Just Plain Pickled to Death

Just Plain Pickled to DeathJust Plain Pickled to Death Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery by Tamar Myers5.0 out of 5 stars Just Plain Fun , November 9, 2013 I started reading this series a few books ago and plan on continuing with the Pennsylvania Dutch series until the end Love it This latest entry for me that is is a hoot The fun is just beginning when Magdalena s future in laws arrive at the PennDutch Inn for her wedding to Aaron Miller The wedding hasn t even begun to be planned when a murder victim is found in one of their wedding presentsa 20 year old barrel of sauerkraut.Please don t think you ve read it all until you get to the last chapter I couldn t wipe the grin off my face.Lean back and enjoy a fun cozy These books are so funny First of all, each title is a food pun and there are recipes throughout This is one of the few series I read out of order I just read them as I find them I am fascinated by her descriptions of Mennonites and Amish Magdalena is difficult to picture, but she and all the rest of the characters are a hoot If you want a quick mystery read that makes you laugh, this is the series for you. Magdalena Yoder and Aaron Miller are going to be married in a few days As a wedding present, Aaron Sr sent over a barrel of sauerkraut When it was opened, Sarah Weaver s body a cousin of Aaron Miller was revealed She had been missing for quite some time Magdalena wants this murder solved before her wedding Aaron s family had descended on the PennDutch Inn, several aunts and their husbands Magdalena also tracked down Sarah s father, Jonas Weaver A search of the Miller family farm reveals some family secrets but nothing about the murder Jonas had a diary and the Miller pack ratting reveals a bunch of letters It is revealed that Jonas Weaver was sterile, so his wife Rebecca had to have had an affair The person who fathered Sarah may be the murderer Magdalena goes to confront Jonas, only to be tied up and nearly BBQ d Her dream wedding is rained out, so she has her wedding in the barn.Susanna has also gotten a job She names paint samples And she s good at it she won a contest at work and dedicated the paint sample book to her sister Books go out next season view spoiler Uncle Rudy and Auntie Vonnie Veronica were eventually revealed Uncle Rudy killed Rebecca Weaver to cover up their affair because he needed the money that Veronica brought him from her part ownership of the farm Veronica turned a blind eye to Rudy s affair, but Rudy killed Sarah anyway as she saw something that she wasn t supposed to see and she might tell Veronica I m not sure why that would have put Veronica in jail along with Rudy hide spoiler While I enjoyed this book for what it is, I found myself annoyed by the author over using the word wailing The main character was either whining or wailing so often it rendered the plotabsurd I can only care about someone like that for so long It seemed removed from the way the narrator was in the previous books Also the extensive use of the pet name Pookie Bear just got under my skin.The wedding was also slightly absurd and I just thought it could ve been better.Overall, it was a good read and will probably read the next as the back summary states a plot point not even touched upon in this book. A Well Preserved CorpseA Twenty Year Old Barrel Of Genuine Pennsylvania Dutch Sauerkraut Isn T Magdalena Yoder S Idea Of A Great Wedding Present From Her Future Father In Law Especially When It Has A Corpse In It And It Sure Puts Mennonite Born Magdalena, Owner Of The Picturesque PennDutch Inn, In A Pickle She Has Just One Week Before She Ties The Knot With The Man Of Her Dreams And This Bride Of Forty Four Will Allow Nothing To Delay Her Nuptials, Even MurderOf Course, Magdalena Recognizes The Victim, Who Is As Well Preserved As A Gherkin It S Her Fianc S Cousin Sarah, Who S Been Missing For Years Soon Magdalena S Inn Is Filled With Unwanted Guests Eccentric Aunts And Loopy Uncles Of The Deceased And Magdalena Shrewd As She Is Peppery Suspects One Of Them Is The Killer Now She Is Over A Barrel, Blowing The Lid Off A Mystery Two Decades Old, And Digging Up A Scandal That May Shake Her Amish Hometown To The Bedrock And Send Her To A Funeral Her Own Instead Of Her Wedding Day The story of this book is about the week leading up to the marriage of Magdalena Yoder and Aaron Yoder The book starts with the discovery of a body in a barrel of sauerkraut given as a wedding gift from her future father in law Magdalena wants to find the killer once they learn the body is Sarah, a cousin that has been missing for years The book was a quick easy read. Madelena has really gotten herself in a pickle this time, and RIGHT as she is getting ready for her long awaited wedding and foray into married life ACH, what a mess But she handles it with her usual style and, erm cough cough grace, and as always, leaves us laughing I ve always been curious about Amish and Mennonite culture, and while this book may not tell me much about how these folks live, it sure was entertaining This is the first book by this author and in this series that I ve read, but I will likely seek out others. Great series The characters are all a bit goofy and throwing a strange word your way Laugh out loud funny. This is the 4th book in the series I ve actually surprised myself by reading this many and evensurprising is that I plan to continue Magdalena seems such a prickly, ill tempered and cold person and yet, there s a strength and even an odd sort of goodness that compels me to want to read .In this novel, we meet her fiance Aaron s aunties who are also referred to as the Beeftrust We assume it is due to their size given Magdalena s description of them, but later find out there is another reason All auntie s having quite different personalities, I found myself reacting to each one much the same way as Magdalena did So what does that say about me Prickly, ill tempered, and cold The mystery was good less formulaic than the previous three in the series The humor was outrageous Twice I got an extremely long case of the giggles and as a matter of fact laughed until the tears ran down my face This is where there is room for an interesting debate how funny would Magdalena saying, Well, I never in response to one of Aaron s newly introduced aunties have been, had I not had the context of the previous 3 books It s hard to say .However, I do know that I am enjoying the series the deeper I get into it And goodness sakes, other readers must be too There are umpteenbooks to go in this rather unusual series, and I plan to read at least a couple .

Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery

[Epub] ➝ Just Plain Pickled to Death By Tamar Myers – Webcamtopladies.info
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Just Plain Pickled to Death
  • Tamar Myers
  • English
  • 01 April 2019
  • 9780451192936

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