An Empire Unacquainted with Defeat

An Empire Unacquainted with DefeatThe Dread Empire, A Gritty World Of Larger Than Life Plots, Nation Shattering Conflict, Maddening Magic, Strange Creatures, And Raw, Flawed Heroes, All Shown Through The Filter Of Glen Cook S Inimitable War Correspondent Prose The Dread Empire, Spanning From The Highest Peaks Of The Dragon S Teeth To The Endless Desert Lands Of Hammad Al Nakir, From Besieged Kavelin To Mighty Shinshan, The Empire Unacquainted With Defeat, With Its Fearless, Masked Soldiers, Known As The Demon Guard An Empire Unacquainted With Defeat Collects All Of Glen Cook S Short Fiction Set In The Vast World Of The Dread Empire, From The Nights Of Dreadful Silence , Featuring The First Appearance Of Bragi Ragnarson, Mocker, And Haroun Bin Yousif, To The Culture Clashing Novella Soldier Of An Empire Unacquainted With Defeat From Silverheels , Cook S First Published Work Of Fiction, To Hell S Forge , A Haunting Tale Of Cursed Pirates And Strange Lands, Appearing Here For The First Time Also Including A Detailed Introduction And Extensive Story Notes By Glen Cook, An Empire Unacquainted With Defeat Charts The Development Of This Influential American Author And The Massive, Multifaceted World That He CreatedSkyhorse Publishing, Under Our Night Shade And Talos Imprints, Is Proud To Publish A Broad Range Of Titles For Readers Interested In Science Fiction Space Opera, Time Travel, Hard SF, Alien Invasion, Near Future Dystopia , Fantasy Grimdark, Sword And Sorcery, Contemporary Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, Alternative History , And Horror Zombies, Vampires, And The Occult And Supernatural , And Much While Not Every Title We Publish Becomes A New York Times Bestseller, A National Bestseller, Or A Hugo Or Nebula Award Winner, We Are Committed To Publishing Quality Books From A Diverse Group Of Authors This is first Glen Cook book I have read It has short stories from the Dread Empire series These stories are all in the classic swards and sorcery still, at times rather hardhitting and brutal A few of the stories were quite good Standouts include two of the three about the Vengeful Dragon ship Ghost Stalk and Call for the Dead the third Vengeful Dragon story was a real disappointment Another standout was Severed Head with its woman protagonist A further cute story was Silverheels The quality of the stories was uneven, however, and others were not as good.I don t usually read books from trilogies or longer series Of course this means I almost never read swords and sorcery type stories any since they all come in series So this book was an exception, and it was better than I expected. A collection of Cook s hard to find short fiction set in the world of the Dread Empire Some of the stories are loosely affiliated than others and, because this is his earlier work, some of them are stronger than others But the best of them Soldier of an Empire Unacquainted With Defeat , Severed Heads and the three stories of the crew of the Vengeful Dragon are fine stories indeed and just to have them in one place than justifies the collection. This is a collection of ten short stories set in Dread Empire universe with short comments by the author for each one Some familiar faces appear I counted five characters from the main series with two mentioned briefly Actually one of the stories explains what happened to a fairly important guy who disappeared without a trace in the last trilogy of Dread Empire On the other hand, there are several stories which relate to the universe only in the loosest sense in fact a couple of stories can be qualified as fairy tales as opposed to fantasy dragons kidnapping maidens this kind of things.Of the special note there are three stories about a pirate ship called Vengeful Dragon with a bloodthirsty crew Once again these have practically no connections to the main story, but they can be considered as a retelling of Pirates of the Caribbean for grown ups Considering the author, you might expect this to be quite dark, and they deliver The author mentioned that he intended to create at least a full novel out of these, but he could not find a publisher I suspect it would be much easier now after the success of the movie I mentioned, but it is most probable Glen Cook moved on to other projects Too bad about this as I see the stories as inspiration for the movie they contain quite a few common themes, but without any sugar coating and cheesy acting.About the reading order the collection might even be considered as a standalone, but it might be better to read it after the main series as there are some details which can be overlooked without knowing the background The rating is higher than 3 stars, but it does not quite reach 4 this makes 3.5 stars overall This review is a copy paste of my BookLikes one Glen Cook s Dread Empire series has always been in my eyes the poor cousin to the Black Company Many of the tropes found in the latter make an appearance here 1 A vast empire ruled by ancient evils Shinsan, the Dread Empire of the series The Lady s Empire 2 A proto Lady figure Mist, the deposed princess of Shinsan and a formidable wizard3 A focus on soldiers warriors4 A cynical weltanschauung that sees the ultimate motive for even the best rulers is getting and keeping power5 Even the darkest dark lord had a mother at some pointWhat s always kept the Dread Empire from enjoying as high a status on my shelf is that I never identified all that much with the characters Cook chose to focus on Bragi Ragnarson, Mocker and Haroun bin Yousif My favorite character in the series is Ssu ma Shih K ai, from Reap the East Wind and An Ill Fate Marshalling He s a training general for Shinsan s legions who winds up becoming part of the empire s high command, and his personality and character always appealed to me.In An Empire Unacquainted with Defeat, Cook has collected his short stories that take place in the world of Shinsan though only two actually deal with people from the empire One of the interesting things about Cook s writing is that you can see a palpable improvement over time, from the really quite bad The Heirs of Babylon to his best IMO , The Black Company series That makes this collection a bit uneven there s some clunky writing in the earlier stories None of them, however, are bad Soldier of an Empire Unacquainted with Defeat One of the better stories It follows Tain, an erstwhile soldier of the Dread Empire, as he tries to escape his past and the clutches of Shinsan The Nights of Dreadful Silence A Bragi Ragnarson tale about his conspiring with a sorceror against the king of Itaskia It s meant to be humorous than anything else but it falls flat for me Finding Svale s Daughter Decent but not great It s a story about a father s attempt to find his daughter, kidnapped by the huldre Ghost Stalk This is the first story in a sub plot of the series about the voyages of the Vengeful Dragon, a damned pirate ship, and its crew, who are searching for redemption The story is decent, lots of action, and Cook displays a knowledge of seamanship that lends authenticity Filed Teeth This is another of the better tales, and it too concerns a refugee from Shinsan As usual with Cook, however, the focus is on the common soldier Willem Potter, a world weary mercenary whose primary goal in this venture is making sure his kid brother makes it through alive Castle of Tears Another Bragi Ragnarson tale Call for the Dead The second of the Vengeful Dragon stories The crew is rescued by a sorceror for his own ends but they have different plans Severed Heads Among the top three of the collection, this story recounts a mother s quest to rescue her son from the maleficent clutches of the sorcerors of Jebal al Alf Dhuquarneni Like Cook s best efforts, there are subtler layers of meaning than a cursory reading might suggest, view spoiler particularly at the end when Narriman the mother finally kills her tormentorShe could have closed her eyes to his screams, but his dying face would have haunted her forever It might anyway When all else was stripped away, he had been a man And once a mother had wept for him while a dark rider had carried him toward the rising sunhide spoiler

Glen Cook was born in New York City, lived in southern Indiana as a small child, then grew up in Northern California After high school he served in the U.S Navy and attended the University of Missouri He worked for General Motors for 33 years, retiring some years ago He started writing short stories in 7th grade, had several published in a high school literary magazine He began writing with m

[Ebook] ➧ An Empire Unacquainted with Defeat Author Glen Cook –
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • An Empire Unacquainted with Defeat
  • Glen Cook
  • English
  • 15 June 2019
  • 9781597801409

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