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Practicing the Power This book took me all over the place emotionally and intellectually I appreciate Sam s Storms writing because I can feel his heart in each page Something s I found myself disagreeing with and some things he really brought some clarity This is not so much a book defending continuationism because he notes that he has done that in many other places It is of a book given biblical and practical advice to use and practice the gifts of the Holy Spirit Although I had some disagreements, many agreements, and many things I still have very much to learn about, I really enjoyed this book. Practical Biblical, and Convicting Sam Storms recent book, Practicing The Power is an eminently practical look at what miraculous gifts should look like in the church today, and how to seek and practice them in the genuine power of the Holy Spirit It is not his argument that the miraculous gifts continue today, which he presents elsewhere though it does include an appendix where he summarizes that larger argument , but is rather written for those who have concluded, Ok, I think I believe the gifts continue, or am at least open to the possibility Now what How do I go about pursuing them and practicing them in ways that are shaped by the Bible I found it personally challenging, and a convicting read. Christendom is divided on the activities of the Holy Spirit Some preach that the gifts of the Spirit are no longer active and that the charismatic movement is dangerous Others embrace the working of the Holy Spirit and His gifts today.Storms has been an important voice on the issue As a Reformed Christian who is also charismatic, I have appreciated the books Storms has written He continues to help Christians understand and move in the work of the Holy Spirit today.This book is not a defense of the operation of the gifts today He has covered that in previous books This book is aimed at those who believe the gifts are for today but have no idea what to do next Storms provides practical guidelines to implement the gifts and their operation in the church.Changing the culture of a church is not easy Storms is up front about the cost and the work involved He covers a number of topics including possible roadblocks He writes about prayer, fasting, prophecy, healing, deliverance, and much , including how to instruct others He also covers how ministries go wrong, like with manipulation.I think what struck me the most in this book was Storms comment on a quote from Octavius Winslow Everything we know of God the Father and of Jesus does not come naturally We owe everything to the ministry of the Spirit Everything we understand in God s Word, whatever degree of insight we gain into the measureless truths it embodies, we must attribute to the ministry of the Spirit 178 That really gave me pause to think of how the ministry of the Spirit is usually ignored in most churches.I recommend this book to pastors, staff and other church leaders who value the authority of the Bible and the continuing operation of the spiritual gifts If you desire to see people have a better understanding of the spiritual gifts and be energized by the Spirit, this book will help you see that come to pass.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher My comments are an independent and honest review. Sam Storms believes that most all of the spiritual gifts are still in operation by the Holy Spirit today as they were in the early church So he s a continuationist, not a cessationist He urges believers and pastors to actively obey 1 Cor 12 31 and eagerly desire the greater spiritual gifts He argues that the best way to so eagerly desire these gifts is through prayer and fasting.He then dives into some of the spiritual gifts, explaining them and offering practical counsel on how they may be practiced His chapter on healing has sharpened my prayers for healing His chapter on user friendly deliverance is insightful on exercising authority against the demonic I appreciated his final chapter on the importance of worship and its connection with God s power And to be clear, he is not mechanistic he does not see worship and praise as a mere tool in order to obtain spiritual power This is further evidenced in the two chapters prior to the worship chapter one on not quenching the Holy Spirit and one called, Manipulation or Ministry , both of which decry anything that smacks of using God or thinking less of God than we ought.Finally, he devotes three chapters in the middle of the book to the gift of prophecy His understanding of prophecy is similar to Wayne Grudem s, where the prophets are not infallible and can make mistakes in understanding what God reveals to them This is where I remain unconvinced Did prophecy undergo such a radical mutation from the OT to the NT OT prophets thundered, Thus saith the Lord , but NT prophets cannot do so.Overall a very good book Glad I read it, and I am guessing I will reference it in the future on such things as fasting, healing, and demonic deliverance. Practicing the giftsStorms has provided a guide for practicing, using the gifts of the Spirit in the life of the church Lots of his own experience and good reflection on Scripture makes it a helpful book He doesn t build a case for the gifts here as he does in other material but he focuses on the expression of them I didn t find myself agreeing with everything but was greatly encouraged by the recommendations and example Storms is to the church. This was a great book It was refreshing to see that many different people from various denominations Matt Chandler, Mike Bickle, John Piper all equally endorsed this book It is a much needed resource in the church today Sadly, I have found this issue to be so polarizing So extreme This was a beautiful picture into the world of what it looks like to strive for biblical balance when it comes to listening and obeying to the Holy Spirit It s one that could be read straight through or even used as as reference to continue referring back to Highly recommend. The Bible Teaches Us That We Are To Be Filled With God S Spirit And That God S Presence And Grace Is Manifested Among His People As They Serve, Love, And Minister To One Another Yet Some Of The Gifts That God Offers To His People Aren T Commonly Seen In Many Churches Today Gifts Of Prophecy, Healing, Tongues, And Other Supernatural Gifts Of God Seem To Be Absent, And Many Christians Are Unsure How To Cultivate An Atmosphere Where God S Spirit Can Work While Remaining Committed To The Foundational Truth Of God S WordHow Can Christians Pursue And Implement The Miraculous Gifts Of The Spirit Without Falling Into Fanatical Excess And Splitting The Church In The Process In Practicing The Power, Pastor And Author Sam Storms Offers Practical Steps To Understanding And Exercising Spiritual Gifts In A Way That Remains Grounded In The Word And Centered In The GospelWith Examples Drawn From His Forty Years Of Ministry As A Pastor And Teachers, Storms Offers A Guidebook That Can Help Pastors, Elders, And Church Members Understand What Changes Are Needed To See God Move In Supernatural Power And To Guard Against Excess And Abuse Of The Spiritual Gifts If You Long To See God S Spirit Move In Your Church And Life, And Aren T Sure Why That Isn T Happening Or Where To Begin, This Book Is For You A must read book for EVERY reformed church.Though I disagreed with a few very small things here and there That does not take away from the larger great piece of work this is to the body of Christ, and to every individual believer I read this on a follow up to attending the Convergence conference in OKC hosted by Sam Storms church This is a really really good book for those skeptics like me who are interested in how the Holy Spirit works in the church today I will probably return to this book multiple times for reference and encouragement.Storms dismantles all of my concerns about uncontrolled Pentecostal charismatic fundamentalist crazy believers who quite frankly scare the pants off me He addresses the abuse and charlatans that abandon the Word of God, but he also kicks people like me in the butt who want to comfortably ignore the Spirit s work when it gets tricky.Great book Read it Sam Storms is a pastor in Oklahoma City and is among the well known Reformed charismatics thanks, in part, to the multiple books he has written on both subjects Unlike many self identified Reformed charismatics, Storms actively seeks and provides opportunities for his congregation to operate in the gifts of the Spirit For this reason, I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this book since I first heard it announced almost a year ago In many ways, I am satisfied Storms talks at length about spiritual gifts in the church especially prophecy and how our church s might be faithful to pursue them and provide opportunities for their use Certain chapters such as the chapter on fasting, one of the best I have ever read on the topic are equally theological and practical Others tend toward one or the other And this is my only complaint I had the privilege of hearing Storms speak on deliverance ministry spiritual warfare last year He spoke for over two hours and provided both theological grounds for his beliefs and very practical advice for those of us who wanted to grow in this area But the book lacks much of both Though he shares much practical advice about pursuing prophecy in the local church, the practical counsel on spiritual warfare and the other spiritual gifts of 1 Corinthians 12 is minimal The book is worthwhile because it takes a theologically robust pastoral perspective on the spiritual gifts but it could have benefited from much practical counsel and examples.

Some early works written as C Samuel Storms Sam has spent 39 years in ministry as a pastor, professor and author He was visiting Associate Professor of Theology at Wheaton College from 2000 2004, and is currently Lead Pastor for Preaching and Vision at Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City He has authored 22 books and founded Enjoying God Ministries He s a graduate of The University of Oklahoma

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