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When We Are Married Two Sisters, One Man Someone S Heart Is About To Get BrokenElizabeth Bennet Quickly Realises She Has Misjudged Mr Darcy In Kent, She Learns First Impressions Are Not Always Accurate His Proposal Is Disastrous, Insulting Even, But When She Reads His Letter Her Heart Begins To Thaw, And Her Objections And Prejudices Start To Melt Away Elizabeth Decides To Offer Mr Darcy A Sliver Of Hope, An Apology, And A Second ChanceYet When He Begins To Call At Gracechurch Street, Determined To Become A Better Man And Humbled By Elizabeth S Reproofs, He Unwittingly Stirs The Romantic Hopes Of Another Lady Altogether Jane Bennet, Bereft And Confused, Rejected By Charles Bingley Is Fearful Of Becoming An Old Maid She Is Eager To Fall In Love With The Very First Gentleman Who Takes Notice Of Her, And Mr Darcy S Is, After All, Everything Her Mother Has Wanted For Her, Rich And Handsome, The Perfect Suitor Through Crowded, Industrious Cheapside, To The Elegant Ballrooms Of Mayfair, Mr Darcy Chases Elizabeth Bennet, Unaware That The Quiet Unassuming Girl Who Smiles Too Much, Is Fully Intent On Chasing Him

Caitlin Williams lives in Kent, England, with her family.She fell in love with all things Regency as a teenager, but particularly admires the work of Jane Austen and the way she masterfully combines humour and romance, while weaving them through such wonderful stories and characters.Her debut novel, Ardently, was written as a hobby, usually with her laptop balanced on the kitchen worktop, typing w

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    5 stars Review and Giveaway at Of Pens and Pages When We Are Married is a wonderfully weaved story filled with misunderstandings, some angst and drama, and interactions getting sweeter each meeting A sister desperate for marriage, an aunt who misunderstood, another aunt who did nothing but scheme, a woman with a change of heart, and a man who will go anywhere and do anything to win the heart of his heart s desire.I confess I was reluctant to read this book when I first heard about it since I m not usually a fan of love triangles But I rarely come across a book where Jane was written as Elizabeth adversary, so I was intrigued to see how Ms Williams will write it Will I hate Jane or feel bad for her Now I know my reluctance was all for naught I was already smiling a few pages in, and although there were times I wanted to push Jane away I m a steadfast Elizabeth Mr Darcy supporter and wish for nothing but their happy ending , I couldn t find it in me to hate her at all In this story, we get to see of the eldest Bennet daughter, who she really is, how her mother and society has affected her, and what she thinks of beauty, marriage, and her smart and witty sister Elizabeth.Jane is not the only obstacle in Elizabeth and Mr Darcy s happily ever after I think a PP story would not be complete without Lady Catherine and her meddling ways Aunt Gardiner is here too with her own misconceptions of Elizabeth and Colonel Fitzwilliam s relationship Plus Georgiana, the Fitzwilliams, a Mrs Carmichael, and a pug who will definitely leave an impression.You are probably wondering how Mr Darcy and Elizabeth are interacting, what with the distractions and all Heartwarming and swoon worthy, that s for sure We have a Mr Darcy fueled by renewed hope and ardent devotion, and an Elizabeth who is finally seeing him for the man he truly is I love them, Darcy especially I ve always loved that man, but I loved him even when he s pursuing Elizabeth the way he was in this story.And one thing, the title is perfect Absolutely perfect I giggle and swoon every time I think about it To avoid spoiling you, I can only say it has something to do with Mr Darcy That man, I swear Ruining other men for women since 1813.Indeed I do, Mr Darcy I highly approve of it When We Are Married was such a delight to read The story was fresh yet still so familiar, and it had the right amount of angst and sweet moments in between I highly recommend this to Pride and Prejudice fans and historical romance fans alike.Here s another Mr Darcy gif this time of dear Matthew Macfadyen because honestly, I can t get enough of him.Tropes Pride and Prejudice, Hate to LovePOV Third POV ARC received in exchange for an honest review. Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram

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    5 stars, 10 stars Infinity stars I loved this book This is another stellar success from the inimitable Caitlin Williams It is just chock full of angsty goodness Beginning when Lizzy returns to the Hunsford parsonage after the disastrous proposal and receipt of Mr Darcy s letter she is surprised to find both Darcy col Fitzwilliam in the drawing room This gives her and Darcy a teeny opportunity to clear the air and he agrees to pay a call at Gracechurch street From that moment on things go pear shaped there is a misunderstanding about who Darcy is courting, there is a misunderstanding about which of the fine fellows Lizzy is interested it Bingley is a tool People are injured Lady Catherine is sneaky Many Bennets are disappointed in love We learn Jane s secret to serenity is less character and ocular it is a veritable roller coaster that will keep you on the edge of your seat.Addendum I recently 2 2019 reread this book and the author says it is the second edition And I can t figure out if I have a failing memory or an active imagination or some combination of the two I am burying this in spoiler tags view spoiler did you read the first edition in 2017 No turn back now view spoiler Do you have a good recollection of the story No turn back now view spoiler okay now I recall that when I first read the book the maid who Bingley trifled with was a JANE look alike I mean I really remember this But in the new version it is a Lizzy look alike Also the first edition as I recall it spelled out that Bingley was intimate with the maid on his wedding night while it was kind of skipped over here And lastly I don t recall Bingley and Jane reuniting in the end If I am wrong no problem I ll just feel a little extra crazy If you don t want to comment openly you can DM me with a reply hide spoiler

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    Forgive, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace Author unknownThis is a story about love love on many levels It is about understanding understanding yourself and those closest to you It is about forgiving forgiving yourself and those who have wronged you and especially those who you only think have wronged you.Eventually the two closest Bennet sisters lack all understanding and desperately need to forgive.The weak can never forgive Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong Mahatma GandhiIs this really Jane s story than Elizabeth s Jane the Bennet sister who on the surface has the most of everything Jane who needs glasses but goes through life half blind because Mother Bennet doesn t want her to lose her beauty Jane who after losing Bingley is so desperate for marriage she mistakes Darcy s attempt to reconcile with Elizabeth as being attentions directed toward her Jane who has no self confidence and envies Elizabeth s ability with people Jane s misunderstanding is developed so well the misunderstanding is shared by the Gardiners and not without some reason Darcy calls on Jane to deliver a letter from Elizabeth he asks to introduce his sister while Elizabeth is still in Hunsford When Elizabeth returns to London, she says she will be glad to see Colonel Fitzwilliam, thinking her Aunt is referring to Bingley Misunderstandings pile on top of misunderstandings and soon the sisters are buried in them.Minor characters play major parts I loved Mrs Carmichael And Colonel Fitzwilliam commits an ultimate sacrifice that proves his love for his Cousin.There are several subtle nods to other Austen works Colonel Fitzwilliam s Mother visits with her flatulent pug Alberto and falls asleep during her visit I was reminded so strongly of a James Herriott story it almost made me cry A letter is written in the presence of others.And a service is rendered to someone.It was almost physically painful to watch Jane and Elizabeth grow apart Elizabeth as the sister with inner strength is first to forgive and to beg forgiveness Jane must find her way and she must find it on her own How does a young woman develop strength when all her life she has heard that she needs only beauty I have read a lot of JAFF but this story is unique I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is only another way of saying, I will not forgive Forgiveness ought to be like a cancelled note torn in two, and burned up, so that it never can be shown against one Henry Ward Beecher

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    I had the privilege recently of reading Caitlin Williams next book, When We Marry It was, again, a book I could not put down and received a 5 star rating from me.Initially, we are in Hunsford after that proposal Elizabeth has received Mr Darcy s letter written in response to her vehement rejection When she returns from her walk and after her reading and rereading of his letter she finds that Mr Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam are waiting at the parsonage to say their farewells Elizabeth seeks to find a way to give Mr Darcy a hint of how she now feels and so she asks if a letter to Jane might be delivered Then she asks for Darcy s help in mending her pen sounds like Caroline here and when he goes over to the table at which she is writing, she has penned a short note apologizing to him.It is a beginning to the change in her opinions and in his addresses to correct his disdain and his interference between Jane and Mr Bingley But now he has an excuse to visit Gracechurch Street and decides to take Bingley with him.BUT, lo and behold, Bingley is not of a mind to now be persuaded to revisit his past feelings towards Jane Darcy thinks of how unfortunate it is that now Bingley has decided to no longer yield to the opinions of other What to do He decides to visit the Gardiners and Jane all on his own, opining that it will allow him to show that he no longer thinks her relatives beneath him and to get to know Jane better Jane cannot think why Mr Darcy continues to visit He has given excuses about Bingley But here comes the glitch in matters of the heart Could it be that he is making addresses to her She knows Elizabeth hates him, as her sister has let everyone in Hertfordshire know just what she thinks of the man and his behaviors.This story does have its own angst and it is not just in waiting to see when and how Elizabeth will fall in love with Mr Darcy it is also a story of two sisters and how a man comes between them This is a Jane you may not recognize Her mother, during the whole of Jane s lifetime, has told her how beautiful she is and impressed upon her how she is expected to marry well for the sake of saving the family from the hedgerows When Elizabeth arrives at the Gardiners she is witness to how Darcy has become friendlier with all of her family He has brought the colonel with him and subsequently Aunt Gardiner, in witnessing how friendly the relationship between the colonel and Elizabeth seems to be, puts two and two together in her mind and comes up with the incorrect sum You will love the conversations between Darcy and Elizabeth as he, in learning to tease adds, when we are married to several statements And then there are the rare moments when they can find a way to even touch a certain holding of hands may bring a few sighs BUT we are not even halfway to our HEA events occur which do allow Elizabeth s ardor to grow, but they also have a profound effect on how Jane and Elizabeth interact Can it be that they will now be strangers who only happen to live in the same household While in London, Elizabeth has also met, a Mrs Carmichael, who is a friend of Lady Catherine s, who is to tour on the continent Lady Catherine recommends Elizabeth to her as a possible companion Should Elizabeth consider this opportunity instead of pursuing her growing feelings for Darcy Can it be that Jane s interest in Mr Darcy will be reciprocated The events that follow become even of a tangled mess Propriety becomes an excuse when certain communications are not sent and the wrong news is allowed to be communicated and remain However, for a man who has said he will go anywhere, where there is a will there is a way, and that may mean than one path attempted and failed.This is a book which I highly recommend for your next read If not that, put it on top of your TBR stack I will be rereading this.Oh, and there is that little dog, Alberto, owned by Lady Fitzwilliam who goes everywhere with her and has the habit of leaving certain airs in polite company laughing.

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    Today Sheila Majczan has a guest post on Just Jane 1813 as part of my stop on Caitlin Williams blog tour If you d like to see Sheila s review and drop by to say hello to her, please come by and enter our giveaway too.

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    Dear Reader,You re blond,blue eyed,beautiful,serene in the face of a crisis,the perfect partner for any gentlemaneven one born of the higher circles You ve been hurt and humiliated at the hands of another and are now keenly aware that spinsterhood,in all its ugliness and pervasiveness,rears its ugly head But all is not lost Why,suddenly you are the recipient of a gentleman s eager attentions, one who seeks to go beyond the call of duty in his willingness to show you every civility.Happy in the knowledge that he obviously perceives no hindrance to such an alliance, you naturally develop a tendre for this man, begin to slowly anticipate the natural progression,the next step a man ardently in love with his lady will take.You made a grievous error but Fate,cloaked in the words of the lady that holds your heart has gifted you a second chance Determined to make a better impression,you show your lady s dear friends and family the utmost respect,endeavouring to show them what an amiable gent you can be.Accompanying them on excursions,defending them from criticism,you do what comes natural,what your lady would expect of you..A perfect gent,rich and handsome,one daily atoning for past mistakes,endeavouring to show her that they are perfectly matched, how life might be for them when they are marriedwhat could possibly go wrong Dear Reader,I absolutely adored this fantastic angsty tale,a myriad of misunderstandings,miscommunications and the ensuing mayhem that arises from such Wonderfully scripted,comprised of characters brave enough to display their human frailties,I recommend this addictive story to all Austen fans and trust you ll love it as much as I did

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    Another Brilliant VariationMs Williams bring an endearing characterJane Bennet into bright relief in her new novel Her stylings, while they offer a new perspective into the eldest sister, do not detract from a strong and textured portrait of Elizabeth Well worth spending the time to do a deep dive.

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    I m here to spread a message of hope Follow your heart Don t follow what you ve been told you re supposed to do J ColeAfter reading the book excerpt on Claudine s blog, I was hooked knew I had to read this book After receiving it as a gift I immediately started reading and could not put it down I devoured it in one setting I kid you not I have the fuzzy head this morning to prove it OK, no snarky comments from the gallery please however, it was so worth staying up until the wee hours just to read the end Several of my Goodreads friends Leslie, Wose, Sheila, Anna have already reviewed this work and all gave it top marks that s 5 stars in this JAFF universe I agree with their ratings completely Since they have done such a good job, I don t want to repeat what they have already written I ll try to look at this from another angle On one level, we have the basic love story between ODC our dear couple They will have to overcome their pride and prejudice so they can begin work on their HEA There are vexations, misunderstandings, pride and taking the time to make those changes in their personalities that allows them to meet somewhere in the middle so they see if they suit Yeah, the basic DE love story.On another level, we have our dear Colonel Bless his heart, he seems to be everywhere in the story doing damage control When things get out of hand with his cousin brother Darcy, it is our dear Colonel that comes in and cleans up his mess I really felt for our Colonel I love this guy He is so selfless in his devotion and dedication to his cousins Darcy and Georgiana Then we have the Georgiana story where she is still recovering from Ramsgate It seems this story was a bit involved then canon and Georgiana is a bit emotionally damaged and reclusive, as she does not live with her brother This is a different turn from the course that many JAFF stories take I loved the introduction of Mrs Carmichael A PP story would not be complete without Lady Catherine making noise about the wedding of her daughter Anne de Bourgh to her nephew Mr Darcy Yeah, she was in town causing mischief We also were able to meet other members of the Fitzwilliam family, including the family pug OMG That dog was a scream Bet he could clear out a room in under 30 seconds I d run.Wickham puts in his appearance and makes trouble OMG For the love of will someone just shoot him or run him through with his own ego The next thread is Jane Bennet being in London as she waits for the return of sister Lizzy and Maria Lucas from their sojourn to Kent She is nursing a broken heart and has finally accepted the abandonment of Charles Bingley All hope for the connection is now lost with the break in the friendship with his sisters due to their abominable snobbish visit In a family of five daughters, Jane reigned supreme, not only as the beauty of her family, but also in her community She was unusually beautiful and yet was still unmarried Why She was the daughter of a gentleman landowner, although the estate was entailed from the female line Her dowry was low, and she had connections to trade through her mother s relations Perhaps, her mother s behavior might have a contributing factor with running off a possible suitor With such a mother Now facing the consequence of the loss of Bingley, who had his own connections to trade Jane was now experiencing a crisis of identity Who was Jane Bennet The only thing anyone EVER said about her was related to her beauty Lizzy was known for her wit, intelligence and impertinence Mary was musically talented, and steady with a moral fortitude that gave her a strength of character Kitty followed Lydia, who was her mother s favorite and was considered lively, ebullient, flirty you get the picture But who was Jane other than beautiful Was she the dutiful daughter Had she not done everything her mother asked of her Now, she could add jilted daughter to her list of attributes Jane began to question what was wrong with her.Enter, into her life with its crushed spirit and bruised ego one tall, handsome, dimpled, Mr Darcy, who had just returned from Kent carrying a note for Jane from Lizzy He was so changed and kind to her that she thought it must be for her and that he must like her So, begins the monumental misunderstanding that sets our story on its ear The other misunderstanding was when Mrs Gardiner thought Lizzy was infatuated with our dear Colonel OMG These misunderstandings went super nova one night at Darcy House Everything that was up, was now down and everything that was down, was now up In an emotional outburst Jane blasted Lizzy big time and in public All restraint was gone as she vented her feelings and emotions This last part was so out of character for our Jane that I didn t recognize her Who was this person All her years of suppressed emotions burst forth It was horrible It was a total misunderstanding Everyone was operating on a different plane and in a different universe and the sisterly bond between Jane and Lizzy was suddenly broken perhaps forever The rest of the story was of healing healing the various misunderstandings of magnitude proportions It was well done as our author orchestrated our various characters toward their HEA The ending was delightful There wasn t an epilogue even though I felt there were several threads that could have been resolved Will there be a sequel I wonder about Jane s story How will it end I think I know however, I can t say without giving a spoiler Will there be a story for Georgiana Will Mary, Kitty and Lydia overcome their mother s machinations Will Mr Bennet rein in Mrs Bennet yeah, like that is going to happen I loved this story Source I received this copy as a gift this is a fair and honest review I could not do otherwise.

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    Oh man, this book is another winner from Caitlin Williams Rating 4 1 2 stars

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    My Rating 10 In vain I have struggled, it will not doI must tell youI need a sequel How do I begin to write a review for a book that has reached in and squeezed my heart so tightly, that I am left gasping for air and have tears flowing down my cheeks I have eight pages of notes highlighting beautifully written sentences that have had me running the gamut of emotions The first chapter alone is so rich in emotion and innuendo that you are drawn in and tied up in knots not wanting to be let go without even realizing it It all starts with Mr Darcy s letter after his disastrous Hunsford proposal Never before had she struggled with words, but lately her changes of heart could not keep up with her ability to express herself to others I honestly don t think I can do this book justice either There is just so much that I loved One of the many elements I loved was how reflective Elizabeth, Darcy and Jane become as they each look into their souls to understand themselves better Elizabeth questions herself and the veracity of her first impressions before truly knowing someone Darcy takes Elizabeth reproofs to heart and you fall in love all over again with him Darcy, as Georgiana says, you became lost in yourself again He is truly besotted and there were so many passages that I loved I don t want to give away the best ones but here is an example of Mr Darcy s thoughts She was so original in her manners and thinking No conversation with her was ever dull, and no moment in her company ever mundane I truly believe Jane was given her voice in this variation It may have been difficult to see the pain both sisters were experiencing, but I found it realistic and compelling We see the blinders come off of Jane and as Mr Bennet says, Everything in your garden has always been rosy, and now you have met with the reality of weeds and thorns You are being tested but you have not yet failed I don t want to give anything away in this exquisite story as each reader truly needs to experience it for themselves I didn t read any other reviews, other than knew they were 5 However, I have been waiting for Ms Williams novel with bated breath as her other novels have been exceptional, in my humble opinion I found delightful hints of Persuasion and Mansfield Park sprinkled in this story We do have our usual suspects of difficult characters, Miss Bingley, Lady Catherine and Wickham The banter between Elizabeth and Darcy was endearing and so much fun Was there nothing I didn t like Nope, Nadda, Nein So if you want to know about Lizzie, geese, hay carts and Charlotte s advice on gazing at a painting are, as well as what Mr Darcy s abacus of errors is all about, and how Jane finally sees the light, along with the many misinterpretations, I highly recommend you read this enthralling variation, that for me, begs a sequel For don t we all want to know what happens next I also want to thank Janet Taylor for the creative and perfect book cover and for a dear friend, who gifted me this e bookyou know who you are.

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