window, sees a faint light and calls in a 911 to the local sheriff s department Deputy Hale Jackson goes out and, by sheer luck or is it something else , sees a faint light He finds Kelsey, trapped and in labor, in her car, whose battery has died Kelsey is embraced by the little welcoming village, but she still is not feeling quite right What happened to all her plans But the midwife attending her calls her friends from Kelsey s phone and they show up, ready to do battle for and with her Wishing Bridge is a wonderful little town where everybody knows everybody else, but there are secrets here, too Kelsey has secrets and it would seem she has a connection to this town that she knows nothing about and maybe doesn t want to I love Ruth Logan Herne s books She writes with such a heart When I finish one of her books, I sigh and just have to meditate on it for a while before I can pick up another book to read Herne tackles some very difficult and sensitive subjects here She develops her characters well and also includes secondary characters in the overall story The reader feels part of the book Herne manages to incorporate wonderful themes within her stories, delving into the hearts and minds of many characters, leaving the reader longing to learn what will happen in their lives as well as the main protagonists I was in tears during several places in this story and it touched me deeply The best thing is, this is the first in a series I can t wait to read , hopefully Jazz and Thea s stories Bravo I am grateful to the author and publisher for a preview copy of this book My opinions stated here are honest and entirely my own.

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    4.5 stars All her life she d dreamed of being someone s heart s desire 3 Go ahead Answer your heart s desire and pick up Ruth Logan Herne s latest offering, Welcome to Wishing Bridge The first of the Wishing Bridge series, readers will get a delightfully warm opening to what one can imagine as a beautiful addiction this has Hallmark movie written all over it. 96 Yes it does However, unlike Hallmark movies, you won t be presented with one main couple, but quite a few interesting characters along the way To many, it might be too much, but I love how everyone has their own story to tell Though not every story will make its way to the pages of Welcome to Wishing Bridge, I trust the author will find a way to give readers the satisfaction of closure for each of the characters that will be loved for sure To name a few, Jeb and Maggie deserves to be mentioned Their open and gracious hearts despite the tragedy that befell them gives meaning to what true hospitality meant And I love the bond between our three friends, Kelsey, Jazz and Thea just touches a cord in my heart The meaning of friendship and how that is like a balm to one s soul this is the kind of place you can call home 122 Wishing Bridge, New York, a fictional place that reads like home, but it s also the kind of setting that is perfect for the weary and those that need a second chance for a new start I also find the message of God s perfect timing well executed as it weaves into the story, but not too overt for a false sense of fate if ever there was a perfect intersection of God s mysterious ways, it s here and now We might not always see the answers to those prayers but that doesn t mean they re not answered in God s good time 231 In all, Welcome to Wishing Bridge entices the unbelieving, encourages the hopeless, and bring a story that has the perfect balance of refreshing cool and fireplace warmth As long as there were coffee and chocolate on hand and a crisis to fix, she d be fine 31 With Welcome to Wishing Bridge, you will be too This review first appeared on Just Commonly blog.Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author publisher I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this This is my honest opinion.

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    I really wanted to love this book, but I had a few issues with it It tried to be a feel good Christmas story, and it almost was, but there were a few things that didn t work The author tried to do too much in one book Instead of it being about Kelsey, it was about every person in the book There were a lot of loose ends at the end of the book How did Donna and Kelsey resolve things What happened with the fire Did the apartments ever sell Also it was like you only got glimpses You got a glimpse of what Maggie was going through, but no details You found out Kelsey and Hale are interested in each other, but really you don t know its anything but a passing fancy until the end of the book because you aren t included in it, you are just a visitor.So while it is an ok book with a good option for a story line and a lot of follow up books on other characters, this one was just too crammed full and there wasn t a lot of resolution You didn t get to know the characters very well.I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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    This was an absolutely charming book I picked this up at the library because I loved the cover and the story intrigued me I had never heard of it before spotting it on the new books shelf at the library I am so glad I did This one is not to be missed I adored the town of Wishing Bridge What an adorable setting The characters were relatable and likable and I can t wait for further stories about them The story itself kept me entertained and made me smile throughout It s simply put, a nearly perfect book and is one of my top reads for 2018, hands down I will be buying a copy for my keeper shelf for sure

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