Spark to the Heart (Hearts of Parkerburg, #4)

Spark to the Heart (Hearts of Parkerburg, #4) As A Misguided Youth, Rosy Loved Being That Kid In Parkerburg You Know The One That Everybody Swears Will End Up In Jail Or Comatose Until One Summer Day On The Back Roads Of Town When Two Lives Came To A Screeching HaltThirteen Years Later, Rosy Owns The Local Pub On Maple Street And Makes A Good Show Of How He S Recovered From Tragedy He Even Convinces Himself Until He Meets The New Man In Town And Realizes Just How Okay He Isn T With The Demons Of His Fatal Past Still Stalking Him, Rosy Has No Idea How To Switch From Simply Existing To Actually LivingAngus Jet Manheim Famous For His Smooth, Sexy Voice And Notorious For His Hard Partying Ways Sped Through Most Of His Adult Life On Stage And In The Recording Studio Sober And Retired To The Quaint New England Town Of Parkerburg, Jet S Ready To Slow His Soundtrack Until His Compelling Neighbor A Grumbling, Muscular Mountain Of A Man With An Odd Name Ups The TempoFrequently Absentminded, Jet Finds Rosy An Easy Object Of Focus, A Solid Center Around Which Jet Hopes To Build A Future But Retirement Isn T Easy The Entertainment Industry Doesn T Stop Knocking Just Because You Hang A Do Not Disturb SignWhen Rosy S And Jet S Pasts Try To Harmonize With Their Present, They Might Have To Decide Whether The Chorus Is Worth RepeatingThe Hearts Of Parkerburg Stories Can Be Read As Standalones, Each With A HEA But Trust Me, You Ll Want To Read About All The Sweet Happenings In This Quaint Little Town I liked this enough to think about going back and reading the other three books I like the idea of the small town location That said, like many m m series plotted in small towns, it is falling into the are there any straight people in this town syndrome.I am not the biggest fan of Rosy but he kinda redeemed himself I guess Even at the end, I wasn t convinced he appreciated Jet for who he is, quirks and all, but maybe we ll get a better feel for that in future books They just didn t interact in enough ways to make love seem realistic so I hope for the best for them Since I didn t read the other books yet where are Rosy s parents Is that addressed in any of the other books because it s glaringly, gaping hole, missing in this book unless I missed something This new installment in the Hearts Of Parkerburg series by Lee Brazil and Havan Fellows didn t satisfy me as the previous one, Fire of the Heart, did I probably will be in the minority with my review, but this novel is a barely three stars to me And the reason I barely liked the story can be found in the lack of feelings between the MCs I m very easy to please in my reading, just give me some love and a happy ending and I m a happy girl When I miss one of these two elements, I can t give a higher rating to the book.Although it s part of a series, Spark of the Heart works as a standalone, so start this series wherever you prefer I read the blurb and I liked it, I read the story and I liked the idea, the general plot, the characters are all complex and with heavy backgrounds, they are real and enjoyable, just how I need my characters to be I adored the fact the story isn t focused on just the MCs but there are secondary ones like Brian and Bas, which I would love to know about I liked the setting and the good writing, that s the main reason I gave the book a three stars, because it is very well written made me picturing the places, the shops, the atmosphere, in my mind with an easiness hard to find.That said, as I previously anticipated, I missed something Apart from the physical attraction, clear and hot, I couldn t feel between the MCs Almost to the end, when Jet said Rosy he loved him, I was taken aback Throughout all the story I saw nothing, just a sex interest and no It puzzled me and made the ending rushed through an unexpected HEA.Still, I hope the authors will give me stories on some characters I found in Spark of the Heart and loved.The cover art by Author Services follows the theme of the other covers and I like it, simple and romantic. I enjoyed this series I m new to it so I m glad I got the chance to read them Overall, I liked them The writing was good I loved the characters I think personally for me, though, I felt like something was missing to keep it from being a five star read I wish I knew what I think part of it was, as much as I love sex in a book, and I like lots it seemed like that s all the relationship was about It was finally toward the end of the book that they started to really talk and getting to know each other better Other than that, great book.We get to know the bar owner Rosy in this book and what makes him the way he is and how he ticks Rosy is a great guy Sometimes a little rough around the edges But when you find out his past story, you forgive that gruffness Unless he is just being flat out rude, which he can be on occasion But Rosy has a big heart underneath that gruff exterior and he looks out for everyone, giving even the biggest ass currently in town the benefit of the doubt I love those kind of guys They are such badasses on the exterior but all goo on the inside So when he sees Jet for the first time, you can t help but be happy about how intrigued and captivated he is by this man because Rosy deserves to be happy Jet is just wanting some peace and quiet away from the rockstar life that he lived He s retired now and wants to get his little shop up and running in a place that captured his heart in early years Now he can be happy living the quiet life He doesn t expect anything in lieu of love but gets the jolt of his life when he sees Rosy for the first time He is as captivated by Rosy as Rosy seems to be by him, and it s left him feeling a bit adrift at how much of an impact he has made He gets no chance to recover as Rosy steamrolls him into a relationship where the sex is unbelievable and he feels things he has never felt with anyone before The chemistry between these two is unbelievable It s smoking hot as is the sex They get off track at times as they butt heads on several things but I love that Rosy especially won t give up and let things slide He wants to get to the bottom of anything wrong because he can t stand to be away or be in any turmoil with his man This is a good series This book was a good read and can be read as a stand alone I recommend reading the whole series though because little details can make a difference For sweet love stories with a bit of angst these are it A book to definitely curl up with on a quiet day and just escape Happy reading Original review on Molly LollyFour and a half stars I adored Rosy and Jet s story Finally getting to see Rosy s story and him find love and happiness was wonderful The way Jet fit into his story was beautiful These two together are amazing I adore the Hearts of Parkerburg series by two authors whose writing I enjoy both together and separately This series continues to bring stories that grab hold of my attention and don t let go until I ve reached the end of the book I can t wait for the next book to come out Plus I ve got some guesses on who the next couple will be.Jet is someone that was fascinating he had an intriguing past that made me want to know He was gentle and just wanted to find happiness I adored how he worked to find a new normal and be apart from his past life His struggles because of his past made my heart ache I liked when he stood up for himself and let Rosy know what he wanted out of their relationship Jet s sense of fashion was wonderful He didn t care what anyone thought and I loved how he wore what he wanted to be comfortable The way his outfits were described from both Jet and Rosy s point of view was lovely.Rosy wound up being far deeper than I thought When his full past was revealed my heart broke for him and his pain The way he threw himself into his relationship with Jet at the beginning was sweet But once he figured out how Jet truly factored into things he spiraled out He acted a bit like a jerk for a little bit though I do understand why he did It made me feel bad for Jet when Rosy had his head up his ass But after Rosy talked with Jet and opened up you could tell Rosy was ready to truly be happy.I love this series I get so invested in the people in this lovely town and how they re all doing I enjoy getting to catch up on previous couples in each subsequent book I desperately want of the residents to get their own stories I think my top three though are Mason, Brian and Bas I want all three of these men to be happy Mason needs it the most though there haven t been any hints I ve seen as to who that could be Brian and Bas though I ve got some guesses about them and I can t wait to find out if they re right or not Because there will be stories in this series I hope And if there are, I will gladly read theme.Rosy and Jet are wonderful together They go through so many ups and down and I loved seeing their journey They still have some things to overcome but they are so in love with each other I would love to see of them in the next book I want to see them still happy together, maybe living together But definitely still in love. Ah, back in Parkerburg, and finally getting the juice on Rosy, the grumpy bar owner, who I suspected was soft hearted than he wanted anyone to know And the idea of Jet, a retired rocker, settling in this small, quaint town, had me very interested in what his story was It s been ten years since Jet retired as lead singer of the Killer Heels Ten years of getting clean and sober, wandering the world, and finally ending up back in Parkerburg, the small town that helped out five struggling young musicians many years ago when their bus broke down Jet never forgot the kindness of those people, and the way the town made him feel So, now he s opening a music store on the Square, a store with tons of vintage memorabilia, instruments, vinyl, and basically anything else he can think of All those years of drug and alcohol abuse have made him a little scattered, but it s really kind of cute What he didn t expect, at forty six, is to find love for the first time Rosy is born and raised in Parkerburg, and thirteen years ago, when he was twenty, he did something really stupid and it cost someone he loved He could have fallen permanently into a bottle but the townspeople, and his own will, wouldn t let him Instead, he worked on getting his demons under control, then opened Rosy s Bar, where he keeps everyone in line, including Bas, Melrose s ex, who is staying in one of the apartments above the bar to do his community service and pay back the owners of the establishments where he destroyed property when he got furious at Melrose not coming back home with him Oh, and Brian, a young man the whole town looks after who has had a tough time since his mom was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer s So, yeah, a big heart under that gruff exterior.I really adored the insta lust these two had for each other Granted, it s not great when Rosy finds out who Jet is, because the Killer Heels number one hit was playing on the radio for the worst time of Rosy s life, but once they can get past that, and a few other miscommunications inevitable with men, it was wonderful to see them working toward a lasting relationship I think this might be my favorite of the series, so far A very sexy, hot, fun, and dramatic tale.NOTE This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews 4 Stars Spark to the Heart is book 4 in the Parkersburg series and it can be read as a standalone, although, really, there s a lot of recurring characters and the series is really good, so I recommend reading it all.I loved Jet, he was such an eccentric artist, imagining him parading in his weird clothing was too much fun He was sweet and forgetful, but when he needed to make his point, he showed character I liked Rosy, although it took me a bit longer to warm up to him It was pretty neat seeing his progression, though, and watching him move forward from what had happened to him when he was a teenager Jet and Rosy had great chemistry and I really enjoyed their scenes together, but I would ve liked a bit couple development between them It felt too rushed in certain parts.It was nice to see how life in this quaint little community works and how they close ranks to help each other I wasn t too fond of Bas, but I think he could be an interesting character to tackle in future books And of course, Brian, who is such a sweetheart.Havan Fellows and Lee Brazil work great together and the collaboration was seamless The book was very enjoyable, fun, low angst and sexy Very recommendable Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn t a requirement. If you like a sweet, sexy, heartfelt romance you can always count on Lee Brazil and Havan Fellows Their town Parkerburg boasts lots of quirky, sexy characters to do just that A Spark to The Heart is book 4 in the series, you could probably read this as a standalone, but I think if you read it in order you know the other characters better and won t get confused.Rosey is the crotchety bar owner in town Beneath his rough exterior, he is a good man taking in young people with problems and giving them jobs when he can Rosey even helped Bas, a man that came causing trouble an apartment above the bar real cheap Jet is a newcomer to town opening a new shop across the street The moment Jet and Rosey meet the attraction is apparent But just as things get going well for these two Jets identity makes Rosey turn away.Spark to the Heart is an excellent story There are so many characters it took me a couple of chapters to recall who was who and with whom After Rosey and Jet get together the story picked up pace I have to say Rosey and Jet are my favorite characters in this series so far I love older men with lots of history and experience I like that it shows that people in their 40 s and 50 still have feelings and desire and probably skeletons in their closets than youth There are a few sad moments especially with Rosey s story and lots of hot man sexIf you are looking for a good contemporary romance with a great storyline and some hot sex, I recommend this one I enjoy coming back to visit Parkerburg whenever a new book is released in this small town series I was looking forward to Rosy s story because I m a sucker for a grumpy bear with a heart of gold and I was all set for the opposites attract thing I knew was coming in Spark to the Heart.The story started out great, I loved where things were going with Rosy and Jet It was sweet as the two danced around the flirtation, did a little dating and gave into their hornier base instincts I knew there would be some angst coming, so the set up for some hurt comfort was working for me And it was working for me up until Rosy went from being new boyfriend Rosy, to really bitter and angry Rosy And I understood it, I did, to a point, but his anger and reactions made me uncomfortable and turned me off to him pretty hard He s a fixture in Parkerburg, he gives people second chances, I m told repeatedly what a good guy he is and I totally believed it in the beginning, but when the guilt and anger come along I just couldn t with him He treated Jet like crap, he got violent with people who didn t deserve it than once and while I get he s hurting, as a guy in position of some authority over employees and who holds respect with the townsfolk, putting your hands on someone or shoving innocent bystanders even accidentally while you re in a huff is a no go for me When he did go to speak with Jet, from Jet s and my perspective it turned into just an outlet for angry boning and I wanted for Jet Jet wanted for Jet and props to him for putting the brakes on Rosy s nonsense I think my problem was that it was too early in the relationship for this much trouble I didn t have a firm foundation in my head for these two yet If I were Jet s pal I would have told him to tell Rosy to hit the bricks and not waste his time and I shouldn t be thinking that, I want to root for my MC s even if I do want to throttle them now and again.But Jet though, Jet was awesome I love his hippy dippy attitude that is surprisingly centered considering the life he s led I wanted to hang with him and Brian in Jet s shop I wanted him to be happy and be taken care of and it frustrated me that I couldn t get behind Rosy with an HEA for him and Jet for a while.It s Parkerburg though, and HEA s are a given thankfully, so Rosy did manage to pull his head out of his ass eventually and realize he was in true danger of losing his happy if he didn t make things right with Jet I was happy for them, I was mostly happy for Jet though, because it was what he wanted I wanted groveling though I needed balance between dumbass Rosy and good boyfriend Rosy.I ll be ready for Parkerburg when it comes and what I really hope to read is some epilogue y like love for Rosy and Jet I really like Jet s character and I want to spend time with him I want to like Rosy and see him evolve into the guy he s supposed to be I want to read some Parkerburg love for the next couple with balance between the issues and the HEAa copy of this story was provided for an honest review

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