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Sex - MadonnaI once started an academic paper with a quote from Madonna s book Although the reviewer s comments were generally rather lukewarm, they went out of their way to praise the terrific opening sentence and it got accepted.If this trick works for you too, I will appreciate a word of thanks in the acknowledgements section. From Music Videos To Movie Roles, Sellout Tours To Billboard Chart Toppers, Madonna Has Become One Of The Most Popular, Most Publicized, And Most Successful Performers Of All Time Now, Madonna S Book Takes A Provocative Look At Sexual Fantasies In Photographs And Words, With The Erotic Imaginings Highlighted By A Series Of Innovative Special Effects Contains Adult Material Of A Controversial Nature Includes A One Cut CD From Madonna S Newest Recording Project Full Color So, I was at my bondage master s condo last night when I made some obscure reference to Madonna and he said, I have the Madonna book, and then I was all like Mr Peabody s Apples no The English Roses no Lotsa De Casha Oh yeah In the early 1990s when I was in junior high , Madonna did the Sex book First of all, you have to be really careful turning pages because of the spiral binding Second of all, there are a bunch of lyrics from the Erotica album that all these years I thought were something other than what they were All these years, instead of I ll hit you like a truck, I thought she was saying, I ll eat you like a chocolate Truck rhymes with fuck though, so I guess that makessense.Madonna is my favorite person ever and she is amazing in the photos The photo of Madonna parasailing naked GODDESS The written stuff, not so amazing Also, why are most of the men clothed And Vanilla Ice What s he doing in the book at all My favorite story is when Dita Madonna s alter ego in the book has sex with a teenager who flunked high school and got kicked out of his parent s home and she seduces him by saying he can come live at her place except she only has one bed and then she forces the teenager to make the awkward first moves That was pretty hot.There s lots of stuff in the book I don t understand One time her boyfriend was fucking her while she was pretending to be asleep and then she makes him stop just to tease him There ssocial commentary than I expected She advises women on how to tease men She also comments on how she will fuck old guys, but not fat guys because she would have to get on top and it would be like fucking a pregnant woman and how she sees pretty young women with old fat disgusting guys and they re only together because of the men s money She also says that she likes porn but if you can only get off while watching porn then in her opinion that s sexual dysfunction.Um, less ranting,naked parasailing please. Sex by Madonna is a ground breaking book about sex The photos are enticing, sexy, suggestive, and compelling Curiosity pushes people to leaf thru this book and, boy, do they get an eyeful This book exposes the viewer to a variety of sex in a very tasteful and easily accessible way This book helps define sex that is out of reach for most people It s an adventure to pick up this book and peruse the photos Read it several times You ll always see something different a new detail in a photograph, or recognize a celebrity, and wonder how Madonna and that celebrity know each other That might be a story in its own right It s a crazy book, no doubt about it, but it s a lovely craziness, and a wonderful adventure. Whether you love her or hate her, Madonna is a cultural icon beyond compare For well over the thirty years now, the Queen of Pop has re invented herself, her music and her image time and time again, somehow managing to stay one step ahead of her contemporaries Before the days of raunchy sex tapes and revealing hacked from cellphone selfies turning nobodies into celebrities, Madonna was hiring photographers both still and moving alike to follow her around L.A while she visited the locker rooms of gay bath houses, engaged in public sex acts with other stars, and dressed up in bondage gear with just about every master and slave within the thirty mile zone When all was said and done, her SEX book ended up being one of the biggest news stories of 1992 It flew off shelves in record time, and even today some twenty one years later copies regular sell on auction sites for upwards of 400.00 If you ever hear one of you gay friends saying, Madonna did it first, don t argue She probably did. Of course, SEX took a lot of heat for its sexually explicit content, butthan one limp wristed man who I probably bedded around the same time also complained about it s production quality and packaging First it was the Mylar bag collectors didn t want to open it for fear of the book losing its value, and even once it was opened, it looked tragically shitty sitting upon the bookshelf with a wrinkly, torn shiny bag hanging off of it Then there was the spiral binding, which took a lot of guff because it bent in odd ways and some of pages tended to fall out But if you could get past the hype and believe me, there was tons , SEX was almost a masterpiece There was nothing like it before and quiet honestly, there s been nothing like it since Though it was intended to be one of three equally successful, overtly sexual projects that Madonna was releasing along with Body of Evidence her film and Erotica her album it ended up being the only one of the three to have any sort of lasting impact or pull on the memory Body of Evidence, after being produced with a 30 million dollar budget, was slapped with a rare NC 17 rating think Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls and only managed to rake in 13 million at the box office It did not go on to have any sort of cult following, which sometimes helps to bolster numbers with DVD VHS streaming sales, and it even found a position on Robert Ebert s 2005 Most Hated Films of All Time list Erotica, while praised by critics and hardcore fans alike, was Madonna s poorest performing album of all time until the likes of American Life, Hard Candy and MDNA though to be fair, it s hard to compare numbers given 21st Century piracy technology , peaking only at number two in the U.S and U.K and selling slightlythan two million copies at a time when selling five or seven million was not uncommon. In the end, however, SEX turned into one of the watershed moments that made Madonna the uber celebrity juggernaut that she is today It s most definitely one of her top five defining moments and the world wouldn t be the same without it The next time you happen upon a copy in a shady bookstore on the bad side of town, shell out half of last month s pay and pick it up One day when she s dead, everyone will pretend they ve always loved her and were her biggest fans just like they ve done the Michael Jackson, who they only used to call a pedophile and it will be worth evenThink of it as an investment.Love and switchblades,Joey I actualy had to do a report on this piece of crap in college I do believe it can serve a purpose tho whenever Madonna starts acting high and mighty and pretending that she is a noble born British Lady, someone should show her a copy of this book and say nope, your just a whore UPDATE 07222015Not related to the book but it s Madonna so it s related right lol because I just want to share with you guys that THE Queen is coming to Manila next year but 57K gulp I think I d be willing to pay the 8400 without losing my rent searching ebay for military grade binocs oh, about the book again please lemme know if you wanna read it cuz I can definitely loan it tata QueenMother simply riveting no less from the queen mother herselfThere is something comforting about being tied up like when you were a baby and your mother strapped you in the car seat She wanted you to be safe It was an act of love nsfw view spoiler hide spoiler I simply had to rate a coffee table book that declares My pussy has 9 lives and Everybody loves you when they are about to cum While fascinating and wildy observant, Madonna is certainly no Ayn Rand With gorgeous photography by Steven Meisel, our lady of the whip teases with exposed perky nipples see Madonna getting paddled, see Madonna biting a jock s bare butt, see Madonna hitchhiking naked in stilettos She rambles on about SM, sex with old people and how much she loves her pussy and it reads like laughable grade school porn She writes love letters to her lesbian lover Ingrid but there s nothing remotely erotic here Lets face it we love Madonna for her bravado not her writing endowments, do we not Quite frankly, Madonna could sell a smoke machine to a house on fire, while dancing in her underwear and I d stand in line to watch. I didn t think I could love Madonna , Then I read this book. most stimulating book ever

Madonna Louise Ciccone is an American pop singer songwriter Through her music career, she has also gained some notability as a dancer, record producer, film producer, actress, author and a fashion icon She is a multiple Grammy and Golden Globe award winner, known for her ambitious music videos, stage performances and use of sexual and religious themes in her work.

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