Dead Is Good (Charlie & Rose Investigate, #3)

Dead Is Good (Charlie & Rose Investigate, #3) A Woman Opens Fire On The North Hollywood Police Precinct And Is Almost Immediately Shot Dead By The LAPD Another Woman Throws Herself Off The Edge Of Santa Monica Pier One Is Suicide, One Is Art Welcome To The World Of Charlie Rose, Everyone S Favourite Ghost Detectives Summoned Once Again From The Afterlife, And Cursed By Death To Only Ever Be On Lookers Into The Lives Of The Living, Charlie And His Dog Companion Rose Do Their Best To Protect The Only Woman Charlie Has Ever Loved Life, It Seems, Is Much Complicated Than Death, And Very Quickly Charlie Rose Find Themselves Attempting To Untangle A Complicated And Deadly Web Of Suicide, Art, Drug Gangs And The Illegal Sweat Shops Of Downtown Los Angeles Praise For Dead Is GoodDead Is Good Is A Metaphysical Detective Novel A Meditation On The Meaning Of Life And Of Death It S Also An Evocative And Wickedly Funny Portrait Of Los Angeles, A City Whose Disparate Communities Barely Seem To Connect But Connect They Do, And Perry Draws The Line Between Exploited Downtown Garment Workers And Ostentatious Beverly Hills McMansions With The Sarcastic, Chronically Dissatisfied Charlie And His Sweet Tempered Dog, Rose As Our Guides Sure, They Re Both Dead, But They Live And Breathe As Characters Whom You Want So Much To Find Some Form Of Peace And Happiness I Can T Wait For Their Next Case Lisa Brackmann, Critically Acclaimed Author Of The Ellie McEnroe Novels, Rock Paper Tiger, Hour Of The Rat, Dragon Day , Getaway, The Go Between And Others Jo Perry S DEAD IS GOOD Is The Best Book Yet In A Solid Gold Series Funny, Sad, Suspenseful, And Totally Original They Re Set In A World In Which The Dead Can Observe The Living Including Those They Love But Can T Lend A Hand And Her Often Beautiful Prose Is Uniquely Her Own Timothy Hallinan

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  • Dead Is Good (Charlie & Rose Investigate, #3)
  • Jo Perry
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  • 06 December 2018

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    Dead Is Good is Jo Perry s third novel and the latest installment in her series that follows the cynical Charlie and the loyal canine Rose in their attempts to solve crime and bring justice to those who deserve it on the mean streets of LA In this story, the pair strive to unravel the mystery of a haunting, deliberately public suicide by cop The only issue is both Charlie and Rose are dead themselves.Charlie was the victim of a road rage incident three years ago, and in death he is as dissatisfied, irreverent, and sarcastic as he was in life Rose is a sweet tempered, ever faithful dog whose miserable life ended in an extreme state of hunger and thirst and isolation In death, she has found Charlie and is his sage companion in the void of the afterlife in which he is stuck Together, they set about uncovering the events that led the young woman to kill herself in such a shocking way.This supernatural detective procedural is suspenseful, poignant, and darkly funny The mystery is straightforward, but the fascinating twist is that the protagonists cannot do anything with the information they uncover, locked as they are in a lonely realm where they can bear witness to the living world but not interact with it While this might sound like it makes for a passive telling, I was engrossed in Charlie s desperation to find out why his lost love the sister of the woman who committed suicide by cop is in danger I was pulled along in Charlie s and Rose s pursuit of the tangled threads that led to the snarled heart of the seedy side of LA, the part of LA that is rife with drug rings, illegal sweatshops, and animal smuggling And I glanced over at my own canine companion when reading of Rose s patient, gentle lessons to Charlie and wondered what my dog may be trying to tell me at times.The strength of Perry s writing lies in her authentic characters, even as they are ghosts in her prose that is in turns pointed, witty, and poetic and in her deft handling of a nuanced setting Perry s Los Angeles is gilded and tarnished, rich and destitute, colourful and grim, artistic and desperate The pithy chapters, each with a memorable epigraph, kept me turning the pages.This is an immersive tale, and the mystery does not hide the fact that the story is a philosophical study of love and death, a pondering on the fact that life is sweet and cruel And that death which brought Rose and Charlie together is good Highly recommended for fans of detective novels with a humorous, supernatural, philosophical twist.

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    The third in the series following the challenges of the dead when they would really like to intervene in the affairs of the living but can t In Charlie s case the only woman he ever loved is in danger of being killed in this case study.I still think the concept is charming but admit to enjoying the first two books than this third one There was a great deal of action that was on and off confusing in the midst of pinatas and social causes as Charlie and Rose investigate why the sister of the woman he loved arranged for her own suicide by cop as witnessed by Charlie and Rose Charlie finds his despicable brother involved peripherally by being a drug customer of the gang featured in this tale.I also think I am just a tad strung out on the f word and plan to avoid books with limited vocabulary choices ButI did enjoy the ride.I continued to like the quotes at the beginning of each chapter, e.g Our dead are never dead to us until we have forgotten them George Eliot

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    This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader. Oh, and after all this time I learned something else about being dead.Death is failure.Death is loss.Everything who you are, what you know goes Whoever you thought you were, you weren t and you re not.When he was alive, Charlie Stone was married multiple times to pretty horrible women if we re to believe him and we might as well, he seems pretty upfront and honest about this kind of thing , not that he was any catch, either But he really only loved one person, Grace Morgan Grace broke things off with Charlie and moved on with her life, but apparently after hearing about his murder, she was moved to change her approach to art deciding to challenge the audience, forcing them to realize how close to death they are Yeah, it sounds pretty silly and pretentious to me, but heythat s not the important part of the story Maybe if we got examples of her art, I d care and maybe even understand What is important about Grace, for our purposes, is that her life is in danger, it s because of this danger that Charlie and Rose have been brought from their afterlife limbo back to Earth The book opens with one of the blatant suicide by cop scenes you ve ever read, which is intended to serve as protection for Grace It doesn t work out, or the book would be really short Powerless to do anything but watch and hope things turn out okay, Charlie and Rose travel around L.A discovering for themselves what it was that endangered Grace in the first place which brings them into a world of drugs, sweatshop workers, deceptive pi atas, and smuggled birds.This is a very tangled story, it takes Charlie quite a while to put the pieces together Rose has her own priorities in this mess and spends some time away from Charlie, unwilling to turn her focus on his behalf The way that this criminal enterprise is eventually revealed to work not only seems like something that really exists, but is revealed in a way that is narratively satisfying.Charlie will tell his readers over and over that there s no character growth in death that s nonsense Post mortem Charlie is a much emotionally mature and self sacrificing kind of guy than pre mortem Charlie was In this book we see him come to or at least acknowledge a greater and deeper understanding of what love is, and what he allowed his previous relationship to become It may not do him any good in the afterlife, but Charlie is better for it, and in someway we can hope that Grace is better off having gone through all this, so that whatever life has in store for her can be tackled face on.I love these characters even while we readers don t fully understand their circumstances, how they know where to go, what brings them to this world at certain times Even while they don t have much better of an idea than we do at least Charlie doesn t I love how while they can t interact with their environment, the people they see and events they watch unfold, they are driven to find answers, driven to care about what s happening There s something about that compulsion and success they have in figuring things out that matters than when Bosch or Spenser or Chin and Smith put all the pieces together to thwart someone.This wasn t as amusing as previous installments, but it was just as satisfying maybe so For a good mystery with oddly compelling characters, once again, look no further than Jo Perry.The L.A County Department of Medical Examiner Coroner has a gift shop Why isn t anyone investigating this It may be real, it may be popular and legal But surely that s a crime against tact, right

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    This is the third installment of the Charlie and Rose investigations, in which a ghost and a ghost dog float around LA trying to solve mysteries If that sounds a bit bonkers, don t panic This is not a premise for a wacky cosy crime novel, but for a noir y exploration of solving mysteries when you can t actually tell anyone or influence events.I would have read this in one sitting if I could but my train got to my destination and I had to go to work I liked the previous books in the series, but I liked this This time Charlie is trying to keep his ex girlfriend alive and figure out why she s in danger but without actually being able to do anything about it My only gripe is that it all seemed to wrap up very quickly at the end The details about Los Angeles life for the rich are great and Charlie is an engaging central character I could have read another 50 pages.

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    A truly engaging, suspenseful read It was thrilling to follow Charlie and Rose s investigations again and watch them discover what the living are not able to see I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a surprising and unconventional mystery.

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    This is the third book in the Charlie Rose Investigate series, and let me tell you, although this series started out amazing, it just keeps getting better and better Dead is Better is the first, and Dead is Best is the second And, although you don t necessarily have to read them in order, I d recommend doing so It ll help you get a better hold on the story behind the lives and deaths of the heroes, Charlie Rose.Jo Perry has perfected this series down to an art form In keeping with the first 2 books in the series, each chapter starts with a death related quote from someone famous Some of my favorites in this book came from William Wordsworth, Eric Idle, the Dalai Lama, and Derek Farrell who s another wonderful Fahrenheit Press author You ll find the writing and storylines to be unique, and the heroes, too But the stories in this series are than just stories they each envelop themes of justice that are intertwined with important moral philosophies and social inequities This 3rd book is no exception, and one of the characters in the story is even quoted as being crazily committed to social justice If you follow Jo Perry on Twitter, you ll quickly learn that she also has a strong sense of ethics and morals and a great desire for social justice But she also tells it like it is in her books Despite her often poetic writing style, she doesn t sugarcoat the harsh realities Some parts of her stories will shock you, break your heart even like the parts in this book that relate to injustices against animals and people She also very expertly combines elegant writing with curse words to an extent that will make you start to think they re meant for each other.Her intense love of animals shines through in her writing, too and not just in the overall animal related storylines, but also in how the animals behaviours fit into the stories Through Rose, Jo Perry does a wonderful job of highlighting how dogs in particular pick up on cues around them to help read the environment Cues from people, for instance, that help dogs recognise our emotional states like when Rose became distressed hearing a baby crying in this story And even cues from other animals, ones that people including Charlie might miss which Rose also picks up in this story no spoilers.There s a quote from Stephen Levine at the start of one of the chapters that especially caught my eye, because I feel it really sums up the whole Charlie Rose series for me Death is just a change in lifestyles As you read these books, you ll see how lifestyle changed for both of our heroes after death definitely for the better for Rose, and I d say also for the better for Charlie In his own mind, he s an unlikely hero he s very self effacing, often talking about what a failure he was in life, and how he has nothing to show for having lived But, now, here he is dead, but heroic, helping to solve crimes with his 4 legged partner He s certainly making up for lost time and opportunities, doing good deeds for society If there were justice, said Charlie, in Dead is Good, Rose s suffering in life would have earned her admittance to a spectral dog park complete with a ghostly hot dog vendor if there were such a place or entrepreneur in the afterlife.

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    3rd in the series Again Charles and Rose are drawn into the world of the living because one of his ex wives is in danger And again they are confounded by the inability to interact or alter anything in the living world Charles also learns that death does not alter his emotions PS While I liked reading this book, I was often distracted by its lack of proofreading I hope the author or publisher takes a close look at the text before reprinting.

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    I m a big fan of Jo Perry s loose style and her humour and I love Charlie and his ghost dog, the beautiful and so perceptive Rose I really enjoyed this third installment up until the end which I felt was too rushed Looking forward to number four

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    What s not to love about a dead dog This is book 3 in the series, and I really enjoyed it Quotes about death start every chapter, which I love, morbid as that sounds Charlie and Rose are a great team They may be dead, but that doesn t stop them trying to figure out the living Unusual and fun, these books are great reads Highly recommended

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