Claimed (Many Lives #4)

Claimed (Many Lives #4) Laxmi Hariharan s novel, Claimed, is book 4 in an on going saga about immortals in a world that s slowly being put back together by supernaturals after a cataclysmic event This is a standalone, but I feel like the understanding of the characters and situation would be richer if you read the previous books in the series There is even a prequel to this particular story available on Hariharan s page for free.However, I chose to read this as a standalone without reading the previous books first rebelling against my completionist brain, here What I found was an enjoyable novel about love, redemption, and second chances It s fairly fast paced, but this is madebelievable by a combination of fated soul mates and the fact that this isn t the first time the characters have met.The world building is lacking, a bit The people sort of exist in a blank space populated with a few buildings of some sort And a garden There is no talk of distance or time when moving through this space Looking out the window just gives you a view of the city, not what the city looks like With little description of anything, the world doesn t feel real to me Given that this is a city that is foreign to me in my world, I d really like to seeof it in this world.It s obvious that Hariharan put a lot of time into her characters, though Fully formed characters leap off the page Their emotions and feelings are understandable and complex Tara kind of gives you whiplash with her mood changes, sometimes, but over all she s a strong character without being pridefully stupid or delving into whiny There is no woe is me in her Kris is a throwback, and it shows As an immortal, he s older and some of the things that became ingrained into him over the ages are things that irritate, but Hariharan manages to integrate them into the relationship development between Tara and Kris without introducing angst.The whole time, the relationship is a mix of pure frustration for characters and reader and heartbreaking emotions Kris history comes back again and again to punish Tara, but it s a natural reaction and not something that feels forced or overbearing The nicknames they call each other in their heads are a perfect embodiment of their feelings for each otherthe frustration and fear of hurt mixed with the draw and seduction.Overall, Claimed lends itself nicely to the PNR genre and has some new and original ideas regarding supernaturals and the future of a world with them in it The ending is definitely refreshing and worth reading. Can You Love Again, When You Blame Yourself For The Death Of Your Mate KRISWhen Feisty Human Tara Sets Her Sights On Me, I Can T Resist Her I Ll Do Anything To Protect HerBut, When The City Of My Birth Is Attacked, I Discover My True PurposeNow, I Must Make Amends For The Events Triggered By My Family I Must Bring Peace Among Shifters, Vampires, And ImmortalsThe Only Way To Do So Is To Claim HerExcept I Have Sworn Never To Take Another For My Mate Laxmi Hariharan writes a super entertaining tale of the paranormal involving immortals, vampires, wolf and lion shifters, and of course a main witch, who is super sexy and oh so feisty with a determined mind of her own which she doesn t hesitate to show It is also a story about the strife and difficulty between families, between species, and between human hybrids But at its heart, it is a loving, erotic, sensual, and emotional charged romantic saga But oh man, the sexual tension and then the sexual acts are described in such vivid erotic detail the book nearly ignites in flames as the flames of passion are suppressed and released in the ebb and flow of the mating bond battle This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. One of the best books written by this author Physically and emotionally pullind, draining and devouring You simply can t stop reading once you begin.Tara is a fierce warrior and devoted guardian, never avoiding approaching battle, but when it comes to her personal life, she is hopeless The pull to Kris, one of the Ascendants, is almost irresistible, but Kris, driven by fear and guilt, always backs, leaving Tara almost crazy Moreover, the threats endangering Bombay are ever present, and now that Leana and Mikhail have much to think and care about, the responsibility is enormous and the need for protection escalated I really enjoyed the whole series so far, but this latest book was outstanding There was so much heart put in that So many raw, uncensored emotions And those maddening characters I though I will bang my head at the nearest wall everytime Kris pulled back, but I can t say I did not understand his motives Losing a mate is hard to forget The maddening heat and mess in their relationship might truly drive one insane if you let the emotions rule Awesome paranormal romance, definitely recommended Great book. Can you say a rollercoaster of emotions both physically and emotionally but still full out devouring I felt my thing no this is too much but I still could not put it down, everything capitvated me once again damn you Laxmi in a very good way Tara is person you can trust to be a guardian, a person who is not afraid of a battle no matter how scary it is but her personal life is a mess She has a pull to Kris a Ascendant which is irresistible, but Kris has his own demons and reason to do what he does but this also impacts Tara in a big way.This book was it cannot put it into word, you could read all the emotions from the author was put into this book And the emotions you never doubted what these people felt and every time Kris did what he did best ARGH but fully understandable A paranormal romance with hears, sweat and soul highly recommended from me Thank you Laxmi HariharanI received an ARC and I am leaving a voluntary review, but everything I write is my own opinion. Despite its flaws, I am giving this book 4 stars because of the plot Some of the language is sadly redundant There are certain words that seem to appear over and over again in this entire series when describing character s reactions to various stimuli These words include spurts which isn t used all that much, but just seems like an awful word to describe anything sexual , molten, arrow, spools, and most of all, core There may be others, but these are the ones that jumped out at me As for the story, there were some very positive things about it Character development was solid and the story was told in a clear, descriptive prose that propelled the plot at a steady pace, with the right amount of tension I like this series of stories and I plan to readof them I only wish the author would taketime to select the perfect words for every scene, maybe pull out a thesaurus. I voluntarily received an Advanced Readers Copy of this bookWhat a wild ride from page one we dive right into the action Tara and Kris Tara is a strong and fierce female human She knows what she wants and goes after it She wants Kris Kris is immortal an Ascendant He wants Tara but because of his past he is afraid he would destroy her They both are warriors on the same council to promote harmony within the species of shifters, humans, vampires, and immortals Kris is destined to have a sword that would help the council in setting up order He and Tara are attacked at two different times and the second time an irreversible change happened to Tara and Kris is captured A rogue Ascendant has captured Kris and has the sword So many changes, so much danger, many surprise as well as a wonderful romance that took time to establish An excellent read. Laxmi Hariharan s Many Lives series is paranormal fantasy romance at its best and that holds true for its book 4, Claimed Set in a well constructed world full of Witches, Shifters, Vampires, and Immortals, the battles faced by Human warrior Tara and Ascendant Kris on the field are tough but the emotional pull on Kris towards Tara is even stronger no matter how fiercely he resists it due to his fear and guilt after having lost his prior mate Poor Tara is almost driven crazy as s result but don t worry, they will get to their HEA and it s a real pleasure following along Definitely recommended. Decent 4 stars Now it s time for Kris and Tara s story Both appeared in book 1 Ascendant Redemption.Who is Kris What is his past and why he can t let himself fall for Tara He is a character that is tormented by his past, that can t let it go What will happen when he will find himself allured by strong women Tara He will be so torn in his thoughts Tara she felt something to Kris the minute she saw him, but he was trying so much to avoid her like she was a plague Why is he like that Will Tara manage to go thru his defenses And there arespecies coming Really good gripping PNR. This book was very hard to put down, it was very entertaining about the paranormal involving immortals, vampires, wolf and lion shifters, and a main witch Tara, who has a mind of her own but is feisty and she doesn t hesitate to show that feisty Kris is an immortal and they are physically and emotionally involved but Kris has some heavy hang ups concerning a mating bond It also includes family difficulties, which are very well put into words and emotionally charged It is a very enjoyable read and I would recommend this other readers I received this book for a voluntary review in my own opinion.

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[Epub] ➟ Claimed (Many Lives #4)  By Laxmi Hariharan –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 222 pages
  • Claimed (Many Lives #4)
  • Laxmi Hariharan
  • English
  • 05 August 2017

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