T-H-B Amazing How A Small Choice Can Change Your Life Forever Luke Feels He Has His Dream Job Being An Astrophysicist At The Houston Aerospace Engineering Center Preparing For The Upcoming Mars Mission He Even Has A Blooming Romance With Sarah, A Physician Where He Works Life In Is Good Couldn T Be Better Until Until He Makes That Fateful Choice The Decision To Pick Up That Small Piece Of Paper Containing Three Simple Letters Plunges Him Into A Conspiracy, Forces Him To Face The World As He Never Knew It To Be He Discovers He Everyone Is Being Manipulated By An Elite Few Does He Dare Try To Face The Answers To The Questions Life Is Now Throwing At Him Or Does He Blissfully Ignore Reality And Go Back To His Fantasy World He Chooses To Face The Answers, And Every Direction He Turns Points Him To T H B What Is The Well Kept Secret Is It The Answer, The Truth, Which He Seeks Will Finding It Bring Clarity To His Life And The Right Path For His Future Or Will It Make Him An Enemy To The Entire World

I grew up in the south, but have lived north of the Mason Dixon line for many years now It seems funny now, but growing up I was told I talked like a Yankee, but after moving north, I am told I talk like a Southerner Go figure Science has always been an interest of mine, as well as the Bible, and both have shaped my perspective on just about everything Yet, I think I have always had a creative

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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • T-H-B
  • Randy C. Dockens
  • 19 March 2018
  • 9781942587897

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    I am a fan of mystery and suspense and this book satisfies both of those criteria I found the characters likable and believable The plot kept me guessing and I enjoyed the action and the science My only complaint is that I have so many questions at the end, so many unresolved issues and the next book doesn t come out until next year I m looking forward to the next installment.

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    It s 2089, and Luke Loughton lives a comfortable life He s preparing for the future Mars mission as an astrophysicist in Houston and a romance blossoms with his gorgeous coworker, Sarah However, his hope for normalcy shifts when he lifts up a confetti sized piece of paper with the letters T H B printed on it The letters mean nothing to him, but weird things start to unfold A man follows him Two other men in suits pull him from his office in handcuffs Luke tries to discover what type of conspiracy he s thrown into in a unique blend of science fiction and religion I enjoyed following the course of Luke s adventures throughout the book I was curious how three simple letters could cause such an uproar, and the series of events that followed showcased a fun journey The descriptions of the Continental Drift restaurant were some of my favorites I wish such a place actually existed At times, I wished for additional detail A bulk of the story contained sentences along the lines of He did this, they did that, and then this happened I think filling these passages with added descriptions, of Luke s internal thoughts, and overall idea expansion would benefit this book greatly Characters also tended to jump to the usually correct conclusion after only a brief conversation While of course these characters are quite intelligent, I think some feelings of prolonged confusion would add suspense to the book I don t mind simplistic sentences, but sometimes events in the book felt rushed and were over too quickly I also craved for background to the 2089 future world Holo computers, the cabs, and the whole Invocation situation were good starts, but I would like to know Are there any other technological advances Is fashion 72 years in the future really still that similar Is the world still relatively the same Then again, maybe these things will be expanded in the follow up book Thank you to NetGalley and Carpenter s Son Publishing for the digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    I love indie published books I love science fiction I praise all writers with the gumption to indie publish So congrats to Randy Dockens The premise of this book is really good.First, this book was professionally proofread Kudos for that Second, this novel was not professionally developmentally edited that s when an editor dives deep into the story to help the author streamline and pull the story together tightly to make a fast paced page turner Third, Dockens does a good job of developing the main character who is believable and 3 D The POV is written very well However, the love interest physician is a bit flat Transitions from one scene to another are non existent, and the number of characters is very large not that it is a huge problem, it s that developing a lot of characters so they fit perfectly in the story to move the story along is very difficult to do A developmental editor could do this for Dockens and make this story zing with some much needed zest.The premise is very good, but the execution of it still needs a lot of work to make this a really good book That said, the story is good enough to keep your attention, except when characters without much development are added to the mix When that happens, keep reading, it ll become clear.Thanks to Netgalley and the author for a copy of this book to honestly review.

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    I like books that keep me interested, and this one sure did I really liked the way that the science aspect tied in with the biblical aspect Overall a great 5 star read for me.

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    For a lot of the book I d give it 3.5 stars but the last 3rd I d give it a solid 4 stars I m looking forward to the next book in the series

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    T H B is a fast paced Science Fiction story set in 2089 Dr Luke Loughton, an astrophysicist, is thrown in to a mystery when he comes across a small piece of paper with the letter T H B printed on it T H B is the first book in The Coded Message Trilogy I m looking forward to seeing what happens next I won Randy C Docken s book through Goodreads Giveaways.

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    When you look at the state of the world around us, it can sometimes be difficult to imagine a future Even so is to imagine a future with religion in it For as long as we can read throughout history there has been religion in it Some might even argue that if religion were removed from every social and racial group, the world might just be a better place, since so many wars seemed to have been founded on religious interests Move the world forward to the year 2089 and imagine a world without religion That is the setting for Randy C Dockens novel T H B It is the first in the Coded Message Trilogy and it all begins when a confetti size piece of paper falls at the feet of astrophysicist, Luke Loughton All it contains on it is the letters T H B Another man quickly appears as if looking for that same paper and as Luke intends to offer it to him, as if he lost it, the man quickly vanishes Thinking nothing of it, he places it in his pocket and continues to head on it to work at the Houston Aerospace Engineering Center working on tasks for an upcoming Mars mission via his holo computer which removes the screen as a feature and instead projects a 3 D hologram to work from He anticipates a way to date a fellow co worker Sarah, a physician and fellow neighbor out to dinner The date is set for after work but before he can get a chance to follow through on his intentions, two federal agents show up to arrest Luke, based on the evidence they find on him containing the T H B message Despite his arguments of just randomly finding it on his was into work, he is physically detained and tossed into a holding cell A woman enters, that Luke refers to as the Ice Lady, who questions him about what he knows about T H B, which is essentially nothing A man enters to room to provide him with a purple fluid to be injected into him and promises that they will know everything momentarily When Luke wakes up, he still vaguely remembers why he is still in a holding cell, but can t remember what he told the investigators Sarah shows up to bail him out and take him home, where his entire apartment has been ransacked Further , when he arrives at work, no one can remember anything except that Luke was taken from the facility by two EMT s and they are all concerned about his apparent illness It seems that Sarah and Luke are the only ones not affected by the circumstances because these people truly believe what they saw This only leads to the investigation now that Sarah and Luke will begin to discover what exactly T H B means, and what is someone hiding that can affect an entire population I received T H B by Randy C Dockens compliments of Clovercroft Publishing This is a unique blend of Science Fiction and Mystery as you find yourself like me, wondering just what is T H B and what does it mean Why are so many working to prevent others from discovering its secret Join our characters along for the ride as a silent observer and get prepared for the sequel slated to be launched in early 2018 When you look into the authors background, you get a clear sense that he is writing from experience and that is what makes this novel believable I would give this one a 4.5 out of 5 stars in this readers opinion.

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    Do you remember this first time you ever heard about God Or Jesus Or church I mean the first, first time When the words were brand new and meant nothing yet to you.Most of us don t remember that first precisely These are words and concepts that may have been whispered over you in the womb or that described something other people in town seemed to do But you just knew them.Imagine if you didn t Randy Dockens is a storyteller His first novel, T H B, features our world but in 2089 Religion has been vanquished No one knows enough to know about God, Jesus, Church, the Bible Guiding readers through this world is relatable and lovable Luke, an astrophysicist He and his love interest, Sarah, stumble into a conspiracy with a group of friends The group dynamic blends humorous dialogue with memorable personalities.Although fiction isn t my preference, this novel had me intrigued from the beginning The characters have stuck with me as well.The mystery of why and how society is without any knowledge of God serves as a gripping background to the central conspiracy what T H B stands for and why people who look into are arrested and drugged.This novel is the first of a trilogy unfolding a futuristic mystery that ultimately leads to God Dockens offers a fresh, unique perspective on faith as readers are immersed in a world without religion Thought provoking and suspenseful, the short length of the chapters and straightforward storytelling make the novel easy to read as well.I recommend this book especially to teens and young adults who enjoy fiction It has a slight sci fi bent, but is mainly a one of a kind take on futuristic suspense Teens and young adults will likely appreciate the perspective of Luke as they also seek to understand why the world is the way it is and what faith means.The novel is ultimately written to point to God, but parents and readers should take note the society portrayed is religion less and has developed out of present patterns A minor character is homosexual The main character refers to cleavage a couple of times in describing a woman s dress Sex is not mentioned nor is immorality encouraged If you or someone you know likes engaging, imaginative mysteries, check out T H B by Randy Dockens.

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    What is T H B That is the question on the mind of every character in this book The story sees the main characters, an astrophysicist and a medical doctor, quickly traversing barriers on their quest for the answer They are going against an establishment that reminds the reader of futuristic societal book 1984 These two characters, who are boyfriend and girlfriend, become spies and saboteurs Despite their zeal, they don t know with certainty what they are ultimately seeking, nor what their end goal is Allies come to their aid but bring them no closer to the sought after answer to the riddle of what is T H B.The author, Randy Dockens, does a good job of moving the story along by adding close call intrigue to the plot As a reader, I began to wonder how many times the main characters, who are not trained in espionage, could realistically get away with breaking and entry endeavors and with using stolen passcodes without getting caught The primary explanation for this is that everyone, other than the main characters who are immune, gets their mind rebooted every evening Therefore, there is no memory of the main characters recent transgression Like all stories told in the first book of a series, this story is not fully resolved when the reader finishes the book While providing a Segway to the next book in the series, T H B has a satisfying ending that achieves the reader s need for completion The Coded Message Trilogy is the name of this series Book two, F S H S, won t be available until March of 2018 In a way, I m regretting that I read this first book in the series before the publication of all three books was complete I usually like to read a series in its entirety, one book after the other By March of 2018, almost 6 months from now, I m afraid that I will have forgotten about T H B Fortunately, I have a hard copy of the book so that I can refer back to it.Readers with a little patience will be delighted with this mystery It has plenty of action and the premise is plausible as the leaders in all governments are in it for their own aims and not for the good of their constituents.

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    I received this book free for review Opinions shared are mine This story is set approximately 60 years in the future Main characters Luke and Sarah work together in a NASA type setting, preparing for an upcoming MARS mission At first the story moves pretty slowly, as the author spends a good deal of time introducing the characters and their routines As the events become stranger, though, we start to learn that nothing in this world is what it seems.Author Randy Dockens uses his chemistry background to validate the T H B outline Though the writing is choppy at times, the action filled scenes keep the pace going I enjoyed the descriptions of exciting restaurants and new cuisines It was pretty simple to figure out what the letter T H B stood for, but how it would reveal itself was a mystery to me.In T H B, Randy Dockens sets a good stage for what might happen in a world where humans continue to filter out the things that make us unique Though the people in this Houston based story might not realize it, the government and scientists have control over the population This book, which is the first in a trilogy, is a great option for fans of 1984, The Matrix, and Divergent.

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