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Knowledge Revealed After A Tragedy, Charlotte Duncan Moves To The Small Town Of Puckhaber Falls The Unexpected Kindness Of The Residents Catches Her By Surprise, And One Day, A Fateful Accident Introduces Her To Lucas TineCharlotte Finds Herself Drawn To This Man For Reasons She Cannot Understand What Is It About Lucas That She Finds So Difficult To Ignore As Time Passes, She Uncovers Lucas S Ancient Past And Reveals Secrets Of Her Own

D.S Williams is the author of a number of books, including the supernatural romance series, The Nememiah Chronicles and paranormal romance suspense, Protective Hearts.When D.S is not writing as D.S Williams, she also dabbles in erotic romance under the pseudonym Leah Dempster.A prolific reader and writer, D.S has been writing since the time she was five years old, and spends most of her days

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  • 09 July 2017

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    I could not finish it i gave it 27% It was a bad version of twilight Almost exactly the same. almost word for word you have a Rosalie type character a quirky Alice character who gets premonitions a Bulky Emmett a caring Esme and of course Edward and Bella..Her scent intoxicates himwhen he fed from humans he fed from the dregs of society i think or less the exact wording in twilight Hes is now a animal only vamp. Small town Imagine the finest wine in the world It has the most delicate, beautiful perfume you have ever experienced The bouquet is beyond description You are that wine to me Sound familiar An its not Just that it all seems to be happening at same pace and order as Twilight, Except for Gwynn Rosalie We find out she envy s humans and hates Charlotte early on.The only Difference is Bella or Charlotte is suicidal I ve tried to kill myself any number of times, but I ve failed every time but after two years of trying to kill herself she still hasn t managed.22%To Lucas Edward when i thought about not seeing you any i felt depressed and unhappy Because obviously being suicidal made her the poster child of happiness and contentment. After this i gave it a few pages ThenNope Im Done

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    I couldn t even finish this book Once again, I m searching for a new paranormal romance urban fantasy series to read I ve just finished two excellent series well, not finished but I am waiting for the next books to come out but meanwhile I am that stage where I am going to Goodreads and looking up what recommendations they have for me My process is to go through the recommended books that they have listed for me and click on them to read what it is about If it sounds interesting, I read a few reviews about it and see how many stars people are giving it Then once, I find a series that has at least four or five books already written in the series, I go buy it and download it from The last two series were recommended to me by a blog reader who obviously has excellent tastes Anyway, I ve read a few books now but haven t really liked anything so far.But this book takes the cake on awful I did my homework and everyone was saying it was a good series They said it was similar to the Twilight saga which I liked.really, I don t care what other people say about it and how everyone is always making fun of it, I thoroughly enjoyed the series What the reviewers didn t say is that this is almost an exact replica of Twilight but subpar by far Ha Look at that, I rhymed Girl moves into small new town Girl meets mysterious gorgeous man Mysterious man saves her from evil vampire attack and introduces her to the group of non violent, animal blood drinking vampires who all live with together There s the spunky girl who has visions of the future There s the unfriendly girl who doesn t want the human girl around because she is jealous that she is still human and she wishes she were still human All of the other vampires in the household are extremely friendly and helpful It s really gag inducing how similar it is to Twilight The only thing different was that the lead female character wants to kill herself for some horrific mysterious reason But it was boring than anything else The only thing that made me hold on as long as I did, was because I wanted to find out what caused her to want to kill herself As soon as I did, I stopped reading It just seemed like there was no plot and everyone was just too nice and helpful to Charlotte, the lead character It was just too strange especially since Charlotte is kind of a standoffish bitch She came into the town not wanting to become close to anyone because she was going to kill herself or move on after a month or two if she didn t manage to off herself But everyone seemed to want to become friends with her The checker at the market wanted to become instant friends with her The craft store owner agrees to sell her paintings in his store and starts having coffee with her regularly every week then invites her over for the holidays with he and his wife Then after the evil vampire attack, when Charlotte meets all the vampires, they all gather around her like little kids around a birthday cake wishing her well and doing everything they can to help her get better Everyone was so sickly sweet and helpful It was just unbelievable as heck I quit reading about 1 3rd of the way through just after she reveals what happened to her to want to make her kill herself I think the author should have started to set up some dangerous background plot or some kind of antagonistic force before the 30% mark and before she revealed Charlotte s past to keep readers interested If there was a plot or anything interesting that happened beyond this point, I don t know because I just couldn t push myself to read any I hope everything turns out okay for I mean,

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    Upon beginning this book it starts off very slowly working your way into the story bit by bit leaving you only as knowledgeable as you need to be to keep reading It did not pull me in hard really until about chapter six I would say I was intrigued but them you learn Lucas secret And then there s And I thought for a moment it was gonna be very Twilight esque now before you take that as a bad thing I love the twilight saga Not so much for sparkly vampires but the plot and love storynicely done But I was so very wrong Charlotte is a very out spoken woman when she chooses to be that is lol After the story had me sucked in I kept wondering if Lucas and Charlotte would be able to have normalcy to their thing But still haven t gotten that answered Lol The backstory and how I got to know every character on an intimate non sexual mind you lol level was amazing D.S Williams does an awesome job at making you feel like these characters are your close personal friends And when she walked out you would have thought I was watching a football game by the way I was acting lol My heart ached for them both age then I loved I repeat LOVED learning aboutCharlotte I was just reading along and sharp gasp suddenly came from me and my friends thought I had discovered the secret of Atlantis lol I was in shock D.S Williams doesn t let this story ride out in a flat line she makes sure that you re hanging along for every bump and turn in the road no matter how fast Lucas is driving hehe Then I m reading suspense filled and biting my nails waiting to find out what s gonna happen and. CLIFFHANGER Omg I definitely will be diving into book 2 The Nememiah Chronicles Knowledge Quickening as soon as I can get to it and fit it into my schedule

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    What a tragedy to happen to someone so young Isn t it ironic that at a time when all you wanted to do was die you ended up making friends Lucas s idea of asking simple questions so he and Charlotte can know each other better was a great way of making Charlotte feel comfortable Does Charlotte decide it s best to end it and meet up with everyone on the other side or does she stay on this realm Confusion is now sitting in how would you react if you came across the supernatural I have pondered this thought myself quite a few times in all honesty I don t know how I would react.As Charlotte was introduced to the different other people I had to laugh at Striker and Ripleys interaction There were other times I laughed out loud when Ripley made a comment I was in fits of giggles when Charlotte found out Strikers real name and what his mother wanted him to do Charlottes gift is amazing and what she gave back to the Kiss to substitute for Christmas presents words could not express how they appreciated the gift Sometimes deciding what was best for everyone else so you did not cause them pain is not necessarily the best choice Like all new relationships there is a lot to learn about each other It was great to at last see some sunshine come into Charlotte s life All was going great at the wedding until Charlotte was taken Book 3 The Nememiah Chronicles Knowledge Quickening is a must read to see what happens next in this great sage.

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    First up, I l say if you re an adult who enjoyed Twilight, you ll definitely enjoy this It has the same doomed love concept that drew me to the Stephenie Meyer s first book a vampire trying to be good who falls in love with a human As a result, this book does have strong elements in common with the Twilight series But Charlotte is no Bella Swanand Lucas is adult than Edward the eternal sulky teenager.Charlotte has her own secrets, both from her past and in her present, and these make for interesting twists as the story progresses More than once, she takes matters into her own hands, for better or worse, and she s firmly aware of the consequences of her actions.Lucas has all the sex appeal you d expect of a vampire hero one who truly does make a girl s heart beat faster Yet he s not a controlling basatard, either, or he d never have a hope with the independent Charlotte.This ends on a well crafted cliffhanger that will leave you wanting to read the next book immediately, as it did me A well deserved five stars.

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    Once started, I couldn t put down The Nememiah Chronicles Knowledge Revealed By D S Williams I bought the book first in series of four because of the cover, and knowing very little about the author or the genre The story is very quick paced and I flipped the pages to see what would happen next to Charlotte Duncan Why was she trying to kill herself Who was Lucas Tine and why was he so mysterious I read about ten percent of the book before I got some answers, and I was quite surprised.The story then becomes complex with characters and plot There is tension, romance, and twists I couldn t put the book down When the book ended, I moaned it is a cliff hanger and then ran to the computer to download the second book to see what happens to Charlotte.I would have rated this 5 stars on the basis of the story, but the book needs editing If you can over look the grammar, D S Williams will enchant you with this tale.

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    Hey, what do you mean to be continued I want to know now what s going to happen But seriously, great read I was a bit sceptical at first because of the underdog girl falks in live with astonishingly good vampire , but really the story is well told and had be captured completely The only reason why I m not giving the full 5 stars is that a Charlotte was a bit toowhiny at parts and b she s getting hit with stuff that turns the world she knows upside sown and mostly is accepting it too readily for my taste But that s my personal opinion

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    Agh Cliffhanger Luckily I have the second book in the series, which I will be starting right away The author sets up an interesting world with characters who each have their secrets Some of them are deadly and some of them are meant to be shared I enjoyed the fact that the Heroine was struggling against herself and her circumstances once she finds something to fight for, it s on I recommend this book to paranormal fans everywhere and am ready to start reading the next one

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    I enjoyed this story While it bore a certain superficial resemblance to another famous vampire novel, this one was much better written The characters had depth and personality, the pacing was excellent, and it was vividly descriptive If, like me, you thought the sparkly vampire book wasn t too good, but the underlying idea had merit, try this one I think you ll find it quite appealing.

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    I absolutely loved this book..I started reading and couldn t stop I was madly trying to fit in a chapter here and there, whenever I had the chance, until I finished the next day Then I was left wanting MORE..loved the characters and the twist and turns I didn t see coming Highly recommend.

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