Thieves Till We Die

Thieves Till We Die Nathaniel Coldhardt, Criminal Mastermind And Leader Of An Elite Group Of Teen Thieves, Desperately Wants To Get His Hands On The Lost Sword Of Cortes Which Was Used By The Spaniards To Conquer And Destroy The Aztec People But Not Long After Coldhardt S Motley Crew Returns From This New Challenge Empty Handed, One Of Them, Tye, Is Kidnapped From Under Their Very Noses Jonah, Motti, Con, And Patch Are Desperate To Find Her, And They Soon Discover Clues About A Shadowy Organization Called The Sixth Sun That Could Hold The Key To Both Tye S Whereabouts And The Location Of The SwordFrom Secret Headquarters In Europe To Ancient Jungles Of Central America, Coldhardt S Gang Must Make The Most Of Their Remarkable Talents To Decipher The Connection Between Their Friend And The Sixth Sun, Before It S Too Late

Steve Cole.Stephen Cole born 1971 is an English author of children s books and science fiction He was also in charge of BBC Worldwide s merchandising of the BBC Television series Doctor Who between 1997 and 1999 this was a role which found him deciding on which stories should be released on video, commissioning and editing a range of fiction and non fiction titles, producing audiobooks and acting as executive producer on the Big Finish Productions range of Doctor Who audio dramas.

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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Thieves Till We Die
  • Stephen Cole
  • English
  • 19 December 2018
  • 9781599900827

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    I cannot remember a time when I have read a book with so much detail and so little excitement The Aztec Code is a novel written by Stephen Cole The name suggests an interesting tale but the book doesn t back up the title Jonah Wish is in an elite team of teenage thieves lead by master criminal Nathaniel Coldhardt Coldhardt plans every mission with absolute precision So when Jonah and the rest of the team break into a highly secure compound to steal a precious sword, they can t quite believe it when they discover that someone has beaten them to it Is Coldhardt losing his touch But there s worse to come A member of the team is kidnapped from their secret base, no less Who has taken her and why And is her abduction linked to the missing sword There have been rumours in the underworld about a shadowy organisation called the Sixth Sun, who have shown interest in the sword, and now it s time for Jonah to do what he s best at put the pieces together and decode the mystery Literally In a mission which takes him from Guatemala to the jungles of Mexico, Jonah must rely on his unusual talent for codebreaking to try and decipher the connection before it s too late To be honest I didn t enjoy this book because of how boring the action was I cannot relate to this story because I am not a criminal but this can relate to the real world as their is plenty of gangs with kids my age and up I would recommend this book to people who have too much time on their hands or fans of Stephen Cole Other than those people I wouldn t recommend this book as people who enjoy to read actual action books where you can imagine the story taking place in your head You would be very disappointed.

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    I love these books So Dang Much They ve got everything the sultry girl, the tougher girl, the sensitive boy, the pervy boy, and the Goth ish boy And they re all theives Tons of action, just a slight hint of romance, lots of crude humorI couldn t be happier.

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    IT is pretty rare for me to not read a book through but I just didn t enjoy the voice of this book DNF

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    Filled with potential, it ruins itself

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    InterestingThis is obviously a British book because of the writer s reluctance to introduce guns and gunfight to the action I m not a big fan of guns in my reading but I realized reading this book how used I was to them.The action included a helicopter chasing a truck and I kept thinking why don t the good guys have a heavy machine gun if not an air to surface missile They are not too surprised that they are facing a helicopter but they aren t armed for it They re rich and criminals and in the U.S where ordnance falls off the back of military vehicles and manufacturer s trucks all the time.It says about me than the writer That example is a sample of the only thing that threw me about the action scenes I got over that pretty quickly and without too much self examination The characters are interesting but it felt as if most of the main characters were fleshed out in the first book Coming into the second book, left me with background gaps.Why are the good thieves all teenagers working for an old, rich master criminal The story felt like a combination of Scooby Doo and a British adventure Indiana Jones with a knighthood maybe For the rest, The characters were adequately drawn and the dialogue made sense and fit the circumstances The plot was twistier than it needed to be and felt contrived Questions left unanswered are fine but some elements seemed to show up out of the blue.The writing was great compared to a lot of science fiction that I ve read over the last year but only adequate against things from Gamon and Stephenson and Moorcock.No complaints really Just my observations and I want to read the other book, soonest.

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    L quipe de Nathaniel Coldhardt est envoy e en mission afin d infiltrer un b timent militaire sous haute surveillance, pour y r cup rer une p e que leur employeur veut tout prix Cependant l p e n est pas sur place et Tye, l une des cambrioleurs d lite, est kidnapp e peu de temps apr s.Jonah Wish et ses 4 coll gues vont d couvrir que cette p e a quelque chose de particulier et qu une sorte de secte appel e le Sixi me Soleil est sa recherche pour accomplir une proph tie azt que Cette p e est celle d Hernan Cortes, qui a conquis l empire Azt que avec seulement six cents hommes Les personnages m ont beaucoup plu Ils sont adolescents et ont tous t recrut s par Nathaniel Coldhardt pour leurs capacit s hors normes Ils sont cinq surdou s du crime Jonah est un pirate informatique, Motti est un sp cialiste de la s curit , Connie parle plus de 8 langues et est tr s dou e en hypnose, Tye tait dans la contrebande, tandis que Patch se d brouille en tout Malgr la diversit des personnages, on a le temps d apprendre les conna tre et de s attacher eux J ai une petite pr f rence pour Patch, ce jeune de 14 ans l oeil de verre incroyablement bien fourni en gadgets J ai ador ma lecture C est un roman bourr d action, de suspens, et d humour Stephen Cole nous offre un livre mi chemin entre Mission Impossible et Indiana Jones et j adore ce m lange des genre Les personnages sont tr s int ressants et attachants L intrigue est bien men e jusqu au bout Ce livre est le deuxi me d une trilogie, et m me si je n ai pas lu le premier, a n a pas g n ma lecture.D sormais, j ai envie de d couvrir ce fameux premier tome, ainsi que la suite des aventures de Jonah et ses amis.

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    This is a nice, action adventure type book I always like those types of stories where there s a group of people with different talents working together to go against the bad guys hello, LEVERAGE P Although this is aimed at younger readers, there are still quite a few references to violence and sexual innuendo, though nothing too bad I had read the first book a few years back and only now got to this one, but I didn t feel like I was missing much by not really remembering a lot about the first book You could probably even read it without having read the first one at all.There s a nice little paranormal twist in there, where you re not sure if it actually is something paranormal or still contemporary with people just thinking there s some higher powers at work I think that this is quite refreshing since you have to decide for yourself at least at this point, I m not sure if they change anything during the last book of the series whether you want to believe that something otherworldly might be going on or if it s just delusions.I hadn t bought the last novel so I m not sure if I ll finish this trilogy or not There is no cliffhanger or anything at the end of this book so I guess one could be happy with simply ending it at this point

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    Once again, Computer Wiz, Jonah Wish is on a heist with his group of friends for his boss Nathaniel Coldhardt Coldhardt has sent Jonah and his friends to find Cortes s sword which is related to the Temple of Life from Death and can supposedly grant immortality but, another organization, called the Sixth Sun, is also looking for the sword One of Jonah s friends gets captured by this organization and reunites with a person from her past Jonah quickly deciphers the location of the temple and Jonah, Coldhardt and their group disrupt the communication with the goddess In the end, the temple had started sinking into the ground, leaving most of it s treasure behind, but Jonah, Coldhardt and their group made it out alive with the chance of immortality left inside and a modest pile of treasure.I picked up this book because it was the sequel of a book that I have previously read.I finished the book because it really got me wondering what was going to happen next for each event.I would recommend this book to teenagers because the book has a little swearing in it.

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    Thieves Till We DieStephen ColeThe book Thieves Till We Die, written by Stephen Cole is a book that I enjoyed The overall lesson the author wants the reader to take from this book is being a thieve takes a lot of skill, patience, and most importantly the right team with skills Thieves Till We die begins by a group of thieves set on stealing a sword that there boss wants badly Also a secret organization wants the sword for a ritual because they want to bring some god back to life to worship So both want the sword and they have to do a lot of fighting and stealth operations to get the sword.What I especially liked about this book is how Stephen Cole told the action scenes and characters What I disliked was how much kidnaping happened in the book.Overall, the book Thieves Till We Die by Stephen Cole is a book I would recommend because I think if you like thieves and action you should like the book and there is some romantic parts in the book but not a lot.

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    Trust me to pick a book which is not the first in the series I don t think it mattered though Read it in 2 days Great story although a little far fetched at the end.Patch was on the streets of London from a sound age and is very good at entering properties Jonah was picked from a Young Offenders institution and he has a gift for computers and code breaking Tye was a smuggler from Haiti as a young teenager Con has a gift for languages and hypnotising people Motti provides the muscle They all work for Mr Coldhart The story opens with the four breaking into a decommissioned nuclear bunker in Guatemala The instructions are to collect Cortes Sword and bring it back to base Cortes Sword is rumoured to be the very item which was used to defeat the Aztecs at the Spanish invasion.

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