Heart and Soul

Heart and SoulClara Casey Has Than Enough On Her Plate Her Daughters Adi And Linda Were No Problem During The Usually Turbulent Teens Now Adi Is Always Fighting For Or Against Something The Environment Or The Whale Or Battery Farming While Linda Lurches From One Unsatisfactory Relationship To The Next As If This Wasn T Enough, Clara, A Senior Cardiac Specialist, Has A New Job To Cope With And Now Her Ex Husband Wants Something From HerFor Ania, Meeting Clara Casey Is A Miracle She Never Intended To Leave Poland But Perhaps A New Job In A New Country Will Mend Her Broken Heart Declan Is Looking Forward To Joining The Clinic But What Should Have Been A Straightforward Six Month Posting Brings Him Far Than He ExpectedThen There S Father Brian Flynn, Whose Life Is Turned Upside Down When His Reputation Is Threatened And The Beautiful, Cheerful Nurse, Fiona, Who Can T Leave Her Troubled Past Behind It s weird I started off reading this book years and years ago It was published back in 2008 and I just didn t like how it ended much Binchy ended up changing up the ending, but I don t have that version in my Kindle version grrrr so I do know that she had a new ending that worked a lot better That is the main reason why I gave this one 3 stars We end up leaving a lot of characters in the lurch I thought I also thought the whole thing with Clara and Hilary needing to get their two kids together was ridiculous Additionally, the amount of jobs that the character Ania was working didn t even make sense since it sounded like at best she would only be getting about 2 3 hours of sleep I know it was to show the contrast between Clara s one daughter, but it was a bit much.Heart Soul follows characters that many Binchy fans have been reading about for years We have Aiden and Signora popping up Evening Class 96 and Quentins 2002 , Brenda from Evening Class and Quentins , Grania and Tony Evening Class , Fiona, Barbara, David, Vonni Nights of Rain and Stars 2004 , Maud, Simon, Cathy Feather Scarlett Feather 2000 and Father Flynn Whitehorn Woods 2006 and probably a whole host of other people I have forgotten We also have some new ones like Clara Casey, the new director of a heart clinic and Ania, a young Polish immigrant living in Dublin Though Binchy doesn t call out characters by chapter heading in this one, we do go back and forth to characters within chapters sometimes So if we start off with Clara, we may also include another character like her daughter, her ex husband, etc I didn t mind it at all in this one, but I think I miss that we could just stick with a character through one sitting instead of bouncing around a lot with them I found all of the characters to be good, but I was really happy with the follow up to Fiona and Barbara I had really liked Fiona in Nights of Rain and Stars and we see that she has totally changes from who she was after the events from her last relationship that was depicted in that book As I said above though I had a bit of an issue with Clara in parts of this book We find out that she has been long separated from a cheating spouse who wants to divorce and marry his partner of several years I know it wasn t great, but her reaction to it wasn t great either I liked that she realized that her friends and family were tired of her hanging on to the guy and she needed to move on from him She starts a new relationship in this one, that left me feeling meh, and it was good to see her realize that too Her fighting with her daughter Linda though made me scratch my head Her thinking that she needed to get married and settled with Hilary s son made me want to go huh This was written in 2008, not 1988, so I didn t get why she thought her 21 year old daughter needed to settle down Ania s story was sad at first We meet her and she s barely hanging on doing odd jobs in Dublin to obtain money to send back to her mother We don t know what happened to her in Poland, but hints are it wasn t great When Binchy reveals her tale, it was okay and all, but not Earth shattering I just thought it was a bit much that Ania works at the heart clinic, at the laundromat, at a restaurant, helps with landscaping, etc At one point I felt myself getting panicky at her jobs that she was doing And her acting as if everything was super expensive like some lace for sleeves on a dress was making me go okay after a while Ania is set up as some perfect person, but I was left a bit cold towards to her while reading.We follow a new doctor named Declan in this one and we get to see his romance with someone that readers are familiar with no spoilers I liked Declan okay, but liked to see him push back on things later on in the book He seemed a bit too perfect to me at first.Hilary s story I found sad I don t know if Binchy was going for clueless with her, but I definitely felt she was We find out that she married a perfectly charming and handsome man who never worked Her poor mother went and got jobs to support them all Hilary and her son Nick too and Hilary works to help Things don t go well in Hilary s life I thought when we see that her mother is having some medical issues Father Flynn who popped up in Whitehorn Woods shows up here and his whole storyline was weird I thought Leaving that one alone.The book going back to Vonni in Greece and Aiden and Signora caused it to drag for me a lot too The writing was okay, but I am realizing that the flow wasn t great Binchy jumping from character to character within a chapter didn t work as well for me in this one I was looking forward to the ending which isn t like me usually The setting of the book revolves around the heart clinic doctors, patients, and friends of patients or doctors working there Maybe if we stayed focused on the staff it would have worked It would still be nice to read about characters that were introduced in prior books still, but we could have focused on new characters.The book ends with a wedding and just kind of ends I liked the new ending I happened to read it in a new paperback release one day at the bookstore that showed some characters after the wedding and what something new is going on with all of them. Ugh this was a SLLLLOOWWWWW read It s not my favorite Binchy book by any stretch of the imagination I know some of the characters have been recycled from other books, but I can t remember which books, so that s a little frustrating I wish there was a cheat sheet somewhere to jog my memory about who they are. I really enjoyed this book I couldn t wait to to listen to it and I was so sorry when it was finished.Binchy tends to write her books as a kind of series of short stories that all link together.It s a compelling family drama with tears,tantrums and happy endings.Pure comfort reading I love that all her books link together with overlapping characters and so many topics are covered these are everyday people and she makes you love them even the awful people On the negative side which I can ignore quite frankly there is a lot of repetition and simplification There is some stereotyping although that s life isn t it But yes it is completely predictable.If you don t like cosy, comfort reads then this will not be for you.I don t care I love Maeve For audio info I was worried as the audio version was not narrated by Kate Binchy as I am used to but Maureen O Brien don t worry she was superb I love Maeve Binchy and this is another charming character driven story I love the way she brings back characters from previous novels for cameo appearances, like an old friend stopping by to say hello If you re looking for a gentle and enjoyable read this is a great choice. Book Review, Heart And Soul By Maeve Binchy..Whoever has read Maeve Binchy books will know that alot of her books centre around an eating place, called, Quentins This book is no different I m only going to touch very briefly on characters within this book, due to Maeve Binchys style, she has alot of characters in her books, so much so, that it s amazing how she managed to keep a track on which characters were doing what, she must have had a good memory, that, or, very well organised in her writing..A good part of this book is about developing a new heart clinic on a new developmental building site Frank Ennis the brains behind the operation of it all, employs Dr Clara Casey, as a Senior Consultant Dr Clara Casey has a whole lot of complicated issues of her own, one of which is, Alan, her so called ex We also meet, Declan, who is added to the team at the hospital as a GP, who rides to work on his bicycle Then we have Fiona, a cardiology nurse Declan has eyes for Fiona and plucked enough courage to take Fiona on a date at Quentins, serious as their friendship goes, as time goes by, Declan introduces Fiona to his side of the family These two go on some very interesting adventures, some, of which, are to do with the hospital, some just plain, personal, one which ends Declan in hospital however they do tie the knot, with a beautiful opal ring as an engagement ring, but then a catastrophe happens and Ania the Polish girl is thinking, for heavens sake p472 We have the two twins, now bless their souls, a familiarity from other books, their flippant nature and saying the wrong things a laugh and a half Then of course there is Father Brian Flynn, who has to guard himself against a stalker, one of his church ladies , who has become slightly mad and thinks she is married to him..I adore Maeve Binchys style of writing, it is light, easy reading, hilarious in places due to the authors Irish humour which does shine through like a ray of sunshine in this book The only criticism I have, is her chapters are so damn long Some are like, over 22 pages, ok, they do have breaks in the chapters, but there is nothing worse than not being able to read a whole chapter without getting up and doing stuff.I whole heartily recommend this book to anyone who likes a good old light hearted read, who likes the Irish humour and who likes a continuation of a theme running through a book collection. Set in the green hills of Ireland, Heart and Soul is an amazing story that never gets boring, always bringing up something totally unexpected. U ovom romanu pratimo de avanja u maloj klinici za bolesti srca u Irskoj Kao i u romanu Kako smo uvali Frenki, i u ovom su likovi mali ljudi od kojih zaista mo emo nau iti mnogo Posebno mi je bilo drago kada su se spomenuli neki likovi iz navedenog romana bilo je lijepo ponovo se susresti sa njima Ovaj roman je idealan za itanje nave er, pod dekicom uz neki dobar aj u mislima ete bar na trenutak oti i u divnu Irsku i biti okru eni super likovima. Wonderful Wonderful Reading this was like falling into a warm and cozy bath with great chocolate to eat Some characters from previous books make appearances and even have greater parts in this novel I am so glad I ordered it early from U.K This novel centers around a heart clinic and the people who work there and the patients who go there as well for treatment The usual blend of small mysteries and entertwined lives as only Maeve Binchy could do.This was definitely worth the wait Once again, I have devoured a book that I wish I could read all over again as if for the first time. So many times I was tempted to stop reading this book Usually I give a book 100 pages, I finished it, but even at page 308, I truely contemplated giving it the unfinished flick The only reason I finished it, in the end, was I had nothing else I wanted to start reading, before our book club met again this week I am glad that this wasn t my choice to read I found Heart and Soul was like reading a soapie The most climatic event was a girl going home to her mother Nothing really happens, and it gets frustrating as she adds and characters, which I felt gave it a very superficial insight to the story and to the characters The digression from the heart clinic to then a priest wasn t necessary, and I just found it frustrating.Didn t like it.

Gordon Snell, writer and editor of children s books When they were struggling financially, Light a Penny Candle was published, which made her an overnight success Many of her books, such as Echoes, are set in the past in Ireland Some of her later novels, such as Evening Class, take place in modern times Her books often deal with people who are young, fall in love, have families, and deal with relationship or family problems The main characters are people whom readers can empathise with She passed away on 30 July 2012, at the age of 72.Her cousin

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