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Solve by Christmas When Sabotage Threatens The Rudin Sugar Factory, Detective Jasper Hollock Believes This Will Be His First Real Case But Dear Mr Rudin The Only Father Jasper Has Ever Known Holds A Different Assignment For His Private Investigator I Ve Struck A Deal With God, Jasper, And You Re My Angel Mr Rudin Charges Jasper To Build A Case Of Reasons For His Employer To Continue His Life If He Fails, Mr Rudin Will End It In Suicide On Christmas NightAs The Incidents At The Factory Become Life Threatening, Jasper S Attempts At Dissuading Mr Rudin Prove Futile Time Is Ticking Jasper Must Solve Both Cases By Christmas Before Mr Rudin And The Company Are Dragged To Perdition


[PDF / Epub] ☉ Solve by Christmas  By Amber Schamel –
  • ebook
  • 106 pages
  • Solve by Christmas
  • Amber Schamel
  • English
  • 16 October 2019
  • 9780999176719

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    I really wanted to love Solve by Christmas because it has everything I like in a book Mystery, self discovery, character growth, and all in a well paced narrative that keeps you interested It does In fact, there are so many things that I loved about it Let s start with those Maybe it ll make writing what I didn t love easier.The cover Some people might think that it s not fair to put so much stock into a cover pun intended for those who know cover design , but a good cover is a huge bonus for any book This one has lovely elements that I have almost nothing to complain about.The title This is equally lovely short and snappy with everything it needs to tempt you Pacing The book never dragged not once That s hard to do with a mystery, and I read somewhere that this is Amber Schamel s first Well done on that Characters Well, some of them What I loved most about the characters is that they were varied and consistent I just wish well, let s talk about that later.Period in History Ms Schamel chose a perfect time just modern enough to have some of the interesting elements of the new century without losing the delights that show the influence of Victorian and Edwardian culture.Plot One could argue that the plot was rather simplistic and easy to follow It was But aside from parts that I ll deal with later, that was part of the charm I didn t see this book as about being a complicated plot that we were supposed to have to riddle out but about HOW Jasper, the hero, would do that and his character growth Because of that assuming I am right, anyway , I consider the plot to be a good one.Writing I requested to review Solve by Christmas from Celebrate Lit I assume that I received an ARC If not, the book does have some typos but isn t excessively littered with them Other than the caveats I ll share below, this book is written well with good attention to reader enjoyment Details are there without weighing down the plot She leaves enough clues throughout the book to give away the story without handing them over in a bag and saying, Here work out this puzzle It should take you 2.5 minutes like some books seem to.Alas, Solve by Christmas also has some unfortunate flaws that kept me from loving it as much as I d hoped to.Characters I said I loved how varied and consistent they are, but that s where it ends for most of them While Denny was pretty much perfectly imperfect, our hero, Jasper, not so much I LOVE flawed characters, and he is one But you have to be sympathetic to them as well I wasn t I just wanted him to figure everything out so I could be done with him Yes, he improved over the book, but a little too neatly like the insta conversions you used to read in Sunday school papers.Writing Okay, while most of it was great, at the beginning, I was nervous Please don t let it stop you It gets good and quickly except for a few things I need to note There were a few odd word choices The most notable was using the word whelp instead of welt I even double checked to be sure there was no archaic or unknown usage of it, but no According to several dictionaries, whelps are only the offspring of dogs or a metaphor for one In fact, I cracked up while reading in Denny s when a rock, wrapped in a snowball, was supposed to produce a puppy on Jasper s back by morning Yes, I got odd looks Stuff I don t know what else to call this, but there were things inserted into the story that seemed placed there only to draw greater comparisons to Sherlock Holmes or other stories The mirrors I know there is probably some great symbolic thing I missed by not appreciating their insertion, but I found it rather mystical and weird rather than clever and cool.Using mirrors to give us insight into what Jasper looks like Huge disappointment Unless the character doesn t know what he or she looks like or has altered his or her appearance hugely, it s just not a good idea It s awkward.But that wasn t the only one There were several places where things seemed inserted only as decoration or an aid to the completion of the story rather than because the story needed them.Possible historical anachronisms There were a couple of things that made me blink, but nothing huge Still, I note it only because I know I have a few readers who are really bothered by that.One was the mention of discharge papers from the hospital From what I saw in super quick research, most hospitals had ledgers that showed admittance and discharge sometimes with notes etc But I didn t find anything about being given papers to go home like we are now Considering I don t remember being given papers even in the late 70s after copy machines and ditto machines , I suspect that it might not have been the custom back in 1913 Still, it was VERY minor Only mentioning for the above reasons.A disappointment One scene in this book a pivotal one as well is almost identical to one in Gaskell s North South I ll admit that I was surprised at how bothered I was by it but I was It just felt much too identical Now it isn t The aftermath is different etc., but the reasons, the situation, the positions the injury etc Yes, it all feels way too familiar, and that disappointed me.But after all that I m giving it four stars.Why Well, it s taking me a minute to grapple with that fact I was hovering at two or three while I read it and even when I began writing this review But you know what Goodread s star system is about It was amazing nope I really liked it Not quite I liked it I did because it was better than It was okay Some of it was just okay but not all and didn t like it did NOT deserve that.So, with liked it for my final opinion although barely above okay , I decided to go with three stars after all I just hope for next time I think Ms Schamel has it in her to give it to us And I can t wait.Recommend If you enjoy Christmas stories that don t really focus much on Christmas that was nice just thought of that but have the deeper themes of it in underlayers, if you enjoy mysteries that are written to show how the detective does his job, and if you like quirky characters and don t mind a bit of underdevelopment of them then I suspect you ll enjoy this book.

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    This was the best Christmas book I read this year I bought this one and read it toward the beginning of the Christmas season It isn t a light read A man is threatening to end his own life However, I m really glad I read this story.This story had the feel of a Sherlock mystery, but with a distinct Christan feel to it Detective Jasper Hollock is a lovable character with real faults, a good brain, and fun quirks He is someone you can feel sorry for, cheer for, and wish you could be his friend I really hope that this is not the last book with Jasper in it I would love it if this became a series.The side characters were amazing Denny was lovable and a great balance for Jasper He added a lot of comic relief Miss Leslie was one of my favorite characters There are some hints of romance, but there isn t any touching or even much noticing.There are two mysteries going on at once in this book The first being a candy factory being sabotaged The second is Mr Rudin has asked Jasper to make a case for him to stay alive, as he is thinking of ending his life The first mystery kept this book from being completely down The mysteries were both built well, and the resolution was satisfying.Schamel tackled a big topic the meaning of life and the reason to keep living She lived up to the challenge and gave a meaningful answer that wasn t easy, cheesy, or trite That alone is worth a lot I highly recommend this book for those who love Christmas stories, books with depth, and tales that entertain and inspire.

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    This story may be my favorite out of all the books I ve written so far A historical Christmas mystery with a Sherlock Holmes flavor.

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    Jasper Hollock is, in some ways, a Sherlock wannabe type of detective private investigator the main difference being that Jasper lives in Colorado, 1913 and he is just breaking into the business Actually Harper is on his first real case He s a stickler for the details, and knows or tries to know how to look for the right kind of clues too.The writing style is pretty good There s some killer similes that really stood out to me loved those For example Like a feral rat from a house aflame Ha Have you ever heard the likes Note to the discerning reader and parents A big portion of the plot revolves around a character feeling depressed and contemplating suicide that s why the race is on for Jasper to solve the case by Christmas A man s life hangs in the balance By no means is the topic of suicide explored deeply though Everything is kept pretty light, even though it might be a troubling subject.A clean read aside from the topics mentioned above Basically has the feel of a cozy mystery Overall, a charming story, especially to read in December.Oh, and Don t even get me started on the lovely book cover that Roseanna White designed the details, the colors It s perfect for this story

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    Jasper Hollock has two cases to solve before Christmas 1 To find out who is sabotaging the Rudin Sugar Factory.2 To prove to Mr Rubin that life is worth living I absolutely loved this book I was very surprised when the author said that it was her first mystery you couldn t tell at all The plot was amazing and kept me guessing until the end I was completely surprised by the ending, which is great for a mystery.I absolutely loved the setting of the book It fit perfectly Denny was probably my favorite character He was so funny and made a great sidekick I would recommend this book to anyone I look forward to reading by this author.

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    I liked it No, wait, let me rephrase that it was amazing DThe way this book is written is so easy to read and the story line quickly brought me in I absolutely enjoyed reading this everything about it is great The plot Ahhh I loved it It s definitely a different sort of mystery book The small back story was really good as well The characters Jasper he s a pretty nice detective That s all Actually no, he was a great main character He had his really funny moments and his serious moments both I liked He and his mirrors cracks me up D Denny how can we not like him The boss and sidekick thing was hilarious Mr Rudin cries I really liked, even though his decision grated on my nerves but as a man who has given up, it was his only choice But, I still like him for different reasons Miss Leslie although the troll, she had her values I really liked her too after the first scene with her Haha, that one scene view spoiler where she and Jasper bump into each other and they both land in the snow and mud D Hilarious hide spoiler

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    Wonderful book with a twist of mystery I enjoyed solving the case right along with Detective Hollock, and thought the author did a great job at addressing the issue of hopelessness in one s life at the same time Bringing in the message of a loving, saving God who forgives us of our sins just put the icing on the cake for me Well done

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    Do you need to get in the Christmas cheer This one will do it, and it s even a historical mystery Jasper has two deadlines to reach before Christmas find out who s sabotaging Mr Rudin s sugar factory, and help Mr Rudin to see the reason why he shouldn t take his life The days tick by for the flustered Jasper Hollock.There were so many fun quirks and scenes in this story Jasper and his three mirror Denny, who wants to help Jasper with the cases and a romance Mr and Mrs Rudin who are caught up in the tough world of the past And Leslie, a rather subtle woman who incites Jasper s irritation and interest The ending of this story was satisfactory, although I thought a little would have been shown at the end There are several references to a couple having a date which I thought not quite historical since it s set in 1913 Also, nearly every time Jasper saw Leslie he thought of her as a trollgot a little tiring The spiritual content is fantastic, and I loved when Jasper realizes what Mr Rudin needs to remember most of all at Christmas Extremely profound Although there are hints of romance, this book is extremely clean I wouldn t hesitate to give to younger teens and up The perfect Christmas tale by a talented author

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    Solve by Christmas is a charming mystery with a plot line that brings to mind It s a Wonderful Life Detective Jasper Hollock wants to be taken seriously as an investigator, and he gets a chance when two cases fall into his lap Outwardly, he s a bit of a curmudgeon, but inside he s accepting than he lets on It takes the hero worship of an upstart street kid to soften Hollock when he realizes not everyone is out to hurt him or do him wrong The story is set in 1913, and I enjoyed learning about the era Because of the lack of modern technology fingerprinting, DNA testing, etc Hollock has to use other means to solve the case I enjoyed following the clues with him and trying to determine the culprit Messages of salvation and God s mercy are threaded throughout the story without being preachy I was provided a free copy of this book by the author, and a positive review was not required All opinions expressed are my own.

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    This book was SO MUCH fun to read, as the main character Jasper tries to solve TWO cases before Christmas Besides the history and the mystery, my favorite part of the book is the Council of Mirrors and the conversations that took place in front of them I chuckled over lines like Good thing he wasn t an author and about someone building a snowman in the driver s seat of a car And I love the story line about trying to discover what makes a life worth living, as well as the other good morals in the story This is a clean, well written story with well developed characters, and I hope there is another book after this one A fun, FUN, FUN story that kept me reading to the end I read an ARC copy and freely chose to leave my own honest review.

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