The Weaver of Odds (Vivian Amberville, #1)

The Weaver of Odds (Vivian Amberville, #1) As The Weaver, So Is The ThreadVivian Amberville Is A Bestselling Philosophical Fantasy Book Series About A Girl Whose Imagination Can Reshape Reality THE BOOK First In The Vivian Amberville Fantasy Series, The Weaver Of Odds Introduces Year Old Vivian To Her Unique If Hazardous Power Of Altering Odds, Outcomes And The Very Substance Of RealityThe Main Protagonist, Vivian Is An Orphaned Child Who Uncovers Her Imagination Can Influence Certain Events, And Even Twist Reality Into Impossible Shapes A Mind Over Matter Ability Called Weaving But Vivian S Powers Prove Hazardous To Keeping The Universal Balance Beyond The Fabric Of Reality, She Finds Herself In The Custody Of The Original Weavers, Thrown Head First Into The Most Dangerous Competition The Multiverse Has Ever Known The Weaver TrialsThe Universe That Spanned Millions Of Fans Worldwide And Captured Readers Imagination All Around The World Invites You To Journey Alongside Unforgettable Heroes You Would Want To Take Home Fantasy Like Never Told Before A Mythical Fiction Of Friendship And Acceptance Of Fate And Free Will Of Destiny And Despair Of Extraordinary Ordinary Heroes And Their Reality Changing Journeys SYNOPSIS Vivian Lives In A Cage, In Ala Spuria S Shelter For Strays And Has Never Tasted Real Food When One Of The Other Orphans Gives Vivian Hope, She Discovers A Hidden Power To Reshape Her Circumstances CompletelyFrom The English Town Of Milton Keynes, Vivian Discovers A Neighbouring Universe, Where Alarian Weavers An Ancient Race Of Powerful Beings Have Perfected A Way Of Altering Reality By Weaving Threads Into The Fabric Of The Cosmos, The Weavers Strive To Imprison Freewill, Banish Chaos And Bring Balance To Cosmic RealityFaced With A Sudden Hole In The Pattern Of Threads That Threatens To Consume The Substance Of Everything, It Is Up To Year Old Vivian Amberville To Repair The Damage Believed To Be A Formidable Weaver Of Odds And Circumstances, Vivian Must Now Attend The Weaver Trials And Master The Mysterious Art Of Weaving Into Reality In Hope Of Preventing The Impending ApocalypseTogether With Her Friends, Patricia Kate, Lucian Blossom And Acciper Sparrowhawk, Vivian Stumbles Upon Terrible Insights Into Her Identity As She Explores What Lies Beyond The Fabric Of RealityNRE Epic Philosophical Fantasy, Jungian Allegory CATEGORY Young Adult, Coming Of Age, Adventure Voyage, Social Satire SETTING Double Dystopia Futuristic Dystopia And Fantasy World SUBJECTS Responsibility Over The Act Of Creation, Time Travel, Parallel Universes, Mind Over Matter, Matter Manipulation THEMES Free Will Vs Determinism, Freedom And Responsibility, The Burden Of Being, Death, Friendship And Sacrifice TAGS Post Apocalyptic, Multiple Realities, Inter Dimensional Travel, Journey Within to download for FREE in 3 different eBook formats some of Louise Blackwick s most successful short stories.

➽ [Reading] ➿ The Weaver of Odds (Vivian Amberville, #1)  By Louise Blackwick ➲ –
  • Paperback
  • 296 pages
  • The Weaver of Odds (Vivian Amberville, #1)
  • Louise Blackwick
  • English
  • 13 May 2018

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    If your a lover of fantasy,sci fis, and overall genuine good reads than this story is definitely for you Weaver of Odds meets all expectations The story line itself was very unique,and the characters creatures were well developed and endearing Not to mention, the story is very well written I can honestly say that there was never a boring moment in this read No spoilers here, but I must say that for me this story was right up there with Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings Simply amazing This author is now on my radar A must read

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    I ve intended to write a review for this book since finishing it a few weeks back, but it s such a unique and enthralling read, it s daunting attempting to sum it up in a few short words.I didn t quite know what to expect to begin with, especially having relatively little experience in the fantasy genre, but by the end of the first part of the book, I was hooked.It s the kind of story that pulls you in with both hands and doesn t let go until you realise it s been three hours since you last blinked The twists and turns make it impossible to put down just one chapter , you ll say to yourself, every 10 20 minutes.Without giving anything away, the story is superbly driven, from start to finish, and for the uninitiated there are a number of points along the way where your hairs will stand on end The story is spellbinding and you sense that in every chapter, the author has pored over every minute detail, probably for years on end, to create a living, almost tangible experience for the reader You feel as though you know the characters, particularly the protagonist, and this itself is a reason you want to read on You want to know how things turn out or rather you need to know how things turn out.The characters, as I ve already mentioned, are masterfully created Again, you get the idea that the author has been creating these souls over a long period of time before writing the book, because every idiosyncrasy, every back story and every personality is so well rendered There is never a hiccup Never does one character act differently to the way they did in the last chapter, never do they speak differently and never does the author spring a cheap twist by making any of the characters change to suit the plot All of these details mean that you empathise with the characters and feel as though you have known them for a long time, a sign of a talented author.Clearly, the author has a keen eye for detail and this book is all the better for it Hopefully she can weave up something similar for the future books in the series, because I believe Vivian s story will be loved by many readers of all ages.There are some dark bits that some people may find disturbing, so I recommend reading it yourself before introducing younger children, but having said that, it depends on where in the world you grew up There are clear influences of Nordic folklore, shades of the brothers Grimm something I haven t seen compared yet and those who are familiar and ok with that won t be put off by the darker aspects Myself, I believe my children would love the story and I think there are some fantastic and inspiring messages sprinkled throughout this book that far outweigh the darker parts Viv s reality is a reflection of our own and so expect some evil.Finally, I must say that I fully recommend this book There are no plateaus in the story, the characters are tangible, the themes are unique and exciting, the world has been painted with expertise beyond the authors presumed age and most importantly, the plot just keeps giving.Please, if you haven t already, buy this book, read it, pass it on and help this talented author receive some much deserved exposure.

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    An incomparable book that lives up to the hype This book takes the reader on a wild ride, climbs and keeps climbing all the way to it s pinnacle,then settles down to a terrific satisfying ending It leaves the reader sitting pleasantly smiling with plenty of fine thoughts to ponder in the days ahead I cannot reveal too much about all the wonderful surprises that are weaved throughout the story You will just have to get the book and find out yourself.I may get books from this fine writer in the future.

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    If you enjoyed or loved any of these following fantasy movies, then you ll love this book.Bridge To Terabithia 2007 Flash Gordon 1980 Harry Potter 2001 2011 Inception 2010 Labyrinth 1986 Midnight Special 2016 Pan s Labyrinth 2006 The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl 2005 The NeverEnding Story 1984 Tomorrowland 2015 Tron Legacy 2010 Xanadu 1980 Similar to these movies, the story of Vivian Amberville will take the reader on a journey through worlds within worlds and into the mind, but in an original and never done before way, you ll be fed truth than what was slipped into the Star Wars films.Most of the book covers many abilities never done before in movies, so the four movies that I think describe the abilities in this story the best, would be these.FAQ About Time Travel 2009 Firestarter 1984 Jumper 2008 Ruby Sparks 2012 I already see this book being turned into a movie and becoming very popular as people learn about it I loved the characters, their conversations, the environments they were placed into, and how everything connected to something to tell a very deep and complex yet easy to understand and fun to read story with lots of emotions and meanings behind everything that was written I ll be sharing my love for this book with everyone.

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    I sort of stumbled into this novel by googling around YA dystopian coming of age fantasy books and this rare gem fell into my hands I asked around at my university, and I couldn t believe how many people heard of Vivian Amberville I was surprised it has so few reviews on goodreads compared to how many people read it and said it was amazing My own take is that This book is not only amazing It s a masterpiece small spoiler ahead It s the story of a mysterious, orphaned teenager who learns she can manipulate the outcome of events She has hallucinations about some hidden world beyond the fabric of space and by some amazing storytelling she ends up in that secret, hidden world a thought away from our own But that world is dangerous, populated by dangerous beings who have learned how to manipulate reality called Weavers Vivian s power to reshape odds is a threat to the Weavers, so they sentence her to the Weaver Trials in hope she will die What comes to happen is the best, most complex story I ever read in my life The characters, the settings, everything is masterfully designed The story was outlined by a genius So much detail, all of which is relevant in the end It all took my breath away and I m going to tell people about it This book deserves a bigger audience and MORE reviews

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    Vivian Amberville is a form of meta fiction that captures the various facets of imagination in a unique manner It speaks about the responsibilities that come with engaging our imagination in becoming free willed and then manifestation In this novel, the mind as an imagining realm has also an inner will which is solely molded by the spirit of each Weaver By doing this we can say that it has an ethical dimension that questions our mode of being in the world through our actions for a higher purpose Thinking about alterity through and within the infinite possibilities of the fictional world s speaks about the importance that fiction has in our lives on a global scale.Reading it feels like a breath of magical realism and sci fi, which can proudly stand together with Terry Pratchett, Jose Luis Borges and many others.

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    This book was recommended to me by a friend At first I was a bit sceptical about the concept of manipulating events , but after reading a bit from my friend s copy, I bought my own it s a great story Right now this author seems a bit no name, but I can t believe that there s no reviews here It s a book that grabs the reader and pulls the reader into the story, I literally cried over some of the scenes, really wonderful book Looking forward to the next book in the series I m keeping an eye on this author, I think this is going to be big.

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    The storyline itself was exceptionally remarkable, and the characters animals were very much created and charming There was never an exhausting minute in this read.

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    In dire need of editing The book felt like a rough draft at certain points.But, if you can stomach the first few dozen pages, where word choice could have been improved, for the sake of continuity and immersion, there s a really cute story behind it all Think of wizards and magic, but with time and destiny instead And a little girl with the power to tear everything down or build it anew, with greater splendor than ever before.The main character is the most believable and the despair and anxiety she feels seem to me like something the author actually experienced first hand There s a bit of development here, where courage and resolve come to her as the plot develops The supporting cast have histories and lives of their own, but their feelings and actions are not so visceral and conflicting.This is the first book in a promising series The needed creativity is there, with a lot of interesting world building and quirky characters, and a flawed main character who still needs to discover and come to terms with the extent of her powers.

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    Welcome to Milton Keynes, a flooded, swampy, disease ridden dystopia where a little girl has been snatched from the streets and incarcerated in a hellish children s home She doesn t know it yet, but she holds the fate of the known world and an amazing unknown world beyond in the palm of her hand.Louise Blackwick s extraordinary novel will transport you on wings of shadowhide, through holes in the fabric of reality, into realms both wonderfully plausible and uniquely strange You will fall in love with her characters and come to revile her villains as you follow Vivian into deadly trials and nightmarish traps But you will also learn to weave a thread of gold through the intricate pattern of this amazing story and come out the other side reborn and renewed If, like me, you find yourself thirsting for a sequel to this epic fantasy, we are promised that Vivian Amberville The Book of Chaos will be published in 2019 I can t wait

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