The Submissive Muse

The Submissive Muse The Submissive Muse is an amazing story The main characters are developed and each one is unique and instrumental in making this book a success John is controlled, loving, protective, caring, and a successful doctor Elizabeth is insecure, loving, devoted, has past hurts that haunt her, and is a mixture of qualities that shows her strength as a person Then there is Devan, an artist, down on his luck, talented, caring, suffers from mental illness, feels deeply, and needs Liz to encourage him to find his strength and be accepted as he is With these characters, combined with the unforeseen circumstances in the storyline, this author has written a must read hit book She has encompassed many emotions, traits, desires, feelings, cancer, mental illness, laughs, tears, BDSM, spankings, and many deeply emotional scenes that touch the soul She allows the reader to see into the minds of the characters and understand why they do the things they do In the end the author shows us that the perception of what we see lies in the emotions that we feel Overall, I highly recommend this hit story by a wonderful author and I look forward to readingof her works I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. One Man S Misfortune Is Another Man S DestinyElizabeth Wolfe S Husband, John, Had Been Everything To Her Protector, Provider, Administer Of Pain Still Devastated One Year After His Death, She Decides To Take Her Own Life, But Her Plan Is Interrupted When She Discovers An Unconscious Stranger In Her BarnDevan Carthy And John Wolfe Agreed To An Arrangement Before He Died Devan Is To Seek Out Elizabeth, Exactly One Year After John S Death, And Bring Joy To Her Life Again In Exchange For A Sizeable Sum Of Money What Begins As A Friendship Between A Grieving Widow And A Mercurial Artist Blossoms Into Love As Devan Reawakens Her Desire For Living His Erratic Mood Swings And Her Need For Pleasure And Pain Threaten Their Relationship, But It S John Wolfe S Hold Over Them That May Ultimately Tear Them ApartPublisher S Note This Dramatic Love Story Contains Adult Themes If Any Of This Might Offend You, Please Do Not Purchase I found The Submissive Muse very stimulating to my emotions , there isto this story then just another BDSM read and I found it refreshing My heart broke for all the characters everything that they go through and the struggles they conquer everyday Elizabeth is a interesting heroine she blossoms through out the book there were times I wanted to give her the support she needed but it was fantastic when the hero come into the picture with perfect timing Devan was a very complex hero the way he felt for Elizabeth is electric he has a true talent They both needed someone at the exact time when they are at their lowest and the struggle to hang on to life and they just put color back into one another also learn something very new copy provided for honest review hero 9 heroine 9 secondary characters 9Chemistry 9 steam 8 romance 7 humor 3darkness level 7 enjoyment 9 angst 5 action 4 story line 9 mystery 4character development 10 pacing 9 Plot 9 cover 10 stars 4 author 8would I recommend this book yeswould I re read this book yeswould I read future books by this author yes This book lost me when the doctor who treated a young woman who cut herself too deep ends up marrying her There s no discussion of how they get from doctor patient to husband wife There are typically laws surrounding this type of a relationship I also felt like the doctor took advantage of the woman s mental state and introduced her to BDSM rather than get her the counseling she so obviously needed. ONE MAN S MISFORTUNE BECOMES ANOTHER MAN S DESTINYWhat an emotional roller coaster ride this story will take the reader on, with all the highs and lows, twists and turns, and loopy loops The story will consist of three main characters, Dr John Wolfe, Elizabeth Wolfe, and Devan Carthy The story will alternate back and forth in time, and it will all make sense as this tale unfolds.John Wolfe is a dominant man of control, a pediatric neurosurgeon, and a man who loves his wife completely In many ways, the night he met her when she collapsed in his arms, was the beginning of happiness for both of them Elizabeth, at twenty three, is floundering for direction in her life She attended college, where men were nothing but casual and meaningless sex, and left her empty Still living at home, working a waitress job, has her parents flustered The only means of escape from the pain and to feel in control is when she is cutting herself One night, she goes too deep and is taken to the ER where she will meet John as he is leaving the hospital Salvation comes from his dominance Devan Carthy, a man who has a brilliant mind, is a very talented artist, but suffers manic depression and is bipolar, has walked away from his wealthy family, and worked so many jobs as he draws and paints When he is heavily medicated to control the depression, he can t paint, making his moods even darker Poked in the eye during a bar fight will lead to a severe eye infection that is causing him to go blind No medical insurance prevents him from the care he needs, but what good is an artist who is blind and can t see what he paints An unlikely couple will spin this tale from one sketched drawing It s a constant battle inside me between good and evil, angel and demon The plot will bring these three characters together under unusual circumstances, and all three will need each other in their own special way This erotic story has many dark and moody moments as the reality of depression, mental illness, and an aggressive tumor will collide into a life saving ordeal The love and affection between John and Elizabeth, along with their D s lifestyle offers a yin and yang of their sadomasochistic relationship You knew what I needed before I even did The love of one man for his beloved wife will have him finding a man, Devan, to be there for Elizabeth on the one year anniversary of his death He will provide for Devan and give him a chance for his future All he asks is to make her happy because he knows his death will lead to her sinking into a deep depression and seeking to follow him in death Devan will inadvertently find his way to the Wolfe s barn, and while unconscience, still save Elizabeth from taking her life, and even give Devan a reason to live Can one man s death, help free two souls from the dark prison of their minds You will haunt me anyway, for the rest of my days. OMG This book was intense and deep It is dark and emotional An erotic read for those who can handle the sadist side of the darkness.In this novel Elizabeth is a young and troubled woman She deals with issues of deep depression Her depression is a sinking ship and she can t seem to find any way to stay above water With parents who don t seem to get her or understand One day her depression lands her in the hospital where she meets and eventually marry a wonderful doctor John Wolfe He understands her and knows what she needs to function in life with her issues John and Elizabeth have a strong and unbreakable bond Even in his death.Devan is a struggling artist with erratic behaviour issues He has boughs of depression and it has been affecting him as of late His art to dark to sell, he is stuck to drawing sketches of tourists for cash One day he sketches John and Elizabeth A woman so beautiful it takes his breath away He is amazed at the devotion and love that flows between these two people He is so mesmerised by her he continues to paint and draw her from his memory His muse.His life changes one day when John comes by and asks him if he would like to get a drink John has asked him to do a task for him upon his death A task that no one should have to do In exactly one year from his John s death, Devan is tasked to befriend John s wife and make sure she finds happiness again Will Devan accept this strange mans request Can Devan save Elizabeth and keep his own demons at bay This book was the most intense and emotional read I have read in a while The characters were dark and have some real deep emotional issues that they deal with I enjoyed reading Elizabeth s journey Not only was she healing herself, but she was healing Devan as well One step at a time Devan has a beautiful soul, but he battles many demons Together they start to heal.The story flowed smoothly and the story develops slowly with flash back scenes Usually I hate the flash back story type books, because the author tends to overdo it and confuse the reader But the author did well with these and I found myself not falling behind or getting confused Nicely done.I did feel the story could have continued for a bitI would like to have readof the story after Devan makes his decision in the end But it was a nice ending This is defiantly a dark read and not for the faint at heart So if you can t handle a whip and cane then this book may not be for you But if that dark erotica love doesn t bother you then you will enjoy this book ARC provided by Book Unleashed and Tiffany York I felt the title was very misleading for this book but that doesn t mean I didn t enjoy it There was a lot less BDSM and sex than I had assumed a book with this title would have, but again I was fine with that, due to the strength of the actual story If you re looking for a BDSM based story this is not it, but this IS a wonderful tale of healing and finding what you need when you least expected it The Submissive Muse is a story of two broken souls who meet under unusual, and almost forced, circumstances and find they fill a need in the other Knowing in advance that John Elizabeth s husband was going to die made the first part of the book a little strange It was almost as if I was waiting for the story to begin properly However I did like the fact that we got to see John and Elizabeth as a couple, as well as some of John and Devan s interactions These were very important for the rest of the book to work, for me it was just knowing that John and Elizabeth were not the love story I was going to read about.Both main characters are very finely crafted, they both have flaws but this made them only that muchreal and likeable The book covers some serious issues, and tackles them well, but without ever feeling too dark or depressing The ending seemed to arrive a little abruptly, and without all issues having been necessarily resolved BUT it did feelof a realistic ending than those usually found in contemporary romance novels, with an intention to overcome the issues in their lives and to work together to make the relationship a success.The writing in the book is very good with a well thought through and interesting plot, which flowed well The prose was easy to read, with a good balance of dialogue, thoughts feelings, description of actions and also of scenes, which enabled you to picture the setting but didn t pull you away from the story The story itself was fairly unique and definitely avoided the use of cliched romance tropes This is the first book I have read by Tiffany N York and I will most certainly readwork by her in the future. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Carla s Four Star ReviewElizabeth has always struggled with extreme anxiety along with a lack of self worth That all changes when she meets and later marries Dr John Wolfe He provides Elizabeth a very unique outlet when her demons try to get the best of her I love the feelings that these two share for each other They have that once in a lifetime all consuming love They couldn t be happier until fate steps in and deals them a cruel and devastating blow.Devan Carthy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth His family s lifestyle was one of great wealth and opulence When he revealed his desire to become an artist, his family was far from accepting He leaves home and ends up in San Francisco It is here where he meets John and Elizabeth From the moment he first sets eyes on Elizabeth, she takes his breath away She becomes his muse, and to say that he becomes obsessed with her would be an understatement In a strange twist of fate, John shows back up in Devan s life and befriends him He and John enter into a strange relationship that eventually brings Elizabeth into Devan s daily life.From the title of this book, one might think this is a story filled with sex, sex, andsex While it does contain a few BDSM scenes, it is so muchthan that It is a story of loss and grief, of desperation and finally hope This is my first time reading anything by Tiffany N York, and it certainly won t be the last Ms York knows how to craft a story that will draw you in from the very beginning and keep you glued to your kindle until the very end Overall, I enjoyed this story, and I would highly recommend it to a friend or fellow reader Outstanding job, Tiffany Devoured in One NightI devoured my review copy of The Submissive Muse in one night This never happens The truth is, I don t read much genre fiction I ma fan of nonfiction and literary fiction I m cynical I m a snob But enough about me I was captivated immediately by the engaging at times poetic prose and the protagonist, Elizabeth Right away I could relate to Elizabeth s dissatisfaction with meaningless flings and her hunger for a deeper,passionate connection I could also relate to Elizabeth s depression and suicidal ideations Suffice to say I m burned out on reading erotica that features women who have led charmed, bland lives There isn t anything charmed or bland about this narrative.My favorite thing about The Submissive Muse is the powerful dynamic between Elizabeth and her husband, Dr John Wolfe Their BDSM relationship is so muchrealistic and so muchwell written than that 50 Shades nonsense Now this is a movie I d pay to see Beyond the juicy, believable sex I appreciate the nonlinear narrative and the gorgeous weaving of disparate lives into a stunning tapestry It s no small thing for a narrative to be so well wrought that you find yourself believing that a woman can experience true love not once but twice in the space of one year I ll definitely readbooks by this author.Disclaimer I received a copy of this book for review through ReadingAlley

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