Dark Sister

Dark SisterDark Sister Is The Third Book By British Fantasy Writer Graham Joyce To Be Published In The United States And The Author Travels Further Into The Realm Of Pure Horror Than He Did In The Tooth Fairy Or Requiem Maggie, An Unfulfilled, Restless Housewife In England, Comes To Terms With Her Nascent, Otherworldly Power Amidst A Disheveled And Antagonistic Domestic Life Her Archaeologist Husband Alex Is Subtly Dominating, Which Makes For An Unfulfilling Marriage So, Maggie Buries Herself In The Chaos Of Her Small Children, Until A Chance Discovery Both Liberates Her And Invokes Catastrophe During A Routine Cleaning Of A Chimney Fireplace, She Discovers An Herbalist S Journal Soon After, Her Life Unfurls Wildly And Runs Horribly Aground It Seems That The Owner Of The Journal Was Not Just An Herb Woman, But Also A Witch With Real Powers Inspired By This Forgotten Woman, Maggie Begins To Dabble In The Arts Of Wicca The Gifts It Brings Her Are Powerful A Sense Of Freedom, Purpose, Even Clairvoyance But Every Gift Has Its Counterbalance, And Maggie S Newfound Telepathy Allows Her To See Things She Might Have Wanted To Remain Hidden Even Ominously, It Seems That In Unearthing The Journal, Maggie Has Awakened Deep Tragedies From An Abandoned Time, And The Evil That Now Stalks Her And Her Family Might Be Insatiable And UnstoppableTamara Hladik

Graham Joyce 22 October 1954 9 September 2014 was an English writer of speculative fiction and the recipient of numerous awards for both his novels and short stories After receiving a B.Ed from Bishop Lonsdale College in 1977 and a M.A from the University of Leicester in 1980 Joyce worked as a youth officer for the National Association of Youth Clubs until 1988 He subsequently quit his po

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  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Dark Sister
  • Graham Joyce
  • English
  • 08 August 2019
  • 9780747206293

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    DARK SISTER is another winner from Graham Joyce Wonderfully creepy and even humorous.

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    This was an excellent, creepy fun read I could hardly put it down.A bored, frustrated housewife finds an old Witch s diary, starts messing around with the herbal remedies in it, and next thing you know she s invoking Hecate, making Flying Ointment, and dancing naked in the woods Her husband is none too pleased, especially when she forgets to pick up the kids at the babysitter s The message here is What goes around, comes around and also Be careful what you wish for It s only to be expected that when a person changes the status quo and starts experimenting with powerful forces, unexpected changes will occur and people may get hurt, or at the very least, permanently affected Basically, everyone gets what is coming to them though if you ask me, that jerk of a husband gets much better than he really deserves What a putz but we are kept on edge waiting to see how it will all work out Joyce keeps the suspense going till the very last page Whether or not you believe in Witchcraft, this book will make you want to go right out and buy some mugwort.

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    This is a book meant to be read in one sitting, preferably on a dark dreary night while the wind is howling through all of the cracks crevices of old windows Though I have the old, drafty windows, unfortunately, I no longer have the luxury of reading anything in one sitting and was forced to settle for half hour reading spurts whenever I could steal away from real life Despite the pick up and put down method of my reading I was able to fall into the book all over again each time I began anew Like the previous Graham Joyce book I read The Tooth Fairy , the characters in Dark Sister are realistic, imperfect people with many flaws No one here is perfect through and through.Maggie is an engrossing character caught in a stifling marriage She s a stay at home mom who longs for a little than keeping house and getting criticized by husband Alex when things are not up to his standards Alex, an insecure turd, is the type who would lock her in a tower and throw away the key if he could get away with it and refuses to allow her to return to school When the unhappy couple discover an old journal filled with herbal lore Maggie becomes a little obsessed with learning its secrets As Maggie delves deeper into the world of magic and makes two new friends, a lonely herbalist and an eccentric, crusty old lady, who become part of her journey, her marriage continues to go down the tubes I found Maggie s magical discoveries quite interesting but it s the increasing destruction of her family life that adds an emotionally grueling level to the story.Maggie is a much sympathetic character than Alex but she also has her share of faults as well but, hmmm, are they all her fault In anger, she says a few well deserved horribly awful things to Alex but I cringed because her young children were listening and she knew it She also forgets her responsibilities i.e., her children one time too many when her other world begins to consume her and she doesn t seem overly bothered by the fact These missteps added to the realism of her character I m so sick of flawless characters and these people, even when unlikable, were a nice smack of reality and change of pace.I also enjoyed the depiction of Maggie s youngest son He looks like a cherubic angel but acts like a real kid He s a genuine, tantrum throwing brat who reacts to the increasing turmoil within his family with fear and fits I found this very sad and yet another eloquently written layer of the story.As the story progresses and Maggie s dabbling with magic has some eye opening results love the revenge on Alex but also awakens her dark sister and the story becomes even intense.

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    Once again Graham Joyce has managed to completely captivate me and draw me in Dark Sister is a tale of a marriage torn apart by dark, unseen forces What seems at first to be an innocent discovery of an ancient book hidden in the fireplace, turns out to be the beginning of a mystical, and at times nightmarish journey for Maggie and her family The book seems to beckon to Maggie to read its pages and unlock its hidden secrets What begins as a hobby, quickly takes a turn towards a darker, malevolent force that seeks to use Maggie as a vessel for a long dormant magic.I was intrigued throughout by the magical forces of the ancient book and Maggie s newfound talents, but the characters themselves were less than endearing Maggie and her husband, Alex, were incredibly selfish only caring about their own desires and agendas and their poor children were treated as pawns in a game of strategy I suppose this is not unlikely in many troubled marriages, but it was difficult to read about what those children endured as a direct result of their mother s misguided foray into the dark arts and their father s quest to get revenge on their mother Despite the crass and selfish, behavior of Maggie and Alex, I still couldn t blame them entirely for their behavior because I believe so much of that was a result of the dark forces that Maggie unknowingly unleashed into their world As I ve come to expect, Graham Joyce is a master storyteller with an uncanny ability to unlock the Pandora s box of his readers imaginations

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    I was not sure if I was going to like this book until the very end I mean, it s Graham, GRAHAM The man who endeared himself to me forever by confessing to having had a crush on Cathy from Wuthering Heights when he was twelve He s adorable, and his other books have been BREATHTAKING, so I kept on going, but this book starts out with two people whose marriage is failing and who are taking out their own frustration on each other and their children hard to read But his writing is so darn beautiful that I could not stop Also, it s Graham I need to learn to trust Graham And then I reached a point where I thought this will either end very, very horribly and I will need to dispose of this book in a dramatic fashion, or it will end beautifully and I shall praise its name.Which way did it end Trust in Graham.Trust in the fact that the man writes with effortless beauty Trust in the fact that even when he s creeping you out and you keep thinking about how much you don t like that kind of book, you still want Trust in Graham to have written a book that appears to be so deceptively simple that it s not until the end that you realize how many strands and threads and layers and nuances and shades went into the story.Just do it Just trust in Graham Unless you are offended by language and sex In which case, trust in Graham s book The Exchange, and put this one down You have been warned.

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    I don t know.I m a big Graham Joyce fan and this one just didn t do much for me I didn t hate it, but I didn t love it, something I ve come to expect from this author It wasn t very spooky or scary which I would have liked I read it at night without a second thought I didn t like either of the main characters and couldn t really justify either of their bad behavior They weren t the kind of parents to put their children first They were selfish In lots of reviews I ve read, people didn t like Alex at all but seemed to give Maggie a pass Not me They both did things that were equally bad IMO It doesn t matter that Maggie thought she was doing things for the right reason They both deserve a big kick in the arse I did like the secondary characters of Ash and Liz and think I would have liked the story better if they were the main characters As usual, GJ threw in some quirky scenes that could be off putting to those who are not fans of his I certainly wouldn t start with this book if you plan to try his work I myself still plan to read all of his books I didn t find the witchcraft take very excitingit was a bit bizarre and confusing.

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