How to Find Love in a Bookshop

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Veronica Henry was a television script writer before turning her hand to fiction She has published sixteen novels which she describes as realistic escapism her setting are gorgeous, but her characters have problems and dilemmas everyone can identify with.

❰Reading❯ ➶ How to Find Love in a Bookshop Author Veronica Henry –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • How to Find Love in a Bookshop
  • Veronica Henry
  • Italian
  • 13 January 2017
  • 9788811672548

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    This is a warm hearted gem of a book Emilia Nightingale owns Nightingale Books in Peasebrook, a Cotswold town However, she finds herself in desperate straits trying to keep the book shop open and the property developers are already circling It would be easier if Emilia sold up, but there is the promise that she made to her dad, Julius The book shop has a star line up of customers, a colourful and vibrant mix of people They have their own stories to tell of love, hope, loss and secrets In their own ways, they bolster Emilia in her times of trouble Veronica Henry has written a beautiful feelgood story that I certainly am not immune to I was rooting for Emilia all the way I love book stores, and for me it made for a fantastic setting A seamless delight to read from beginning to end Recommended Many thanks to Orion for a ARC via netgalley.

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    How to Find Love in a Bookshop by Veronica Henry is a 2018 Penguin Books publication It goes without saying that any book about books will appeal to me A bookshop with a regular clientele, each with their own story, a few well guarded secrets, and a healthy dose of sweet romance and you have an irresistible combination When Emilia inherits her father s bookshop, she decides to brush off any attempts to persuade her to accept a buyout But, unbeknownst to her, there is a plot afoot to make sure she does just that In the meantime, Emilia gets reacquainted with Peasebrook, and works hard to keep the bookshop many rely on open for business First off, the setting The English Cotswold enough said Then we add Bookshop enough said Then add in secrets, and multiple love stories well, you get the idea.This is the kind of book that is hard to find much fault with It s just to charming and sweet It might even play well as a Hallmark Channel Movie It s THAT kind of book Most anyone can enjoy this novel, anytime, anywhere It s the perfect type of story to enjoy while lying in a hammock, under an umbrella at the beach, or sitting beside a cozy fire, or curled up in your favorite reading nook with a nice glass of wine or a cup of tea I loved all those wonderful romances, Emilia and her crush on the cookbook guy Dillion and his unrequited love, and Jane, who finally reconnects with the guy who broke her heart many years ago, for starters But, even with all that romance in the air, there are sinister forces at work, and Emilia will be faced with nearly insurmountable odds, which makes selling out and tempting every day Obviously, this is a very light, easy to read story, one that exudes charm and warmth This is a book meant for book lovers who already know the importance of bookshops and the magic that can be found there 4 stars

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    5 Beautifully writtenBefore Emillia s father passes away, he makes Emillia promise to keep the Nightingale book store open.Julius opened the book store to help support Emillia and himself As he was a single parent.The story of Julius and the Nightingale book store was beautiful and compelling.So you can understand why he so desperately want Emillia to keep the book store open.Nightingale book shop reminds me of those gorgeous quaint book shops you find, where the owner knows every single book in the store and has a personal connection with each one and when you walk inside you just know you will find something very special A true Gem It s a place that oozes Charm and welcomes everybody Whether it s for a friendly chat, or to find a special book or present or just a place to escape Emillia knows how special the book shop is but what she wasn t aware of, was the fact her father was having financial troubles as the book shop wasn t making a profit So she has a huge decision as to whether she can turn the Nightingale s around or sell up.So when Jackson who works for the property developer comes sniffing round trying to entice Emillia into selling them the book store she is in for a tough ride.Can she resist he s charm What I loved most about this book was the beautiful characters Each character offering something very special to the book shop and story The community is close and they all pull together to help Emillia with her decision.I loved learning about the characters and each had their own unique story to tell.For example you have Sarah the lady of the Manor who used to visit Nightingale to have a break from the pressures of the Manor, then you have Thomasina who has a passion for cooking and cookbooks Which I can relate too as my collection is ever growing She teaches cooking at the school which I think is so special.But each character shares one thing in common the love of Nightingale s.Emillia is so strong, she is dealing with the grief of her father s death and now coming to terms with owning her father s legacy.She has big boots to fill, but she is perfect for the role She has special memories within Nightingale s and her strength shines through.For me How to find love in a bookshop is such a gem of a book I don t think I have come across such a unique and special story like this in a while.This book oozes Charm, strength, passion, Romance, Beautiful books, a compelling yet feel good read Thoroughly recommend to all book lovers The perfect read.I received this book from the Publisher in exchange for a honest and fair review via Netgalley.

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    4 4.5 stars Books told you things, everything you needed to know, but you didn t talk back to them When I started reading this book, I felt a little disappointed because I couldn t connect to the story or the characters But as I read on, it turned out to be much than I expected I devoured the story and I loved it I was feeling quite low and was going into a teeny tiny reading slump every reader s nightmare of course, but this was just so uplifting It made me smile and gave me some good hearty laughs I was hooked and I didn t even realise it Every time I picked up the book I just got lost in the story wipes tear I love when that happens This was a beautiful story I utterly loved the writing style and adored the characters This is about Emilia who tries to save her family business after her father s passing, a bookstore called Nightingale Books The story does not solely focus on Emilia, it also conveys the lives and struggles of several other characters who are all connected to the bookstore and each other in some way I was very fond of some of the characters Dillon was just cute and adorable and damn I wouldn t mind me a Dillon A lot of these characters were flawed and at times did not make the best of choices, and yet I found myself sympathetic towards them Even though Emilia s father was not physically present, you still felt him throughout the book He was greatly honoured and loved by those who knew him, and Emilia cherished her father The way his character was portrayed, I felt as if I knew him very well myself Veronica Henry certainly has a way with words She s written a brilliant, heartfelt story that book lovers would enjoy This was about love, loss, grief and friendship The love was not necessarily romantic, it was about the love one has for their parents, their children, their friends, the community Books like this are why I adore reading they re so pleasant and make you feel good I would definitely like to pick up by this author That s the trouble with books You can never choose your favourite

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    The whole point of life was you couldn t ever be sure what would happen next Sometimes what happened was good, sometimes not, but there were always surprises This was a delightful, confectionary read Such an immense joy to read I don t generally pick up romancey novels, but I love a good romantic angle in my literary and classic fiction This had all the feels, and I do mean all, because it centered around a bookshop at the center of a small village in the Cotswolds Literary references and allusions all over the place I ve never seen so many book loving characters in one space If you re in the mood for something light but filling a little sad at times, but redeeming in every sense of the word then you should get your hands on a copy of this book I dare you not to love it.

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    Four and a half stars.Who could resist a book with a title like this Certainly not me I fell in love with this book from the first page of the prologue set in 1983 And when Emilia is sitting at her father s bedside while he is dying 32 years later, I was right there with tears in my eyes too The description of a daughter s grief upon the death of a much loved parent was one I could all too readily associate with Julius Nightingale had owned and run Nightingale Books in the Cotswold town of Peasebrook Emilia promises to keep the shop going in memory of her father But can she do it The book focuses not only on Emilia but others in this small town for whom the bookshop and its owner have been a refuge and a source of gentle love and encouragement There are three townsfolk in particular for whom the bookshop has brought great changes One is Sarah, owner of Peasebrook Manor Another is Jackson who seeks to connect with his young son through books and seeks Emilia s help The third is Thomasina, a cookery teacher who has a secret crush There are others who play their part as well And although Julius dies early in the book his presence is felt throughout I loved getting to know these characters and I loved the setting of the bookshop and the references throughout to various books and authors I did have a chuckle at this comment though, Books told you things, everything you needed to know, but you didn t talk back to them I have to say I am one who has talked back at times It is obvious this is a book about and for people who love to read and value books One quote I loved was when Jackson, who comes to reading late, discovers why people read books So that was why people read Because books explained things how you thought and how you behaved, and made you realise you were not alone in doing what you did or feeling what you felt Exactly This is, without doubt, a feel good book although there are moments when you wonder if things will all pan out as you hope It is a charming and entertaining book that I thoroughly enjoyed, except for a couple of minor things A recommended read for all who love books and reading.

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    This was such a charming read one that I have picked up because I was attracted by its title and cover design depicting one of those enchanting English bookshops The allure of a story about a bookshop and by natural extension, books was just too irresistible, and as such, despite my typical apprehension with romantic novels, I knew that I would attempt reading this book.And with that, I dipped my toes into the Prologue and came across this beautiful passage which charmed me immediately Now that he was here, in Peasebrook, he wanted it to be his home their home It was a mystery, though, why there was no bookshop in such an appealing place.After all, a town without a bookshop was a town without a heart.Julius imagined each person he passed as a potential customer He could picture them all, crowding in, asking his advice, him sliding their purchases into a bag, getting to know their likes and dislikes, putting a book aside for a particular customer, knowing it would be just up their alley Watching them browse, watching the joy of them discovering a new author, a new world How to Find Love in A Bookshop is a story about a daughter who took over her father s bookshop in his passing and her struggle in keeping her promise to ensure it stays open in the idyllic village of Peasebrook Julius was a bookseller of the best kind, but the worse possible businessman It was an uphill task for Emilia to revive the financial health of the bookshop, even with the help from close friends and the support of a literary community that adored her father It was the sort of bookshop that stole time This novel reminded me of feel good movies like Love Actually it is not so much a love story, but a story about love It is about a daughter s love for her father It also is about parental love, falling in love, rekindled love and even forbidden love And of course, it is about bookish love Nightingale Books is the centrepiece of the tale which brings the characters and their stories together Although the story is predictable, the abundance of literary references and allusions made it quite enthralling There s a book for everyone, even if they don t think there is A book that reaches in and grabs your soul I am thrilled to have found his delightfully heartwarming novel it was just what I needed with all my heavy science fiction and fantasy reads of late While it is cosy fiction, its moments of sadness and poignancy made the story about a beloved bookshop and the ability of books to heal and change one s life captivating Ultimately, it evokes that indefinable quality of local bookshops where one can browse its shelves, touch and smell the books, talk to the booksellers, and meet fellow like minded readers and even fall in love, possibly.You can purchase the book from Book Depository Free shipping worldwide You can also find this, and my other reviews at Novel Notions.

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    Very good chick lit The bookstore setting is delightful The characters are all Central Casting stereotypes and that s just fine because not having to work out what each one of the six PoV characters was which was part of what made this a Sunday read.It s possible to score the movie that this book will engender just from the mentions of music in the text Joni Mitchell all the way to dreary, stolid Elgar by way of the inimitable, ineffable Saint Sa ns The Swan on cello.A happy means to wile the hours away when that s all that one wants to do.Favorite quotes There s a book for everyone, even if they don t think there is A book that reaches in and grabs your soul.Yep.So that was why people read Because books explained things how you thought, and how you behaved, and made you realise you were not alone in doing what you did or feeling what you felt.It s a fact.She knew now that everyone had heartbreak in their life at some point What had happened didn t make her special or unusual It was part of being human A broken heart was, after all, the source material of myriad books Some of those books had become her comfort, and had made her realize she was not alone.Why the world of books is so important to me.After all, a town without a bookshop was a town without a heart.and sadly, I live in one of those teardrop

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    In the idyllic town of Peasebrook in the Cotswolds is thee Nightingayle Book Shop Owner Emillia Nightingayle is struggling to keep the shop open Her father Julius bought the shop and the flat above when Emillia was just a baby.With her father on his deathbed, Emillia comes home from abroad then took the shop over when he died The temptation to sell the shop is overwhelming but she had made a promise to keep the shop open.This is a lighthearted tale of the love the customers have for the shop The escape from their problems, advice on books to read and the friendly staff A delightful story of Emillia s fight to keep the shop open.I would like to thank Net Galley, Orion Publishing Group and the author Verionica Henry for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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