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Portraits of a Pastor As A Pastor, Do You Feel Like You Re Wearing Too Many Hats If You Re A Pastor, You Know The Tension Of Balancing Or Trying To The Many Roles And Expectations That Come With Leading A Church But Are You Able To Distinguish Which Roles Are Truly Essential And Can You Measure How You Re Fulfilling Them Portraits Of A Pastor Features Contributions From Evangelical Leaders Like Jason Allen, Jared Wilson, Daniel Akin, And Owen Strachan On The Essential Roles And Aspects Of Pastoral Ministry Together The Book Answers Three Important Questions What Does It Mean For The Pastor To Hold All Nine Roles Why Should The Pastor Fulfill These Roles How Can The Pastor Most Faithfully Fulfill Them A Pastor Must Be A Preacher, Shepherd, Missionary, Evangelist, Church Historian, Theologian, Man Of God, Leader Of His Household, And Leader Of Others A Tall Order After Reading Portraits Of A Pastor, You Ll Have A Clearer Vision Of The Roles You Should Fulfill In The Life Of Your CongregationBe Inspired To Fulfill Your Calling By Growing In New Areas Of LeadershipKnow The Unbiblical Visions Of Pastoral Leadership That May Distract You From Your Core CallingIt S True Much Is Demanded Of Pastors But It S Also True That Too Much Is Demanded Of Most Pastors Know What God Has Called You To, How To Fulfill That Calling, And What May Be Distracting You From It

www.jasonkallen.com, where he writes on various topics including higher education, theology, preaching, and cultural and local church issues He and his wife, Karen, have five children Anne Marie, Caroline, William, Alden, and Elizabeth.

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    As is normally the case in volumes featuring various contributors, some of these chapters are better than others, but this book is very helpful in simply reminding pastors that what is demanded of them is not necessarily what is required of them The book focuses on requirements you would expect being a shepherd, preacher, theologian, and leader , but also includes one I wouldn t expect being a church historian I found it refreshing that the book included no call to the pastor to be a visionary, therapist or social activist These tasks have their proper place, but so often their inflated importance obscures the essential tasks that are unique to pastoral calling, yet often regarded as ineffective by the world As Os Guinness once said Whenever I meet a Buddhist leader, I meet a holy man Whenever I meet a Christian leader, I meet a manager 177.The best chapter by far was the one by Donald Whitney on the pastor as man of God, especially the challenge he gives us on p 168 169 about how a congregation will never rise above the spiritual passion of its leader Gulp These are convicting words for sure, but they are inspiring too Whatever the pastor wants his people to live out, he must do it the most 170 There may not be many men of God in your church, but there better be at least one 176 And, in the words of McCheyne It is not great talents God blesses so much as great likeness to Jesus.

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    Whether you are a pastor or serve under one, this book will help to define what is sometimes a nebulous role What is a pastor Some things you don t think about and some you do Some things we pressure them into being and some things we should This book is a challenge, but also an encouragement to those who serve as pastors and those who care about them.

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    When Thom Rainer says in the introduction of a book that it would be pastoral malpractice to not read a book, you read it That book that he is referring to is Portraits 9780802416346of a Pastor The 9 Essential Roles of a Church Leader, edited by Jason K Allen and published by Moody Publishers Jason K Allen is the president of Midwestern Baptist Seminary where he has served since 2012 In bringing nine ministry leaders together to write individual essays in this book, he answers the questions of what a pastor is to be and do.The first chapter was written by Jared C Wilson, who holds several titles and responsibilities for Midwestern Baptist Seminary He challenges the pastor to take up his role as a shepherd I found the chapter challenging and comforting Challenging in that he lays out in this chapter what a shepherd does and pretty much says that if you are not doing these things you re not just a poor shepherd, but you re not a shepherd It is encouraging in that he reminds us that our righteousness is in Christ Jesus and not in ourselves That was a blessed thought to me as sometimes I deal with insecurity in my own life.Chapter 2 was penned by Daniel L Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary since 2004 and Professor of Theology and Christian Preaching since 1999 He was given the task of speaking into the pastor s heart concerning his role as husband and father Akin grabs your heart when he poses this question on p 40 of the book Are you committed to making your wife a success, not in man s eyes, but in God s Have you determined that if you only shepherd one person in your entire ministry, it will be your wife Then your children Do you understand that shepherding begins in the home I like that he just doesn t diagnose the problem, but he gives you practical steps to shepherd your family well This was a very practical chapter.Jason K Allen himself tackles the third essay in this book his subject is the pastor as preacher Although an entire book could be and has been written on this subject, he tackles this subject He argues that preaching the Word is best done through biblical exposition, preaching where the sermon is driven by the text Because this is such an exhaustive subject, I found myself wanting to hear in this essay, but still he gives several tidbits of truth for you to chew on.Owen D Strachan is the Associate Professor of Christian Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and the author of many books his essay topic was the pastor as theologian He begins his essay asking where the pastor fits in modern America He points out that there are so many cultural tugs at the pastor to be something other than what God has called him to be To do that he believes the pastor must be a theologian who finds the true source of his pastoral power in these days Strachan takes the pastor back to his calling and all that truly entails to the gospel and the joy to proclaim Christ no matter the cost and to God s sovereignty, which will sustain the pastor when the gospel takes him into the lion s den Strachan finishes out his chapter with application for pastors to follow who wish to be faithful theologians This essay made me stop, reread, and meditate as he showed how necessary this part of being a pastor truly is.When I got to the fifth essay in this book written by Christian T George on the pastor as church historian, I started reading it wondering why this even made the book Church history, as I recall it, was nothing than a bunch of dates and names to remember George sucked me right in to his chapter, and I began repenting of my previous thoughts His essay is full of tweet worthy quotes such as, Church history comes to life when we realize that we are the history of tomorrow or Every pastor must become a church historian because he is part of the history he is studying Honestly this one chapter has made me want to pull out some biographies that have been collecting dust on my bookshelf or bring out Spurgeon s sermons once again when I m studying a particular text This essay is worth reading the book.John Mark Yeats believes that it is time for a significant conversation to take place about pastors taking up their role as lead evangelists in their churches Yes, the title of this essay is the Pastor as Evangelist Serving as Dean of Midwestern College and Associate Professor of Church History at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and College, Yeats believes that church needs to turn from its come and see mentality and take up what the Great Commission in Matthew 28 18 20, Divine Mandate in Acts 1 6 8, and the Great Sending in Matthew 10 teach all believers clearly need to go The rest of this chapter has Yeats giving some practical ways to make evangelism great again in the local church His contention is that the pastor should not only take the lead in this but should build an army of people with the same passion Though this was not an exhaustive piece on evangelism, it was enough to cause you to go and dig in other places.In the chapter entitled Pastor as Missionary, Jason G Duesing answers the question as to whether the title missionary fits the work of the pastor as described in Acts 6 4 where the twelve saw their duty as focusing on prayer and preaching Should the pastor add the title of missionary to his duties or could that be an outworking of the duties to which he is already focused on Duesing is the the academic Provost and Associate Professor of Historical Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary College I will let you read the book to find his answer it s the latter One of my favorite parts of his essay was his instruction on how to answer the critic who questions whether we should practice global mission efforts when there are many lost people so close to home As a pastor I get this question quite a bit I appreciate his reasons why we should Overall this was once again a thought provoking chapter that would do well for pastors to read and consider.Ronnie W Floyd most certainly knows how to lead He has successfully led Cross Church in Northwest Arkansas since 1986, lead the largest protestant denomination for two years as the President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and has recently been chosen as the President of the National Day of Prayer For those reasons he was given the task of writing the essay entitled Pastor as Leader In this chapter he talks about the brand of the pastor which is the gospel He gives this vital advice, You cannot let other people and what they say about you define you If you do, you will live a long and miserable life He then spends the rest of his chapter giving you seven solid pieces of advice that every pastor would do well to heed Not every man of God is a pastor, but every pastor must be a man of God That is how Donald S Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality and Associate Dean at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and founder and president of The Center for Biblical Spirituality, started his essay entitled Pastor as Man of of God After showing that Man of God is an appropriate title for the pastor, he argues why the pastor should fulfill that title by actually becoming a man of God in practice Taking from his years of meditating on this subject of how a person can grow in godliness, having authored the popular Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Whitney gives some very practical advice to the pastor as to how he can most faithfully be a man of God himself Nobody, in my opinion, is qualified to speak on this subject and Whitney doesn t fail to deliver.No, this is not an exhaustive book on pastoring, but it does give you enough truth with each essay to meditate on and perhaps pursue further This is the kind of book that a pastor should keep around and read again from time to time just to keep him on course My book is filled with highlighted sections that I will return to and meditate upon With that being said, this is a book worthy of the pastor s library.I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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    Being a pastor is a burdensome job Too often a pastor has to wear many hats and he ends up spread too thin, whether these duties are demanded by the congregation or are self imposed Either way, the result is often burnout physical, emotional, and spiritual Add to this the secularized culture that we live in, the lack of confidence in the church and the Word, and the demotion of the importance of the pastorate, and you can begin to see the struggles that they face on a daily basis This short, powerful book discusses nine different roles and expectations a pastor experiences preacher, leader, missionary, evangelist, man of God, theologian, church historian, shepherd, father, and husband Each topic is authored by a different evangelist so that you get many different perspectives The chapters are both biblical and practical, designed to help the pastor to faithfully, and effectively, serve the local church with clarity and purpose This book highlights the joys and struggles of being a pastor, as well as the great honor that comes with preaching and teaching God s Word Expository preaching is expanded upon in simple yet powerful terms Thinking and leading missiologically is emphasized Each topic presented in this book is thoroughly discussed There may be a tendency to select and read only the topics you feel you might need a refresher on, but I urge you to read this book in its entirety You will feel a deeper conviction and passion to be the pastor that God has called you to be I am not a pastor I have been a deacon in my church for the past three years I will take many points from this book and apply them to my own spiritual life, and I will also be prepared to facilitate my pastor and church with any needs they may have I recommend this book to all Christians, especially pastors and leaders within the church I received this as a free ARC from Moody Publishers on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    Pastors, we need this book The nine key roles of our work are beautifully discussed in this outstanding volume By taking these nine traits we can re calibrate to what the Lord intended us to be All the things that are not on the list are almost as instructive as the nine that are Pastors who have a different nine main spheres of work need to do some soul searching If that happens to be the case, this is the perfect book for you Even if you already agree that these are the main nine areas of the ministry that God has given you, you have here the reminder you may be needing as well as the cheerleading to pick up the mantle of God s design in a world of contrary voices.Jason Allen is both the editor and one of the contributors Danny Akin, Jason Duesing, Ronnie Floyd, Christian George, Owen Strachan, Don Whitney, Jared Wilson, and John Mark Yeats round out the list of contributors Sometimes a book seems cobbled together when it is a group production In this case, the work has been so beautifully edited that every chapter seamlessly connects with the others My guess is that Mr Allen pulled this off by assigning each contributor to his most passionate area I repeatedly forgot as I read that the author of the chapter I was in was not the author of the chapter before.Mr Allen gives a brief introduction that describes the almost maddening situation that most pastors are thrown into In other words, they are to fulfill roles than any human being could It s that very same cauldron that pulls them away from doing what they re supposed to do.I loved how chapter 1 that described a pastor as shepherd gave this simple outline of our work 1 shepherds feed the sheep, 2 shepherds love the Lamb, and 3 shepherds trust the Good Shepherd Wow The next chapter discussed the pastor as husband and father Many pastors fail in this area and this chapter was a superb antidote Chapter 3 discussed the pastor as preacher and described our primary work as preaching There was a strong plea for expository preaching here.The next chapter was on the pastor as theologian It looked back and reminded us of the place pastors once held in society, and even if that is no longer true it is still our task to be theologians The next chapter was on the pastor as church historian and I assure you it will make sense once you read it The following chapter on the pastor as evangelist powerfully challenged us to remember our obligation to the lost There was a chapter on the pastor as missionary that reminds us of our need to help missionary efforts around the globe You would expect the chapter on the pastor as a leader, as was the subject of the next chapter, but it was not the self help type material that has flooded the market for the last 40 years No, it looked at the need for us to lead in living out the Christian life The final chapter on the pastor as the man of God, which is a term that has fallen out of use for some but will be appreciated in the context given here, again calls us to personal holiness and is a reminder of the big picture of what we do Mr Allen gives a fine conclusion that further ties together what we have just read.This book is less than 200 pages, is easy to read, but don t let that fool you It packs quite a punch Every pastor would do well to grab and read this book.I received this book free from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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    Portraits of a Pastor was recently promoted in an email last month from the Westminster Theological Seminary Bookstore, so I decided to get a copy I recently was accepted into the graduate program at the Talbot School of Theology Biola University, so I thought this would be a timely book to read, written by pastors for pastors or those considering the ministry field The 9 essential roles were outlined and defined, written as an encouragement with clear eyed clarity what it means to pastor a church Pastors must be Biblically qualified and also meet the high standards set forth in 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1 and 1 Peter 5 But importantly the foundation of pastoral ministry is not based on my righteousness, but on the righteousness of Christ In the chapter Pastor as a Man of God, Pastor Whitney expresses the idea written in 1 Tim 3 16 17 that to be a man of God means to be a man of God s Book A pastor ought to live in and by the Bible so much that through it the Holy Spirit constantly teachers, reproves, corrects and trains him I underlined and noted in the margin my long term goal Each chapter covering a different role that every pastor must take on provides great teaching and instruction based on Scripture, along with advice from each pastor authoring the chapter I jotted quite a few notes and underlined key Scriptures throughout The last chapter, by Jason K Allen the editor , provides an excellent summary of the book, speaking to pastors That they are called by God, to be a minister of the Word, and are held to a higher level of accountability, and will face intense temptation and unique pressures, while in the end tend to the flock of God pages 180 182 This book will remain in my library for future use, where ever the Lord leads me

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    I realised that these compilation collaborative essay type of type of theological titles tend to be of very high quality Because, perhaps for the purposes of brevity, each contribution is essentially a summary that brings out the cream of the subject matter Often a single author, when given about 200 pages, tend to not be as succinct as when they are given only tens of pages to convey that same message.While not all volumes were as well written or engaging as the others possibly because the topic assigned was not their subject specialisation or interest , they were the minority amongst many very well written essays As a whole, the essays laid out what is demanded and how daunting the role of the pastor is And yet strangely at the end of my read, I was encouraged and heartened not because I knew I was able to meet every single criterion, but because I was in awe of the beauty and wonder of how a godly pastor would be like Further, the propositions and substantive matter were grounded in Scripture in contrast to airy fairy opinions and peppered with illustrations aplenty Significantly for me also, I d imagine that other readers who are unsure of their call, would be clear if they were called to pastoral ministry or not, once having read the job description of a church leader.I received this book from Moody Publishers for the purposes of providing an unbiased review All views are my own.

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    Portraits of a Pastor The 9 Essential Roles of a Church Leader is a collection of essays that deals with the primary roles that fall to ministry leaders There are two primary questions that drive each of the essays Who is the pastor to be and What is the pastor to do In answering these questions, Portraits of a Pastor explores roles and provides insight and practical application into areas such as the pastor as shepherd, husband and father, preacher, theologian, church historian, evangelist, missionary, leader and man of God While I wish had been done to explore women in ministry, this collection is written by Southern Baptists, so in full disclosure, wouldn t include those insights on theological grounds I think the refusal to ordain women for ministry is built on faulty theological grounds, but that s for another day The book walks a delicate line between high expectations and encouragement and counsel for the work ahead It s a book every pastor regardless of gender should pick up and read There s wisdom here from folks who have decades of experience that hasn t been written under one cover for a long time._______________________I received a free copy of this book from Moody Publishing in exchange for my honest review here.

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    As a pastor I always enjoy reading the way other people think about pastoring The format of this book is phenomenal Thinking about the different roles a pastor plays and fleshing them out from chapter to chapter made for a great read Most pastors acknowledge that within these different roles there are some places where they excel and some where they do not This book will give you biblical reasons for why you should be fulfilling each role and give you wisdom on how to strengthen yourself where you are weak For the church member this book is still very valuable as it will give you insight into the many different areas that your pastor applies himself It will help you pray and come alongside the pastors in your life Great book all around.

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    Portraits of a Pastor is a collection of essays edited by Jason K Allen Allen himself wrote the introduction, the conclusion, as well as the chapter titled Pastor as Preacher Other contributors include Thom S Rainer Foreword , Jared C Wilson Pastor as Shepherd , Daniel L Akin Pastor as Husband and Father , Owen D Strachan Pastor as Theologian , Christian T George Pastor as Church Historian , John Mark Yeats Pastor as Evangelist , Ronnie W Floyd Pastor as Leader , and Donald S Whitney Pastor as Man of God A great book for pastors Recommended.

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