On a Cold Dark Sea

On a Cold Dark Sea On April , , Three Women Climbed Into LifeboatAnd Watched In Horror As The Titanic Sank Into The Icy Depths They Were Strangers Then Con Artist Charlotte Digby Lied Her Way Through London And Onto The Titanic The Disaster Could Be Her Chance At A New Life If She Hides The Truth About Her Past Esme Harper, A Wealthy American, Mourns The End Of A Passionate Affair And Fears That Everything Beautiful Is Slipping From Her Grasp And Anna Halversson, A Swedish Farm Girl In Search Of A Fresh Start In America, Is Tormented By The Screams That Ring Out From The Water Is One Of Them Calling Her Name Twenty Years Later, A Sudden Death Brings The Three Women Back Together, Forcing Them To Face The Impossible Choices They Made, The Inconceivable Loss, And The Secrets They Have Kept For Far Too Long

As the daughter of a U.S Foreign Service officer, Elizabeth Blackwell grew up in Washington, D.C., interspersed with stints in Africa, the Middle East and Europe pretty much always with a book in hand She majored in history at Northwestern University hooray reading and received her master s in journalism from Columbia University, which led to a career as an editor and writer for a numb

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  • On a Cold Dark Sea
  • Elizabeth Blackwell
  • 14 August 2019

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    On a Cold Dark Sea by Elizabeth Blackwell is a historical fiction novel based around the sinking of the Titanic Being a fan of fiction set around real life events I knew as soon as I saw this book that I needed to read it, especially being addicted to books centering around the Titanic.The book is a completely fictional tale of three women who boarded the ill fated ship The first section of the story introduces Charlotte, Esme and Anna in their own chapters that tell their stories of what events in their lives led them to eventually boarding the ship All three are from different backgrounds and economical statuses bringing a glimpse at the diversity of the passengers.Then we land in the second part which follows the ladies in their lives twenty years after they survived the sinking The three had landed in the same lifeboat despite their vastly different backgrounds and it s hinted at what transpired that night but also shows what they did with their lives afterwards The third section then takes a closer look at the night of the sinking that had been previously eluded to with then part four wrapping the story all up.Despite Charlotte, Esme and Anna s differences I still easily connected to each as their stories were being told and felt that I was transported back to the early 1900 s quite easily When the actual events of that fateful night are brought into the story they were done quite well following what we ve learned was going on that night and giving these characters their own personal narrative Once I picked up the story I became totally engaged and just didn t want to put it down until the very end, definitely recommend checking this one out.I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit

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    Favorite Quotes for the rest of his life, the pitiful tableau they formed was the first image that sprang to mind when he thought of the Titanic The handsome young man in his evening dress, eyes haunted, one hand pressed protectively against his companion s back There was a girl hovering nervously behind them a maid, by her cowed bearing and black dress And then there was the lady, swathed in a fur coat over a shimmering green gown, a vision of ruined elegance Mr Harper looked as if he hadn t enjoyed himself since the last century He offered Esme a wan smile, his cheek muscles straining with the effort.She d seen statues with spirit than Mr Harper.Anna had never had new clothes of her own she had always worn her sisters castoffs Now, she would have a hand me down husband Perhaps that was the best she could hope for.There is a hypnotic quality to the ship s leisurely descent Esme imagines describing the scene to her friends, sometime in the future The words tragically magnificent come to mind, and she is swept up in the self important gratification that comes from witnessing history all those men who did their duty and went down with the ship It sounds like a noble sort of death, but it isn t it s loud and painful and terrifying One large picture window downstairs, two smaller windows on top, the sort of stolidly respectable dwelling the poor aspire to and the rich dismiss.My Review I rarely read historical fiction and am undeniably choosy when I do And I don t mean to be self aggrandizing or boastful when say I chose exceedingly well when I picked up this unexpected jewel I quickly fell into Ms Blackwell s well crafted vortex and effortlessly assimilated into the world of these fascinating and well drawn characters I was essentially held captive, willingly that is, as I was enthralled and entranced by Ms Blackwell s emotive and powerful word voodoo Her writing was highly evocative and vividly descriptive, I held strong visuals in my head and could almost feel the damp chill while the characters were in the lifeboat and bobbing in the frigid arctic waters This was a heart squeezing and thoughtfully written story, this talented scribe has mad skills

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    4 Stars Elizabeth Blackwell has written a winner of a story with On A Cold Black Sea Poor choices, consequences, redemption, love and the Titanic all packed into one satisfying story.Charlotte Digby, Esme Harper and Anna Halversson are three very different young women Charlotte, less than honest, Esme, spoiled and Anna, afraid to express her own wishes Each of them is now in a life and death situation How will their past lives dictate their present actions This is deftly written character driven fiction at it s best Blackwell has created characters that are multifaceted and believable each flawed in their own way, displaying what is most annoying and frustrating about the human character Yet it s possible to empathize with each of them, even when they re at their worst The book is bit slow to get going, but once it does, I found it impossible to put down This one deserves all the praise it s received and .

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    Thank you to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for allowing me the opportunity to read this Advanced Reader s Edition.I seem to always enjoy any book I receive from Lake Union Publishing This was no different The story of three women who survived the Titanic sinking and were together on a Lifeboat for hours in the deep, dark, cold sea The story is told in four parts Before the tragedy, After, on the Lifeboat and the Aftermath years later I really enjoyed all the different stories from all three women It was interesting to learn about their backgrounds and how the tragedy affected and linked them forever I enjoyed Elizabeth Blackwell s writing very much I would easily read another book by her Very enjoyable and entertaining.

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    It was very dark and very cold We did our best in trying circumstances We survived Review coming soon, but here are a few things you should know Surprisingly, there is no upstairs downstairs romance It seems like it s a requirement whenever there is a story set on the Titanic that an aristocratic woman man falls in love with a third class passenger man woman It s a total given So for there to be no such plotline was sort of a surprise for me No one gets painted like a French girl There is no one named Jack or Rose, but if you listen carefully while reading this book you ll probably hear their names being said Cause Lord knows if James Cameron wanted you know anything, he wanted you to know for damn sure that their names were Jack and Rose The only Heart of the Ocean in this book is the big ass iceberg in the middle of the sea No doors were involved in the making of this book, to my knowledge Though there is a scene where the infamous door scenario comes to mind And finally JACK DAWSON COULD HAVE FIT ON THAT DOOR NO ONE WILL EVER BE ABLE TO CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE.

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    I received this from netgalley.com in exchange for a review This story is told by three women Con artist Charlotte Digby, wealthy American Esme Harper and Anna Halversson, a Swedish farm girl in search of a fresh start in America The research that was done came across as a very realistic portrayal of this well documented tragedy And the background stories of the main characters made this an interesting and very readable story.3.75 rounded up to 4

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    I really enjoyed this read I love Titanic history so I knew I wanted to read this No major romantic scenes to spoil it either of which I am so thankful I loved the pacing and the different timelines within the three characters Charlotte, Esme and Anna The author gave us background info on each woman thru 20 years after the tragic event I think many of us who find themselves drawn to the Titanic always want to know about what happened out there and what became of those who survived This story gives us a realistic possibility to these questions I will remember the scenes as presented by Elizabeth Blackwell and I feel like she did a great job putting us there in the event with those who experienced it She seems to have researched this pretty extensively Thank you to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for a copy of the ebook in exchange for a fair and honest review

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    On a Cold Dark Sea is written in third person, with the narration being split between the three main characters, Charlotte, Esme and Anna The story is then split into four parts, with each character getting a chapter each The book is very easy to read and moves along at a steady place.As mentioned above, the book centres on the three women, who all travel on the doomed Titanic as it makes its maiden and only voyage, The woman are remarkably different, Esme is the rich heiress in first class, Charlotte is a con woman, who is in second class, while Anna is a Swedish national who is in third class They all have their reasons for being on the Titanic and their own secrets.I did like this book, the characters were very interesting and the research into the sinking and the time was done very well I really did feel like I was transported back in time and onto the ship while reading at times The book is also provides a rather interesting look into what motivates people to do the things they do and how far they are really willing to go to survive Some of the relationships explored in the book were very sweet and were very well done too.But the book did feel a little flat for me, I admit that I had high hopes for this book and they sadly weren t met I felt as though a lot of the book was summarised, which was helpful in explaining the characters at the start and letting us into what their motivations were, I never really felt as though I knew the characters I also felt as though I was watching everything in the story unfold rather than being a part of it all as you are supposed to.That being said, I did enjoy this book The parts that the other did well, she really did well and although I wouldn t reread this book, I would definitely recommend it to others

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    Historical fiction about three women on the same lifeboat after the sinking of the Titanic, their backstories, and their lives afterward The three women are linked together by trauma I felt the author did a decent job of developing the characters and giving them interesting quirks, each representing one class of passenger Having just read a non fiction account of the rescue effort, I noticed a few historical inaccuracies I felt the author showed the after effects of a traumatic experience, and how it can impact lives for many years after the event At times it ventured into the realm of melodrama and the ending seemed abrupt I am not sure it added much to the Titanic oeuvre, other than perhaps giving thought to what the experience in the life boats could have been like I found it an entertaining story, albeit one without a great deal of depth.

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    Loved it So much better than I thought it would be A delightful surprise with great writing.As I started reading the characters seemed so familiar that, as I continued reading, I saw other characters from different books that I d read before The plot may have been different, but the characters were not However, that view quickly changed as the lives of the characters became complexed and, for me, intriguing Overall, I enjoyed the story It is one I d read again because of the complexities of the characters lives I was invested in the characters, when at first, I thought I would care for the plot I don t know why I m having trouble writing a review of this book It might be because before the ship and after the sinking lies the meat and potatoes of the book I enjoyed those parts best I absolutely recommend to lovers of historical fiction.Thank you to Lake Union Publishing via Netgalley for the eARC of this book.

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