The Pirate Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower, #2)

The Pirate Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower, #2) It s been a little while since I ve stayed up all night and read a book Spring break was last week for my kids and with lots of projects and activities planned as a family, I hardly even sat down to read at all Not even audiobooks Well Saturday evening after all the kids were in bed, I told my hubby that I was disappearing in a book Ha I had just finished a collection of novellas that I read so piecemeal that I just wanted to sit and devour a book Now, I hadn t intended to read the whole thing in one sitting Nope Just wanted to read a few hours and then bed Well, that was one good intention that went out the window when I was hooked from the very beginning of this book and kept saying, just onechapter because I have to know what happens next I honestly did not want to set it down and wait And, what s , I didn t want the book to end.Now, I will say that there were a couple things that I wantedclarification for and something with her father didn t quite add up, or maybe I should say, it just needed a littleinfo clarification But other than a couple very minor things, this book was wonderful Unputdownable I enjoyed the first book well enough, but it didn t suck me in like this one did The story line and setting, the characters and their personalitiesjust loved it I actually want to go back it pick it up again right now.I think I might need to add a fewpirate books into my reading list in the near future I love them Captain Jack Sparrow, eat your heart out because captain Jean Luc is here to save the day Revenge, devious characters, pirate books, precocious children, loving parents and grandparent, ships galore, Havana, New Orleans, orphanage, Nuns, Islands, cannonballs, topmast, stars, friends, slaves, rag tag band of pirates er um, excuse me privateers , French, Spanish, enemies, scheming thieves, money, beauty, time, adventure and love.Mirabela Cordova is pulled away from everything she knows and loves when her father tells her that her mother and grandfather are dead and she must relocate with him Thus she finds herself crossing the ocean, caught up in a pirate attack, losing her father and joining said pirate crew Captain Jean Luc, leader of said pirate crew doesn t know what to do with this redhead precocious child who has his crew bowing to her every whim and willing to mutiny for her sake Maribela was such a fun character She begins the story at the age of 12 and is just a spitfire and a handful, but most importantly a good friend She endears many hearts to her precocious ways and becomes in a way the heart of the ship Many adventures abound until nefarious schemes are put into play and her life on the ship is turned topsy turvy.Jean Luc has many secrets and will work very hard to keep them all hidden For his safety, his family s safety, the safety of the crew, but most especially for young Maribela When schemes come against him and he loses Maribela, his life balances on the edge of death and defeat Years later everything he s believed and known will change by a chance encounter But he must work quickly to uncover the plots that have been building for years if he is to have a chance to fix what was wrong.I really enjoyed this one Hence, me staying up all nightlike ummmmmm, maybe I shouldn t tell you how late blushes Ok, I stayed up until about 2 30 I just couldn t help myself Well, actually, I read the book until 2 30 at which time I finished it Then I laid in bed thinking over and over about it and wishing that there could beI wanted , I had questions and I wanted answers It ended in a way that worked but after growing to enjoy these characters, I wantedNo, I didn t stomp my foot on the ground like a petulant child who didn t get their way Although, I might have been tempted Ha Just kidding I guess it s left to my imagination to decide what happens.Something that I didn t realize when I picked up this second book they can be read as stand alone novels at least the first two that I have read we ll see about the others when they come out , is that the characters are related Maribela is the great grandaughter of the couple from the first book So that was a fun connection There s just a very minor mention of them I am excited to see if that familial connection continues on in the third book, The Captured Bride I have the third one waiting for me as I received an ARC of it Can t wait to read it Obviously I highly recommend this book for sure A fun read that hooked me from the beginning Some reviewers have said that they didn t get hooked until Maribela was finally in New Orleans, which is almost half way through the book Nope, I was hooked right away I loved her character Innocent, naive and a spitfire that melted my heart If you re looking at reading this series, or a couple of the books, I have to say read this one for sure And probably the Captured Bride as well because Michelle Griep is a favorite author This is my first full length novel by Kathleen Y Barbo, although I think I might have read a novella by her not positive though , but it won t be my last I really enjoyed her writing style a lot If you re a fan of hers then I think you ll be in for a treat with this one.Content Clean Religious aspects throughout but it was not preachy I really enjoyed how it was woven into the story and fit perfectly for the characters and time period Mostly just talking about allowing God to judge and for us to not hold onto our anger, that he will take care of everything Some battles, on land and sea but nothing overly graphic There is some death No sexual content.I received a copy from the publisher, Barbour Publishing, via NetGalley All thoughts and opinions in the review are my own.Happy Reading Can A Former Privateer And A Determined Heiress Find Lost Treasure InPasts Collide In New Orleans When A Treasure Goes Missing One Hundred Years After Her Mother S Family Came To The New World On The Mayflower, Maribel Cordova Has Landed In New Orleans To Seek The Man Who Holds The Key To Finding Her Father S Lost Treasure Attorney Jean Luc Valmot Has Buried His Past Life So Deep That No Living Person Will Ever Find It Or So He Hopes As He Accepts A Position On The Governor S Staff But The Daughter Of An Infamous Pirate Threatens All He Holds Dear Can Maribel And Jean Luc Compromise So They Both Can Hold Onto What They Most Desire Join The Adventure As The Daughters Of The Mayflower Series Continues With The Pirate Bride By Kathleen Y BarboMore In The Daughters Of The Mayflower Series The Mayflower Bride By Kimberley Woodhouse SetAtlantic Ocean FebruaryThe Pirate Bride By Kathleen Y Barbo SetNew Orleans AprilThe Captured Bride By Michelle Griep SetDuring The French And Indian War JuneThe Patriot Bride By Kimberley Woodhouse SetPhiladelphia AugustThe Cumberland Bride By Shannon McNear SetOn The Wilderness Road OctoberThe Liberty Bride By MaryLu Tyndall SetBalti DecemberThe Alamo Bride By Kathleen Y Barbo SetTexas FebruaryThe Golden Bride By Kimberley Woodhouse SetSan Francisco AprilThe Express Bride By Kimberley Woodhouse SetUtah JulyThe Rebel Bride By Shannon McNear SetTennessee DecemberThe Blizzard Bride By Susanne Dietze SetNebraska FebruaryThe Chisholm Trail Bride By Kathleen Y Barbo April We are privateers, not pirates We operate legally under Letters of Marque, and we conduct ourselves with honor and in accordance with the laws of FranceThe Pirate Bride 2018, Barbour by Kathleen Y Barbo is second in theThe Daughters of the Mayflowerseries It is a Christian historical novel with some romance in multiple settings in the waters of the Caribbean Sea April of 1724 and on the fictional Isla de Santa Maria and New Orleans, Louisiana May of 1735 It is definitely a standalone story, linked to the previous book only in that the heroine is a descendant of a character in book one I requested The Pirate Bride from Netgalley because two of my favorite authors each have a book in this series.Rating 4 starsThe heroine Maribel Cordoba, 12, is the great granddaughter of Mary Chapman, who was the heroine ofThe Mayflower BrideThis book opens with Mirabel mourning that Mama and Abuelo were now with the angels while enroute from Spain to the Caribbean with her father Mirabel likes to keep her nose in a book especially in high places and her favorite book is The Notorious Seafaring Pyrates and Their Exploits Soon after the book opens, she ends up on a privateer s ship and spiritedly requests to become a crew member She was a wisp of a girl with flaming hair who was better at spotting and naming vessels than any man Mirabel is awesome She s very loyal, a book nerd, and full of pluck In the second half of the book, she is a 23 year old adult, but I feel it s too spoiler y to discuss that portion of the story at all.MirabelI feel like I ought to warn you about me See, what I decide to do and what I turn out to do is not always the same thing So if I don t follow orders very well right now, I would like you to know I will only get better at it the longer I keep trying I m working on it, but I ve got a long way to go Privateer Miss Maribel, you and me both You and me both.Christian elements There are a few Bible verses and some mentions of God throughout There s one point where God s voice is audible to one of the main characters Even with that, it did not feel as if God or the Bible were pervasive I wouldn t say this was Christian Lite, but it didn t feel preachy eitherJust as Mama had taught her Mirabel , she turned her fear of this unknown place that would become her new home into prayerTurning fear to prayer I love that Regarding a former slaveHow was a man who was taken prisoner at the hands of his enemies and sold into slavery able not only to forgive those men but to rise above it all and still hold on to his faith in God It made no sense Is it clean chaste Yes What I liked Part of the story is a seafaring one I liked that about The Mayflower Bride as well The main and secondary characters are great There s one character that confuses me a little bit, but everyone else is great There s a blind character in the story There s a character who I felt sure would end up being a bad egg, but that person turned out to be just the opposite Kudos to the author for fooling me so completely There s a very nice section at the end with historical notes.What I didn t like In my opinion, a person who says, I will tell no lies did so Instalove is very definitely present here I checked back, and I felt that The Mayflower Bride also had instalove, which makes me wonder whether the entire series is going to beadventure driven than romance driven In general, I think it s still possible to have a romance occurslowly and naturally, even when romance isn t the primary focus However, I do acknowledge that it would have been extremely difficult to do that in this book since Mirabel is an adult only for the second half of the story, and the romance was in maybe the last quarter This is an issue of personal preference only This book spans years, and the story skips ahead several times, once jumping by about a decade It gives the storyof an epic feel, which is not my personal preference However, it does makes sense for this particular story The bottom line The Pirate Bride is quite an adventure that held several surprises for me as a reader I recommend this book to fans of historical Christian fiction and swashbuckler tales I look forward to readingbooks by this author, and plan to read Beloved Castaway I also plan to read the next in the series, The Captured Bride by Michelle Griep. Loved the fun shipboard parts to this It s gotthan a few nods to classic swashbucklers, which I appreciated, as I m a big sucker for Sabatini and such The first two thirds was five stars, but the last third became too hurried and the ending, while satisfactory, didn t delve so deep into the characters and tied things off too fast, leaving me with a bunch of questions about what happened next I think if it had been a regular length novel with a longer,detailed ending, it would have easily gotten five stars Thanks to NetGalley and Goodreads giveaways for my free copy A favorable review was not required. This is the second book in the Daughters of the Mayflower series A wonderfully enjoyable read I enjoyed reading about this scrap of a girl, a fiery redhead I don t read many books taking place mostly on a ship let alone a privateer ship in the warm Caribbean I love following the family through American history A bit of a mystery follows the family Likable, for the most part characters , believable plot that wrapped up nicely It was refreshing to see Maribel Cordoba is not one of those prim and proper females simpering around males with her fan She was her own person and stayed true to her beliefs even though her relatives tried to change her Well done, Maribel Looking forward to the next book in this series.Pub Date 01 Apr 2018I was given a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing, Inc through NetGalley All opinions expressed are my own. This book was not quite what I expected as I thought it would be about another woman who was on the Mayflower Instead, it is about Maribel Cordoba, a descendent of Mary Chapman Lytton the heroine of Book 1 But it was a well written, high seas adventure with pirates, appealing characters, plot twists, and faith Maribel is a sweet tomboy, fiercely independent, intelligent, determined, unforgettable, and a bookworm Her favorite book is about pirates and she spends many an hour dreaming of being a member of a pirate ship crew When her much absent father spirits her away and they are forced aboard Jean Luc s privateer ship known as the Ghost Ship, her adventures begin Life takes unpredictable twists and turns for Maribel just like the rolling ocean she learned to love The romance thread was sweet with Marible dreaming often of the much older Jean Luc and, in turn, Jean Luc fighting constant memories of the independent, outspoken, I can do anything, Maribel I felt the ending was rather rushed and somewhat predictable but still, overall, this was a very enjoyable book I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley Opinions are mine alone I was not compensated for this review. Rating 4,5 starsI loved this book It was filled with adventure, humour, fun memorable characters and twists I did not see coming Maribel was a fun, independent, adventurous 12 year old and later 23 year old women I loved her love for books and adventure and how she stayed true to herself, even though society saw things different when she came to New Orleans.Jean Luc was a dashing spirited character I enjoyed all his adventures and especially the scenes with him as a privateer I adored Abigail, she brought such a different atmosphere with her care and truthfulness The ending was a bit of a let down I was expecting a bitaction.The other reason for deducting 0.5 stars, is that the synopsis gives me an entirely different expectation for the story than what it was actually about From the summary, I expected a exciting treasure hunt type of story line.I will definitely readfrom this author This was the first book I ve read from her and really enjoyed her style.Recommended to fans of Historical fiction filled with adventure I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Books through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. I loved the adventure in this book I learned the important difference between a pirate and a privateer, and loved Maribel s enthusiasm for her adventure at sea The story begins with a young Maribel being kidnapped by her absentee father who is being chased by the infamous privateer Captain Jean Beaumont Her immediate allegiance to Jean was interesting, and he and his crew couldn t help but be won over by her bright and frank personality There are politics, skirmishes, and intense battles that led to unexpected plot twists The pace was swift but felt a bit disjointed as the author took large jumps forward in time and switched perspectives unevenly I enjoyed Maribel s spunky character immensely and felt that she was very well written Jean s motivations for privateering were murky until the very end of the book, and I felt like it was a bit harder to get to know him, that the depths of his characters weren t fully explored, although he is likeable enough I appreciated that this story veered from the usual clich s and took me on an adventure that kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next I received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions in this review are my own The Daughters of the Mayflower series Book 1 The Mayflower BrideBook 2 The Pirate Bride The Pirate Bride worked as a stand a lone since each of the other books will feature different time periods Future books in this series will be published throughout the rest of this year and will feature different authors These books of faith present stories of love, historical settings, high adventure, and family trees.Jean Luc Valmont first met Maribell Cordoba during the conflicts between Spain and France Or was that France and Spain They were always flipping back and forth between being at peace and at war Maribell, 12 years old, watched the notorious pirate privateer, Captain Jean Beaumont and his Ghost Ship, take their Spanish ship Venganza and its treasure Her father, whom she barely knew, was lost in the struggle She then spent time on the Ghost Ship along with its Captain and crew I loved these guys As supporting characters, they made the story It would have been dry toast without them Those that were killed during the conflicts I grieved their loss.But then Maribell s adventure came to an end France had a warrant for the capture of Captain Jean Beaumont and after a battle to take him, she was lost and presumed dead Later, the unconscious child was rescued and taken to a convent to be raised by the nuns Our story then jumps eleven years into the future where she was now a teacher at the convent, with vague memories of her adventures on the high seas Little did she know that her past was about to come for her along with the secrets held these many years This story was like a canoe riding on the surface of the water It never went deeper with its emotions and feelings and was rather bland in the romance department It was like ordering ice cream I was expecting Rocky Road and got Vanilla instead I just didn t get this couple I didn t feel the romance between our two main characters I realize this was a faith based story but even the Bible can curl your hair if you read the right chapters It is possible to be romantic without being sleazy.A lot of the drama happened off the page and we were just told about it All the elements were there, but just couldn t seem to pull it together It jumped about I had trouble knowing who the bad guys were and who were the good The ending was rushed and I m still not clear what happened Like I said it happened off the page and someone came running to tell our main characters hey, it s OK now Really I volunteered to read an unedited galley from the publisher and NetGalley The views expressed are my own The projected publishing date is April 1, 2018. Though this is the second installment in the Daughters of the Mayflower series, it can easily be read as a stand alone novel.This book offers the reader a fantastic adventure on the high seas Pirates, political intrigue, family secrets and romance make this a fast paced enjoyable read I loved the feisty heroine, Mirabel The hero, Jean Luc inspires unfailing loyalty Although this book appears to be a quick, entertaining read, don t miss the spiritual thread woven throughout Some of my favorite quotes were insightful and held meaning for this reader One of my favorite quotes by a young Mirabel, What I decide to do and what I turn out to do is not always the same thing So if I don t follow orders very well right now, I would like you to know I will only get better at it the longer I keep trying I m working on it but I ve got a long way to go Favorite quote spoken to Jean Luc So when you ask me to take you down a path where you will very likely addscars to the ones you ve collected I follow your lead because you are my friend and my captain, but I do not follow that lead willingly I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author publisher I was not required to write a review All opinions expressed are my own.

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