Lazarus (The Henchmen MC Book 7)

Lazarus (The Henchmen MC Book 7) The War Was Over The Dust Had Settled The Numbers Were Increasing Everything Had Finally Started To Calm Down Until One Night On A Walk, I Came Across Her For Possible Triggers, Please Visit My Website And Click The Triggers Section In The Main Navigation Bar

Jessica Gadziala is a full time writer, parrot enthusiast, and coffee drinker She enjoys short rides to the book store, sad songs, coffee in Big Gulp sized cups, and cold weather, and has recently developed an unhealthy obsession with acquiring houseplants She lives in New Jersey with seven parrots and six dogs.She is a big believer in snark, strong secondary characters, and bada women.She is

[Read] ➵ Lazarus (The Henchmen MC Book 7)  Author Jessica Gadziala –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 340 pages
  • Lazarus (The Henchmen MC Book 7)
  • Jessica Gadziala
  • English
  • 14 March 2019

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    3.5 StarsIn Lazarus we see The Henchmen rise from the Ashes of their fallen brothers and start the rebuilding of their club New to the brotherhood, Lazarus is an enigma in the group and someone most people would look at and turn the other way He s big, tatted up, scared and scowls than smiles But under all of that he s a teddy bear, and for Bethany he s a guardian angel When he finds her OD ing in the back alley of a bar he refuses to turn his back on her and vows to help her turn her life around An outlaw arms dealing biker and cage fighter who was literally the most giving, kind hearted, strongest, sweetest, forgiving person I had ever met Being completely honest, this book was a hard one for me The writing was fantastic and the story was one that was very intriguing but reading about addicts isn t my thing and I had some issues with that In the beginning we see Bethany going through a very tough detox with the help of Lazarus and I found it a little difficult to get through Again, for my own reasons that had nothing to do with the writing.After the initial beginning though, I got really into the story and I loved seeing Lazarus with Bethany He was so attentive and caring for her that I immediately fell for his character I loved how he never questioned why he was so into her or why he felt so much for her, he just went with it and let it happen Bottom line, I will definitely recommend this book and I hope many people will give this series a go Was this my favorite in the series No But yet again, this was for my own reasons and my own preference to not read about Main Characters who are addicts, even recovering ones Lazarus playlist Six Barrel Shotgun Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Ride The Vines Tick Tick Boom The Hives Killer Band of Skulls It s Getting Boring By The Sea Blood Red Shoes Bang Bang You re Dead Dirty Pretty Things Carnival Carnivore Blakfish ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    This book packs an emotional punch Lazarus has hit absolute rock bottom and crawled his way out He s firmly on the other side of his issues with no intent on heading back to the dark places it brought when he comes across Bethany She s a woman swallowed by the abyss he knows too well and he s compelled to help guide her back It s not an easy journey for either of them but their reward was not only freedom but love The story exudes this deep awareness of some very critical issues and handles them with tact The characters are vulnerable in a very compelling way They were also straight shooters I liked that drama was avoided where it could ve been dragged out The plot was distinct from any I ve read and the pacing steady A great addition to the series Safety No others for either No rape Yes to abuse.

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    This was a great addition to the Henchmen series I find the books that are written in the series, the better they are becoming The author has come a long way in her writing since I first started reading her work

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    I really loved this book but I freaking LOVE the Henchmen These men, their brotherhood loyalty respect just gets me in all the right places.There is something about a dangerous outlaw, filthy mouthed alpha that just makes me tingly Lazarus was such a breath of fresh air This book is less drama and trouble than some of the others but it had depth nonetheless The subject was real life and scared the shit out me early on This hit home for me I ve lost so much to the issues focused on in this book I actually enjoyed this being a different kind of trouble brought to the MC by the new girl and I absolutely adored the way Laz melted for her from the first interaction Super, over the top insta love for sure but sweet and very knight and shining armor ish.JG s books always flow easily for me they are simple, fun, hot and for me the perfect quick read when I need a not too intense heavy or dramatic story I just love the way I can trust she will nt leave me lacking but always wanting I can t wait for Pagan Just got my ARC I need wine and no kids

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    Title LazarusSeries The Henchmen MC Series 7 Author Jessica Gadziala Publication , March 6, 2017 If you are fan of this series you mostly were like me I was dying to know about Lazarus.Renny called them pups, they are the new Prospect Here we start a new chapter in the HenchmenLazarus over size giant with the heart of gold This man been though a lot being an ex addict was hard on himNow we can find out about Lazarus back story Bethany is breath of fresh air for Lazarus, women who thinks she is unworthy of anyone s love the secrets that will have your heart breaking in two In between there are few twisted turn, but if there weren t it wouldn t be one of Jessica Gadziala books Omg we also get to see some of Pagan Edison dark side Honestly I don t know who book I want read Edison, Cyrus or Pagan I guess Jessica Gadziala made that decision for usOn to the next book Pagan Hope you enjoy this read also always keep in mind this is just my opinion my honest review Paulette Review

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    Beautiful story despite dealing with drug addiction.Loved the hero I respect people who fight for their 2nd chance in life, who fight and don t give up.Likable heroine.Zero OW drama One of my favourites in this series Since the fuck when did it become normal to judge someone by their low moments We all have them Those moments aren t what make us What makes us is what we do after, how we raise ourselves up.

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    I am one happy lady right now.The war was over.The dust had settled.The numbers were increasing.Everything had finally started to calm down.Until one night on a walk, I came across her Oh my God, where to start So, I love me some Henchmen If I could read all of them, all of the time, that would be a super sweet deal for me My point is I was probably always going to love another Henchmen MC story But I did not think I was going to love the junkie storyline Drug addiction isn t a theme I really get into, and based on other recovering addict plots I ve read, I was actually a little nervous going into this.But fear not, bookfriends Despite doubling down on the drug addicts, this was a fantastic story Lazarus, our newest piece of hotness, is far enough into his recovery to not have me constantly on edge, and Bethany is a total sweetheart that just got caught up with assholes Like, holy crap, these guys that suck her into the pill popping are the worst.Anywho, so all is good on the what if I don t like it What if my love affair with The Henchmen is over front Oh me of little faith, of course Ms Gadziala was going to deliver Highest of fives to Ms Gadziala for working all of my faves in there Always going to love a little cameo from the OG Henchmen and their wives, and their little sproglets.Sigh.Bethany is a funny girl She s a naive sweetheart, and a good girl deep down, and she had me cracking up the whole time I was sitting in her head Are you nervous I asked, not sure what would make anyone want to get into a fight on purpose I once went at it with the boy who lived next door when I was seven and I was pretty sure I still wasn t over it. Lazarus is hot shit We didn t meet him very long ago, so I wasn t sure about how we d bond, but the bondage is strong We re tight I love him I love how Ms Gadziala led us through his backstory, let us take time to get to know him as a person, and showed us his character One of my favourite things about a Gadziala story is how character driven they are no matter what s going on in the book, the characters are first They are important, and we get given the time to fall in love with them It s awesome.Plus y know, he s a sexy muhfucka.And ok Pagan I need to know many things about this guy All the things, Ms Gadziala, tell me all the things about Pagan Is he getting a story Oh, I m dizzy from the potential of so many awesome stories to come His eyes went all melty at that. Ok, I laughed so hard when I pictured this And then I realised I didn t want to be picturing my beautiful Laz like that So there ya go That s my negative How anal could I be Still my favourite series of all time

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    ARC provided by the author for an honest review God I luvd Lazarus I was dying to know about Lazarus I need there was something deep about him He as been though a lot being an ex addict was hard on him He had been through all the ways of detoxing goin to rehab and doing it his self But he knew he needed to get his life on track and I actually liked this about him he knew he had to do with his life and he was goin to do it After years of fighting demons and people he was part of the Henchmen MC 2.0 he was a probate but new blood that the club needed after everything they had been through Bethany was dealing with her own stuff Lazarus bumping into her on one of his walks was the best thing that could of happened to her She was at the worst part of her life but Lazarus didn t care he needed to make this rite He just didn t know how deep in crap she was I did like enjoy this book But I felt I need action I felt like the end was a lil quick i needed Henchman MC that we had back in Reign Lazarus and Bethany had to go through so much in this book and i luvd the people they had turned into by the end They made a great very hot couple and I couldn t get enough of them Again it was great seeing the rest of the gang it s goin so big now I still luv the main Henchmen Reign Cash Wolf and Repo They were what started my luv for this series They so alpha and that s what I luv about all the Henchmen once they have there sites set on a woman they will do anything for them It was great getting to know the new probates a lil I m dying to know Edison and Reeves have me dying to know and I luv Cyrus he is so hilarious I know his book will be great I m looking forward to xxx

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    4.5 starsLoved it Lazarus truly is everything I want to read in a Hero He was bloody amazing, and had me swooning he was just that awesome Lazarus, go on and get yourself right up on my perfect hero shelf.Although this is kinda insta love it totally worked, I was routing for them from the get go Beth is niave and sweet and was just what Lazarus needed to feed his protective nature.Loving the 2.0 bikers and especially love that we get to touch Base with The Originals.

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