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Teach Me Nick Tremantle Ha Passato Dieci Mesi Difficili La Sua Carriera D Insegnante Crollata A Picco E La Salute Di Sua Madre Era Andata Via Via Peggiorando In Un Breve Periodo Di Tempo La Tutta Sua Vita Era Cambiata Quando Un Giorno Scorge Un Giovane Fare L Autostop, Nick Accosta Sul Ciglio Della Strada Ha Bisogno Di Tutta La Fortuna Su Cui Riesce A Mettere Le Mani Ma La Scoperta Dell Identit Del Giovane Mette In Moto Tutta Una Catena Di Eventi Che Sconvolger Completamente La Sua Vita La Vita Di Alex Nordmann Non Era Andata Come Aveva Pianificato, Purtroppo I Suoi Sogni Di Una Laurea E Di Vivere La Sua Vita A Modo Suo Erano Sfumati Aveva Pensato Che Il Peggio Fosse Passato, Fino Al Mattino In Cui Aveva Deciso Di Dichiararsi Ai Suoi Genitori E Come Volevasi Dimostrare, Le Persone Ti Sorprendono Sempre Ad Esempio, Chi Avrebbe Mai Potuto Prevedere Che Colui Che Gli D Un Passaggio E Un Senso Di Inaspettata Sicurezza, Sia Proprio L Uomo Per Cui Alex Si Era Preso Una Cotta Molti Anni Prima Alex Non Ha Idea Di Quello Che Sta Per Succedergli

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 86 pages
  • Teach Me
  • K.C. Wells
  • Italian
  • 13 September 2018

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    4.25 starsThis story is short and sweet with a bit of smexy stirred in Nick used to be Alex s high school teacher Alex awakened the part of Nick that yearned for another man s touch, but Nick wasn t ready to admit to himself, much less the world, that he was gay, and he was certainly not going to cross that line and hit on a student Seven years later, Nick, still very much in the back of the closet with the scarves and umbrellas, picks up Alex on the side of the road Alex, who s has had a rough few years and had to drop out of college following a cancer diagnosis, has just been unceremoniously dumped by his parents Nick offers Alex who is in remission a place to stay, and the two fall into a very domestic routine As FRIENDS Even though each of them lusts after the other Mr Nick Tremantle was, after all, the star of Alex s teenage fantasies I loved the age difference between the MCs and slow burn in this story Alex is broken and discouraged when Nick takes him in, but Nick, who has bad memories and anxiety of his own, gets as much comfort from Alex as Alex gets from him Alex teaches Nick to trust and to feel The men talk and share They cook together and laugh together Now if they could only ahem GET together.And they do eventually The wait is very much worth it, because Alex and Nick s first time is at once hot and tender, spicy but believable This is a teacher student story, but it s also a friends to lovers story It s set in Florida, so the boys are not British I m still pouting a little about that But, hell, who am I fooling, I still adored this novella and can t wait to see where K.C goes with this series A new series by K.C Wells FUCK, YEAH

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    What a lovely little gem this was, cute doesn t do it justice AT ALL 5 stars from me.How do I describe this Sort of a do over meets May to say September, hehe Who was Alex s favourite teacher at school, you know when Alex was old enough to start having those sort of feelings about his teacher Yep, you ve got it, a certain Nick Tremantle, and HIS favourite student just happened to be.fill in the blanks Now here they are, 7 years down the line and a helluva lot has happened to both of them in the meantime, and most of it not good.Do they deserve a chance at love and some good fortune to come their way at last You bet your sweet ass they do Highly recommended, and not just cos KC gave me an ARC Big smooch by the way.

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    K.C.Wells writes good stories They are comfort reads for me and this one did not dissapoint Despite its short length the story and the characters are developed pretty well.In a few words Teacher with former student, check.Slow burn and virgin sex , check.Age gap, check Angst mild, not enough to rip your heart out and healing, check.So yes, it ticked many of my boxes, I can t wait for the next one Recommended

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    3.5 starsNice story about teacher Nick falling in love with Alex, his former student Not much to say.Low angst, hot sex, sweet HEA I liked it.

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    Enjoyable first part and great beginning of a new series by K.C Wells I like well elaborated stories with lovable characters and this novella was truly a little gem Loved Nick and Alex to bits They both needed to get their life back on track and deserved all the happiness in the world.Read this in one sitting with a silly smile on my face Can t wait for the next installment Recommended.

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    One constant about K.C Wells writing is that she never fails to make me fall for her characters While this story is short, both Nick and Alex grabbed me from the start This is a nice, slow growing relationship Nick is at a low point in his life He is in his thirties and still denying his sexuality, doing everything he can to eliminate temptation When he comes upon his former student Alex hitchhiking, there is no question that he will do what he can to help him out, including giving him a place to stay Alex has had a difficult few years and just when he thought things might be getting better, he is dealt a blow he never expected As the two men get reacquainted after seven years, they discover they have a lot in common the former student teacher relationship.The story moves along well and we learn a lot about both men and the painful things that brought them to where they are now in their lives As they build a friendship, both are dancing around and hiding their other long repressed feelings When someone finally makes a move, the chemistry is sizzling K.C Wells definitely knows how to write a love scene that will heat you up and make you smile I ll admit I m usually not a big fan of novellas as I find they often have to jump in and rush things, but Teach Me did neither The story is fully realized, with humor to balance the difficult times and plenty of tenderness By the time it was over, I fully knew Nick and Alex and was completely invested in their story and their happiness A perfect afternoon read.

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    Such a beautiful bite sized story Perfect for a lunch time read.Both Nick and Alex captured me, right away Both reeling from life events and both in need of love and comfort and acceptance My only wish was that it was longer.

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    Sweet smexy story Typical KC.

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    Proof that the voice can either make it or break it Teach Me is the first book in K C Wells Lightening Tales and at 2 hours 26 minutes on audio and 73 pages for the e book it s a fairly quick listen read no matter how you do it I hesitated on this one because I m really, really not a fan of romance stories where there s a power imbalance before things even start and in this case it s a teacher student dynamic but there were a couple of things that saved this one for me The first one being that there was nothing between this couple during the time that they were in fact teacher and student and the age gap was definitely within my 10 15 year comfort zone Nick may have been Alex s first crush but as a young man and a student he was never bold enough to act on his feeling.I loved that the relationship between these two started off slow Nick comes across Alex as he s leaving town after coming out to his parents, who were less than accepting of his news leaving Alex with the realization that if he s ever going to truly be himself it wouldn t happen living in his parents house Nick offers Alex a place to stay where he ll be safe and able to get his feet under him.For Nick it s a chance to have someone aroundsomeone who becomes not only company that he enjoys but a friend It s during this time that both men begin to realize that their feelings go beyond the boundaries of friendship I loved how supportive and helpful Nick tried to be but never felt that he was trying to be controlling and Alex while appreciative of Nick s help was never made to feel obligated and we got to see him as Nick s equal in the friendship and comfort that he brought to Nick as he worked through emotional issues from his past Teach Me was a solid 4 star story for meunfortunately what fell short was the audio portion Rob Drex was the narrator on this one and he s a new to me narrator and unfortunately one that just didn t work for me For the most part the voices just didn t feel right to me and sometimes characters went from sounding like an overly excited 12 year old to an over the top drama queen all in the course of a few sentences But I have to admit what really did me in was the sex scenes it s been a while since I listened to an audio book where the sex scenes which I m fairly certain should have been hot n steamy had my inner 12 year old coming out for a good giggle fest.Narrators are such a personal issue in my viewpoint and I know from checking out reviews on audible.com that some listeners really enjoyed this one So while this audio book didn t work for me on the audio level The story was really good and I very much enjoyed it, 4 stars for the story and 2 for the audio and we ll call it day with an overall rating of 3.

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    Some men have been through so much pain and need a break so badly that I just want to hand a better life to them on a silver platter In the case of Teach Me , K.C Wells does so for me, and I couldn t have been happier about the way she goes about it Both Nick and Alex need a break, and the fact that they each lusted for the other in secret, of course in the past, gave me reason to hope With characters who pulled me into the story from the first page, and a slow and careful development toward as they feel their way, this story touched my heart and made me smile.Nick is an English teacher, and he is one of those who care He d had a few very difficult months between a bad situation at work and his mother s death, followed by some issues of hers he d never seen coming Almost worse than that, he has been lying to himself about who he is and what he truly needs When Alex reappears in his life, not as a student this time, he is just the nudge Nick needs to rethink his priorities, and to consider finally coming out of the closet.Alex has had an awful time of it He may have cheated death, but he is no longer in college, and when he comes out to his parents, their reaction is so bad he leaves the same day even though he has nowhere to go When Nick is the one to find him trying to hitchhike his way out of town, Alex is surprised At least he knows he can trust his former teacher, but there are a few surprises in store for him as they slowly get to know each other again.If you like sweet hurt comfort stories, if you want to find out how two men who are both hurt and alone manage to chase away the darkness in their lives by banding together, and if you re looking for a read that will tug at your heartstrings and make you smile, then you will probably like this novella NOTE This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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