Very British Problems Volume III

Very British Problems Volume III The Much Imitated But Never Bettered Very British Problems Is Back, With A Brand New And Very Funny Collection Of The Awkward Moments, Cultural Peculiarities And Odd Fixations That Define Our Nation From The Horrors Of The Daily Commute, To The Hidden Messages In Your Email Exchanges, And From Bizarre British Pub Names To The History Of Tea And The Definitive Answer To The Age Old Milk In First Second Question , Very British Problems Volume , Will Be The Essential Humour Book This Christmas

Rob Temple is a journalist and founder of the SoVeryBritish Twitter account, which now has than one million followers, and a consultant on the official Channel 4 Very British Problems series.Originally from Peterborough, he recently moved from South London to the countryside to provide storage space for his rapidly expanding collection of inedible hot sauces and to be alone with his tho

❴Reading❵ ➿ Very British Problems Volume III  Author Rob Temple –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 288 pages
  • Very British Problems Volume III
  • Rob Temple
  • 14 September 2019

10 thoughts on “Very British Problems Volume III

  1. says:

    I ve dipped in and out of this book for the last 5 months Some funny ones in there, but I m British so I guess it was okay ish

  2. says:

    Great way to spend a dull Sunday afternoon I love these books They re so true and I can definitely say that I proudly suffer from Very British Problems

  3. says:

    Mum and I read this over coffee while waiting for my sister and it was a great time passer We found ourselves chuckling at how accurate a lot of these were some of them ridiculously specific and true

  4. says:

    Third volume in this very funny series I m never sure how many of the problems that don t mention tea are universal problems than British problems but a really fun light read that will make many people go oh I do that

  5. says:

    Definitely funny in places, and a good easy read if only they d quit it with those BLOODY ASININE ILLUSTRATIONS those ones that are copied and pasted throughout the whole book and the silly assumption that all Brits love tea.Still, mustn t grumble.

  6. says:

    Not bad

  7. says:

    Found myself chuckling a few times, not a bad third book of the series As expected, very British

  8. says:

    Relatable af and I m not even British.

  9. says:

    4.5 5

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