The Valentine Quest (Love at the Chocolate Shop #5)

The Valentine Quest (Love at the Chocolate Shop #5) Keep Your Competition Close And Your Heart Even CloserWhen Nevada Parker Travels To Marietta, Montana, She Anticipates Enough Peace And Quiet To Finish Her PhD Dissertation Cupidville Turns Out To Be Anything But Quiet In Fact, It Looks Like Valentine S Day Her Least Favorite Holiday Exploded All Over The Small TownAmong The Sea Of Red Hearts, Be Mine Signs, And Pink, Pink, Pink, Nevada Spots A Flyer For A Multi Day Race Called The Valentine Quest The Grand Prize A Luxury Tropical Vacation Would Be The Perfect Welcome Home Gift For Her Brother Who S Leaving The MilitaryDustin Decker Sure Could Use A Break From Giving City Slickers Sleigh Rides And From The Now Ex Girlfriend Who Issued An Ultimatum Even With A Bum Knee From His Bull Riding Days, The Race S Grand Prize Is As Good As His Until He Realizes He Needs A Partner For Some Of The Complicated TasksHe Makes A Strategic Pact With The Prim, Bookish Nevada But With A Kiss, Their Unlikely Alliance Turns Into Something And Soon Racing Isn T The Only Thing On Their Minds As The Finish Line Nears, They Must Decide If The Grand Prize Is Worth Than What They Ve Found Together Or If One Of Them Will Walk Away Empty Handed And Broken Hearted

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, two daughters, son, dog and too many cats I write sweeter contemporary romance novels for Harlequin and Tule Publishing.

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    Nevada Parker has been staying with her sister, Dakota, in the small town of Marietta, Montana while she works on finishing up her PhD dissertation Every time Nevada visits her sister at work at the local chocolate shop she cringes with the overdone Valentine s decorations since Nevada has given up on finding her own love and focuses only on her studies Nevada however learns of a local event called the Valentine Quest in which the grand prize is a luxury vacation that Nevada thinks would be the perfect gift for her brother who will be leaving the military soon Leaving her comfort zone Nevada signs up for the multi day event but finds herself having to make an alliance with local cowboy, Dustin Decker, when the pair find themselves the only singles and well outnumbered by all of the couples that have entered The Valentine s Quest is the fifth book in the Love at the Chocolate Shop series Each book in the series features a new and different couple that have some tie to the small town chocolate shop in Marietta, Montana It s not necessary to have read the other books in the series to enjoy each individual read but as usual with any book set in this lovely little small town this book is filled with all the same charm and has glimpses of some of the previous characters from this town My favorite part of this story was simply the creativity behind the Valentine Quest competition that Nevada and Dustin have entered Such a fun setting for a couple to come together as they balance each other s strengths and weaknesses while completing holiday themed tasks together Both characters were extremely likable in this setting and the small town charm of the competition just completely won me over Definitely would recommend this one to the romance fans out there I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit

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    Thank you to Netgalley, Tule Publishing and Melissa McClone for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review I voluntarily reviewed an Advance reader copy of this book You can find my review on both Goodreads and On Goodreads from today under Karen Whittard and on under k.e.whittard from publication date With Valentine s Day fast approaching how could I not read this book that is all about the season of love When our leading lady Nevada Parker travels through Marietta in Montana all she is hoping for is peace and quite in order to finish her dissertation for her PHD However when she arrives things aren t quite how she expected In fact the town has been big by cupids arrow a million times over There are banners and heart and flowers absolutely everywhere Everything is pink and dedicated to the theme of love It is all in aid of the Valentine s Quest a fun run with a top prize of a holiday in the sun on a tropical island Nevada hates Valentine s Day Bug the event has caught her attention and she thinks that it would be the perfect welcome home present for her brother who is in the military However Nevada has big competition In the form of Dustin Decker who is desperate to get his grubby hands on the prize As he needs a break from his job of taking people around on a sleigh and having just broken up with his girlfriend Dustin thinks that everyone else will be of no competition to him and cockily thinks the prize is basically his for the taking already However Dustin does realise that he needs a partner to complete some of the tasks When he does however he quickly makes a plan with Nevada to win the prize But when a cheeky kiss is shared between them It suddenly turns everything on its heads Has cupids arrow hit these two harder then they realise I have truely loved all the books in the chocolate shop series This is the second in the series that Melissa McClone had done As they are usually written by different people However don t worry about it being a series thou because they are all stand alone books and although some of the characters overlap you don t need the other books in the series for the book to make sense I first picked this book because I thought that the front cover just looked totally adorable All of the covers in the series are really lovely and charming I really liked the characters in this book and the chemistry between them and I thought they were very sweet together Yes the books in this series the endings are all rather predictable but do you know what I think that s ok and I find that rather charming Sometimes you need something that you don t have to think too hard about and you can just read it really quickly and easily Which is what you can do with this book This is a very fun and sweet book that if you are a fan of romance and Valentine s Day that I would highly recommend it as I believe you will love it Happy reading everyone

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    3,5 starsNevada travels to Marietta, Montana to stay with her sister and write the PhD dissertation Valentine s Day is just around the corner and the town is covered in all sorts of decorations for the day Nevada doesn t like Valentine s Day because of the events that happened in the past Her sister works at the chocolate shop and that s where she finds out about the multi day competition called Valentine Quest Nevada decides to participate, because the grand prize is luxury tropical vacation to Fiji and she would like to give the prize to her brother, who is leaving military very soon While visiting her sister at work she meets Dustin, who is also interested in the competition and as other people compete in couples, they decide to unite their forces to win the whole thing.It was a sweet small town story that takes place around Valentine s Day I adored the setting and found the competition part really interesting It was a heart warming story and the whole series seems to have the same nice tone to them It s fun to read the series in order, but each story stands on its own very well.

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    The Valentine QuestMelissa McCloneReceived from Netgalley for review.THE VALENTINE QUEST is the fifth book in the Love At The Chocolate Shop series, but it can easily be read as a standalone Do yourself a favor and read these books in order though You miss out on too much of the characters backgrounds if you don t Nevada Parker has been staying with her sister Dakota who works at the chocolate shop One day while on her way to see her sister, she slips and falls right on her butt Right in front of Dustin Decker, a hot and sexy cowboy who catches Nevada s eye right away Anyway, once inside the chocolate shop they both learn that they are running a holiday contest called THE VALENTINE QUEST After some debating, Nevada and Dustin decided they both want to be in this contest Both Dustin and Nevada swear they aren t looking to settle down and like their lives just they way they are now Right We all know how this is going to go right Dustin and Nevada decide to team up together to help each other out with the contest Oh boy, this is going to be fun right One night during the competition, they share a kiss and Nevada can t stop thinking about it THE VALENTINE QUEST is a very funny journey for these two and you will find yourself giggling out loud at some of the situations Nevada and Dustin get themselves into.THE VALENTINE QUEST will leave you guessing about the rest of the characters you will meet along the way, but not with a huge cliffhanger or anything like that I truly enjoyed watching Nevada and Dustin grow and learn how to rely on each other during the contest At first, it was a disaster and I thought they would kill each other But as the story goes on, each of them really balance the other out I finished this heart warming story with a huge smile on my face and can t wait to continue with this series This is an awesome series, by various authors and to me, the series just keeps getting better and better Melissa McClone hooked me from the very first page and never let me or my heart go Don t you love when an author can do that to you

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    This series of stand alone stories keeps get better book after book.The Valentine Quest was another well delivered sweet and a bit emotional story.I ve loved to read Nevada and Dustin s journey.They have nothing in common,the first is on her way to be the best professor ever and the latter is a cowboy,but their aversion to long term love relationships.Fortunately the Marietta s Valentine Quest will help them discovering their true fears and helping them to overcome their limits in order to reach their happiness.I can t wait for Melissa McClone s next story because her words are so good and easy to read

    Copy kindly provided by the Publisher Author

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    3 Breaking Your Barriers Stars Take a smart, a shy, nerdy professor type and mix her with a past rodeo rider still wanting to prove he still has it Throw in the town of Marietta and the continuing series of Love at the Chocolate Shop and you have the fifth book, The Valentine Quest This is a tale of two seemingly opposites coming together for a specific purpose and finding out there is attraction to each other than the ultimate goal which brought them together It was fun seeing a distant and a bit prickly gal capture a cowboy Our cowboy couldn t figure out what hit him and he was smitten This is a continuing series and each entry has been fun Melt My Heart, Cowboy Love at the Chocolate Shop, 1 A Thankful Heart Love at the Chocolate Shop, 2 Montana Secret Santa Love at the Chocolate Shop, 3 The Chocolate Cure Love at the Chocolate Shop, 4 The Valentine Quest Love at the Chocolate Shop, 5 Charmed by Chocolate Love at the Chocolate Shop 6 The Chocolate Comeback Love at the Chocolate Shop 7 The Chocolate Touch Love at the Chocolate Shop 8 Sweet Home Cowboy Love at the Chocolate Shop 9 Sweet Summer s Kiss Love at the Chocolate Shop 10 gifted copy was provided by Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review. For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    This is such a sweet romance in every sense of the word sweet I loved it Nevada Parker has always struggled to fit in Academically able, she was fast tracked, missing out years at school so was always with older children or students After a debacle at her first Valentine s Ball where she was publicly humiliated, she s never liked the celebration Now, however, she s staying with her older sister in Marietta, Montana and reads about the competition being run there over several days, The Valentine Quest The grand prize is a luxury holiday which would be a great way to welcome her brother back after years in the military When local cowboy, Dustin Decker, suggests they team up for the competition she reluctantly agrees Get ready for sweet treats, community service, cuddly cats and much in this story where their original plans may well have to revised as fate steps in I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Marietta again through this story and catching up on the continuing sagas of other couples met in earlier novels as well as the delectable pair who are the focus for this one It has great characters, is well written and a delight to get lost in I have no hesitation in highly recommending it and the other books in the series to anyone who enjoys scrumptious romance with the added treat of a side serving of chocolate treats Many thanks to the publishers who gifted me a copy of this book through NetGalley without any obligations This is my honest review after choosing to read it

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    The Valentine Quest is the fifth book in the Love At The Chocolate Shop series, but it is only the second one I have read I didn t have a problem following the story, but will go back and read the first three so I know the whole story about all the characters In this story Nevada Parker has been staying with her sister Dakota who works at the chocolate shop She is visiting and teaching at the local college while working on her dissertation When she falls on her butt outside the Chocolate Shop, Dustin Decker helps her up When she realized that the sexy cowboy who had come into the store was the man who helped her up, her hormones start working overtime Dustin had decided to enter the Valentine Quest a several day event where the grand prize is a trip to Fiji After some convincing by her sister, Nevada enters as well Dustin and Nevada both have situations in their backgrounds that caused them to not want to settle down They are happy just the way they are When the competition begins, it becomes obvious to them that unless they team up they will be at a disadvantage with all the other teams in pairs The Valentine Quest is a very funny journey for these two and you will find yourself giggling out loud at some of the situations Nevada and Dustin get themselves into Watching their relationship blossom as they share secrets and help each other deal with situations along the way was enjoyable They went from both wanting to win the Quest to caring about each other as the story goes on I can t wait to read the next book in this series The interesting thing about this series is that each book is written by a different author, yet the characters are the same and the books fit together nicely The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.

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    A cute and exciting read about two opposites coming together I loved the meet cute at the beginning ,awesome characters and a cute storyline.

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    Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfSometimes I can imagine Cupid hovering over in a corner, surveying the surroundings looking for his latest victims ah, potential couples, yeah that s what I meant, and thinking to himself Yeah Those two Total opposites, not looking for or believing in love I ll show them what love is all about, piece of cake chocolate cake of course On the surface Nevada and Dustin could not be further apart on much of anything He s a retired rodeo cowboy now working as a ranch hand with a bum knee A bit cocky, a little arrogant and completely lost without his rodeo career to define him as a winner still He s watched that love thing dissolve with his parents and never intends to go there She s about as nerdy as one can get, book smart but maybe not life smart, shyness hides behind an intelligence that some find intimidating One really bad, painful experience has proven to her that love is simply not something she s willing to take a chance on ever again All the hearts and pink decorations in the world will not change her mind Yep, totally opposites except in their shared belief that love is for fools and they are not about to be foolish Oh, Cupid, can you ever pick em mischievous grin There is one thing that these two share right away the desire for that vacation grand prize for winning The Valentine Quest Trouble is, not all of the quest can be done alone and they need a partner, someone who knows the rules, keeps their sight on the grand prize and won t let emotions get in the way at all Sounds like Nevada and Dustin make perfect partners now can they let themselves be perfect for each other lovers and let the past go to live and love in the right now, and maybe the future.I enjoyed The Valentine Quest so much We get the chance to catch up a bit on the underlying story line threads that are woven throughout all the stories, visit a little with past couples, try to figure out who the anonymous donor with deep pockets truly is, and watch a man and woman discover that love doesn t have to be hurtful if it s shared with the right person Oh, there are going to be bumps along the romantic road for Dustin and Nevada, nothing worth while is truly easy But they stick, they try, they work on it until loving each other is as natural as a love for chocolate I like this couple, and I believe in the end that they re going to beat the odds of their pasts and make it Sometimes what you need is hope, with a bit of that just about anything is possible.Love at the Chocolate Shop is one of those series where yes, each story could stand on it s own as an enjoyable romance But with a few story threads that continue in the background of most of the stories, I personally believe that this is a series best enjoyed by following from the beginning.I would definitely recommend this title and this series to any Romance reader who enjoys a solid, good story, likable couples, engaging secondary characters oh, and a love for chocolate Indulge a bit and enjoy I received an e ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley That does not change what I think of this story It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.

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