A Perfect Murder and Other Stories

A Perfect Murder and Other Stories This review was initially published at The Readdicts Book Blog Forreviews, go here.Collections of short stories are irresistible because in one book itself, there are so many stories, with different plots and different themes, making them absolutely enjoyable to read It s almost like having the world in your hands because of everything they cover up Author S R Nair s collection of fourteen absolutely beautiful short stories titled A Perfect Murder and Other Stories is no exception This collection is so good that it wouldn t have hurt to have a fewstories in there.The stories in A Perfect Murder and Other Stories are so well written and plotted that it kept me on the edge of my seat because I just wanted to know everything at once To add to it, the author s writing is wonderful and simple, and I don t mean simple in a demeaning way Simple is good because with short stories, authors just tend to complicate the writing which makes the stories incomprehensible Contrary to that, however, the writing of this collection was so simple that it made the book as a whole and the reading process very smooth and neat, which I truly admire.A perfect mix of various themes from NRIs to a typical Indian middle class family to homosexuality to bonding between Hindus and Muslims, the best part about this collection was that it focusedon people rather than on themes, and that made it very relatable and raw in a certain way Every character was well developed and people from practically all spheres were covered up, especially in a country like India, where we have so many different people in general and that s what makes us so incredible it was a pleasure to read every story The subtle way in which the author portrays the mindset of people was meticulous.Additionally, the book also covers up themes that are super important in today s day and age like feminism, homosexuality, politics and what not Every theme was incorporated in the stories in an almost steamy way because it just flowed so smoothly and in a lovely manner For someone who is unfamiliar with India, this read is the best way to get to know about the contemporary people in a fictitious way I do not have enough good things to say about it, honestly.Of the fourteen very beautiful and wonderful stories, some of the most amazing ones for me were Salma s Fate, Seema, The Grandson, The Missing Wife, The Stolen Child, Seduced, Visa for America and The Lost Son These stories were slightlyappealing to me than the others, but the most exceptional story that the author managed to write in barely three pages but that was packed with emotion is iPad, which was the best one Having said that, the other stories were just as good, thoroughly enjoyable and an absolute pleasure to read I highly, highly recommend this readNote A copy of this book was provided by S.R Nair in exchange for an honest review We thank them. It took me awhile to read this book due to work and other commitments but, I love short stories that captivate me Certain stories were better than others but, my fave was the short and sweet Ipad If you enjoy short stories and learning about other cultures this is a book you will enjoy. If you enjoy short stories that pack a quiet punch, S.R Nair s A PERFECT MURDER AND OTHER STORIES isthan just a collection of events to entertain Mr Nair wrote his pieces based on the cultural differences between India and, say, the United States To think he applied Indian laws, cultural heritage and realities to his tales is fascinating as well as eye opening.Each story is brief with an air of suspense, as well as a touch of darkness And there is a great deal of attention spent on the details from murder to lust to greed and customs that seem archaic in modern society as we know it.S.R Nair has a gift for wonderful writing while being true to his own heritage in his settings Each story is fleshed out, feeling much longer than what it actually is Kudos to another author on my must read list I received this copy from S.R Nair in exchange for my honest review.Publication Date August 17, 2016Publisher S.R NairGenre Short Story Anthology SuspensePrint Length 170 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More Review originally posted in Abby s Shelves 3.5 5A Perfect Murder and Other Stories by S.R Nair is a collection of fourteen short stories on a variety of themes set mostly in India and the US I m usually hesitant to read short stories but the title A Perfect Murder made the criminologist in me revert with a yes when the author contacted me requesting to review this book Now back to this book, it is a compilation of wide range of stories from murder mystery to one s struggles in maintaining his cultural identity Even with such diverse stories, the author has been able to do justice to all these plots in this incredibly small 170 pages book which is remarkable I could have finished this book in one or two sitting if real life hadn t gotten in the way.The author has taken care to make the plots elaborate enough to make the readers feel that these stories well developed and authentic The interesting well developed characters, completely different scenarios, ability to narrate complex culture concepts, conveying their emotions are some key factors that makes this book a compelling and thought provoking read Initially I felt the detached narration a bit jarring but later started to enjoy his casual writing style using the simplistic language Certain plots were informative too especially in case of The Missing Wife that throws light to the dreaded Dowry Prohibition Act and how a law created with good intentions is misused today Even though I enjoyed most of the stories some really stood out Salma s Fate Story of Salma who becomes a victim to her father in law s lust, practice of Talaq and the significance of self reliance IPad An unique story packed with lot of emotions i.e love and innocence of Hira Bai, an old and poor women ready to sell all she possesses just to get an IPad and her reason for wanting one will touch your heart My personal favourite.The Missing Wife A man is falsely accused of Dowry Harassment This was one such story I felt was informative.Visa for America A man falls in love with a women who he meets in a matrimony site Was it true love or just an act for the Green Card This is one story that deals with love, marriage and Visa.Zubair He was quite happy with his life in India and had no inclination to move to US But later moves to US owing to family pressure However things changes once they settle in US and he is not happy with it.Overall, A Perfect Murder and Other Stories is a very good collection of well developed, authentic, compelling and thought provoking stories with good plot twists Recommended An ARC was provided by author publisher in exchange for a honest review. A divorcee estranged from her father resorts to extreme measures A newly wed woman is brutally raped by her father in law and seeks justice A charming young man plans to seduce a beautiful, blonde tourist An orthodox Muslim man struggles to adjust to life in the United States These are some of the stories in this book of captivating short stories.I am usually hesitant to read short stories, other than Stephen King s, as I am usually not a fan But I enjoyed this book and the variety of different genres it covered The stories range from a murder mystery, where the criminal ends up getting away with the murder to an orthodox Muslim man trying to adjust to life in the United States The book itself is fairly short, about 170 pages, but covers a wide variety of genres in those pages I enjoyed the author s writing and found all of the short stories to be very interesting I sometimes have a hard time getting invested in both the characters and the story line in short stories, which is why I typically avoid them, but I found that I did become invested in most of the stories in this collection It was an interesting read and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of short stories Thank you to the author for sending me a review copy of this book. Gently detached narration, interesting and surprising characters, an enjoyable sense of visiting a different world and learning how different lives are lived, all these details andcharacterize S R Nair s intriguing collection of short stories in A Perfect Murder The author introduces a world where apartments tower over ground floor vegetable stands, property values rocket as tin shacks are torn down, young people marry and emigrate, and betrayals are complex and dark The stories twist with unexpected revelations, breathtaking surprises, and haunting realities And the collection is orderly and inviting, reading smoothly from page to page.My favorite story may well be The Soothsayer Total Eclipse comes a close second And the one that won t let go of me is Salma s Fate, where readers learn of fatwas, family honor, and female fears From India to America, from arranged marriages to internet dating, from cheating men to cheating women, and from Hindu to Muslim, with an ending as up to date as the 2016 election, this collection is consistently intriguing and haunting, and filled with low key, true to life depths It s a seriously good read.Disclosure I was given a copy I offer my honest review. Shrikumar Nair s collection of short stories, which follows his novel The Orphan is a collage of images drawn from varied life experiences and each one rings with the unmistakable note of probability The stories are populated by a robust mix of characters that could easily be a neighbor, or people you would run into in the neighborhood Shrikumar also exposes the rather sleazy underbelly of the great beast called the Indian middle class in some of the stories iPad is a short and sweet surprise while Koya s story reminds you of someone you know, who planned to return to a life of peaceful retirement back home after a life of toil It leaves you with a heavy heart The story Zubair has you laughing and at the same time feeling sorry for poor hapless Zubair, mystified and at his wit s end by the vast change in his once meek and obedient wife, now an Americanized stranger beyond his control.Some of the stories have a Jeffery Archeresque climax, and they all have a whiff of freshness to them with their simple narration and down to earth characterization.Definitely an enjoyable read for anyone looking for stories grounded in reality. If you want to explore the culture differences between America and India, the position of women and simply human nature, check out A Perfect Murder IntroductionA Perfect Murder is a collection of 14 short stories about the culture differences between India and America, especially the position of women in India but most of all, an insight into the universal good and bad in human nature.The StoriesA man feels he is far too good to be his father s shop assistant When he spots what appears to be a desperate woman in the shop, the appeal of sex and money is one he cannot resist in A Perfect Murder Salma s Fate shows us the Indian society at its best and worst If Salma had not been such a strong young woman iPad shows us the power of love and Koya s Story is about a young man who wants to help his poor mother but little does he know how this will work out Seema shows us the practice of arranged marriages in India and the disdain for those marrying outside their caste Both The Grandson and The Stolen Child show us the different attitudes towards male and female in the Indian society.When Gagan finds out his bride of two months is missing, first he is suspected of having done something to her and then the search begins Adi s plan was to seduce a woman but it seems the Seduction works both ways Total Eclipse is a story about a man who seems to have it all Visa for America is a tale of human kindness The Soothsayer shows us that fate catches up with us regardless of our efforts to change the path of life In The Lost Son a long friendship is torn apart by money and something else, that is forbidden in the state of India Zubair shows us a woman assimilating into US society whereas her husband is struggling and desperately wants to cling on to his Indian culture.My ThoughtsIn his stories the author shows us some of the differences between the Indian and American cultures with topics such as murder, rape and the Shariah versus Western law As much as I liked reading about this, the stories were too descriptive and the narration too explicit At times it felt less a novel anda journal In my opinion, the author tried too hard to capture all the details in his tales I can understand the importance of having the whole picture but the pleasure of reading would have benefitted from havingthings implied rather than explicitly described.Having said that, the author shows us the difference in culture and how for women Indian society can be very hard and trying Most of all, the author took us with him on the global topic of human nature there are loveable and strong characters but also greedy and deceitful ones Such people are in every society, perhaps even some things recognisable in ourselves, You can see where the different protagonists come from and what they want to achieve The iPad story is very touching and I loved the forgiving character in another story I will not tell youfor fear of spoiling it Read the review on my website There were fourteen stories that were interesting and enjoyable The book has a lot of cultural information that made the reading better I enjoyed reading about the different situations the characters found themselves in A Perfect Murder was a good story with a powerful lesson I liked the way the main characters were able to get out of many of their problems Old fashioned ideas were dealt with in a modern way and provided insight to the way times are changing worldwide I also liked the way the victims of these crimes were sometimes able to turn the tables on their perpetrator Some really seemed like they were from the gossip and community newspapers around the region I liked the down to earth and informative manner that Nair used when sharing his stories. This Is An Alternate Cover Edition ISBNA Na Ve Man And A Divorcee, A Wronged Woman S Fight For Justice, A Poor Woman S Desire For An IPad, A Charming Young Man Plots To Seduce A Beautiful, Blonde Tourist, A Staunchly Orthodox Immigrant S Struggle To Assimilate In The US These Are Some Of The Captivating Stories In This Book Which Heralds A Distinct Voice And Is A Seriously Good Read

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Perfect Murder and Other Stories book, this is one of the most wanted S.R. Nair author readers around the world.

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