Interpretation An Artificial Intelligence Uses America As Its Playground For Psychological Experiments Is This Our Future The Depth Of This Deception Is Unthinkable People Are On The Brink Of Starvation While Still Believing That Life Is Perfect Meanwhile, Only A Handful Of Individuals Live Outside Of The Machine S Grasp They Are The Only Ones Able To See The Truth Now, Carl Winston Is One Of Them Torn Away From His Son, Carl Desperately Seeks A Way To Find Him The Machines, However, Are Always Close Behind Will Carl Find The Only Person That Matters To Him Will He Find Answers About Society S Enslavement Or Is This Another Psychological Experiment

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  • 11 July 2018

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    Carl s life was good His relationship with his son, Liam was wonderful, they shared many of the same interests The only blip in their normal days was the annual test Carl must take, per the government It shouldn t really have been an issue, after all, it asked questions that each individual could answer differently, right It was all a matter of INTERPRETATION, but what Carl s answers told his government and its many departments was interpreted as flawed, a problem for all, and this is when Carl s world would become a living nightmare, far real than the good life he has been living.When he finds himself in Bedlam, an insane asylum, he has only a couple of concerns, WHY was he there and what would happen to Liam The opportunity to escape is too great to ignore, but what Carl finds beyond the city limits may prove that his entire life was a lie and that the very thing that made him human could kill him, or worse yes, worse.Dylan Callens thrusts us into a world of lies and manipulations, a dystopian world where humans are the sheep and their masters, their governments, were once considered one of humanity s greatest creations Gritty, dark and worthy of nightmares, the future world may not be the Utopia we would like to believe and Dylan Callens holds nothing back in this fascinating look at what humanity may be unknowingly rocketing towards and what would happen if we allowed ourselves to become devoid of what makes us human We all have felt that governments are flawed for one reason or another, chalking it up to human error, human flaws, but what would happen if the human was taken out of the equation What if there was no longer a way to truly interpret human emotions, feelings, hopes and dreams What if those were considered flaws to be overridden in a clueless society Worse, what if they could be overridden and we never knew and then suddenly, like Carl, we become a pariah because something in our society malfunctioned Think about it the next time you download another app that is soooooooo cool By far, one of the best dystopian tales I have read this year, terrifying, thought provoking and yes, entertaining Thanks for the nightmares, Dylan Callens, great job I received an ARC edition from Dylan Callens in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.Publisher Cosmic Teapot Publishing August 1, 2017 Publication Date August 1, 2017Genre Dystopian Post ApocalypticPrint Length 254 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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    How to Enslave a Human is a fascinating dive into a common sci fi theme challenging the acceptance of reality Although a full length novel, this dystopian story reads like an old school 1950s pulp style short story, chronologically following just one action filled plot line From a third person POV, we follow Carl Winston through his blandly happy days with his son, Liam All seems vanilla ice cream and sunshine with the exception of the occasional intrusion by Untruthers into their simple existence These Untruthers spout vague complaints about how they re all being lied to, and that nothing is as it seems No one knows why people suddenly turn to this madness, but when they do, they go in a big and destructive way For background, government document extracts and logs are interspersed, as presented by perhaps one of a group of AI Entities These revelations are meant to be baffling at first, but as the truth of Carl s existence is discovered, the documents become relevant and uncomfortably prescient If you are a fan of old sci fi like The Handmaid s Tale or Soylent Green, or enjoyed the all is not as it seems oddities of The Matrix, then you ll find How to Enslave a Human to be a quick and entertaining yet at times bleak read.Ulka S Mohanty s narration for the Audible version was solid, especially for the robotic readings of the government extracts That said, there was one stretch near the beginning where a number of mispronunciations arose and they were distracting ayy zher for azure, Afghaniston for Afghanistan, interpolit for interpolate, and my favorite Marine corpse for, well, you know.Some recommendations, if I may In keeping with the 1950s pulp science fiction feel, the title is a bit cheesy and might turn off a modern sci fi reader That would be unfortunate, since the story is an intriguing one I kept brainstorming as I listened, and came up with a few suggestions for a rename, one that might not give away as much up front A Skewed TruthA Conscious EntityMy personal favorite An Acceptable LifeAlso, although I listened to the Audible version, it was obvious perhaps even so in the written version that the novel could use a thorough copy edit There were adjectives where adverbs were appropriate Easy instead of easily , for instance As well there were plenty of incorrect verb tenses used and mix ups of items like Briggs Myers when referencing the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

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    What a mind trip Interpretation is one of those stories that just makes you think and maybe double check that what you think is real still feels the same I just cannot imagine the scenario that is put forth in this story, it is oddly fascinating but at the same time horrific to consider.Carl Winston is an everyday person who starts to experience oddities that impact him physically He experiences headaches and hears noises, but they come and go, so no worries, right Until one day when he wakes up in a mental institution but it not in a place that he recognizes It is decayed beyond all reason and filthier than he could ever imagine a place being None of what he is seeing makes sense Where is the Albany that he knows Carl and all the other citizens of humanity have been living in an environment that was created under the guise of an idyllic setting, in their mind Reality was though that they were being controlled and manipulated while what was real was decaying around them Released from the mind control, Carl escapes his prison only to find questions on the outside While on the run he meets up with another like himself, named Eva, and together they set out to find the truth.I enjoyed how the story alternated between Carl s perspective and communication between the entities that are in control It really helps to understand what is actually occurring and how it came to be It is absolutely scary to think of artificial intelligence being so in control and manipulating our senses to the point that we are not aware of our own realities Although, what a mind bender to wonder if that really could happen.Interpretation is a fascinating dystopian story that has a real emphasis on psychology It makes you ponder what it really means to be human It also makes you ponder our reliance on technology and could this ever be a reality we could possibly face It is a fun and thought provoking read that will satisfy all readers who love a good science fiction dystopian read.This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Dylan Callens It is an honest and voluntary review The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.Find this review and at The Genre Minx Book Reviews

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    Although Interpretation by Dylan Callens does not come with an Orwellian Newspeak, but this book resonates a 1984 dystopia all the same Carl s son Liam is deeply engaged with a computer game This is a hologram projection of robotic constables surveilling the streets for untruthers , hunting them down to keep the streets safe Like Plato s Cave allegory, this hologram is a projection of a partial or distorted reality Hence, Plato s chained prisoners interpret the shadow on the cave wall, based on a partial reality of what they are allowed to view Carl s existential crisis rises from similar such interpretations lurking in the shadows of a fluid reality of ambiguous meanings, or perhaps within an existential simulation.

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    My new dystopian science fiction novel This one was a lot of fun although, sometimes heartbreaking to write I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it This is, in some ways, an ode to my favorite classic dystopian novels In other ways, it s a nod to psychology But mostly, it s a dark look at technology and our need to stay ever vigilant May our hope in humanity draw us closer together

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    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.In Interpretation, author Dylan Callens ventures into the world of dystopian fiction It s a risky business to steer a tale through the hazards of worn out tropes and predictable twists, but Callens manages capably with intelligence and the right amount of humor.Good dystopian fiction s main theme is always the tension caused by the impact of the progress of technology or its collapse and its impact on basic humanity, and Callens delivers a harrowing view interspersed with neat references to those who have gone before such as a product called Brave New Burger The novel begins with the protagonist, Carl, and his son, Liam, enjoying an outing together Immediately, the reader knows that all is not as it should be when the characters adopt a uniform approach to the simple act of smiling rubbery lips stretched back to the ears, eyes squinted just the right way Subtle references to Orwell s doublespeak emerge quickly with an outlawed class known as Untruthers, whom one immediately suspects know some truth that the authority wants to keep hidden.And who is the authority, anyway That is part of the puzzle facing the reader, and eventually facing Carl, as well, who awakens from the illusion presented to the general public without quite knowing how The structure of the novel gives the reader the edge over Carl in his quest to understand reality, providing snippets of conversation between different branches of the governing body and references to a past calamity that human beings have forgotten His quest, in the tradition of such dystopian fiction as Logan s Run, Fahrenheit 451, and Brave New World with a stylistic nod to Terry Gilliam s Brazil , is to rediscover and reclaim what humanity has lost Peppered with satirical jabs at commercialism and violence as entertainment, Interpretation provides a glimpse past a shiny surface perception into a bleak underlying reality.

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    This is a dystopian novel set in America All is good for Carl and Liam, living the American Dream with all the mod cons and living in essence the perfect life Too Good To Be True is a phrase that jumps to mind When Carl starts experiencing random memories, he knows something is wrong, especially after one such episode causes a blackout When he awakens he realises things are not as he thought, his first thoughts are for his son, Liam But Liam is scared of his dad and will not come anywhere near him Carl needs answers, why has this happened and what is going on His only clue is to travel north for answers It is on this journey he meets and befriends Eva, she is also in the same situation as Carl Together they will find out the truth.Technology and advancement of it are the basic premise of this plot, how we are so reliant on technology It is similar to plots that have been played out in many books and films over the years It has a feel of H.G Wells and George Orwell but with an almost cinema graphic feel to it, like Westworld or the Matrix.The one thing I really liked was the way the book was laid out, chapters between Carl and his journey alternated with that of a computer system running protocols, bios and updates I don t want to say too much about this for fear of spoilers It is set at a very good pace, and I found it a very addictive page turner.This is a psychological dystopian novel It does a very good job of playing on technological fears for the future, as well as discussing human perceptions, ir their Interpretation of what they believe This is something that has been discussed for decades, and I am sure for decades to come, as our advancement in a computer based systems increases then so does our reliance on it The story of Carl, Liam and Eva has been very well intertwined into the story, and the fact that the reader learns what is going on, often before the characters.I think this is a book for people who like dystopian genres This for me has the feel of a modern story but with classic science fiction roots It was a very enjoyable read I would like to thank the author for bringing this book to my attention My thoughts expressed here are honest, unbiased and my own.

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    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Carl Winston lives in a seemingly perfect world He s got a great life, a job he likes, and a son that he absolutely adores The only downside is that his wife died in a car accident, leaving him as a single father One day, Carl has some kind of meltdown and his surroundings dramatically change He barely recognizes his own son before he fades into darkness amid what he things is a mental breakdown.Instead of watching mankind and artificial intelligence clash with each other, Callens picks up long after AI takes over We see the thought process and messages going between the different head AI entities, as well as flashbacks to how they plotted their takeover, but this entire world is set long after they ve been in charge with no one to hold them accountable These entities have created the perfect world Food Check Water Check Fighting Check They ve done it all But what is beneath this perfect world Is it really as it seems The entities can only inspect data rather than see the world around them.I love the opening of the novel because it s clear that there is something wrong Carl is living the best life one can have, but what is really happening Then one day he sees everything as it truly is The world is filthy because everyone things they have futuristic items that clean for them Carl is shocked to discover that everything is filthy down to the towel he uses to shower, which is covered in filth and mold Everyone is unaware that they are not only hungry, but also emaciated The Entities are out of control and performing tests after seemingly solving all of humanities problems.Despite being completely shocked, Carl is actually somewhat happy He s thinking on his own for the first time and has made a few friends or did he There s a question behind everything and it s rather interesting to read and see what happens to the small group of characters we follow throughout the book Overall, the concept as given me something to think about I would definitely read this again.

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    Carl s JourneyFive Amazing StarsI was absolutely thrilled to receive this most outstanding book by my all time favourite author, Dylan Callens I was astonished, excited at this science fiction adventure A complete compilation of both fear and excitement I thoroughly enjoyed this most wonderful book As Liam approached this Father asking for to drink As Carl and his son were watching as these waves collided so forcefully at the mall People watching this sight in complete awe Both Carl and his son so excited to watch it together He smiled so happily to his son As they watched when Police Officers captured the criminal named Noah Robiner This sight was so incredible to see They continuously followed this man through and around hoping that no injuries or death is occurred Excitement grew Robiner only hoped that someone could prove his innocence Finally he was captured A man had finally hunted him down While Liam wanted the strength and ability of this man who caught him.As Carl took his son to play games in the Games rooms here at the mall So much fun and missions to keep Both Father and son were so enjoying their time together now Yet Carl now knew something was wrong As his Son asking too if he was alright They were no ready to head home He still remembered the death of his wife I thoroughly adored this most wonderful tale So marvellously written What a absolute stunner it was Such a complete winner to me I recommend this book to everyone

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    Haven t read anything like this in a very long time It was beautifully written and the narrative was flawless A little frightening at what the future may hold if AI is imbedded in every aspect of human lives.Great story, eye opening to say the least.

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