Dreams Implant

Dreams ImplantDAVID BOWMAN Owns A Successful Advertising Agency In New York And Is At Top Of His Game He Loves His Wife ALEXIS And Their Daughter APRIL He Is Very Protective When It Comes To His Family In The Professional Sphere He Is Not Only Successful But Also Kind Hearted And Helpful In Nature But He Is Haunted By A Nightmare Where He Meets With An Accident And His Wife Is Killed What Jolts Him Is When He Reads The Accidents Of His Ex Colleagues And Batch Mates Wives Deaths In A Similar Incident He Felt Something Was Common In These Instances And Thus, Went Out To Investigate These Incidences He Travels To Chicago, Florida And San Francisco In Pursuit Of The Truth And Tries To Find A Link Between His Nightmare And The Accidents His Hope Lay On DENSIE In Finding The Answers He Soon Discovers That His Wife And Daughter Have Been Kidnapped He Is Helped By MARTHA, A Private Detective And A Former Associate Of His Lawyer Wife Alexis In Pursuit Of Finding Both Alexis And April His Only Lead Was JANE, His Secretary And The Answers He Finds, Reveal A Sinister Purpose Behind The Nightmare Than He Ever Could Have Imagined

NY Literary Magazine 2017 Best Story Award NomineePartho Bose was born and raised in New Delhi and is a management graduate He has been an advertising professional and professor He has been part of many successful campaigns in his lifetime Partho s favorite past time is reading thriller novels He thinks himself to be the best example of armchair adventurer though his favorite outing to unwind

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  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Dreams Implant
  • Partho Bose (NY Literary Magazine 2017 Best Story Award Nominee)
  • English
  • 09 May 2017
  • 9789386148674

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    What do you do when you are haunted by a nightmare and it won t leave you alone Do you voice your anxiety or just contemplate this nightmare is temporary and it will pass in no time What if you knew there is some connection, some hidden mystery that you must solve lest your family goes into the maw of peril and predicament As a family man, your priority is your wife, your kids For David, nothing is above the safety of his family When he s troubled by a malicious dream, he cannot help thinking there is a link, an enigma that needs to be solved Until it is done, there is no stopping him.But these kind of tasks are never too easy Danger awaits you patiently How it turns out for David is than shocking and gives goosebumps David s journey is a must check out The title suits the book very much.The author has surprised me with the words and concept of this book A perfect, engaging and enthralling ride on a Sunday afternoon I recommend it highly to thriller readers.

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    I read it second time and loved it even the second time

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    The book is fantastic and unique It holds attention till the very end A must read

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    wow what a book After a long time I read this kind of thriller With every changing plot, the story seems interesting It can make the reader hooked up with its superb story telling With simple language, the author described the whole story brilliantly.Another strong aspect of this book is the strong Characterizations Really a must read book

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    I am a big fan of Mystery dramas and this book is one of the best to have gotten published this year I did not expect too much of a debut author, but it completely exceeded my expectations It definitely deserves a read.

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    Dreams Implant is one of the best thrilers I have come across by an Indian Author The writing is crisp and the plot is gripping It s a must read for all mystery novel lovers

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    Thriller and mystery is something that I love to read These kind of books keep me hooked on to them until I finish reading the very last page I just cannot keep myself away from reading such books and end up reading the entire book in one sitting.I finished reading Dreams Implant in one sitting The book kept me hooked on to it until the end I enjoyed reading this book.The story is an unusual one You tend to make an opinion that the story could be one thing but it will surprise you with some thing else The plot is unpredictable The language is simple and lucid The narration is done in third person and is done quite well It is engaging The characters aren t many They are crafted well You will feel that you ve a connection with the characters The mystery is perfectly maintained But I felt that the ending was rushed The length of the story could have been increased.Dreams Implant is a great treat for mystery and thriller lovers.I rate Cover 3 5Characters 3 5Story 4 5I rate Dreams Implant with 3.5 5 stars.

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    Dreams Implant by Partho Bose is a psychological thriller keeps you glued to it until you finish it The cover is simple and the blurb does the justice with the content Coming to the title, I would say it is the first impression that coerces one to pick up the book in the first place Have you ever wondered that if a dream could be manually and deliberately planted in your brain Sounds quirky, right But yes, this book has the phenomenon of establishing a dream in a human brain through certain procedures at its core This concept itself is enough to attract a reader towards the book.The bar of the language has been kept high enough and the proper sequence of events and right placement of words just plays along to engage the reader As you move with the flow of the story, you find love, betrayal, science, faith, and conspiracy interspersed beautifully to weave a complete story I would praise the author for his idea of the plot, developing it with a unique theme and to improvising it so well that kept me hooked to it.The character portrayal of David, the protagonist, is captivating Moreover, each minute detail pertaining to the characters as well as the plotline is fantastic.How fanciful the idea of getting a dream implanted in our complex human brain appears to be and the book does all justice with it I loved the thrill, the mystery and the darkness enveloping the beast the mind Anyone who wants to explore the dark fiction must go for this book

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    A tale of thriller mystery always has its own place in English fiction When it holds a deep suspense with so many twists and turns being packed from top to bottom of the page, will stir you even Such a tale is Dreams Implant by the author Partho Bose The novel opens with David Bowman, the protagonist, who wakes up from an unbelievable dream, in which he sees Alexis and him have met with an accident and she dies This dream is the seed of the novel, from where the story then sprouts up David Bowman is a successful businessman and has a lovely family His wife Alexis and daughter April love him much and so does he Their life is fulfilled with happiness until something worse happens David Bowman is shell shocked when he discovers that the death of the wives of his three friends have happened just as the same as his dream David is completely shocked and to find what s happening in his life, he hunts for the truth He tries to untie each knot, where Jane, his secretary who loves him unconditionally, accompanies him David is confused whether the incidents are just coincidence or something serious than that.When the truth is uncovered, we will be thrilled to know who exactly the person is Deep below the mystery of the tale, betrayal is hidden, which will surprise you The story revolves around the main characters such as Jane Price, Harris Steve, Harry, Chet, Jack, Martha Stone, Stacy The author has penned the story with an international narration, involving foreign land., which is an added cherry to the cake Every nook and corner is pinched with suspense, which has made the tale a nail biting novel When light is thrown over the darkness of the mystery in the climax part, the title Dreams Implant is justified.

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    Review I really loved the book Lot S of twist and turns in the book Twists were unimaginable Awesome story and intelligent narration Awesome suspense thriller, couldn t keep it down till the last page David Bowan owns a successful advertising company in New York He loves his family David is very helpful in nature He is haunted by nightmares The ups and downs of David life His nightmares related with his friends wives death He soon discovered that his wife and daughter have been kidnapped by someone The truth and tries to find a link between his nightmares and the accident I m head over heels in love with this amazing mystery thriller Read this book in 6 hours Good story and good ending I like short length story Cover 3 5Story 5 5Narration 4 5Presentation 4 5Overall 4 5

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