Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series, #2)

Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series, #2) Uncertain Whether She Is Human Or Not, Helena Is Forced To Undergo New Nightmares While Her Mental Battle Continues With A Demon Called Lazarus Without Her Guardian Angel To Protect Her, She Is Left To Rely On Vampires Who Have Their Own Reasons For EverythingThe Attraction Between Her And Lucious Grows, Whether It Is A Side Effect Of The Soul Bond They Share Or Of Their Own Volition Yet, How Can They Be Certain With The Help Of Her New Friends, They Must Seek Out A Demon Gate And Enter The Demon Realm To Stop Lazarus From Claiming Her And Lucious Souls But, Will They Succeed Or Perish As The Only Weapon That Can Kill A Demon Has Been Lost Centuries Ago

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[Read] ➵ Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series, #2)  Author May Freighter –
  • ebook
  • 503 pages
  • Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series, #2)
  • May Freighter
  • English
  • 14 October 2018

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    received an arc in exchange for an honest review Another great story by May Freighter Filled with action, secrets, romance and vampires, Helena learning if she s human or not without her guardian angel The banter between Helena and Lucious is so quick, I love how he looks at her when she doesn t notice Five stars

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    Who would have thought Vampires might be our better angels The second installment of the Helena Hawthorne series finds our protagonist in quite a difficult situation Helena is put to the test beyond psychological endurance Not only is she finding stuff about herself that is raising doubts about things taken as a given her humanity, for one , but her token of protection is out of the picture When placed between a rock and a hard place, or in this case, between demonic forces and obliteration It s time to rely on an unexpected vampire ally that might or not become something There are certain requirements when writing paranormal romance, details that separate this category from other novels of romantic pursuits It s something I like to call the edge that feeling that, as an audience, we will never settle in safe ground May Freighter s book is a reminder of that cardinal rule Oh, Helena I want to root for you and Luscious but I can never forget what we are dealing with This is an amazing addition to this series And just like with the first book I want .

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    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.The second book of Helena Hawthorn adventures was as good as the first with plot twists after twists, charcters highly colored and a good balance of descriptions and adventures.After being introduced to the vampires and saint, Helena confronts with the demon hunting her dreams In her fight for her reason she makes friends that could even be family and is gambling with the devil to stay alive She mights loose than what she bargained for and makes ennemy than she can contains As for Lucious he discover that using Helena is far from easy especially when his feelings and history get in the way.

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    The book as I can say it is another masterpiece of the best author ever I am very pleased as the main character pulled through every problem She faced it with courage and bravery that not many possesses I think that the one time isn t enough to satisfy my thirst for reading this book I recommend Demon Gates It is not possible to not have it in the collection of the best fantasy Demon Gates is must on everyone s shelves in the small flats or the biggest libraries.

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    It was better than the first.

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    As intriguing as book 1 I really like this series The storyline is unpredictable unlike other series I ve read in this genre Eagerly awaiting book 3

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    Helena is up to her neck in trouble Lazarus is intent on trying to claim Lucious and her bonded soul Helena and Lucious are going to have to travel to the demon realm and fight him But this is not going to be easy as Helena has learned that she may not be human and she starts doubting herself She can t really on Michael to help her and must accept the help from the vampires But they have their own plans for her Helena has some seriously tough challenges in front of her but she steps up and marches through them like a true hero I loved Lucious and how he is falling for Helena and finding it harder to just use her for his own gains And have to say that Alexander drives me up the wall with his behavior sometimes but you can tell that Lucious and Alexander have had each other s backs for a long time The you learn about the both of them the I enjoyed reading about them.This series is going strong with a great story, lots of twists and turns, and still not fully knowing who Helena can trust I love it and strongly recommend it.I received Demon Gates from Silver Dagger Book Tours for free This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

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    3 Degrees Of Fiction Review Group4 STARSDemon Gates is the second book in the Helena Hawthorn series It follows the life of Helena as she tries to stay alive while dealing with a crazy demon, a bond with a handsome vampire, strange and warm feelings for said vampire, the anger and sarcasm of the vamp s best friend, and so much Honestly, I don t even know how she can stand all the drama that constantly knocks are her door I would have probably shouted my lungs out if I had to face half of what she did It kind of makes me admire her, though I wish she didn t give Lucious such a hard time Then again, I have always been a softie when it comes to alpha heroes with a protective side In this book, I kind of got mad at Andrew There were times when I wanted to slap him because of how cruel he could be to Helena He should have his friend s back and that includes playing nice with the girl Another character that broke my heart is Michael I won t tell how but as you read this book, you will feel the pain Helena felt because of him This book was filled with mystery, anger, fear and so many dark and strong emotions that crushed my heart little by little but it was so intense that I couldn t let go and I am so glad I didn t.

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    This story was fantastic, it just wasn t anything like I was expecting The blurb represents such a tiny portion of what happens in this book, and that left me so breathless Helena is taken through so many twists and turns, misdirections and double crosses Alongside Helena, we learn so much about the supernatural world she s been drawn into However, with every question answered, two spring up in its place as the new information opens up new avenues of investigation I can t wait to see where this series takes us next.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author.

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    And i thought this story couldn t get any better after the first bookboy, how wrong was i This is an amazing story that will keep you on your toes every step of the way, it is a highly addictive read that you won t want to put down but then won t want it to end either I love the way that this author has created this world It s a world where literally anything can happen and believe me it does The talent of this writer is just amazing, how she can create such a realistic and imaginative world that you immerse yourself in as you read and you don t want o leave I can t wait to start the next book, especially with how this book ended The surprises just keep coming, right until the end This storyline held me captive from the first sentence to the last it is such an exciting plotline, there is so much that i would love to say but as there are so many twists and turns in this book i would not reveal these surprises I can assure future readers that it is definitely worth the read, this book is a definate 5 review on the storyline alone.The i read about Lucious the i adore his character and thirst to know about him and his past that makes him who he is, i love his friendship with Alexander, you can tell they have been through so much together I also love that you begin to so the real Alexander i have really taken to his character and would love to know about him and what has made him the way that he is.The i read about Helena the i adore her, i love her strength to battle through situation that are far from the normal life that she used to have, the life she still craves I adore reading about her connection to Luciousi could read about that all day I loved that Andrew has a bigger part in this book and he is another character that i would love to read about This is a must read read book for everyone, i can t rcommend this book highly enough

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