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Tempting Josh This Is An Alternate Cover Edition ASIN BYTRGSometimes Second Chances Come With A PriceThe Last Thing I Need In My Life Is A Man Been There, Done That Have The Vindictive Ex And The Lawyer Bills To Prove It I Definitely Shouldn T Be Noticing Josh Devereaux S Smile Or His AbsBut He S Persistent, I Ll Give Him That And It S Just One Night Or At Least It Was Supposed To BeAnd The Question Isn T If You Ll Pay, But How Much What Are The Odds Of Ella Ingraham Walking Into A Bar In Horatio, Arkansas Pretty High, Apparently, Because Here She Is Smiling Flirting Look Damn Good In Those Daisy DukesI Shouldn T Even Be Talking To Her, Let Alone Asking Her To Dinner And Thinking About Dessert But She Doesn T Know Who I Am Or What I Ve Done If I M Careful, I Can Keep It That Way

Brenda is a displaced New Yorker living in the English countryside She s lived in the UK long enough to gain dual citizenship, but still doesn t understand Celsius However, she has learned the appropriate use of the word pants And how to order a proper bacon bap barm buttie Because, well, bacon.Brenda writes contemporary romance to make you giggle and swoon When she s not writing, she enjoy

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  • Tempting Josh
  • Brenda St. John Brown
  • 26 May 2019

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    So it s my opinion that not enough of you have read Brenda St John Brown s work yet Swimming to Tokyo was among my favorite reads last year so I was chomping at the bit to get my hands on her latest, Lies We Live When Brenda asked me to read it I got all excited and a little bit scared if I m being honest that s how much I loved Swimming To Tokyo could she live up to the expectations I have for her with her new story The short answer to that question is a resounding YES.I honestly was barely able to put this down I started it at bedtime on Sunday and I had to make myself put it aside at 56% because I knew I d be crap at work if I kept going But I wanted to keep reading, and if I hadn t had the previous week off, I just may have considered calling in sick and finishing this story I ll be honest, Lies We Live is filled with DRAMA Ella Ingraham is a best selling author who was sued by her ex for the death of their stillborn baby See Drama and incredibly sad drama at that But I m telling you, it all works Now, legally, I don t know if this would ever fly, but I didn t even care I was so entranced with the characters that Brenda has created Ella ends up in a tiny town in Arkansas and has an immediate connection with the town golden boy Josh Deveraux Josh is a little cagey from the start you know he s keeping secrets, you just don t know exactly why or to what extent All I could think was I had to know everything and that kept the pages turning and the story moving I ll be honest though, it wasn t complete perfection for me I struggled with a few things First, the timeline and flashbacks Admittedly, I always struggle with the type of story that goes back and forth on a random timeline I struggle with placing certain things and I find that the story flow doesn t work that well for me when this happens in a story I completely understand why this was done in this case we had to learn about the relationships and the full story somehow, I just struggled to stay in the flow of the story when I had to stop and try and place the chapter on a timeline Also I have to say that I was hoping that Josh would come clean especially since Ella s life is basically an open book due to the press and coverage of her trial, and I got a little frustrated at the piecemeal way that he revealed some things The cliffhanger had me wide eyed and searching for pages I had a feeling the end was going to go where it went based on a clue earlier in the story, but I m DYING to get my hands on the second book here Also I wouldn t mind a bit ahem sexy times But that could totally be me, I m kinda dirty like that Brenda St John Brown creates amazingly layered complex characters and if you re like me, you ll love getting to know each one digging deeper and reading faster to get to know them better Okay, so if you haven t read Swimming to Tokyo, GET ON IT Read that while you wait for Lies We Live and then open this one as soon as it releases so we can chat about that ending YOU GUYS THAT ENDING Thank you so much to the author for an advanced copy in exchange for my honest thoughts this did not influence my opinion in any way.

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    FREE on today 2 8 2018 Blurb Sometimes second chances come with a price.The last thing I need in my life is a man Been there, done that Have the vindictive ex and the lawyer bills to prove it I definitely shouldn t be noticing Josh Devereaux s smile Or his abs.But he s persistent, I ll give him that And it s just one night Or at least it was supposed to be.And the question isn t if you ll pay, but how much What are the odds of Ella Ingraham walking into a bar in Horatio, Arkansas Pretty high, apparently, because here she is Smiling Flirting Look damn good in those Daisy Dukes.I shouldn t even be talking to her, let alone asking her to dinner and thinking about dessert But she doesn t know who I am or what I ve done If I m careful, I can keep it that way.

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    I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewLast year I read Swimming to Tokyo by this author and really enjoyed it So when I heard about this book I jumped on the chance to read and review it One look at that cover and the blurb and I was sold I don t read a lot of romantic suspense books, but I am hoping to read in this genre and this book just sounded so good and intriguing I really enjoyed this book, it was a great romance, an intriguing plot and a past that still plays a role today I just wanted to keep reading, the story intrigued me from the first page and I just had to know I had a hard time putting down this book and every time I was thinking one chapter and then ofcourse ended up reading than one So it is a romantic suspense and while I haven t read a lot of books in this genre to compare to, I felt like the mix of romance and suspense was really done well The two aspects were intertwined together The romance is a huge part of this book, but the suspense elements are always there, in the background, but always present The book is told mainly from Ella her point of view, with a few chapters from Josh his point of view and a few chapters that take place in the past At each chapter start it is clearly mentioned who s pov it is and in which time it takes place, so it was easy to know who was narrating and when it was While normally I don t like flashbacks chapters as I feel like they take me out of the story, here I felt they complemented the story It s like we know in theory what happens with Ella and Eric and their baby, we don t know exactly what happened from Ella her point of view and that s what we get in the flashback chapters and I felt it was really valuable and made me understand Ella better It added to the story and gave the pieces we were missing and what really happened So this way of telling the story really worked for me.I almost instantly liked Ella She has been gone through a lot, but she s still standing She tries to keep a low profile, but can t help but be drawn into a conversation with Josh and it was nice to slowly see her let her guards down, but the past really kept haunting her She always keeps her guard on and can t really let herself fall in love as she feels like she doesn t know enough about Josh Oh and she is an author and it was really fun to read a book about a main character who is an author I almost felt like her book series where real as I could so easily imagine them to be Josh was a nice guy as well, although I have a feeling I know what he is hiding and I am not sure how that makes me feel about him They both have a past, a dark past, but they have changed now, but it feels like that past is still chasing them Beside keeping a few secrets there is also a lot that he does share and he slowly draws Ella into his world.There are a few side characters who also play a role I especially liked Si and Trudy, they are friends of Josh and quickly become friends of Ella as well They are great friends, being there for Josh, but also not afraid to give some advice when they think it s necessary Then there is Eric, Ella her ex boyfriend and he was such a despicable human being, I can t believe he actually went to court about their stillborn baby and convinced the world Ella had murdered their son And that while Ella was being nice and kept giving their relationship a try, while she should ve left long ago There are also two younger girls which were a big fan of Ella her books and that made for some fun conversations and book related scenes The side characters were done well and gave a cozy feel to the small town setting The small town setting was also done well, it s clearly a town were everybody knows everyone and get s into other people their business.The romance is really done well Elle and Josh meet and it s clear there is something between them, there is an instant attraction, but it quickly becomes clear there is between them as well The chemistry between them is really done well and I knew they would end up in bed eventually But there is much to their romance than attraction, their feelings grow slowly but surely And there is an interesting mix of scenes where they are getting to know each other and combined with scenes about trying to find out each other their secrets At times it felt like Ella focussed a bit too much on finding out Josh secrets, although I did understand her as basically everyone knew her story And I am pretty sure Josh has a secret While the chemistry between them is really hot, the actual action happens behind closed doors, which I have to admit made me a little bit grumpy as I was curious how the sex scenes would be, when they finally gave into their attraction.I had thought that while this book was part of a series each book would feature on a different couple, but when the end was nearing and there was no end in sight when it came to the story I realized my mistake, right before the cliffhanger ending hit me And what an ending it is, it was so abrupt and wants me to have the next book now as I have to know what happens after that It was an original cliffhanger though and one that makes me a bit scared for the next book, but also really curious and wondering if Josh his secret will be revealed then To conclude I really enjoyed this book, the romance and suspense elements are woven nicely together The story is told from both Ella and Josh their point of view, with some chapters taking place in the past, which I liked Ella and Josh both were different people in their past and while they try to escape their past, their past is still very much a part of them The romance is really well done, with an instant connection, but there is also than that and they slowly get to know each other I am a bit grumpy the sex scenes where behind closed doors as their chemistry was so hot The side characters and the setting make the story come alive The ending took me by surprise and ending in a well done cliffhanger I can t wait for the next book in the series and see how this story continues.

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    I was given a copy of Lies We Live from NetGalley for an honest review and this is the review.I am so mad at how this book ends it went from a five star rating to a two star rating in a blink of an eye The cliffhanger that this was left at for me ruined what was an excellent book I now feel like I wasted three hours of my life for something I may never get an answer to because over this past year I have learned life has no guarantees so the next book may not come out or in my case having MS by the time it comes out I am not going to remember this book and not care about it So next time my advice would be if you have something great going don t let greed for the next dollar make you cut it off to soon A lot of great authors have wonderful series out there learn from them and don t leave your readers hanging This is not television, abrupt cliffhangers don t always make people happy.The story was great I loved it But I could not recommend it to other readers until the second book is out I just don t do cliffhangers like this one Like I said earlier the author took something that could have been a home run and ended up striking out on the last pitch in my eyes Unfortunately I have to give this book two stars out of five because I felt my time was wasted.

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    I want to thank the author, Brenda St John Brown, for providing me with a copy of this book to read and give an honest review Receiving this book for free has in no way altered my opinion or review.I have to say that I loved this authors young adult book, Swimming To Tokyo More than the story, which was fantastic, I loved her writing So given the opportunity to read something else by her, I jumped at the chance.Ella Ingram has been through the mill And she suffered for it After a long court battle with her boyfriend over their still born child, Ella picks up and leaves everything behind to get away and try and re invent herself She ll do anything to get past her past, except face it head on When she ends up in a small town where she meets the mysterious Josh Deveraux, her life takes a turn back towards home, and all she s tried to leave behind.I love Ella She s strong Her past experiences have made her so I cannot imagine having endured the loss of a child And to be brought to court over it is something unfathomable This one is tough as nails It s hard not tone on her side.Josh has his own secrets that he doesn t share, but he knows exactly who Ella is Josh is a perfect swoon worthy book man Good looking, suave and ready to leave his past behind, it rears it s ugly head when Ella comes to town And even though he knows he should stay away from her, he can t help but be drawn to her Ella and Josh have a slow burn The romance is just right Ella and Josh don t go at each other, but they don t stay away, either The story really focuses on how they get to know each other and how they find out about the other What starts as a simple date becomes than either of them bargained for Josh knows exactly who Ella is and what she s been through, but does Ella really know Josh And his secret are is then thing she can never find out about I love Si and Trudy They are Josh s friends but Trudy quickly becomes one to Ella I love that she s there when Ella needs her most And even though she is loyal to Josh, she knows things Things that she can t tell Ella.Finally there s Eric I hate Eric I will be that honest right off the bat I hate what he s done to Ella And I hate who he is And I hate that he holds so much over her I don t want him dead That would be too good for him I just want him gone He made and continues to make Ella s life hell And it s just not fair I would beat him if I met him in real life Overall the story takes on a quiet suspense that builds and builds I have to say I didn t see the ending coming And then BAM, a cliffhanger I was NOT happy And I mean that in a great way The way that says, Give me the next book or I might have to thrown something So onto the next book it is Because you just can t leave someone hanging like St John Brown did

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    I wrote this book I hope you like Ella as much I enjoyed writing her And Josh although he s a tricky onewell, you ll see what I mean Happy reading and, as always, you can follow my author page on Facebook for regular updates teasers here sign up for my newsletter for giveaways, sneak peeks, general goodness here

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    ARC received in exchange for an honest review.I wasn t planning on reading this today I got the email from Brenda early this afternoon and I was so excited Because I love her I am totally obsessed with Brenda St John Brown If you asked me as a reviewer to tell you what the one book I wish people were reading is, my answer would be Swimming to Tokyo It s SO good Go read it if you haven t Back to my point, I wasn t going to get into this today I had another book on my docket and told Brenda I would get this done by the end of next week at the latest But I couldn t let it go I literally had anxiety over whether or not Brenda would let me down with her follow up to Swimming to Tokyo so I cracked open my kindle, just planning to read the first chapter I just wanted to get an idea of what it was about and what I could expect I couldn t stop reading it Let s start with a little rehash of the synopsis Ella is on her way to California after her ex boyfriend sues her for negligence following the still birth of their child After stopping to use the bathroom in the little town of Horace, Arkansas, she meets Josh Devereaux, a local golden boy with secrets of his own So there s that It s obligatory, right I love the way this author builds characters a little at a time Everyone is peeled back like an onion They re complex and real They act like real people This isn t one of those books where the characters fly off the handle over a miscommunication or withheld information and stop speaking That s totally infuriating in a book They have reasonable responses to the things that happen to them At no point during Brenda s novels do you want to scream, THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE Brenda is a great writer Some of her descriptions were so spot on that they gave me tingles E.g Because, like it or not, he s there, like a sliver in back of my knee Poking Hard to forget.Additionally, the stab at authors who tell not show was such a great in joke I was definitely giving Brenda a high five in my mind for that one Everyone knows adverbs are a crutch.I want to be totally fair to this book and let you know that if I was rating it against Swimming to Tokyo I wouldn t have given it 5 stars Swimming to Tokyo is nearly perfect in my opinion and Lies We Live is not without its flaws Fortunately, I am the boss of reviews and I can give it 5 stars because it was a crazy compelling novel I was on the edge of my seat and totally and completely entertained at all times I wanted to know what happened next There were several times where I had to start over on a page because I caught myself trying to scan to see what was going to happen I was glued I was so into it, that I started to forget that the people mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter weren t real and actually picked up my phone to google Monica like she was a real person I was invested And let s be real The books can t be compared They re completely different I loved that Lies We Live isn t a love story straight out of the gate You kind of worry that it s going to be, but this first book is really of a hesitant I like you, but I don t totally trust you yet because of ton of crappy stuff has happened in my life story Don t get me wrong there s plenty of steam and tender moments And for as much angst as the book seems to have when you boil it down to its simplest points, the book avoids feeling melodramatic or overblown The author acknowledges the character s struggles without letting those things define them The formatting of the novel was kind of perplexing though Some of the chapters had dates AND said x years earlier or something similar and some just had a date Sometimes when the chapter would end and a new one would begin, there would be a date, but no time had passed It left me extremely confused and unsure of where I was in the timeline until I was able to pick up from context clues what was happening The random chapters from Josh s point of view were a little strange, but only because there were so few They weren t frequent enough to seem like they served a purpose other than to fill in information that the author thought the reader needed, but couldn t figure out how to deliver from Ella s perspective The only other complaint I have is that chapter 14 made no sense to me I couldn t figure out why Trudi shot Ella daggers during their conversation with Skylar What was the issue with her not having life experiences I feel like this was really unclear and could have been elaborated on somehow to clarify I lied, I have one complaint HOLY CLIFFHANGER Why did I early review this I m not sure I can wait for the next book in the series Thank you so much for not letting us down, Brenda You re definitely one of my favorites As always, this is also posted to my website Crazy Something Maybe.

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    Find this review and at kimberlyfaye reads.A huge fan of Brenda s first novel, Swimming to Tokyo, I was over the moon to discover she was writing a new book I didn t even care what it was about I loved her writing and I knew I had to have it immediately And, let me tell you, it was one heck of a ride Lies We Live was unlike any book I ve read in recent memory and it s a tough one to review without giving too much away Part mystery, part romance, it was an interesting ride from start to finish It jumps around from past to present tense and it took me a little while to get a handle on that, but once I did, I found that I really liked how those switches enhanced the story Ella s story was sad for so many reasons, so I was happy to see her life getting back to at least somewhat normal in a small town in Arkansas The characters of Horatio were intriguing in the way that small town folks tend to be I loved how characters like Josh, Si and Trudy embrace Ella and make her feel at home Ella was a great female lead and one tough cookie I liked her from the start The woman had been through some truly awful things and I respected her for managing to keep her head up after all of it I loved that she was a writer Her series sounded intriguing and there were some great little bits about the publishing and blogging worlds thrown in for good measure I found myself intrigued by Josh I knew he was keeping secrets, though I never really guessed the extent of them But, he was kind to Ella and I thought they had great chemistry Romance is part of the book, no doubt, but it s definitely not the featured story That honor goes to Ella s growth and development as she finds herself again and tries to come to terms with and let go of things that happened in the past Lies We Live was a great, addictive ride I couldn t even think of putting it down and, if I m honest, I might ve freaked out a little bit when I hit that cliffhanger Holy crap Brenda, you know how to leave us desperately wanting I have questions and theories and I m afraid I m gonna need the second book ASAP so I can stop running this all through in my head I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    Storyline 5Angst 2Tissue 0Value 5Panty Scorching 1Over All Rating 4.25 StarsKindle eArcReviewed by RobinElla is an author that has had a rough time lately Her ex took her to court for a civil suit this past year She s had a personal tragedy Now she s driving across the country and trying to lie low when she stops in a small town in Arkansas to eat She meets Josh Deveraux who convinces her to stay the night and have dinner with him She doesn t want him to know her secrets Little does she know that Josh has secrets of his own and when she finds them out, she might not be able to forgive him God, I want you My words come out in gasps as Josh kisses my throat I want you, too Josh s lips trail along my jawbone, leaving pinpricks of fire on my skin Come back to the hotel with me I scrape my nails down his back He stops like I slapped him, reeling away, his eyes wild I oh, Jesus Christ What What s wrong I slip off the ledge and pull my skirt down, trying to catch my breath, which sticks somewhere between my chest and my throat I I thought It doesn t matter what you thought you were wrong I don t I didn t mean Josh shoves his fingers through his hair He still looks dazed I can t do this I really enjoyed trying to figure out what Josh s connection to all of this is Ella has had a rough time lately You feel bad for her because no one should have to go through what she s just went through But sometimes when she talks about the life she led, she comes across as very shallow And she was Perhaps she and her ex had a toxic relationship Where does Josh fit in and can she trust him I have some theories about his remorse regarding Ella and I can t wait for the next book to find out if I m right.This was my first story by Brenda St John Brown It s a lot of mystery and suspense but not too many sexy times More the promise of sexy times I do know that I will be reading Truths We Tell to find out if Ella needs to kick Josh s behind or will he end up being an unexpected ally.http wp.me p61UnB ZP

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    This book killed me It was intriguing, hypnotic, and angsty Lies We Live is a story that will combine the drama and angst that New Adult readers love with a bit of mystery This story draws you in and will keep you on the edge seat until the very end Even at the end with the surprise ending, you will be left reeling from what is to come and curiosity as to what could possibly happen in the end of the series This story combines the drama of daytime TV with the pop culture and relativity of the CW It has highs and lows and a while of action in between This story takes you into the past and back to the present to develop the backstory as you go You see parts of this book in Ella s POV and others in Josh s POV Dual POVs allow the reader to better understand that something is brewing You expect, the you read, for there to be a lot happening with Ella and what she is leaving behind What I did not expect was everything that surfaces or technically begins to surface with Josh There is an unease about what he is hiding the you read There is bound to be a HUGE explosion, one you will most likely be able to theorize while reading the first book, and it is going to escalate the story quickly.Brenda St John Brown does a fantastic job of presenting a story that hooks you from the beginning Travelling back and forth along Ella s timeline allows for a fun and intriguing way to absorb what is happening Ella is not perfect She has major flaws that are not shied away from in this book She admits to her faults and her honesty is refreshing Josh is a man who is still a mystery You learn about who he is in the big city and the small country town But there is so much lurking below the surface Learning who he is in time with Ella allows the reader to fall in love with him just a little bit I am so excited to see what happens The second I finished this book I pre ordered the second in the Duo I hate that I have to wait to see where things lead but I am beyond excited to see what Brenda has up her sleeve

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