Call It Chemistry (Golden Grove Series Book 1)

Call It Chemistry (Golden Grove Series Book 1) If You Love Clean Romances, Don T Miss This Sweet And Sunny Read Is It Ever Too Late For Second Chances Peter Clark Had Always Planned On A Prestigious Career In Chemical Engineering That Is, Before He Lost His Dad Now Here He Is, Still Stuck In The Small Riverside Town Of Golden Grove, Teaching Chemistry At His Old High School The Last Thing He Expected Was Seeing His Childhood Crush Katie Back In Town For A Few Days A Few Days He Finds Himself Hoping Will Turn Into Weeks Kate Brady Never Thought She D Set Foot In Her Hometown Of Golden Grove Again After All, It Was The Scene Of The Biggest Embarrassment Of Her Life, Back When She Was Katie Braces , The Art Nerd But If She S Going To Climb The Ladder At Her Demanding Graphic Design Company She Has To Take On A Re Branding Job For Nitrovex, The Big And Boring Chemical Plant On The Outskirts Of Town And To Do That, She S Going To Need The Help Of Peter The Chemistry Teacher, The Guy She S Never Gotten Over Will Kate Be Able To Get The Job Done While Enduring These Heart Thumping Distractions From Peter And Will Peter Leave Golden Grove For Greener Pastures Or Take A Chance On Finding Love With The Girl He Once Let Get Away The plot involved actual chemistry, which I thought was rather clever Katie and Peter were engaging characters with fully developed stories and backstories Former friends and nearly high school sweethearts, the two connect years later when Katie returns to her hometown on business Peter is a high school chemistry teacher and is the perfect person to help Kate with her important advertising account for the town s chemical company The side characters were engaging, too, if slightly pushy and annoying Then again, haven t we had pushy and annoying neighbors and other characters in our lives I found the plot engaging and enjoyable to read, but this was one of those books where the central plot was set up in the beginning without much new information being introduced Perhaps it could have benefited with a little conflict or maybe some new developments being scattered throughout Overall, a good read. Working in the marketing department with her Graphic Design degree has given Kate such fierce ambition to move up the corporate ladder She was a true artist and was hoping to land an account that would allow her to utilize her skills It would just figure that her first account would end up steering her away from the big city to her small town of Iowa Thing was she didn t have a clue about marketing chemicals that cleaned up cow poop, not to mention she had no intention of ever seeing her hometown again.So she moves back into her old house, where an old school crush apparently still lives next door to Story takes the reader through the lackadaisical small town life, which was somewhat lagging at times, especially when Kate reminisces about her Hart Dixie past In fact, the whole thing kept going at a drawling pace Additionally, story constantly shifted between past and present, which was particularly annoying for me Not to mention that there were a bunch of names thrown in there, making it sound like we should remember these characters Who What I thought the title was a little clever and the plot sounded interesting at first But, although the story was written pretty well, I just couldn t fall into the story. This was a very pleasant read, the rekindling of romance between two next door neighbors and childhood friends who were torn apart in high school But now chemistry brings them back together and can the other kind of chemistry keep them that way Well, if not that, two meddling old friends might get involved If you like sweet, small town, second chance, next door neighbor, and or childhood friend romances, you ll love this book. Absolutely charming.Kate and Peter have known each other forever, growing up as next door neighbors and best friends When the science fair in their senior year takes an unpleasant turn their friendship dies Circumstances keep Peter in their hometown teaching high school science while Kate is in Chicago where she is moving up the corporate ladder. An Art Nerd and a Chemistry GeekA very cute guilty pleasure story of best friends growing up next door to each other, having a horrible misunderstanding, then circumstances and friends bring them back together 12 years later The kindle ebook needs a bit of editing, I had found the wording quite distracting. This book was a little slow pace for meI would love to have a little together then what these two people did Very slow pace and the characters just didn t click right for me Don t get me wrong the story was good, just too slow. This is a very clean, sweet story of Peter and Kate They were childhood friends until a misunderstanding tore them apart Years later they are brought back together to find their second chance at love This book drew me in quickly because Peter and Kate are very down to earth lovable characters Lucius and Carol, meddling matchmaking friends, are a hoot Can t wait to read another book by this author I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. FREE on today 2 14 2019 Blurb Is it ever too late for second chances Peter Clark had always planned on a prestigious career in chemical engineering That is, before he lost his dad Now here he is, still stuck in the small riverside town of Golden Grove, teaching chemistry at his old high school The last thing he expected was seeing his childhood crush Katie back in town for a few days A few days he finds himself hoping will turn into weeks Kate Brady never thought she d set foot in her hometown of Golden Grove again After all, it was the scene of the biggest embarrassment of her life, back when she was Katie Braces , the art nerd But if she s going to climb the ladder at her demanding graphic design company she has to take on a re branding job for Nitrovex, the big and boring chemical plant on the outskirts of town And to do that, she s going to need the help of Peter the chemistry teacher, the guy she s never gotten over Will Kate be able to get the job done while enduring these heart thumping distractions from Peter And will Peter leave Golden Grove for greener pastures or take a chance on finding love with the girl he once let get away Lovely storyI enjoyed this story with its melding of past and current lives It also shows the importance of friendships in our lives

D J Van Oss writes sweet and sunny romantic comedies kind of like the book version of a fresh cinnamon roll With extra icing Driving Miss Crazy is his debut novel.When not writing you can find him working in the yard, walking the dog, or staying up too late watching BBC mysteries while eating honey peanut butter straight out of the jar.He lives in the country suburbs of Iowa with his wife a

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  • Call It Chemistry (Golden Grove Series Book 1)
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